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  1. (Sees Lvl 86 Bastilla Picture) What mods are you using to make that happen?!?
    Me: (Downloads TSL Alignment Sound Effect Removal) DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUN DA DUN!!! (DARK SIDE POINTS GAINED) Would do Evil Again. 10/10 Mod.
  2. I don't know why but I just imagine whenever you get into a fight, you get a sudden appearance of Revan or Deadeye Duncan (whoever is currently using the name) and he just One Shot Kills an enemy like The Mysterious Stranger from Fallout does.
  3. Mysterious Benefactor? I'm surprised you didn't call them "The Mysterious Stranger". Good work.
  4. Pope_Duwang_I

    HD PFHB03

    First off, Great Work as Usual!! Always a Fan!! Two Questions: Are there anymore Females that are being reworked? Will you give the Males the Same Treatment?
  5. Pope_Duwang_I

    PFHC03 HD

    Our @Dark Hope has Returned to Us!!
  6. AHHHHH! I see. I haven't gotten to this part but I can assume that she is a "hidden" figure there since as The Masters say in KOTOR 2, "She is difficult to see. She is like a shadow". If so, then this is brilliant.
  7. I noticed in your update the following "Master Vrook, Master Atris (With Effix reskin) and Master Kae have been added to the final Light Side scene" Wouldn't this not work Canonically since The Jedi Masters in KOTOR 2 claim that Arren Kae (who is hinted to be Kreia) was thought to have died in The Mandalorian Wars (before KOTOR 1)? It's also mentioned by The Handmaiden that her mother, Arren Kae; died during The Mandalorian Wars (in case you don't think the first sentence is true).
  8. Okay. Hope you are able to get this fixed in the next Update. Good Luck. In the meantime, I'll use a different setup for the Revan Armors so I can use them in my play-through. I have two Robe Styles (same robe styles as the ia_revan robes) that should work as placeholders and will replace them with yours once the Issue is fixed. Will we be getting Tulak Hord as well in a Future Update or just The Revan Armors? I'm fine with either or. Just curious.
  9. I decided to start a New Game with a Restart on my mod list (following the instructions of using this First). So far all is good, with all of my old issues gone. The only issue I'm currently having is The Revan Armors. The Darth Revan Armor results in the armor looking as it's supposed to however my face is completely Black (no face). The Star Forge Version is just a pure Silver look (not using the Armor Image) with the Black Face Issue. I'm only using this mod along with some character face edits (Fens - MC Mods (Just the Faces) hope that's not causing the Black Face Issue) so there shouldn't be anything conflicting with it.
    Mod fixes Eyes many would consider to be Unnatural. (Light Side Points Gained) Must Have Mod.
  10. Never mind on Nemo. It was a Generic Body. As for Selven, I installed "Selven Legends" before installing K1GI. I assume that's where the issue lies? Edit: As for the List of Mods I used (it's a lot), long story short its the Mod List you would find on Reddit (KOTOR 1 and 2 Mod Builds: Guaranteed Compatibility Mod Compilations) along with some of the Legends Mods and K1 Enhancement.
  11. There are other mods I have, but I'm unsure which might be affecting the music since this is the only mod I have that touches on the music. I'll check my mods that affect Dantooine and see which one might be affecting it. Edit: The Strange part is it only happens in the Jedi Temple Section of Dantooine. I go to the Courtyard and other areas and the music is normal. On top of that, Nemo is still alive even though I found his dead body. Not sure if that's from your mod or another. Dantooine Temple is so far my one issue......that and Selven back on Taris having the skin of Marl for some reason.
  12. I noticed that the music for Dantooine is the normal music but after the Training Montague, it continues to play the "Training Music" even though the Training Scene is complete. Is this a bug?
    Looks good. Instant Download. Edit: I really like the underclothing designs. Will you be doing this for all PCs (Male and Female)