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  2. I have a suggestion for Jedi Academy on Dantioone and Sith Academy on Korriban. the suggestions that has a Specialization Trainers for force using specialization of your choice. Remember how you did the hide for Carth for Republic Veteran Feat, Same principle for the Force Using Specialization
  3. Face, body or any objects turning all white means the texture can't be loaded by the game for some reasons -- and one of them is an invalid TGA format. What program did you use to export and edit it? Edit: Disregard. Late to noticed that you're using PS -- sorry, hahah. Anyway, if you don't mind perhaps you can attach the relevant files for us to inspect. I mean, it could be anything. Like invalid fields for DS transition in heads.2DA, and with the portrait could be something with portraits.2DA. So I think for a good start is to see if the exported TGA is valid or not. And what SH said with the size of portrait is relevant too. Another thing could be with how you convert the JPG to TGA.
  4. Had the same problem myself but in a different way. Maybe try ndix UR's tga2tpc.
  5. Hi guys,I'm a young modder so I'm new to this.Could someone please help me with my character head,when he is lowest DS,his face is just white and I tested it for other levels of DS and LS.Apparently,the head texture(.tga) files I HAD EDITED was the reason for his face turning white.However,for the original head texture I had extracted from kotortools was perfectly fine when I replaced the head texture with the white DS texture.Could someone please tell me why this is happening and if there is another art tool that I can use to add the DS transition(I used photoshop 2020).I suspect photoshop is involved in this issue For the portrait,it was just blank(white) despite me having converted a .jpg image to a .tga image and choosing it as my portrait.Could anyone help me with this aswell.Thanks
  6. Certainly sounds like it, very excited 😁
  7. Thank you, that was the intent after all! Blaster Feats, Blaster Attacks and Sneak attacks have been totally reworked. Blaster Feats: I assume this is the 'Focus' and 'Specialist' feats? You can get these feats through mask items which will grant you these feats for free as long as you equip the mask, this way for example if you were a Level 15 Lightsaber build character you can equip the mask item so just in-case you want to use a Blaster your character won't be under powered. I do believe their 'might' be a mask which adds this for Blaster Pistols at Kebla Yurt's store. Blaster Attacks: Certain blasters will grant the player these feats, while generic items like Blaster Rifle and Blaster Pistol won't have these feats weapons such as Carth's and Bendak's Blaster will have these feats given for free. Generally, certain pistols would give Power Blast, all Heavy Repeaters will have Rapid Shot, rifles would have a mix of all 3 attacks, Sniper Rifles would give Sniper attack (Snipers have been added, their is one in the Vulkar Base). Just like with the mask items, a melee built player can equip a certain blaster and not suck pretty much. Sneak Attack: These feats have also been given to stealth related mask items. I believe deleting "difficultyopt.2da" would help. Personally, I would slaughtered by the Sith Patrol in the Apartments once. For the start of the game I would use the area to your advantage by running away from the enemies splitting them up and taking them out one by one, when you say 'First Bounty Hunters' I assume you mean the Exchange guys who were hussling that old man? I'd say for that fight you should definitely run towards the Sith Soldiers as they would help you in that fight and you can just let them fight them Bounty Hunters. Let me know if you need any further help?
  8. I really like this mod. I loved how it changed up everything I knew about KOTOR. There are only two problems I have looked over the comments and instructions with the file, but what happened to blaster feats? Second I know the mod is supposed to be hard, but I think its too hard even on easy. The first bounty hunters absolutely destroyed me and Carth. I have tried both normal and easy difficulty on this fight and still destroyed us both. I know its supposed to make the combat difficulty, but is there a way to make the difficulty back to vanilla gameplay. I like the changes I have seen so far texture and model wise. My mind was blown away when I went to Kebla Yurt's store and it actually looked like a store. I want to keep all these things in the game, just not the insane spike of difficulty, to me of course. So if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.
