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  1. Senka

    Stuck in Korriban tomb

    Try using a previous save. This can help I believe
  2. Senka

    M4-78 1.5 doesn't work right.

    This is not a bug, actually, but when you remove some containers near the loading zone, you removed the one with the part needed to repair the droid (as I recall, the processor). Please put it in another container.
  3. Senka

    M4-78 1.5 doesn't work right.

    I'd like to ask: is black market droid speak properly in your version? Because in mine it stuck... And about to visit Environmental Zone first: didn't find option for this.
  4. Senka

    Teachable Feats/Powers List

    Unfortunately yes. I'd like to add Atton too, but... This is only for guardian I guess.
  5. Senka

    Teachable Feats/Powers List

    Regular of course. Always use this for Bao-Dur. Unfortunately not for others. I often start as guardian and then continue as weapon master or jedi master.
  6. Senka

    Teachable Feats/Powers List

    Two weapon fighting too
  7. Senka

    Problems with TSLRCM and Steam KOTOR 2 (Win10)

    Video bug, I believe. Try to use the old save on another planet and to fly to Korriban again.
  8. Senka

    TSL Crashes After First Cutscene

    You can try next: in swkotor2.ini Graphics Options Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1
  9. Senka

    TSL Crashes After First Cutscene

    Maybe its help to you.
  10. Senka

    Missing HK50 in Telos underground base

    Look here, this is near the HK-factory
  11. Senka

    Missing HK50 in Telos underground base

    Did you open the door in the one of dead end?
  12. But Kaevee was absent in vanilla. Jorran was guilty.
  13. Yes, sometimes I had this bug too. But I didn't find the reason for this happening. And I haven't other mods except No Lightsaber Quest by HH. Perhaps we should not talk about a thief with Daalara and a guy with a false holocron (forgot his name)
  14. Senka

    R.I.P. Carrie Fisher

    There is no death, there is the Force. R.I.P. dear Carrie...