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  2. I am not 100% sure I will include the RoR heads with the project yet but I was thinking of both including it as an optional package and releasing it as a separate mod so that people can use the heads and races from RoR in regular K2 but I will see how it goes when I get around to it. In the meantime here are some story and design documents if anyone wishes to take a look, in truth it is a mess at the moment. A lot of different text documents and some images of stuff i've written on paper. It's not very well presented basically, there are also various design images possibly conflicting ideas who knows. I need to take the time to go through it and assess it's worth, I think it's all awful at the moment as I haven't properly gone through it. Story On Paper.7z Design Documents.7z Design Images.7z
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    You can copy baseitems.2da from kotor tool into Override and it will work fine. \ For future reference, here is default baseitems.2da baseitems.2da
  5. Doesn't sound related to dialogue translation.
    Thanks for the fix!
  6. Would it be possible to set the male version (and movements) as the female one to retain the figure shown in the cutscenes for the female player? Would swapping the models through KTool work? EDIT: Never mind, I think I figured it out.
  7. No fault of mine some Russians I hope.
  8. And then . . . the documentary got longer.
    Good work. This is pretty much what the text of the recording says happened. Here's a video of what it looks like.
  9. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Right now I would say: Not at all. I'm pretty sure that I could learn how to make such textures but at the moment I lack both the skill and the tools for it. All of those wallpapers are actually rendered in Full HD but I only ever posted lower res versions here and completely forgot that you cannot simply click it to get to the full version on imgur. In any case, I'll release them all in an archive once I'm done. But for now, here's Kashyyyk: Thanks for that link. Very interesting to read and it might have helped with some issues I had if I had seen that about three years ago. But I think I managed to work around that pretty well so I guess I'll stick with my current method xD
    This is a great idea, turning the blades into machetes. It always seemed silly when enemies would bust out a sword out of nowhere. Dia's quest makes more sense as well. All in all, a realistic change.
  10. I don't recall the third and last icons. What are they, from K1R?
  11. ну 1.6 не обязательно, но хотябы патч фикс нужен, тупо в углу этой комнаты вставить коробку с нужной деталью...
    It never made sense to me. Where the hell were we expected to believe these random fighters were coming from? Why did they never send a full squadron? If they were expecting the Hawk, why not send a proper offensive force?
  12. Усиленно голосуем за версию 1.6, пока за неё тут и там идут дебаты ( : All votes for the 1.6 version, while it's being discussed everywhere ( :
    All right! There's a good reason for them to be in the game now. Also a great reason to keep Canderous ranged.
  13. ну как обычно, хотели как лучше, а получилось как всегда
  14. Hey, are you planning on porting the Gran voices as well? There are only a couple, but I think it'd be worth it.
  15. Nope. And I bought Steam version because at that time (likely 2017) both KoTOR Steam versions had newest patch.
    Great fixes. Repositioning the pillars was a great idea. They look majestic now.
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