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  2. Crashes fixed for 0.1.3 (Thanks to whoever is using the tool btw). 0.1.4 is out!
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  4. Hello, I am trying to change the durations of Powers and there is a Mod that already does that but not to the duration I would like it to be. It comes with 2 files. k_sp1_generic.ncs and k_inc_force.nss k_inc_force.nss has the durations in it and I have been able to change their values however it has not altered the durations in game. What else needs to be done to make this work? Thanks! I think i need to recompile the k_sp1_generic.ncc however everytime i try i get: "Error: couldn't initialize the nwnstdloader" Edit 3: stopped that error but now can't find the compiled .ncs
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    Very nice, those tree textures are such a contrast though haha!
  6. This new update is looking AMAZING! Can't wait for this to be 'finished'.
  7. Looks like I'll be working with a lot of "sub"s in the future. 😭
  8. That's because the original names in the source are not preserved in the compiled script. You'll see the same thing with variable declarations. DeNCS just comes up with some labels vaguely suited to the purpose.
  9. @DarthParametric @N-DReW25 THANKS SO MUCH, it worked!!! I figured out that two scripts are responsible for the placeable spawns: k_trg_calonord2 creates the placeable, k_ptat_thugjump destroys the placeable (object type 64) and replaces it with actual creature (object type 1). All I did was changing all the placeable tags "sittingrodian", "sittingselkath" to the proper thug tags in k_trg_calonord2, destroy it in k_ptat_thugjump and create the exact same objects again. I know its a dumb workaround but .... what can I do [shrug]. The DeNCS seems to create a lot of template functions "sub, sub1, sub2 ....", and the naming conventions are a bit obfuscated. The code doesn't look nice but hey, it worked! Screenshot:
  10. Thank you @DarthParametric so much for saving my ass again!!! I will try installing some Windows VM and decompile on there to see if it resolves my issue. Worse comes to worst I'll try it on some school lab computer 💀. Will try!
  11. There are three potential cases for a decompile error: The file cannot be decompiled, period (not true in this case). Obtaining bytecode is the only option. The file will only decompile with the game-appropriate nwscript.nss in the DeNCS folder. You have the @JCarter426 disease and can't decompile a script that everyone else can due to some weird system shenanigans. k_trg_calonord2.nss For reading/editing NSS, I would recommend Notepad++ with the Odyssey++ user defined language.
  12. Thanks man for the tip! Now I see this issue isn't a blocker and is just some slight inconvenience. The reason I tried to open ncs file to begin with was to DeNCS certain module-contained scripts. The DeNCS failed, and I wanted to open it to ensure the file is in good condition, but got blocked by this error. 💀 Now that I tried DeNCS again, I am able to DeNCS/partially DeNCS most files except the one I wanted, (k_trg_calonord2.ncs in eastern dune sea module). Smh, smh... I'll do more trial and error to figure shit out and would appreciate any enlightenment on this matter.
  13. Interesting errors, but entirely avoidable. 1 - .nss file, open KTool text editor first and then open the file in question. 2 - .ncs file, nothing to see it is byte code. .ncs is simply the compilation of .nss 3 - any text editor can open and edit .nss scripts, I use notepad quite a bit for this purpose.
  14. This may be a dumb question. Before I begin, I installed the Kotor Tool from here, and I am pretty sure I installed it properly. When I double click the nss and ncs files in the Kotor Tool resource list (Tree View), the text editor brought up the code and there is no problem. However, when I extract a single file or a group of nss and/or ncs files to a new directory, and try to open it through Right Click -> Open With -> Kotor Tool, then I get two weird errors: 1. Opening Nss File, I get System.OutOfMemoryException: The complete error message is here: NssError.txt 2. Opening Ncs File, I get Unable to read beyond the end of the stream Error: The complete error message is here: NcsError.txt --------------------------------------- I highly suspect I am missing something obvious. I double checked the README file, the description in the download page but might still missed it. Has anyone dealt with similar issue and can shed some light? I am really hoping to fix this issue and start working with scripts. Any help would be much appreciated!
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  16. From 20 seconds (more or less) to 10 minutes? is it not too much excessive? I like the idea to extend the time for these Force Powers but I'm a single Jedi, not Leonidas against the armys of Xerxes at the Thermopylae. What about the chain power by leveling up? all the stages with the same time? And, as says dvada191, what about make the MOD most compatible with a most standar installer? Anyway I like the idea but with some improvements, IMO
  17. The Description says: "The vanilla game dialogs about Bao-Dur helping you build your saber have been removed, since you build it yourself on the workbench using any default game crystal. As well, the vanilla game's Lightsaber Quest journal entries have been modified to go with this saber quest better." My question is if this MOD is compatible (or could be) with the 'No Lightsaber Quest V1.5' by Hassat Hunter: I want to try with this MOD but, frankly, I'd like skip the Light Saber Quest.
