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  1. So, since I am on the quest of finding the perfect role-playing game, I stumbled on this Kickstarter. Based on d20, just like KOTOR and the Saga edition SW RPG, but what captured me is the editor specifically referring to the Aurora, the Bioware editor, and the engine appears to support total conversions. And of course I'm immediately thinking of lightsaber! I'm backing it bona fide. Opinions?
  2. Dark_Ansem

    [TSL] Clone Wars Armors

  3. Dark_Ansem

    Ep. 3 Anakin Skywalker

  4. Dark_Ansem

    Sith Holocron - TSL Animated Galaxy Map Texture in Canon Positions

    Some sort of moral boycott.
  5. Dark_Ansem

    New Texture of Holocrons in the Telos Secret Academy

    Thank you. The Workshop version too?
  6. Dark_Ansem

    New Texture of Holocrons in the Telos Secret Academy

    I agree completely.
  7. File Name: KOTOR *sbat files in readable format File Submitter: Dark_Ansem File Submitted: 18 Jan 2018 File Category: Modder's Resources KOTOR *sbat files (battle finales) taken off XBOX version game due to original ones being in unreadable format. Thought they could be of use. Click here to download this file
  8. Dark_Ansem

    Force powers mod - cannot compile

    I fear the script to compile is: k_sp1_generic.ncs...
  9. Dark_Ansem

    Force powers mod - cannot compile

    No, never compiled a script before. Thanks for the 2da insight! Out of curiosity, did you try the compiled script?