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  1. Rehost/Upload + blanket permissions are granted. Please credit the original author and, if possible, include their original readme file with any upload. You can of course add or append your own readme along with upload that might contain any relevant information. I also have a permissions post in my blog, link in sig, pertaining to my own mods if any are unaware. They are 100% open to any one for any reason. Read the blog for details. Absolutely
  2. Server "says" April 11th (end of billing period)... but I'd grab them whenever you're able in case it shuts down sooner. The process was automated so no telling when the Robot Overloads will bring down their hammer 😝
  3. SO sorry to bump this age-old thread however its title bears more significance than me posting 'JumpStationZ is closing" 😅 All of my mods are available on countless sites, including here.. however RedHawke's are not. My site will be closing on Aprill 11th, 2020 as I simply no longer have the time to do anything with the site. Haven't for years honestly, but I don't feel like paying for the site any longer either... hehe. Just a fair warning, if you want any of RedHawke's stuff.. or anyone who wants the mantle of maintaining Red's mods (I'd prefer the Deadly Stream Site itself or one of its staffers).. please feel free to volunteer. I'm quite sure Red would be grateful. 🙂 This also goes for my Mods Archive, so grab those mods while you can too. I've seen the link posted around here on the forums publicly, so it's not hard to find. Staff should have it, or you can email me for link. (I don't personally post it publicly for Mod Permissions sake / policy). If anyone chooses to host Red's mods as his personal site (such as link above).. I think I made a "drop everything in one folder" archive version somewhere. If I can dig it up, I'll let Deadly Stream staff know.
  4. ChAiNz.2da


    At the time I uploaded, I wasn't sure, so figured it better to be safe than sorry Also, the Darksword uses a particular Kreia dialogue file boarding Harbinger (151kreia.dlg) and I'm not sure if TSLRCM uses it as well. Not to mention the upcrystal.2da and baseitem.2da mess (pre-TSL Patcher days)
  5. woah, talk about 'random'. I JUST watched one of your vids the other day (actually several). Was working on getting my mods packed for Nexus and was curious to see if anyone had done any mod reviews.. turns out you did one for my Bao-Dur's Charged Armor mod.. hehehe Anywho.. I'd definitely say you can review any of mine, but you beat me to it (not a request though, currently don't "need" one.. only if you're short for content, which judging by others' posts you won't be.. hehehe) oh.. and I TOTALLY agree.... it is WAY op for the stage at when you get it LOL! Eventually the game catches up to him though Seems to be a "problem" with most of my mods (op stats)... I blame Talchia and Beancounter for their hardcore difficulty mods and the fact I'll never play without them ever again. I often forget other players/modders may not be using them ----- Tangent aside, I'd urge other forum members to get their requests in. Personally was very pleased with the one that included one of my mods Thanks Xuul!
  6. Mod Permissions for my stuff update. Check blog for details. Go crazy ;)

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    Mod Permissions

    Since I (still surprisingly) get requests for permissions and such, I figured making this post might make life easier for everyone All of my mods (Past, Present and Future) are now up for free-for-all. Modify, merge, incorporate, abuse, punish, etc. them as you will. ----------- The ONLY stipulation(s) I ask are that: 1) Please don't re-upload my original as-is mods as 'standalone'. Most of my mods are convoluted at best and may require support the uploader isn't aware of (patches/fixes/etc). I need to know where my mods are uploaded in order to do that, preferably under my own account so I have proper access and privileges 2) Please give mention or credit. Not so much for me, as I don't really care, but for any of my mods that may have required contributions from other talent. Both, Kreia's Assorted Robes and USM ESPECIALLY. 3) Regarding the USM. Despite what past PMs and emails sent to me seem to think, USM is NOT "my" mod.. I am just a part of the team that happened to be around the most at the time of it's popularity and had a private site where we could host it (and my name is alphabetically first.. hehehe ) If any of the other authors return or have issues with parts of it being shared/distributed, then all bets are off. I WILL take sides with them and whatever they wish. However as it's quite old, and let's be honest, there are other (better) alternatives.. I don't think the crew will mind. Hell, the fact it's still being considered is enough to make me smile. So for now, it too is "free-for-all", however no standalone re-uploads, please (see #1) ----------- Stipulations aside, concerning #1, most of my mods are already available at most of the popular depots including Deadly Stream, Filefront, GameBanana and my own site, JumpStationZ. I AM currently working on NEXUS versions as well. This obviously wouldn't apply to merges/fixes/patches etc. that may require the sum total, portions or parts of my mods. By all means, include and re-upload those assets within your own mod to your heart's desire.
  8. Version 1.0