  18. Well I don't know if you have heard of Tamerbill. Right now, I have his Kotor 1 Content: Feats and Powers Mod and Yes I love it a lot. Yes I am wondering how in the heck he did that. For example, Echani feat tree is a Stun Effect that scales to Dexterity to against the Will Saves of Enemy. There are generally good unique feats in his mod. Also I do love Staradmiral's Kotor Force Pack as well. Keep in mind I do want a mod that gives Players several options while somehow implementing my ideas. For example, Not everyone wants to roleplay as a Jedi Shadow but having an option to do so is what is going thru my head. Another possible idea for a future Mod is having Exar Kun on Yavin 4 and have him an arch villain. I am aware of Yavin 4 and Exar Kun mods and have played Yavin 4 and liked it. Instead of facing Trask as the End boss but having Exar Kun as main villain awaking from the darkness of the Jedi Civil War and cutting a cut deal with Darth Malak's Sith to kill off Malak while freeing Exar Kun by destroying the Wall of Light erected by Nomi Sunrider and other Jedi. Monique and Kyle are new characters that the players could recruit.
  19. Possible stats to add to the glasses for thug life style... - Wisdom: -25 (Everybody knows that the thugs aren't known for be wise people). - Charisma: +3 (Well, I feel generous...) - Intelligence: N/A - Contitution: -2 (With the lack of exercise moving the arm for take off the glasses, you become weakest). - Dexterity: -5 (try to hit a target with a ranged weapon or evade a sword by night or in a dark room wearing sunglasses). - Strength: 0 (Why? Someone has seen a thug moving a single empty box?). - Blindness: (as after several beers. Doesn't affect Jedi, they see thru the Force, you know...) - Awareness: Ok!!!!!!! Don't make me laugh!!!!!! (My apologies if someone feels offended and my absolut respect for the author and his work. Just feeling myself a bit joker)
  20. I hope I wasn't a total jerk about it, but I think you're making a wise decision.
  21. Hey there friends - I just failed a persuasion check with Nadaa, and now that dialog tree won't give me the persuade option again. I am looking through the booleans and numerics, and am not finding anything related to that quest. Am I not looking well enough, or is this not a KSE-able variable? My issue is that I don't have a recent save prior to this, so replaying would preferably be avoided. I am really bad at DS
  22. Thanks DarthParametric and N-DReW25 for the DeNCS link and detailed explanation, I really appreciate it. Is this and the placeable sitters set in the k_trg_calonord2 script? I'll poke around to see how far I can make the "clone" work. Sorry I'm not super familiar with dlg files and how it interacts with animations/scripts. From what you described I assume the k_trg_calonord2 script triggers the ambush_test dialogue. The script only has Calo Nord as NPC in the cutscene, and everyone else are sitting decorations (and standing decorations in the second scene?). Please correct me if I am wrong.
  23. Recently, I've been thinking that I want to create my own mod. Alright sounds normal huh? I don't know how to CREATE mods for k1 and k2. Could someone help me? I don't know how to do this!
  24. To clarify, the "placeable" sitters are placeables who appear like Rodian and Aqualish but are sitting down. You see these a lot in Cantinas and the the reason why you cannot interact with them is because they are placeables and not NPCs. Calo Nord, on the other hand, is standing inside the Speeder using a "Computer Use" animation to make it appear as if he was on the bike. I'd say you'd want to make "clones" of your NPCs and make them do the same thing Calo does. (And when I say "clones" I mean you need to remove the placeables and replace them with "clones" and just before they get off their bikes you'd need to remove these computer use "clones" so you don't see double)
  25. You need a save before ever entering Korriban, if I recall correctly. Otherwise, it is safe to add mid-playthrough.
  26. That's because the cutscene uses a workaround to avoid using proper stunt animations. It spawns placeable sitters on the bikes, not creatures. Only the global scripts have included source. All module-specific scripts are binary-only and need to be decompiled. Use DeNCS for that.
  27. Looks like the StarvWars Hallmark Storytellers line just added two more ships to the line. 


    Hallmark, are you trying to bankrupt me? LOL 

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