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    I, in fact, love it because I was always bothered by how non-R2D2 like T3 sounded.
  1. As I said, I think it's an issue with Aurora, as NEverwinter nights had a similar issue.
  2. May I ask you to post a small video about it?
  3. It's a custom track with no silence, and somehow that setting doesn't work for combat loops at all. The lag is not as noticeable for standard BGM.
  4. I did that and I'm fairly certain it doesn't work. Can always try again. EDIT: nope. This is especially noticeable during combat.
  5. Shout out Sith Codec for an amazing tool. Also, I think the delay between loops is likely un-removable, that's an Aurora engine issue, I believe. for
  6. Update gonna come thanks to JC2
  7. So, I really like the hand gesture made for Choke, and not so much the one used for kill or others. How can I edit 2da files so that that gesture is used as much as possible, for other spells such as Kill?
  8. Windows 10, I think It's 4.5 or newer by checking the regedit.
  9. Is there any way that you know of to remove the second of delay between loops when a track ends?
  10. It doesn't work for me, and stays open despite closing the window, must be killed in Taskmanager.
  11. Slightly clearer instructions would be welcome, but great stuff overall. It doesn't work if installed BEFORE M4-78. That one overrides it. I tried with M4-78 and they don't work together. which strings did you add? Nevermind, this should be enough of a compatibility patch. soundset (2).2da
  12. Not much I see, but unimportant. So, because of a mismanaged hardware upgrade, I have to restart: could someone please provide me with a savegame collection of an UNMODDED game at its various points/planets?
    I bugged him for a good couple years, so it's only fitting I review this first. I think it is perfect and I see no bugs - but I largely play 1h Consular. So I might miss some of the most exotic ones. Thank you so much DeadMan, for your patience and efforts.
  13. So, I've been on hold with music research about this, gotta restart soon. How much interest in this?
  14. Urgh, which means no chance of loop points unless they're embedded in the original file.
  15. Unless TOR has actually MP3s.
  16. I'm not sure how I'd do that, but I can help. Although, TBH, to get KOTOR2 tracks in higher bit rate I tend to decompress them with Miles and then, eventually, recompress. Is that something that works?
  17. What about music from KOTOR1 or different SW games?
    I'm amazed at how crystal clear the sound is. Where did you get it from? And how?
  18. I don't have them, do you?
  19. All right, so I think I'm ready to start working on this again.
  20. So, since I am on the quest of finding the perfect role-playing game, I stumbled on this Kickstarter. Based on d20, just like KOTOR and the Saga edition SW RPG, but what captured me is the editor specifically referring to the Aurora, the Bioware editor, and the engine appears to support total conversions. And of course I'm immediately thinking of lightsaber! I'm backing it bona fide. Opinions?