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  1. Love how nobody mentioned that this mod is incompatibl with tslrcm
  2. like I said you should at least give the option to introduce them later on as lightsaber alternative... If you think about it logically a lightsaber pike is superior to a saber and double bladed saber in most scenarios, since you have a lot more reach
  3. Then I think they should probably be made upgradeable? Then I think they should probably be made upgradeable
  4. I don't get the point of adding these to the low lvl gameplay. why not add them as lightsaber alternative for late game?
  5. Like the idea but seems you went a bit over the top with lightsaber abundance... does this mean i can make as many lightsabers as i have color cristals? that seems a bit unbalanced don't you think?
  6. great mod but when he opens the slot for his gun there are a lot of black textures... looks a bit unfinished
  7. well ok I came up onto the point where the red eclipse crew takes over the ebon hawk and there is no way past that, I min-maxed the sh** out of my character, took every stim I had+ echani shields but it was impossible and I turned it down to EASY! Mind you I'm the type of guy that plays dark souls ng plus naked, or dragon age origins on nightmare without mages/healers and I could not make it past that part. The Ai in this game is just reeeeaaallly bad when it comes to following orders so it kinda makes the whole thing impossible. I would not recommend downloading this mod, I will still try beating this fight, but even if I somehow win (probably due to winning the d20 lottery) i still would not recommend this to anyone who isn't a perverted masochist like myself.
  8. Looks amazing... too bad it didn't work out for me! followed all of Asynthe's steps but ended up with transparent vanilla textures
  9. Wow all hilts are chrome! Great job definitely deserve 4 and a half stars for it...😪
  10. I like the Mod overall, but I left peragus with master Flurry... That just ain't right m8... Is there a way to lower xp gain or sth?
  11. Hey, Really appreciate this mod! Great work! But what would I have to change in case I wanted to add the dex malus and force restrictions for armor back in. Kinda sad you killed robes for me...
  12. if I already have dantoine O.T.E. installed will this corrupt it?
  13. Yes I have TSLRCM 1.8.5 and the droid planet, but I don't want any weird messed up content for my friend who plays it for the first time. Maybe the original is more well rounded idk...
  14. Great, love the Idea! But which feats should I lvl now with my ranged characters? 😕 maybe you could add that leveling rapid fire for example gives you more shots when firing rapid or leveling precise shot gives you more crit chance? idk just an idea! Oh yeah and one should always use the lvl party mod for this otherwise you'll have atton for example start off with a sniper shot feat for whatever weird reason.... edit: I tried using the party leveler mod but to no avail, atton still starts off with sniper shot (which he can use for every blaster)... do you have a plan on how I can get rid of that?