    ** Co-Author: RedHawke ** Originally meant to be a custom made mod for JediKnight72482, he was gracious enough to allow me to release this publicly. This set includes custom Armor & a new model of Shortsaber. Stylized after Xia Terashai's history, these items are geared towards stealth and scoundrel type abilities. Due to time restraints (and me being lazy), the skin for the armor is naturally meant for the Asian skin-tone female PC's. Perhaps later I may release a booster pack including the other 2 flesh tones, but for now I have included Master Files for the Robe & Hilt skins (layered .psd & .tif formats). lieu of waiting for something that may not happen, you can edit your own This mod also includes RedHawke's Bastila Clothes for the PC mod. Without it, Xia's robes wouldn't have been possible. He was kind enough to allow me to include the entire mod just so it would be easier for everyone to install. So not only do you get my Xia items, you get his truly outstanding robes as well! I urge you to read his readme file (included) for proper descriptions, instructions and "how to's". Xia Terashai Set Special: Upgradeable Items, Xia Terashai's Robes & Shortsaber(s) Xia was an average swordsman, but had great patience. Her greatest skill, however, was her ability in steath. She could seemingly disappear and strike suddenly with deadly precision. Because of this, she stylized herself after the ancient ninja, even styling her two lightsabers after ninja-to. The Jedi Council claimed that it was too 'Sith-like', so Xia left the Order to follow her own path. After she left the Order she found herself joining fellow ex-Jedi Keldan Arcturus on his anti-Sith privateer ship. She would help him on his missions to track down various threats to the Republic and the Jedi Order, although the Jedi Council wanted nothing to do with Keldan and his mercenaries. It is unknown what happened to Xia. Even Keldan had no clue where she had disappeared to. USAGE: 1- with cheats enabled, type "~" (without quotes) and enter: giveitem xia_robes - Xia Terashai's Robes (Uses 39th Texture) giveitem xia_saber - Xia Terashai's Shortsaber giveitem xia_sbcrstl39 - Terashai's Shortsaber Crystal giveitem g3_a_clothes01 - Armored Clothing I (Uses Default Texture) giveitem g3_a_clothes02 - Armored Clothing II (Uses 2nd Texture) giveitem g3_a_clothes03 - Armored Clothing III (Uses 3rd Texture) giveitem g3_a_clothes04 - Armored Clothing IV (Uses 4th Texture, If Present) giveitem g3_a_clothes05 - Armored Clothing V (Uses 5th Texture, If Present) 2- Press "ENTER" ** For the Anti-Console, ChAiNz.2da's Items: ------------------- Xia's Items (Robes & 2 short sabers) can be found on Selven the Bounty Hunter's corpse (Taris female with attitude). RedHawke's Items: ----------------- The 3 cloths variants as well as some New Upgradeable Armored Clothing also in the 3 Clothes Color variants can be found in the Taris Apartment Footlocker after you use the Workbench the First time. So you can use whichever texture on whichever Female PC you want. I also added in a Clothing and Armored Clothing using variant 4 and variant 5 in case you want to do add svösh's good/evil Bastila's Clothing to your PC, if you don't they should appear as the default Bastila clothes texture according to your class if you wear them as listed above. (instructions found in RedHawke's readme) STATS: --------- ()- Xia Terashai Shortsaber: -Keen -Attack +2 -Blaster Bolt Deflection +2 -On Hit - Stun, DC 10, 50% for 2 rounds -Bonus Feat: Sneak Attack - I, II, III -Upgradeable ()- Xia Terashai Robes: -Skill Focus - Stealth -Stealth +10 -Defense Bonus 5 -Immunity - Sneak Attack -Bonus Feat - Scoundrel's Luck (base, improved, master) -Awareness +5 -Upgradeable -UPGRADE - Defense Bonus 5 -UPGRADE - Dmg. Reduction +3, Soak 15 This file also contains an updated upcrystals.2da, based off of Darkkender's updated upcrystals.2da that was based off.... oh nevermind Let's just say it's updated heheh ()- compatible saber mods: - ChAiNz.2da's Longsaber Crystal Pack mod - ChAiNz.2da's Revan's Items mod - ChAiNz.2da's Revan's Longsaber mod - ChAiNz.2da's Segan Wyndh's Sabers mod - T7's Lightsaber 6 Pack mod - T7's Qui-Gon Lightsaber mod - Seprithro's Weapon Pack mod - RedHawke's Revan/Sith/Bastila Item Pack mod - RedHawke's Revan The White/StarForge/Booster Pack1 mod - RedHawke's & Maverick187's Lightsaber Pack mod - Maverick187's Blade of Balance mod - Maverick187's White Double-bladed Saber mod - Maverick187's Maverick's Curved Hilt mod - +Darkkender's Tomb of Jesset Dal'Kest mod - +illuzion69's Nemisis Lightsaber mod - Tanesh's Mekel Recruit mod - +sketch42's Exar Kun's DoubleBladed Prototype Lightsaber
  9. ChAiNz.2da