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  10. You raised important questions about the problems of game mechanics. Some time ago I got interested in 2 particular problems and what was done to solve them: level ups after a while became a routine and boring fights. Both problems get worse by the end of the game. Below I will express my thoughts on this matter. I think it is not such a big issue by itself, rather it reveals shortcomings in Feats and Force Powers Systems. New feats, force powers should add new opportunities, new tactics, new ways of interacting with the game world, the player should look forward to them. The level cap has been raised to 50; by the end of the game, the player can be over level 30. But there are not enough unique, interesting, useful feats and force powers that can change the game flow or be effectively used in new combat tactics. The Feats: There is not enough useful/interesting feats for player to acquire. Feats should add new opportunities, game experiences for the player. Instead, player can easily get all important feats by level 20 or so, and then just waste points on random, mostly useless stuff. Some of the new feats in TSL are okay, but most of them player acquire automatically. At the same time, the developers removed Heavy Weapons Feat and Implant Feat. Making implants dependent on Constitution attribute is a cool decision as it gives importance to this attribute that it lacked before, and Heavy Weapons Feat was redundant, but those feats had a significant impact on the gameplay in K1, so at least Heavy Weapons Feat deserve restoration. I think that in an ideal situation, new feats should allow the player to receive new gameplay experience or at least be meaningful for player while not overpowered. There should be no situations when player acquired all good feats long before the end of the game. As an example of “New gameplay experience”, the grenades aren’t that useful after beginning of the game. However, there is a mod called “Fumble! Grenades” that allow anyone who ever uses a grenade to have a chance at fumbling the throw. In addition, it restores Weapon Proficiency feat chain for grenades (makes them more powerful) and modifies it for fumbling. There was also a mod “xc_grenades” by Xcom (if anyone have it, please, post a link or PM me) that made the Demolition skill to increase the damage of rockets and grenades. Together, these mods can change the way players view grenades, create new tactics based on grenades, be used in new builds. The solution could be: adding a new feat chain to Feats which give 1 additional skill point to the player every second level and then every level after the feat is upgraded. In addition, TSL already has feats that make cross-class skills cost 1 skill point. The Jedi Guardian has more than enough feat points, so trading a few of them for skills can be an interesting alternative option. This idea may be contrary to D&D rules. The Force Powers: Some force powers are fundamentally broken. Heal, Speed, Force Storm – A player with any two of these force powers can become nearly unstoppable. And every player can use them without drawbacks: LS or DS, class, lightsaber/force form are not important, the cost of power is usually acceptable. Others are weak or rarely can be used effectively. It makes no sense to use most of the force powers, when it is easier and faster to spam Force Storm. Again, by level 20, the player has all good/interesting powers and is not motivated to try new ones. There is also lack of high-level force powers (even if they unnecessarily they can at least provide SOME motivation to level up in the late game). Almost all force powers become accessible by level 18. Boring fights: All new feats, force powers, new tactics, improvements in mechanics won’t find usage in the game if every battle can be won by spamming Master Flurry or, even worse, a standard attack. There are several high difficulty mods that make enemies tougher and more dangerous, but I think that this is not enough to make the fights interesting. Aside from the AI issues you mentioned, most fights are too similar to each other. There are not enough force users in the game and even they rarely use force powers (and again, most of the time they only use Life Drain), so some force powers/tactics are almost useless. The tactics of the enemies in the middle and the end of the game are the same. The most noticeable change between mid-level battles and level 50 battles is that enemies have more hp and can survive 1-2 Master Flurry. The bosses are indistinguishable from each other, the sith are bland and uninspired (most of them even don't have lightsabers), the various factions and groups of enemies differ only slightly from each other. There are not enough memorable situations (I can remember many more interesting fights in K1). There are many types of damage in TSL, enemies could use different weapons types in various regions, parts of the game, then the player will be motivated to try certain armor and upgrades. But fire-based weapons mostly restricted to droids and cold and electrical damage is clearly underused. I thought about mitigating these problems by using existing mods: 1) Feats: Heavy Weapons Feat Restoration JC's Feat Fixes for K2 Fumble! Grenades + xc_grenades Content Pack: Feats And Powers BY TamerBill 2) Force Powers High-Level Force Powers Force Zeal Force Power Lightsaber Floating by Darth333 3) Boring fights Thematic Sith Lords - interesting mod that adds much-needed differentiation to fights against Sith Lords. I would like something similar to be done with other bosses and entire factions, sections of the game. These mods are good at what they do (improve certain aspects), but I feel that a more complex solution focused on addressing all aspects of the problem, could potentially achieve more. Is the problem that serious? As I recall high-tier upgrades cost several hundred components, and merchants can have crappy droid items in their inventory, so which upgrade T3 can do and when is partly a matter of luck. The point is, if T3 loses his status as a ‘skill master’ in the party, he‘ll become something like G0-T0, a character who has no gameplay purpose. As for the merchants: the stocks of the merchants are random (from their lists of possible available items) and are generated only once when the player visits them, right? As a result, merchants often have poor inventory. Moreover, it makes no sense to buy equipment: standard items can be easily found in loot, and high-level items are in any case not available from merchants. So, the obvious choice is to allow merchants to sell non-unique high-tier items and update their inventory in similar manner to Suvam in K1 OR to add new end-game merchant with high-tier items to the game. I can continue with other issues, but think that is big enough text for now. Thanks for reading!
