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  1. Does this restore the trailer cutscene on game boot up? That is one thing I so dearly miss from the Xbox version.
  2. It is a fantastic mod and strongly recommended. I do have one suggestion, and that would be another download option for .tga format. If a user unknowingly installs .tpc files on top of .tga you get some really weird bugs like stretched faces.
  3. Cinamyn

    KotOR 1 Restoration

    I received 9 warnings saying "these files already exist in the modules folder" I think it is fine to keep because the patcher is not overwriting or replacing, purposely skipping. But just double checking
  4. For the love of god please put this in a patcher. We can't have any other dialog mods because of this
  5. I really do think the way Respawn has been operating with Apex and now Star Wars is all due to Vince Zampella. He seems like a strong leader that is not letting EA get in their way and if does turn out to be the case, very high respect for that man.
  6. Great article, I actually didn't realise Jennifer Hale voiced Bastila. Ever-growing respect for her.
  7. So its been like... 7(?) years since the game released. Is it still alive? Is it worth starting or is everybody moving away from SWTOR???
    Begone ugly textures! Thanks so much!
    I love Ebon Hawk mods, and especially this one for making my ship so pretty. No problems. Thank you!
    Small but Essential to bring the game to a more modern look! Thank you!
    Small but essential to bring the game to a more modern look!
    Gorgeous and Essential mod. Every play through should have this mod.
    It is a wonderful mod, but I do think further improvements can still be made.
    The Sith Troopers armor has removed the metal shine but also given the troopers are more attractive and still intimidating texture. Thank you!
    Now that we can have a fullscreen menu, this mod is essential for keeping everything pretty.