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  1. I'm still alive and I'm still ViBRaTiNG BZZZZZ! Update coming soon, VERY SOON! Wishing everybody a healthy and happy Xmas & Holly season Stay safe, wear a mask & social distance or I'll send baby yoda after you Yes I play Star Wars Online mmo & I have been ripping apart Star Trek Online for the past 4 years. I play with the ToP STO PvP'ers and I run 2 completed fleets (Fed & KDF). So if you are man enuff to be killed by a girl you can find me destroying the dreams of unsuspecting players in the Ker'rat War Zone as: Decius@blackshap9#1072, Almaexia@blackshap9#1072 and my new hybrid Sci-Tact HK-47-X@blackshap9#1072. I have 30 characters and a few accounts but my MAIN is Ceit@blackshap9#1072 If you play chat me up Kate THe BioNiC uTeRuS still Vibrating and having fun. See you all soon <333
  2. update: new guide will not include Morrowind Rebirth. It is just not compatible with... ANYTHING! And not having Vurts beautiful grass is depressing. I like the mod and the vision the author has but it is out. MNEM is being tested. The Symphony is also being tested.
  3. As of January 2016 this guide is being re-written by "Psijonica" that will include a section on Tamriel Rebuilt and Morrowind Rebirth and MNEM. It will may or may not include MGSO 3.0. The mods included in mgso will most likely be replaced by better and modern mods manually. I will be posting her new guide excerpts here when she sends them to me.
  4. I am surprised that your STRAWMAN TROLLING has been permitted here. This forum enforces so many archaic rules but they let your continued arguing with EVERY other member continue? I have not even bothered to read any of your posts and I bet most other people here have skipped over your endless insults as well. It is painfully obvious you want to be right. So I declare you the winner. You are the winner. Congratulations you have done well for yourself.
  5. obvious flame bait moved to woft file, no wonder the troll liked this comment ^^ Thank you. Specificly there are more sophisticated science fiction movies that are worth MY time. And my time has nothing to do with anybody else. Besides the classics, I thought Ex Machina was amazing. SW TFA is very comparable to Mad Max Fury Road in that they were both basically remakes of previous titles. Fury Road was a superior movie imo and I am please to note that since my post here I have learned that I am far from alone. In almost every SW forum there is a significant number of people who disliked where the story has gone. As a movie sw tfa was a good action flick at best. There is no question it was exciting. Story wise it is pathetic. The fact that the new Darth Vader is Han and Leia's son just is too stupid to bear. You would never find an American Vietnam veteran's son joining the communists in North Vietnam 25 years later and attacking the USA or children of holocaust survivors becoming nazis and killing jews. It doesn't make a difference how much they dislike their fathers this would just never happen. It is beyond reason! The story just falls apart right there. I don't really blame the director. I thought the movie was well directed. I blame the script. It was a poor concept, unoriginal and lacked vision. In the end it just doesn't make any sense to me. This is why my life time love affair with SW has come to an end.
  6. X-Files Re-Opened is starting soon. The Lone Gunmen will also be returning! I love those guys. This is the best article I have read about the upcoming mini series. You have to see the 2 movies as it will take place some time after the second movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgRUzEdPfHA So who is excited about this and what are your thoughts?
