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  1. Sorry I've been gone, work has been insane in the last month. If you're still able to, a TSL version in purple would be preferable. Thanks!
  2. Absolutely, if you don't mind!
  3. What hilts are you working on for the mod? Are they original designs, or are they versions from other games, films, and books? Saber mods are some of my favorites, so I'm always excited when I hear news about a new one!
  4. I'm running this heavily modded, but I'm not sure what would be causing these conflicts. The saber not spawning could be something in my Override folder, but I can't think of what mod would change the PC's Lightsaber script with Atris. Especially because most of my mods I've used in previous playthroughs. L&IU is the only *new* override addition I've made that would have any drastic changes. I'll list some of the problems I've encountered below and update as I encounter more: A LOT of the Jedi and Sith robes don't have stats. They can be upgraded, but they offer no greater benefit than clothes. There's also quite a few items that do not have descriptions set. *Update* there's a lot of robes that don't have a proper ingame model. Basically anything with "tunic" in the name, or things such as the custscene robes. These revert into s standard armor model, and cannot be spawned in with SGE. **Update** The player's lightsaber is missing from the cutscene where Atris wields it, and also from the cutscene in the council chamber. The player character also changes into the cutscene robes right as Atris goes to pull out your Lightsaber. ***Update*** certain items will show up in the lootpool, but aren't equitable items. Sith Tunics, one or two sets of robes, and armor weave items spawn but can't be equipped and have a white null icon. They are also lacking stats and have placeholder text. ****Update**** Revan's Robes keep spawning in various containers. They don't sell for anything, and are only worth 1 component for breaking down. I got 3 pairs in the Tells Academy, and another set in the Enclave.
  5. Yes! That would be the one! If you end up making a version of it, would you be willing to share?
  6. Would anyone be willing to make a Mara Jade's Lightsaber for Kotor 2? I finally convinced my girlfriend to do a Kotor 2 playthrough after 3 years of bugging, and she wants to use the Mara Jade head on here in conjunction with her Saber.
  7. Bumping this post, as I also really like the idea. Anyone able to give both of us a hand in making this?
  8. Thanks, Darth! I always appreciate getting specific mods from you! Once my new computer arrives next week and I have it all set up, I'll throw this into my Override and test it out in my K2 playthrough. Thanks again!
  9. I'm well acquainted with the E-11 mod! One of my personal favorites in recent history. I wasn't aware of the DL-44. Do you happen to have a K2 version?
  10. Any chance of a K1 version? I like having things uniform between the two games.
  11. I've tested it, and it does indeed work. You're sacrificing an armband slot for it though, but the animations still work and it does shoot rockets for the player. All you need is KSE.
  12. Does anyone have a Dl-44 and/or M-57 (Luke Skywalker's blaster from ESB) blaster mod for Kotor 2? Been searching for a while, and have never come across a mod with either one.
  13. I've been checking everywhere for this mod, and I haven't been able to find it again. It was available on Nexus Mods a few months ago, but it was taken down after Gamefront came back online, although I can't find the files on Gamefront either. I checked through both K1 and K2 files on here yesterday, and I can't find it on here either. Would anyone happen to have a working link or a copy of the files for the ROTJ Luke Saber Pack for both games? Or possibly their own version of the saber for both Kotors? Either one is fine, I just want files/models that will work with both games. Thank you so much! *EDIT* Disregard please, I found the files. The search option on Filefront wasn't bringing it up with "Saber" or "Lightsaber" when used for the search. I'll post the the link here in case anyone else has to go searching through for this. If anyone has an up-to-date version of this hilt with higher quality textures, I would appreciate it if you would be willing to share it with me. Sorry for the clutter, hopefully this thread can be helpful to someone in the future need be.
  14. Does anyone have (or have any interest in making) a saber blade/color mod that makes the blade colors of Lightsabers more closely resemble how they appear in SWTOR? Preferably for TSL, but perhaps for both games if possible. In my opinion, Marius Fett's mod from 6 years ago ( ) is still the best looking color-wise that I can find, and has been in my override since then. But it's been 6 years, and I'm looking for something new to keep my play throughs fresh.
  15. Bumping this post. I would kill for the Revan head. Though my preferred Lana head would have to be the one from KOTFE over the one you pictured. I see a pot of spaghetti as Lana's hair when I think of her from Shadow of Revan! 😂
  16. If the door issue is ongoing, with triggers breaking or unresponsive, perhaps you could go the route of damaging the station and just having the doors opened by default? I was going to say the same thing with the original post when textures wouldn't render properly, but then I saw that you had gotten some of that fixed. However if that's still the case with doors not properly fitting or triggering, it might be a possible approach. Especially if the Rodian was killed it Kotor 1, it might make sense that the station would fall into a damaged condition without a caretaker.
  17. I've had a few ideas for stat modifiers for Djem So, if you want any suggestions. Sorry, I used passive form interchangeably with the non medical item. As for timescale, don't worry about it! I'm only able to really play Kotor over the holidays, so I understand the time constraints. I hope we'll see more mods like this in the future!
  18. I wish you the best of luck! I honestly can't wait to see how it all looks in the end!
  19. You don't have permission from the original authors I take it? That's a shame, I would have loved Bane's and Kun's. Can you post screenshots at least?
  20. I have a tendency to collect Lightsabers, both in real life from SaberForge and Ultrasabers, and in my Kotor 2 (and sometimes 1) override folder. I have pretty much all of Jorn's hilts, Holowan designs, etc., but I really love the standalone hilt mods out there like the Valorous Knight's Lightsaber or the Kyle Katarn hilt. So would anyone be willing to drop any Saber Hilt mods in this thread that I might be able to add to my Override for either game? Really it can be anything, so long as it's something you made that you don't mind someone else using in their game. Thank you!
  21. This is amazing! I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to help at all in this project, because I'm terrible at modding in pretty much every regard, but I'm really excited to see more screenshots and more of this! As small as it is, Yavin Station was one of my favorite locations in Kotor. Who knows, maybe even the tombs in the valley of the dark lords, or even Dreshdae can make it over some day too! The mods I've seen worked on and released in 2018 makes me really excited to see what comes in 2019!
  22. I LOVE the idea for this mod, and I'm absolutely going to pick it up once I finish my Kotor 1 Playthrough. Out of curiosity, would you be able to add in Djem So as a passive Saber form as well in an update to this? Would love to see it finally get recognized in the game, as Shien is kind of meh.
    Files work great, and voice clips are very clear! Absolutely worth the download and should be used together with Darth Parametric's Head Ports!