  11. Well done! These look fantastic!
  12. It looks very nice. Do you think it will be possible to complete all that is planned before the end of the year?
  13. Thanks for all the comments everyone. I think I will go with style 1 so that the screenshot page does not become a chaotic blinking mess. However, I will also provide a link to some sort of comparison that allows a manual switch between the two shots. And there will of course also be normal screenshots without any comparison that show the new skyboxes in full. Apart from that I've been making good progress. The main Telos render is now finally done and I'm also making progress verifying that everything is working as intended.
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  15. View File Effixian's Black Handmaiden ******************************************** Knights of the Old Republic - The Sith Lords ******************************************** TITLE: Effixian's Black Handmaiden AUTHOR: Effix(ian) CONTACT: PM me on the forums or find me on Steam ************ DESCRIPTION ************ This is a simple reskin mod that changes the Handmaiden's textures and portraits. Adjusted/matching underwear and Dancer's Outfit are included. This mod is not compatible with mods that also change the Handmaiden's appearance. Requested by nate.sana.j on Steam. ************* INSTALLATION ************* Unzip, copy the files from the subfolder to your override folder. ***** BUGS ***** None. ************* UNINSTALLING ************* Remove from your override folder: P_HandmaidBAD01.tga P_HandmaidenBA.tga P_HandmaidenH.tga P_HandmaidenHD1.tga P_HandmaidenHD2.tga PFBLHandM01.tga PFBLHandMD01.tga PO_PHandM.tga PO_PHandMd1.tga PO_PHandMd2.tga ******************* DISTRIBUTION NOTES ******************* You may not: Use the material from this mod in your own mod without giving me credit, implying it was your creation. You might: Use the material from this mod in your own mods if simply you ask me. ********* THANKS TO ********* Fred Tetra for KotOR Tool ------------------- THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE, OBSIDIAN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. Submitter Effix Submitted 10/20/2020 Category Skins TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
  16. View File Effixian's HK Metallic Skins ************************************** Knights of the Old Republic - The Sith Lords ************************************** TITLE: Effixian's HK Metallic Skins AUTHOR: Effix CONTACT: PM me on the forums or find me on Steam ************* INSTALLATION ************* 1. Unzip somewhere and run the file "TSLPatcher - Install TSL Effixians HK Metallic Skins.exe". 2. Pick an appearance you like (See the Screenshots folder). Go into the Textures folder and into the subfolder of your liking. Copy the files in there to your override folder. The override folder is a subfolder in the game's main folder, you need to create it if you've never added a mod before. ************ DESCRIPTION ************ This is pretty much a spin-off from my non metallic HK reskins. This mod enables a metallic shine for the HK droids. Next to that it gives various texture/portrait options to use with that change. To demonstrate different lighting conditions; the left part of the screenshots is inside the Ebon Hawk, the right side is on Dantooine, next to the Ebon Hawk. ************* HK-50 & HK-51 ************* Next to HK-47 this mod also makes HK-50 & HK-51 able to get the metallic shine. Like with HK-47, you need to do some manual work for the texture files part. You need to copy-rename-copy-paste texture files. HK-50's file should be: C_HK50.tga HK-51's file should be: C_HK51.tga So you pick a file (P_hk47_01.tga, the other one is a portrait and not needed) from the Textures folder of your choice, make a copy of it, rename it to C_HK50.tga and/or C_HK51.tga and move those file(s) to your override folder. ***** BUGS ***** None known. ************* UNINSTALLING ************* 1. Remove the following files from your override folder: P_hk47_01.tga PO_pHK47.tga 2. Optional: Removing the above files will give HK-47 back his original appearance, without metallic shine. If for some reason you also want to undo the changes that were made to appearance.2da, then you can run the Patcher from the Uninstaller folder. ******************* DISTRIBUTION NOTES ******************* You may NOT: Use the material from this mod in your own mod without giving me credit, implying it was your creation. You might: Use the material from this mod in your own mods if you simply ask me. ******** Thanks to ******** Stoffe and Fred Tetra for the needed tools and tutorials ------------------- THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE, OBSIDIAN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. Submitter Effix Submitted 10/20/2020 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
