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  1. Any chance to throw in some Unarmed Feats for KOTOR 1 for those who want to try a Weaponless Playthrough?
  2. Sounds like a fun time. Honestly, I'm surprised that no one out there made a Rakghoul Overhaul where every enemy is a Rakghoul.
    Can....can it be true? Men's Undergarments in KOTOR that actually look good? Another excellent addition to the Mod Collection.
    "Our Prometheus! What fire of knowledge do you bring to us mortals today?" - JonTron Now the Female Soldiers are looking good as well. Once again you have impressed me greatly @Dark Hope Can't wait to see more of your brilliant work!!
  3. Nice. Will you also do the Officers (Captains/Admirals) as well?
    At Long Last!! The Republic Armor and The Ugly Helmets look the way they should!!! Polished Up, Shiny and Good Looking!!
  4. Pope_Duwang_I


    The Republic Armor looks amazing. Would you evert consider doing Republic Helmets and Sith Armor so both Armies look as sexy as Trask?
    You made Trask Ulgo into an amazing looking character. Also, the Republic Armor never looked more amazing.
  5. I feel the same way. 60 Seconds seems reasonable at best but 10 Minutes?!? It basically sets the game to Very Easy Mode.
  6. You were right about the Appearance issue. For some reason all of mine were set correctly, except the one for Texture J. That was the only one set under PMBJ instead of PFBJ for some reason. Thank you. Edit: I'm thinking it might have been TSLRCM update that made the change since I've been having some issues with several things ever since the update.
  7. Hey so my male robes come out with no issues but my female robes look like this: The design almost looks like its backwards in some spots. Know why this is happening?
  8. No I haven't. After the knock out Mira pops up and says "If we don't stop this everyone will die......everyone will die, like my family at Malachor V". and then right after that line I spawn inside the side entrance. @Leilukin @N-DReW25 BTW, would there be a way to remove the second "Everyone will die" line from Mira or would that not be possible?
  9. @Leilukin @N-DReW25 I encountered a game breaking bug just now. All went through without much issue, however; after Kreia reveals herself, knocks everyone out and everyone begins to wake up Mira delivers her line and then I am suddenly awake at the Ships entrance with my body also in the Med bay. The game won't progress from there. The only mods I have that touch on this area in the game are the Extended Enclave, Party Swap, this Patch and the Recently release Patch for the Three.
  10. How does this work with the other Extended Enclave Patch? Edit: Nevermind, I missed that part on the top. New Question: Have you tested this with Party Swap? I'm curious as to how this works with that mod.
  11. Not Game Breaking but whenever I board the Ebon Hawk, these keep respawning even after I've already collected them. Free Breakdown Material, but was curious if anyone else had this happen to them?