    LB Waraxe Set

    Version 1.0


    This mod offers a set of Gamorrean Model War Axes, each fully upgradeable and wieldable with ONE hand. (nothing like having an axe in one hand and a lightsaber in the other) LB Waraxe Set Special: Upgradeable Items, Lizbeth Waraxe & Borden Waraxe Crude in form and lacking finesse, this axe set was the prize weapons of the Iridorian assasin "Lizbeth Borden". Somewhat of a mystery, the axes' properties are as diverse and eccentric as was their original owner. Though truth be known, no one (on their receiving end) has lived long enough in it's presence to thoroughly analyze them. USAGE: With cheats enabled, type "~" (without quotes) and enter: giveitem borden_waraxe giveitem lizbeth_waraxe Press "ENTER" ** For the Anti-Console: Just drop the "tat18_12gurke_01.utc" file in your override directory. Gurke the Gamorrean will have the Borden Waraxe equipped when you encounter him in the Dune Sea on Tatooine! BE WARNED and BE PREPARED! His stats are buffed up, so if you want these you're gonna have to fight for them. Upon killing him (yes...kill, no persuade), he'll drop the axe set and some upgrades. Luckily for you Gamorreans aren't too bright and this one in particular forgot to put them in
  10. Version 1.0


    Never quite willing to 'conform' to the Jedi's traditionalist ways, Segan Wyndh, a gifted engineer, was always looking to improve upon the Jedi's antiquated "tools". Though his armor was a marvel in design, he prided himself with his lightsaber technology. Unique in construction & functionality, this lightsaber utilizes a crystal 'cartridge' system. Harnessing the beams of both natural and a special man-made fusing crystal, Segan was able to produce a beam with powerful effects. Chastised by his peers and often 'warned' by the Council of his non-standard ways, Segan set off on his own after the Exar Kun Wars. Perhaps influenced by the Dark Side, or clouded by his own feelings of disgust & disdain, Segan's whereabouts became a mystery, along with his engineering marvels. It was rumored Segan was last seen on Taris, though reports were never confirmed... Crystal Cartridge: Known for his ingenuity and non-standard Jedi "form", Segan Wyndh developed this special cartridge. Roughly an emitter within an emitter, this cartridge houses a special man-made 'fusing' crystal. When natural crystals are placed in it's adjoining chambers, their beams are channeled through this fusing chamber. The combined beams, when channeled through the saber's unique emitter array, has varied but often more powerful effects. The construction of the focusing crystal and it's cartridge technology have been all but lost since Segan's untimely demise. Though rumors have spread similiar technologies have been utilized by the Sith Lord, Darth Revan himself... USAGE: Though cheats are very convenient, trust me when I say it would be worth your efforts to get them "naturally". When you visit Manaan, talk to the "Shady" Rodian in the East Central Area. Depending on what you've accomplished on Manaan, certain dialogue options will come available, and a 'favor' will be asked... I will say it involves the Swoop Races, so if you're not too thrilled I strongly suggest visiting Darth333's site and downloading her Easy Swoop Racing mod. You can get it at: Though I would suggest talking to him BEFORE