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Mod Permissions



Since I (still surprisingly) get requests for permissions and such, I figured making this post might make life easier for everyone :D


All of my mods (Past, Present and Future) are now up for free-for-all.


Modify, merge, incorporate, abuse, punish, etc. them as you will.



The ONLY stipulation(s) I ask are that:


1) Please don't re-upload my original as-is mods as 'standalone'. Most of my mods are convoluted at best and may require support the uploader isn't aware of (patches/fixes/etc). I need to know where my mods are uploaded in order to do that, preferably under my own account so I have proper access and privileges ;)


2) Please give mention or credit. Not so much for me, as I don't really care, but for any of my mods that may have required contributions from other talent. Both, Kreia's Assorted Robes and USM ESPECIALLY.


3) Regarding the USM. Despite what past PMs and emails sent to me seem to think, USM is NOT "my" mod.. I am just a part of the team that happened to be around the most at the time of it's popularity and had a private site where we could host it (and my name is alphabetically first.. hehehe :P ) If any of the other authors return or have issues with parts of it being shared/distributed, then all bets are off. I WILL take sides with them and whatever they wish. However as it's quite old, and let's be honest, there are other (better) alternatives.. I don't think the crew will mind. Hell, the fact it's still being considered is enough to make me smile. :D So for now, it too is "free-for-all", however no standalone re-uploads, please (see #1)



Stipulations aside, concerning #1, most of my mods are already available at most of the popular depots including Deadly Stream, Filefront, GameBanana and my own site, JumpStationZ. I AM currently working on NEXUS versions as well.


This obviously wouldn't apply to merges/fixes/patches etc. that may require the sum total, portions or parts of my mods. By all means, include and re-upload those assets within your own mod to your heart's desire. :D

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