  17. Welcome to my thought exercise that might someday turn into an actual mod! Here I will infodump my organized thoughts and maybe promote useful discussion. The Hypothesis KOTOR II is a great story attached to an otherwise broken-mess of bad mechanics that lead to a game experience that feels like a 'Story Mode' switch was accidentally flipped on & forgotten about in the source code before the game shipped. I hypothesize that the tools exist now to remediate most of this mess, and am engaging in this thought experiment to mentally workthrough what such a mod might look like and tackle, while promoting discussion in the same vein. This is not a promissory note that I'll do anything, even if I am motivated to make my next playthrough less of a drag, mechanically. Where To Begin? The first step is to identify what is broken and how/why. During my last playthrough I started taking notes and came up with the following: 1) XP is dumped on the player and you do not go for very long between levels ups. At a certain point, they feel tedious and unrewarding. This is partially because of the class progression and what's available for feat selection, but also because level-ups exist 'in abundance' and thus it's difficult to get excited about them. 2) No class will have ever have to struggle over which feat to take in their build, and will only ever struggle about when to take it. Eventually, you run out of 'must-haves' and start picking random feats that have marginal effects on the character sheet simply to get rid of the 'level up character' screen. 3) Jedi classes - Jedi Guardian is skill-starved in a game where having skills is directly correlated to the amount of content you'll see in a playthru, Jedi Sentinel is essentially a Jedi Guardian w/one less feat and a lot more skill points, and I see this to be a problem. Consular's are probably okay but I think all classes should have slower power progression. Jedi Prestige classes need love as well, especially the dedicated caster prestige classes. 4) Items, Upgrades, and Cybernetic Implants - all dump tons of ability score bonuses/skill point bonuses onto the wearer in obscene amounts. For humanoids, skill point bonuses on equipment are less of a problem, but thanks to Droid Upgrade's I was able to craft endgame upgrades with T3 before leaving my first non-Telos planet. All of these stat bonuses means that it doesn't really matter which class you take because you will end up with the fighting ability of a Guardian and comparable Power DC's of a Consular without hardly trying and the meta leans heavily towards putting your points in CON to use implants to further rocket your player character's attributes into the stratosphere. 5) Lightsabers - they're OP. Their current implementation means they basically trivialize the game even moreso once you obtain them. They should certainly feel strong, but being able to pump out 400dmg in a single flurry is insanity. Lightsabers are a sort of barometer for the state of the game's mechanics as many other systems tie into how effective they are: enemy AI and whether or not they use items and powers that mitigate lightsaber damage, Master Critical Strike & Master Flurry providing potentially gamebreaking power every six seconds, excessively powerful lightsaber crystals and upgrades 6) Force Powers - they're also OP...or useless, or somewhere in between. When a force powerful is powerful, it's *powerful*. When it's weak, it's weak. I believe the issue within the scope of what already exists within the game is fourfold: npc's do not have saves that have hope of resisting force powers, crowd control force powers are limitless in the # of individuals it'll effect within an AoE, NPC Jedi do not cast Force Resist (or Force Breach). 7) Immunities - Although I haven't really seen any enemies use attacks of any kind that'd cause fear/horror/stun, if they did then the immunities found on several items and automatically supplied to Jedi would be an issue Eight) Artificial Intelligence - We all know it sucks, even with the Enhanced AI mod. Even so, I will list some of what I've observed - NPC's won't activate their shields (if they're even spawning with them), NPC Jedi aren't specc'd/don't use force resisting or crowd control powers... or from what I can tell, buff's of any kind. AI doesn't use stims either. They don't make intelligent targeting or movement choices either; Calls for Help need a boost (can snipe Ubese in a room, one at a time, as long as only one can see you), etc etc droids don't use their cannons/shields 9) Battle Precognition - I think either the highest WIS or DEX score should be used when calculating AC, not both; that said however, this might possibly be hardcoded 10) Feats - My main issue with feats, aside from their rapid acquisition, is that there are clear winning choices and clear losing choices. Honestly, even if all the loot drops didn't blown Gear Head out of the water, would you ever pick it over the saving throw or flurry line? 11) Combat Feats - Suffer from Winner/Loser Syndrome as well as offering a lot w/out much, if any, drawback. Master Flurry worst offender12) Broken economy - Too many credits and not enough options to sink them into 12) NPC Character Sheets - though I haven't peeked about I'd be willing to bet that the builds of various enemies are equally in need of attention So Everything's Busted? Pretty much, yea What do? When faced with a potentially large project it's best to keep one's goals small and reachable to avoid the feeling of drowning/"insurmountable mountain" burnout. For this, I feel it's best to take a look at how other modding communities have handled similar projects. For our purposes, we'll take a peek at peak mechanics modding: Item & Spell Revisions + Sword Coast Stratagems for the Baldur's Gate Trilogy. These mods operated under a design paradigm of 