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Using the techniques pioneered by the great modder Canderis, I have created my own version of the Darker Peragus formula.


However, when working with the darker areas, I noticed that no matter what I did, all of the Plasteel Canisters and Footlockers were much too bright.


And so, with the help of my modding compatriots, I have darkened all of the placeable items in the Peragus, Peragus Spacewalk, and Harbinger portions to match the darker lightmaps.


To Install:
Choose from either the full REDUX (WIth all of my customized lightmaps), or from the compatibility option (For those using Canderis' A Darker Peragus mod)


(Note: There are two versions available to download. Use the A_Darker_Peragus_REDUX_TSLRCM if you have TSLRCM installed, and A_Darker_Peragus_REDUX_Vanilla if you don't)


To Uninstall:
1) Replace the .mod files in your Modules folder with the .mod files found in the Backup folder
created by the TSLPatcher,
2) Replace the placeables.2DA in your Override with the placeables.2DA from the Backup folder, and
3) Copy all of the TGA MDX and TXI files from the TSLPatchdata folder to your Override
(let them overwrite files if they’re already there), and then delete them all from it


Permissions: Please inform me if you would like to use this mod or its assets in your own projects.


Credits: Canderis for his permission in making a compatibility for his mod and for teaching me how to
edit lightmaps to darken levels with his own mod A Darker Peragus;
FairStrides for his endless insight, his BGR-RGB Converter,
and for packaging this mod’s install as well as walking me through the process,
LiliArch for her research into editing assets within the GIT
and teaching me what a ColorTweak variable is; Darth Sapiens for his resource Cubemap Pack to make the
Spacesuit snazzy; The rest of the Deadlystream community for their continued support and enthusiasm;
TK102’s KGFF for its easy to use interface and raw GIT editing power;
Fred Tetra for making KOTORTool which is still my favorite modding utility;
Adobe for their Photoshop; Obsidian for making KOTOR2 in the first place;
Bioware for starting the KOTOR craze in the first place;
and George Lucas for starting all of the Star Wars insanity.

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


  • v1.0 First Official Release
  • ...Added Screenshots comparing my edits with the original A Darker Peragus (They are incredibly subtle)
  • V1.1
  • Fixed issue with Harbinger not docking in the animation. Now there are two versions to download, so it can still be TSLRCM compatible.
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La Ingobernable


5 stars, of course. Just look at the shading on those plasteel cylinders. The atmosphere can't get better than this.

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Some portions of Peragus are bit too dark, basically pitch black, and stuffs like containers sometimes have regular lighting that makes them stand out more than they should. Nonetheless it's amazing work and certainly adds to the immersion.

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Ashton Scorpius


Fantastic work. 

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