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Being tired of looking at the same melee sword with just different colored hilts, I decided to make a new model sword. This one has a twist however. Based off of Mighella's Darksword, this weapon precedes the lightsaber. While being a different sort of weapon, it shares common properties of a lightsaber, and as such will provide you with a decent weapon until you're able to construct a lightsaber of your own (which took way too long for my tastes).


This sword also has a special animation effect to the blade. Upon activation (flourish/fight), the blade will emit a strobing plasma arc



Darksword Description:


"Rarely spoken of, and even moreso seen, this millenia's old weapon is known as a darksword.


This weapon precedes the lightsaber used by ancient Sith, but often treasured by both collectors, and those who still find the pleasure in more 'carnal' ways of dealing with their opponents.


Utilizing similar technologies found in today's lightsabers, the weapon is surprisingly well suited for upgrading.


In it's most simple and elegant description, the Darksword is essentially a saber made from duranium and plasmetically charged."



Darksword Crystal Description:


"Because of limited technologies & crystal supply (most mines had yet to be found), the Darksword used a special crystal "fixture" that allowed the weapon to harness the collective energies from smaller crystal fragments.


Less powerful than today's lightsaber, the Darksword was more a symbol than practical. Separating those trained in the Force (most often Sith) from the common person. Still, because today's lightsaber technologies were based primarily from the Darksword, little has changed.


Darkswords found today, albeit rarely, can still incorporate most, if not all standard lightsaber upgrades. Some may blame the Jedi for their stringent hold on 'tradition', though the more wise know how valuable & practical keeping certain physicalities "standard".


Antiquated perhaps, but no Jedi or Sith has yet complained of the fact that sometimes "discovered" upgrades conveniently fit their own weapon..."





- Upgradeable (uses lightsaber upgrades)

- 1-10 Physical

- 1d4 Energy


Colors included: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Violet, Silver, Cyan, Viridian & Orange


**- this mod uses both an upcrystals.2da & baseitems.2da file. If you are already using such a file, some editing will be required. HOWEVER, I've tried very hard to make mine compatible with other mods. A big thanks goes to Darkkender for providing an outstanding base to work off of! Below is a list of mods that my included "upcrystals.2da" & "baseitems.2da" will work with (safe to overwrite):


()- compatible .2da mods:


- Darkkender's Guardian Saber

- RedHawke & Maverick187's Prestiege Class

- RedHawke's Exile Item Pack

- Xcom's SH Crystal Pack

- Shadow's Saber Pack

- Shadow's Odyssey Saber

- Jetstorm's & Darkkender's Lightsaber Crystal Expansion

- Maverick187's Megido & Avenger Sabers

- Maverick187's Jedi W.M. Mav Model

- Darkkender's Segan Wyndh v2 mod

- Darkkender's Painted Droids mod

- Drakonnen's Jedi v Sith Armor Pack




*- Unsure of TSLRCM compatibility due to included baseitems.2da



**- Download this file to remove the strobing effect.


What's New in Version 2.0


  • v2.0 contains the fixed baseitems.2da

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