'no resource unwasted', 'do not cheat', 'spells and items must be interesting/useful/occupy a niche', with 'balance' the foremost objective of these mods. More importantly, they all have a determined scope, all of which synergized w/each other but could also stand on their own. Also important to note is their modularity in installation: if you don't like the part of the Item Revisions mod that imposed a movement rate penalty on full plate armor, you didn't have to install it. Something like this is imperative for a mod that would make potentially controversial changes to the mechanics such as a rebalancing mod. So now we pick an issue to tackle. For purposes of this experiment, I've decided to 'rework' KOTOR II's items. The Process First, we'll want to sort through the items that exist in the game into a list (possibly a workforum thread somewhere) that allows us to easily identify which items need rebalancing and which don't. We'll use a tool like Kotor Tool to populate the list with information such as tag/resref/name, description, and the items effects. Then, we'll want to establish the general criteria with which we'll be rebalancing most our items under. Ideally, a loot system is designed around tiers which correspond to certain level ranges. Each tier has a lower and upper bound to how much power an item possesses. They can occasionally bleed into the tier above or below them in terms of usefulness. Sample Criteria: Tier III (levels 13 - 18) Max bonus for an individual skill is half the skill bonus cap. Max Item Value: x Max Ability Score Bonus (total): 2 Max Skill Point Bonus (total): 6 Max Attack Modifier: 2 Max Damage Bonus : 1d4 Max Defense Bonus: 2 Max Saving Throw Bonus: 2 Specific, 1 Universal Tier V (levels 25 - 30) Max Item value: x Max Ability Score Bonus (total): 4 Max Skill Point Bonus (total): 10 Max Attack Modifier: 4 Max Damage Bonus : 1d8 Max Defense Bonus: 4 Max Saving Throw Bonus: 5 Specific, 2 Universal Max item value in this criteria determines what combinations of bonuses items can have. For ex, there might be a tier V item that grants +2 to WIS and CHA and +5 Persuade and +5 Treat Injury, +1 Uni save. There might be a Tier III item that grants +2 CON & +3 Demolitions. There are exceptions to every rule, and in order to keep it fun and novel some items should break the mold of our established criteria. These would be the game's S-tier items held by powerful bosses (lol) and locked behind Tower of Hanoi puzzles. Other ways to keep it interesting would be for weapons to have custom on-hit scripted effects, granting custom feats or usuable abilities, etc -------- If we follow the paradigm used in the BG2 mod, Item Revisions, then we'll first want to decide what 'theme' an item holds based off it's description, name and bonuses before we apply our criteria to it. Some items will have a very obvious theme, and others you'll have to pick your own for. Once you've sorted out what changes you want to make to the item's stats and description, we'll make sure we record the changes to the item's worklist entry before actually committing/testing them. The End Well, that's all the thoughts I have for y'all on this topic. Now it's off to bed. If you've thoughts on anything I've written here, feel free to comment.
  18. The red one is awesome! I consider this essential to my playthrough, thanks a lot!
  19. There's a Gofundme set up for Kevin now. Here's the link.
  20. Be careful you don't invert your alpha channel.
  21. Also torn between Style 1 and Style 3. I think my gut is Style 1.
  22. I wouldn't recommend using transparency. Save yourself the grief and just use geometry. I was thinking something along these lines: That's just shy of 1,600 tris. Since it wouldn't need a fancy texture, the UVs wouldn't need to be complex and could be just stuffed into a free corner of the map.
  23. Many of you may know Kevin Smets (AKA Kaydon Sentry) from his well put-together KOTOR Machinima movies on YouTube. Unfortunately, today he publicly announced he's been diagnosed with cancer. It would be fitting of our fine community to show our support for Kevin and his family by posting well wishes and positive vibes in that diagnosis announcement thread which I'll link below. Alternatively, those that are more verbose can leave lengthier messages on his Facebook wall. Let's show Kevin that he's more than ready to win his fight and that we have his back.
  24. I was original playing around with punchthru back in v1 to try to get that effect actually. UVs needed work, but certainly possible now.
  25. Mostly joking, but it's not exactly a high poly object. If you are going to replace the ball, might as well replace the arms and base while you are at it. I don't think it needs anything crazy, but some simple bevelled edges probably wouldn't go astray. For the ball itself, you could maybe do something like a "cage" type object. An open polyhedral shape.
  26. How dare you. What were you thinking? Just a rebuilt model in general or redesigning the structure itself? Thanks And YES, that damn ball. Working on figuring out what to do with it actually. I really despise it.
  27. N-DReW25

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    Thank you for playing! May you please list *all* of the mods you have installed? This could be a mod conflict.
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