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  3. bagthesnoot

    Disciple Retexure

    Wow, nice! Thanks a bunch!
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  5. Hi everyone I was wondering if someone could help me out with a little problem. I'm trying to port Kaidon Jorns lightsaber mod that adds Revan's SWTOR lightsaber model for TSL into K1 and I've been following this tutorial ( but he doesn't go over what to do with hilt mdl/mdx files or how to get them into the game. I wanted to do something like JC's Darksaber and add a unique non-upgradeable lightsaber in game but that's beyond the scope of the video. So if anyone has any tips or a link to a tut that would help me id really appreciate it.
  6. Effix

    Disciple Retexure

    Alright, here it is. Just unzip and copy the files from the folder to your override folder. Keep the zip file to know which files you need to remove from the override folder in case you want to uninstall.
  7. DarthVarkor

    Expanded Galaxy v0.4.0 Update

    This looks like a fantastic mod, however, whenever I try to use it, I get severe issues with the game. For instance, a lot of the modules won't load properly and the "override" folder often overwrites other things in my override (texture mods, etc.). I've just seen the description of this update: So, do we need to make a separate modules folder, and then when we want to use the K1 modules in TSL, rename the old modules folder (containing TSL's modules) to something like "OLDModules" so the game doesn't recognize them? If that's the case, won't that affect whatever save I'm using (say, if I'm on Peragus and want to warp to Manaan) upon loading up the game, as the modules folder containing Peragus won't be recognized? Or am I reading this completely wrong? Thanks!
  8. Effix

    Disciple Retexure

    Sounds like a plan, I'll see what I can do.
  9. Xussy15


    Thanks for the reply! Luckily I uninstalled EE somewhere along the line to see if that fixed my other issue, so now I could install it in the right order according to the patch. Never noticed that compatibility patch. Maybe you could put it in the mod's description? Anyway, thank you the mod has been real fun so far!
  10. I like the direction of the content, but not the content itself. Seems neat though. 


  11. bagthesnoot

    Disciple Retexure

    Ah, I see—I wonder, would it be feasible to recolor PMHH01 to have the same hair/eye/skin color as Disciple and then make a mod, similar to "New Disciple," that replaces his head with the recolored PMHH01? I think that might produce a result approaching what Disciple is supposed to look like. But if it would be particularly difficult or time consuming to do that I wouldn't really feel comfortable requesting it, as I'm reasonably content with the two options already available (New Disciple and the one with a beard added).
  12. Dragonrider364

    SKIN:Companions' Robes

    Wait, nevermind figured it out, but now there's a slight problem. Visas is Kreia. Like, instead of Visas standing there it's Kreia, talking in Visas' voice.
  13. DarthTyren


    I can already tell you the problem more than likely - You aren't using the EE compatability patch made by Leilukin. Without it, PS and EE are going to hate each other. Link here - Follow those install instructions TO THE LETTER!
  14. Last week
  15. Effix

    Disciple Retexure

    I don't know about the people here who are awesome at modifying 3D models (I'm not), but I think it's quite complex to try the hair swap. The hair isn't a separate 3D model, so trying another hairstyle isn't as easy as in some other games (e.g. SWTOR). The texture also contains everything (hair + the rest) for that one head model. Feel free to request something specific, not sure if you've already found something close enough.
  16. bagthesnoot

    Disciple Retexure

    I suppose I was asking for one to be created, although I was also wondering if anyone had already taken a crack at it or if there was even any general interest in changing his face. I do like the one you linked, jc2. It's definitely an improvement. I also found one that gives him a thin beard over the existing texture, which makes him look much better (although I wonder if being clean-shaven fits the character better—he's supposed to be something of a twist on the young naive hero archetype à la Luke Skywalker, right?) Would it be possible to put the hair from the original model onto the face from the "New Disciple" mod? I'm curious how that would look. But anyway, either of the two existing solutions do the trick pretty well.
  17. Dragonrider364

    SKIN:Companions' Robes

    Ok, thank you. Where would I find that folder? I checked the Workshop folder in my Steamapps file and just got a bunch of numbers.
  18. vincent1469

    Darth Revan Disguise

    I want to use a reskin of Darth Revan's disguise from KOTOR I in KOTOR II, what would I need to change the .tga file name to?
  19. Wow, new automatic messages merger looks [functionally] cool! Props to Admins and Mods for improving the site's feature. :cheers:

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    2. DarthParametric


      Ah, some sort of anti-double posting prevention?

    3. ebmar



      ...anti-double posting prevention...

      Lol that'd work differently. But yeah, more or less like that. Not sure if already implemented with the forums thread though. 🤔

    4. HK-47


      I noticed that too. A cool feature indeed.

  20. ebmar

    MOD:KOTOR NPC Stat Fixes Mod

    My two cents: you can create a new folder tagged as let's say -- "K1R_Compatibility_Patch" with a copy of your p_jolee001.utc inside. And then you open that UTC using kgff and on its ScriptDialogue node you change the value from k_hen_dialogue01 to k1r_jolee_diag. I personally think that could work. User will be noticed about which one they should or should not install then. Any extensive information as you see them fit would be much appreciated though.
  21. Sith Holocron

    MOD:KOTOR NPC Stat Fixes Mod

    Some folks don't read the minutia of the install instructions. Make it easier on yourself and list it as K1R incompatible until you make a work around. That's my two cents but others here may disagree.
  22. Mellowtron11

    MOD:KOTOR NPC Stat Fixes Mod

    Should I just advise people to leave the p_jolee001.utc file out of the override folder?
  23. Kainzorus Prime

    SKIN:Companions' Robes

    So, as usual, the human error was the cause.
  24. DeadMan

    SKIN:Companions' Robes

    You have mods from Workshop installed, that's the cause of conflicts. I believe TSLRCM have modified vanilla master robe models. In this case, you must install mods to TSLRCM workshop folder (overwrite conflicting files), and not in game folder Override. Or you can just search through Workshop folder and delete PMBNM and PFBNM mdl and mdx files.
  25. Sith Holocron

    MOD:KOTOR NPC Stat Fixes Mod

    @Mellowtron11: Until you fix it, you should probably change the mod list it as K1R incompatible.
  26. ebmar

    The Grove: The Companions

    Me too! Yes, very much agree on that. Those quests has tragedy and drama with them, two aspects that I look for from an event/story. Thank you! Much appreciated.
  27. ebmar

    MOD:KOTOR NPC Stat Fixes Mod

    Greetings, fellow Jedi! Unfortunately that is the main component. K1R [main] include a hard-copy of kas_m24aa.mod, which inside is p_jolee001.utc with k1r_jolee_diag script fired on its OnDialogue. So anything puts in the Override with that instance will pretty much overrides it. Me too! Hahah. But by practice that actually is not scripting; it was more like GFFs comparing which I think is vital for GFF's mod release, like this one.
  28. Todd Hellid


    I installed this mod the way it said but everything turned out giant. My PC is big.
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