  7. Oh I am glad you think so too. I didn't bother to read any of the 16 pages of posts here. I was a little worried that I would be the only one who thought the movie was pure crap. This movie will be torn apart if it is not being already. I purposely did not read, hear anything about the movie as many of my friends and family brought their children and said the loved it. I do plan on signing into my other scify and star wars sites tomorrow to see what people are saying over there but nothing will change my mind about the movie. It was regurgitated dribble and I would not pay a dollar to see it again or even waste my time seeing it for free. But then again I am 31 years old and not 21 and I guess I want my entertainment to to be of a higher standard. I am not a JJ Abrams fan at all nor am I a Disney fan nor am I a Star Wars fan. I am specifically a Pre-Disney Star Wars Fan. Shame on all of us (myself included) who chased GL away. Now look at what we got
  8. I just saw the movie tonight. I was away for work and then I went to Florida for vacation so I was away from home for just over a month. I give the movie a 3/5. I was majorly disappointed. If you want a souless cops and robbers in space being chased by Darth Tantrum then the younger and new generation will probably love this. In fact I did enjoy the first 1/3 of the movie, until the found the Falcon and then it was straight downhill from there. It was a complete copy of A New Hope! There was nothing original about it! Where was Luke Skywalker running around the galaxy with his team of Jedi Knights kicking Sith butt? Instead we find a divorced washed up Han Solo who somehow got his ship stolen while he's a freakin General in the resistance??? This movie should have been the final mission for this trio before giving it to the female Jedi and the Wookie. Han dies just like Ben??? I couldn't believe they were going to do that as she watches??? TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate to say it but I miss George. He had his faults but he also had a PASSION for Star Wars. This film lacks SOUL. It is the worst film in the series and now the Star Wars universe will be forever divided by Lucus Star Wars and Disney Star Wars. I AM A PRE-DISNEY STAR WARS FAN! The best parts of the movie were completely dropped. Who was the old man at the beginning? Why didn't the storm trooper commander take her helmet off? Darth Spanky was the worst. I just want to slap him! What a baby! He wasn't scary at all. He was a brat having a temper tantrum. All that was missing was him jumping up and down stamping the ground in a fit. Why was he wearing that stupid helmet? What reason? He's a Vadar wannabe? The general leading the Sith army was way too young. Generals are OLD not 20 year old boys. They haven't rebuilt R2-D2? He should have been armoured to the teeth with jet packs and all sort of cool stuff. He looked like a tin can. He looked worse than in the original films. The droid looked so clean and like he was made in China. CHEAP!!!! My prediction is that soon once people wake up they will realize how poor this film was. The children will love it for sure because it was a lot of action and didn't require any thinking. It was bloody brain dead! The girl Jedi was awesome. She will become a HUGE star. She was the only good thing in the movie.... and what was up with Luke? He looked like he was on a crack bender for a few years. He should have been studying with YODA! As far as I am concerned this movie is not cannon and I am disregarding everything that Disney does with this franchise. I am a Pre Disney Star Wars fan now. Hell I am going to watch the Star Wars Christmas special just in protest... just kidding but I am going to watch the prequels. They were better than this dribble. It did look good and I was pleased that they used as little computer graphics as possible however the black guy was a weak point for me too. Just poor acting on the green screen. I swear it looked like a few lasers went right through him. Did anyone care that he was in a coma at the end? I didn't. George added LORE. He was a LORE JUNKIE. There was always something mystical and hidden. This movie was missing that. It was missing the force. I could rate this a 2/5 but the girl jedi makes it a 3/5
  9. Advanced build to replace the MSGO 3.0, just follow these instructions https://web.archive.org/web/20150720111621/http://www.somethingfornobody.com/blog/morrowind-modding-guide/
  10. They both look good but the avenger movies have all been great so my money is on civil war. However, Wonder Woman looked great in the recent trailer ^^ Now I will have to ask my nerdy comic book friends (mainly my older brother who actually read them) about the story in civil war because I do know that in the original comics the avengers split up into two groups, the avengers and the west coast avengers. Then some time after that I think the greatest comic book special started where all the marvel super hearoes gort together and wenrt into space and that is where they found the black space goo that became spider man's new costume. I forget what that series was called but it was what I have been told the best marvel comic mini series at the time. I think there was an infinity stone involved... there is just so much they can do with these movies... it is too bad they completely messed up the spiderman movies... they were all pretty weak and don't get me started on the fantastic four movies. The last one didn't even make sense although I liked the actors better they just wiped out Marvels greratest Super Vilan doctor doom. The movie I am really looking forward to far more than these two is Doctor Strange that will be out next year.
  11. hahaha... yes of course, if you were 7 years old. This line of yours is so funny that I am actually laughing but what is even funnier is that you tried to use it twice to make your point. Even as children we thought the Ewoks were stupid and we all made fun of them. George was a smart marketer and used muppets to keep the children interested so they would bother their parents to buy his toys. You can say what you want about GL but he was a film marketing genius and a visual and audio visionary. He also excelled at conceptual design. As a script writer he was awful and as a director he was average. Still Star wars was a master piece and ESB was almost as good. RotJ was weak. But maybe the dumbest thing that ever came out from the Star Wars movies after the ewoks was the star wars Christmas special https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sx5v3VJ4zPM
  12. Hayden Christensen should be replaced with an actual ACTOR. He was so... bad, it was really pathetic especially since he was surrounded with such talent. As far as Jar Jar,.. ugh... I don't know what was more silly, Jar Jar and his kin taking on a droid army and winning or the Ewoks beating the Empire with sling shots and ropes *sigh* The only thing that gives me hope is that during a recent George Lucas interview he admitted that he gave his written ideas for the movie and they were turned down. He then said he was told by JJ that this film will be made for the fans whereas George wanted to continue his story. George then said he didn't feel welcome and left, never to rejoin the group.