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  3. I am trying to edit the .mod files in the game, at least some of them. I know that many of the files in the game, whether they are dialogue, .utc, ,uti, or etc, share the same name. This can create an issue when you want to edit one in particular. I want to be shown how to edit the .mod files so I can rename a particular dialogue, .utc, .uti, and etc file and edit it with aspects like scripts or adjusting inventory or saying I want so the game will recognize it as a separate file and provide them. I have already tried everything in KOTOR Tool and Mod Project Tool. Can someone please tell me what I need to do and which program I need to use. Please provide step-by-step instructions. For an example I will use the dialogue file sc16_converse. There are two of them. One is located in 10. ebo_m40aa_s.rim and the other in STUNT_16_s.rim. I need to rename one of the copies so they will be recognized as separate for the TSLPatcher and the Override Folder. I was told to use the K-Giff program to locate but I cannot find them after using the program. I download all the mod files (the ARE, GIT, and IFO Files) from both s.rim modules with KOTOR Tool but then when I searched for the sc16_converse file there was nothing there. I have included a screenshot of the search I have tried looking at topics from others who faced the same issue but could not understand them. I may have made a topic about this myself once but was not getting any replies so I wanted to try again. I ask to please be shown how to locate the files I am looking for and how to edit the labels and values to what I want. That way I can rename one of the dialogue files then change the value in the .mod to match it. That way I can place both all the files in the Override Folder and be able to use them both at once with the changes I made. Please provide step-by-step instructions. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hah, I have to laugh about all those people on Reddit crying about covering her up. If you do want to do an overlaid robe option though, I'd suggest looking at @JCarter426's TSL robes port Cloaked Jedi Robes and grabbing the modder's resource bundle and using that. You should be able to take something like this: and make it work over the top of your existing model, albeit likely with some positional tweaking required. The hooded version is an addition I added for my Dark Jedi Wear Robes mod, which you are free to use as a basis if you wanted a hood option (although you'd have to lop off her top knot and make it a full body model).
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  6. As per our correspondences via DM, I have chosen to beta test your mod pack.
  7. The textures are almost complete. Here are a few screens of the finished product. I still have to draw her necklace though. I've also been tweaking the head a bit more. I've also added some geometry to the eyelids objects to give her some eyelashes. The eye texture was also modified a bit to look a bit more human-like. And I've created her extra-long lightsaber from the concept. So pretty good progress overall. Off to skinning now and putting everything in game nicely.
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  9. Hi i try instal you mod with RCM from steam workshop, after chosing RCM workshop folder(the number one) i get error masage "canot found dialog.tlk file". I read already abaut instalation outside mods mixing with workshop mods. Sorry for my english.
  10. Gotcha, thanks. Well, I made the changes and got the file to compile! Will test it out and report back.
  11. No. If you look at the vanilla file, they are commented out, so there was nothing there to begin with. TSL's is the same. Edit: I would advise that you install Notepad++ and grab JCarter's NSS language definitions. That will make reading and editing scripts a whole lot easier.
  12. Awesome! I'll try and make the same changes to K2's file, then. I really appreciate your taking a look. By the way, am I right in thinking that the third-party script also removes events 2013 and 2014?
  13. Thanks for releasing this new version, bead-v!
  14. Yes, a decompiled NCS will never exactly match the original source. That's impossible. The more extensive and complex the code, the greater the difference will be. What you will also be seeing is a heap of stuff from the includes that are only referenced in the source, but have to be pulled in for the binary script. A single function in the original source like GN_DetermineCombatRound(); will probably result in several hundred lines of added code in the decompiled source. Giving the 3rd party script a cursory once-over, it looks like he has completely removed events KOTOR_HENCH_EVENT_ON_PERCEPTION (2002), KOTOR_HENCH_EVENT_ON_COMBAT_ROUND_END (2003), KOTOR_HENCH_EVENT_ON_ATTACKED (2005), and KOTOR_HENCH_EVENT_ON_DAMAGE (2006).
  15. There's always interest. Progress is just gated by the tools so it gets put on the backburner.
  16. Juhani Appearance Overhaul - coming soon to your Override folders.