going to the swoop races. It's not necessary, but the dialogue will make much more sense. In any case, if you're just not interested, here's the cheat codes: 1- with cheats enabled, type "~" (without quotes) and enter: For the Saber w/crystal: giveitem sws_blue giveitem sws_green giveitem sws_heart giveitem sws_mantle giveitem sws_red giveitem sws_violet giveitem sws_yellow For the Crystal: giveitem sw_sbrcrstl30 (blue) giveitem sw_sbrcrstl31 (green) giveitem sw_sbrcrstl32 (HotG) giveitem sw_sbrcrstl33 (MotF) giveitem sw_sbrcrstl34 (red) giveitem sw_sbrcrstl35 (violet) giveitem sw_sbrcrstl36 (yellow) 2- Press "ENTER" STATS: ------ +2 Attack Keen Massive Criticals - 1d6 Blaster Bolt Deflection +2 Upgradeable ** IMPORTANT, this mod utilizes an "upcrystals.2da" file. If you are using another mod that uses this file, DO NOT overwrite it with this one included! Some editing of your existing "upcrystals.2da" will be involved. HOWEVER, I've tried very hard to make mine compatible with popular saber mods. Below is a list of mods that my included "upcrystals.2da" will work with (safe to overwrite): compatible saber mods: -ChAiNz.2da's Longsaber Crystal Pack mod -ChAiNz.2da's Revan's Items mod -ChAiNz.2da's Revan's Longsaber mod -T7's Lightsaber 6 Pack mod -T7's Qui-Gon Lightsaber mod -Seprithro's Weapon Pack mod -RedHawke's Revan/Sith/Bastila Item Pack mod -RedHawke's Revan The White/StarForge/Booster Pack1 mod -RedHawke's & Maverick187's Lightsaber Pack mod -Maverick187's Blade of Balance mod -Maverick187's White Double-bladed Saber mod
  11. Version 1.0


    This mod offers a re-skinned (male & female) version of the Cinnagar Plate Armor (with some goodies and no armor proficiencies required). Other than the pockets (which I've tried my best to at least look kewl), I've always thought this armor looked the best. Especially for the "No Fru-Fru Robe Wearing battle" Jedi's This armor does NOT interfere with Jedi's Force Powers! Segan Wyndh's Armor Special: Upgradeable Item, Segan Wyndh's Jedi Armor Designed with the Jedi in mind, this unique armor was thought to have originated during the Exar Kun Wars. Providing the protection most often reserved for the most elite of soldiers, this armor is deceptively light, allowing the Jedi's Force Powers to work uninhibited... USAGE: With cheats enabled, type "~" (without quotes) and enter: giveitem g_a_segwyn87 ** For the Anti-Console, Just drop the "dpad_swa_rncr.uti" & "tar05_corpsepile.utp" files into your Kotor Override folder. You'll find the items in the Rancor's body pile on Taris (Sewers). STATS: --------- - Base Armor 8 (10) (12 after upgrades, w/o dex bonus) - Defense Bonus +2 (10 total) - Uncanny Dodge I - Awareness +3 - Immunity Sneak Attack - Regeneration +2, requires upgrade - Uncanny Dodge II, requires upgrade - Improved Saves +1 (universal), requires upgrade - Damage Reduction Bonus+5, Soak(5), requires upgrade - Defense Bonus +2, requires upgrade - Immunity Critical Hits, requires upgrade - NO restriction to Force Powers!! ** IMPORTANT - this mod uses a baseitems.2da file. If you are already using a mod that uses this file some editing will be required (see below). If not, just drop that puppy in your Kotor Override directory and you're set! I've also included instructions on how to edit your baseitem.2da file within the readme...
  12. Version 1.0


