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  1. I'm happy I installed this! must have mod!
  2. How do I uninstall? need to install some other mod first and then this second...
  3. TheRealBatuRem

    Improved AI

    Sorry but it makes AI even worse (didn't think that was possible). Now party members sometimes don't even act on your orders, instead just standing around forgetting what they were told to do. How do I uninstall it? or is my game corrupted beyond repair? TO ANY ONE TRYING TO DONWLOAD THIS MOD IN 2020 DON'T DO IT! The modder is also inactive so I guess I'll just have to deal with it.
  4. So now I spent about half an hour modding this into the game just to find out you totally broke the balance with those insane loot drops... No offense but what were you thinking? I spent like 100 hours or so modding this game to be balanced perfectly and then I find out that you give away the best items on citadel station. Items that were so good they weren't even included in the base game mind you. I'm leaving citadel station with 2 armors that are each worth 15k, one giving 11 def and +4 dex bonus the other just gives you 13 armor, both giving energy immunity stats. oh and dont forget the sith tremor sword, the gammorean war axe, a zabrak carbine and a zabrak heavy blaster. And it's not like it's all random, I also tried it with different chracters most of the loots are fixed! I loved the fact that all the loot drops in tsl are random, you could never know what to expect and every cylinder and corpse was a surprise. So it's a shame since this is one of my favorite mods and I really wouldn't wanna ever play without the npc variety anymore it breathes new life into this old gem of a game... Just sad I have to choose between appearence and balance, I just wish you came back and told me how to get rid of the increased loot drops. nonetheless thanks for this mod...
  5. TheRealBatuRem

    Improved AI

    please tell me how you accomplished this! you can't just drop knowledge like that upon us mere mortals without explaining how you did it lol. same problem here, even if the character has a ranged weapon equipped he still uses critical strike lol
  6. ok no I agree I think armored robes are nicely balanced... I just realized the vanilla ossus keeper robe is stupidly overpowered I didn't know that before. so it's not a problem i had with a mod lol. +4 wis +4 int +2 ch seems insane tbh
  7. you are right It was a problem with the upscaling mod I installed... my bad I fixed it with GLOverride. Did you change stats at all or did you just do a visual upgrade? cause some robes seem crazily overpowered not sure if that's from your mod though, kind of lost track of all the 50+ mods I installed.
  8. I just realised that the first robe found on peragus (norris robe) is see through. I can see the lights shine through it as if there was some sort of alpha conflict, but i checked the tga file there isn't any alpha layer... what could be the reason for this?
  9. Thank you for the quick reply, I will definitely check that out and let you know if i face any problems!
  10. This is what I wanted to hear, thanks! No I'm not gonna play the game lol I already played it like 10 times. Modding the game for my gf because she hasn't played it and I want her to have the best experience, I never got to have lol. So yeah immersion is sort of a big deal for her first playthrough tbh... thanks for the response
  11. I wish I could download these robes and leave out all the named robes... It's kind of immersion breaking having a robe from a guy thousands of years before he was born imo.
  12. It's Probably not compatible with Peragus OTE?
  13. Too bad there is no dark side corruption...
  14. Still haven't given up on your reply, ready to do annother kotor 2 playthrough anytime, as soon as you tell me how i can nerf heavy armor again! Please do respond...
  15. Love how nobody mentioned that this mod is incompatibl with tslrcm