    1. ebmar


      It looks promising! :cheers:

  17. Thank you very much! I've gotten DeNCS and Kotor Tool to work on my Mac, after some serious annoyances. Sadly, the decompiled .nss version of the GOG user's k_ai_master.ncs file is hard for me to make sense of, and very dissimilar to the default k_ai_master as extracted from KOTOR 1's files to boot. I hope I'll be able to figure it out.
  18. I found some time to look at the reported issues with mdledit. I'm sorry it has taken such a long time to arrive. This issue... ...and this one are fixed. This one I couldn't reproduce, my Handmaiden has correct smoothing in either case. Your result puzzles me, because both operations use the same routines, there should be no difference. The problem here was the WOK (it hanged while calculating Adjacent Faces, Edges and Perimeters). Why it happens:
  19. Yeah we had a donate button for a while I just turned it off until I was ready to turn it back on, not quite there yet.
  20. Btw by donate I assume you mean buy a premium account? That's all I can see rather than an actual donation option.
  21. Eh probably won't change much, but that is the plan.
  22. Perhaps you should have a more prominent option for people to donate? Maybe some sort of benefits? Cosmetic DLC?
  23. Google changed their ads to be bigger so that is probably what you are seeing. Ads are the majority of the minuscule revenue DS gets at this point though a few people here and there donate which I greatly appreciate.
  24. Fallen Order really you too? Star Wars just loves to make copy pasta, stealing from kotor smh...

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    2. jc2


      Well one of the characters 


      presumably cut themselves off from the Force, which later by plot convenience was either A) a lie or B ) completely fixed by that character's decision alone.

      Funny enough it really didn't have any impact on the story, it was just to keep that character from interfering in the MC's story and justify their gameplay mechanics. 

    3. jc2


      @N-DReW25 No the game isn't all that good, decent but I wouldn't recommend it to people.  Graphics are meh, art style is okay, gameplay is easy and repetitive, and it lacks the JKA lightsaber decapitation. The story is weak and pointless, which makes sense because of all the existing plot from the animated series and movies, so the outcome and direction is very predictable and uneventful. 

    4. 1Leonard


      A character going into self-exile/turning away from what they know is a literary device as old as time. What is your point?

  25. Mod has been updated to version 3.1. So far, I've added an upscaled version of the Ebon Hawk's outer hull and I've provided a download of the textures in TPC format, which is 1/4th the size and download time.
  26. I didn't get any prior screenshots; I was trying my best to ignore it while I was still on Peragus. I did notice it on the Paragus mining droids (both types, but it was more apparent on the larger droids), as well as few places on the floor/walls of the Harbinger. I can also see it in some areas of Telos (Citadel Station) on the floors/walls, but it's less noticeable. I was thinking it was Metallic surfaces, but it doesn't seem to affect all of them. T3-M4 looks fine, HK-50 looks fine, Kreia's lightsaber looked fine, and parts of walls/floors look fine. I didn't have CM_Baremetal.tpc, but the other two were present. I removed them from Override, and it seems to have reduced the shine/glossy effect a good bit. It's must less obnoxious now. Thanks! I am still curious what mod was causing the issue, or if it was perhaps a hardware issue (I heard that certain graphics cards can cause some textures to be transparent. Maybe this was something similar). Either way, I'm glad this helped. Thanks, guys.
  27. Had Nar Shaddaa theme music in my head all day long. Yesterday, too. Now uninstalling and reinstalling TSL for a clean start after all of my experiments. Tomorrow it will be a install of a second K1, to have different sets of mods. It's funny how I sometimes want to play the other game when I'm playing k1 or k2.

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    2. jc2


      Yeah, this is so true!

    3. DarthVarkor


      Wait until you get this snazzy number stuck in your head again: 


    4. Ebony Moon

      Ebony Moon

      An entire hour of that, lol!

      Cantina music in Star Wars has always been distinctive. I like the ones in both Kotors.

  28. Late to the party, but I also think that the first load screen looks more fitting for an otherwise vanilla game.
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