    This pack allows the player place a special color crystal in a (normal) lightsaber to make it into the longer, more menacing looking Malak's model. All colors are included in the pack as well as HotG and MotF crystals. Each crystal comes with their own custom icon to easily distinguish them from the standard ones! For 'this' pack there are no 'additional' bonuses, HotG and MotF however retain their default extra stats behavior. These crystals can be used along with the standard upgrade crystals, as well as any normal length saber. DO NOT place these in a short saber (or a double-saber for those curious) you will LOSE the saber if you press the assemble button! USAGE: With cheats enabled, type "~" (without quotes) and enter: For The Crystals: giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl60 - (Blue) giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl61 - (Green) giveitem g1_w_sbrcrstl62 - (HotG) giveitem g1_w_sbrcrstl63 - (MotF) giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl64 - (Violet) giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl65 - (Red) giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl66 - (Yellow) For the Lightsaber with Crystal: giveitem g_w_mksbrblu60 - (Blue) giveitem g_w_mksbrgre61 - (Green) giveitem g1_w_mksbrhog62 - (HotG) giveitem g1_w_mksbrmof63 - (MotF) giveitem g_w_mksbrvio64 - (Violet) giveitem g_w_mksbrred65 - (Red) giveitem g_w_mksbryel66 - (Yellow) ** For the Anti-Console, Just drop the placeable file "tar_troop_pack.utp" in your Override. The crystals (2ea color, 1ea HotG MotF) will be found in the backpack of the Sith trooper just outside the Hideout on Taris.
  13. Version 1.0


    Just as svösh, I too have always like Juhani, Jedi-Tank, but no matter what she never looked quite 'right'. UNTIL I stumbled upon svösh's Juhani Sanctuary Threads mod. Me having some weird fascination with 'shiny' armors, I asked permission to do a re-skin into something she may have worn when on a "hostile negotiations" mission. There are MANY small details, but try not to strain too hard looking for them. The patterns are "hidden reflective", meaning in game depending on the angle and light available...different patterns can be seen! Nifty huh? USAGE: With cheats enabled, type "~" (without quotes) and enter: giveitem jrobe - (svösh's, Juhani's Sanctuary Threads) giveitem j_darkrobe - (re-skin ChAiNZ's, Juhani's Dark Robe) ** For the Anti-Console, (How it's intended) When you speak to Juhani for the first time on the Ebon Hawk, she will give you the Sanctuary Threads (check your inventory after you're through talking) For the Dark Robe, after you 'redeem' Juhani at the Grove speak to Belaya, the jedi inside the enclave. She will ask you to do 'something' (not a sidequest). **- You must NOT kill Juhani at the Grove or you can't get the Dark Robe, nor would you really need them. STATS: =================== Juhani's Dark Robe Special: Upgradeable Item, Juhani's Dark Robe These robes were given to Juhani as a gift upon acceptance of her Jedi training. Well aware of her insecurities, the enclave provided these custom robes to aid in her diplomatic missions. Unfortunately, Juhani's 'fall' prevented her from ever adorning these robes...until now. Defense Bonus +5 Wisdom +2 Strength +2 Dexterity +2 Defense +3, requires upgrade Dmg. Reduction +5, soak 10, requires upgrade Skill Bonus- Stealth +3, requires upgrade Improved Saves (Specific-All) +2, requires upgrade EXTRA SUPER SPECIAL THANKS TO: [] svösh, for whom without his exquisite skins (and permission), this mod wouldn't have been possible. Thank you for allowing me to do this svösh. Your amazing skills and talents are matched only by your generous spirit and "go for it" attitude! I am grateful... [] Darth333 for the Easy Warping Armband and the "give script" I dissected.
  14. Version 1.0


