Still Vibrating... BZzz... BZzzz...

Kate The Bionic Uterus


I'm still alive and I'm still ViBRaTiNG BZZZZZ!

Update coming soon, VERY SOON!

Wishing everybody a healthy and happy Xmas & Holly season :nurse: Stay safe, wear a mask & social distance or I'll send baby yoda after you :D

Yes I play Star Wars Online mmo & I have been ripping apart Star Trek Online for the past 4 years. I play with the ToP STO PvP'ers and I run 2 completed fleets (Fed & KDF). So if you are man enuff to be killed by a girl you can find me destroying the dreams of unsuspecting players in the Ker'rat War Zone as: Decius@blackshap9#1072, Almaexia@blackshap9#1072 and my new hybrid Sci-Tact HK-47-X@blackshap9#1072. I have 30 characters and a few accounts but my MAIN is Ceit@blackshap9#1072

If you play chat me up :animier:

Kate THe BioNiC uTeRuS still Vibrating and having fun. See you all soon <333

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