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    This is an amazing Idea that I'm surprised hasn't been done until now. 🔵Light Point Gained🔵
  1. Just when I thought I finally had my set up for the Jedi Robes done, this comes out. Great work.
  2. Even in My Final Hours of Life, I will still see that image.
  3. That Headgear will haunt my nightmares. That armor will be a blessing.
    You are a Hero of The Republic.
    Excellent Mod that adds more to the Feat and Power System of the game. I would say this is a must have mod.
  4. While I like this mod and that it revert him back to what it should be, I wish they made the character inherit some of the products from his brothers shop and add it to his inventory so then we'd be somewhat more willing to help him.
  5. What changes does Version 1.0.3 bring? When I try to download it, it still shows V 1.0.2 as the folder name and the word doc is of V 1.0.1.
  6. Any chance to throw in some Unarmed Feats for KOTOR 1 for those who want to try a Weaponless Playthrough?
  7. Sounds like a fun time. Honestly, I'm surprised that no one out there made a Rakghoul Overhaul where every enemy is a Rakghoul.
    Can....can it be true? Men's Undergarments in KOTOR that actually look good? Another excellent addition to the Mod Collection.
    "Our Prometheus! What fire of knowledge do you bring to us mortals today?" - JonTron Now the Female Soldiers are looking good as well. Once again you have impressed me greatly @Dark Hope Can't wait to see more of your brilliant work!!
  8. Nice. Will you also do the Officers (Captains/Admirals) as well?
    At Long Last!! The Republic Armor and The Ugly Helmets look the way they should!!! Polished Up, Shiny and Good Looking!!
  9. Pope_Duwang_I


    The Republic Armor looks amazing. Would you evert consider doing Republic Helmets and Sith Armor so both Armies look as sexy as Trask?