    Ummmm...even Jedi's like to look sexy sometimes don't they?? No really, I kept seeing requests for Leia's Slave Girl Outfit (no I'm not skinning one....yet...) so I came up with this alternate design. Bastila's default clothing was the closest match I've seen, but svösh's skin was WAY much better looking. I opted to ask permission to use his version instead mostly out of the "eyecandy" factor. I just made some extra "skin" for the skin and a few shiny things... The Revelation Robes are suited for a battle hardened Bastila. They are upgradeable with some extra buffs so you can keep her in these duds pretty much throughout the whole game. **NOTE- these robes are intended for Bastila ONLY. If placed on any other character, the stats will remain but your character will be wearing the games default clothing model for that particular class. ie- Carth can wear them...but he won't be in drag heheh USAGE: With cheats enabled, type "~" (without quotes) and enter: giveitem g_a_clothes02 - (original svösh teal) giveitem g_a_clothes03 - (original svösh red) giveitem bast_rev_t - (re-skin ChAiNZ teal) giveitem bast_rev_r - (re-skin ChAiNz red) ** For the Anti-Console, Bastila will be wearing the original svösh teal when you meet up in the hideout on Taris. The Revelation Robes (Teal) will be in the Party Inventory. When you encounter her on the unknown planet, she will battle you in the original svösh red. Out of respect for svösh, the original author, I did not change this. If you wish to battle "evil" Bastila 'wearing' the Revelation Robes...MORE editing will be required...(instructions included in the readme). STATS: --------- Special: Upgradeable Item, Revelation Robes This garment was given to Bastila as a gift from the Jedi Enclave out of appreciation for her role in the mission to capture Revan. A rare cortosis weave accents the robes, giving it a metallic glint. Defense +5 Wisdom +3 Improved Saves (Universal) +2 Damage Immunity 10% - requires upgrade Poison Immunity - requires upgrade Critical Hits Immunity - requires upgrade Defense Bonus +2 - requires upgrade EXTRA SUPER SPECIAL THANKS TO: [] svösh, for whom without his exquisite skins (and permission), this mod wouldn't have been possible. Thank you for allowing me to do this svösh. Your amazing skills and talents are matched only by your generous spirit and "go for it" attitude! I am grateful...
  15. Version 1.0


    After I had submitted the "Revan's Items" mod, someone (Lucied) had asked about making one using Malak's saber model. Well...ask and you shall receive! Here I present to you...Revan's "gi-normous" saber hehe... This "Long"saber has the same stats as my Revan's Lightsaber, with a different 'history' description. USAGE: At the console (cheats must be enabled) type: giveitem g_w_lghtsbr26 OR, if you don't condone the console, the included placeable file (dan14_sherruk.utc) will put the saber on Sherruk's (Mandalorian with bad attitude) body once/if you kill him on Dantooine. Stats: 1) Revan's Longsaber - upgradeable (DON"T REMOVE Star Forge Crystal) - Keen - Massive Criticals, 1d8 - Regeneration Force Points +1 - Enhancement +2 - Bonus Feat: Master Toughness - Bonus Feat: Force Focus & Improved Force Focus - Light** ** I found using the Light attribute makes for some pretty kewl visual effects. For example, flourish your weapon and approach a workbench, you should notice a light strobing effect. I thought it gave a more realistic effect. Also makes the lighting of your character more 'mysterious'... *- I have received reports that this mod may affect Malak's saber as well when you confront him on the Star Forge.