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Never quite willing to 'conform' to the Jedi's traditionalist ways, Segan Wyndh, a gifted engineer, was always looking to improve upon the Jedi's antiquated "tools". Though his armor was a marvel in design, he prided himself with his lightsaber technology.

Unique in construction & functionality, this lightsaber utilizes a crystal 'cartridge' system. Harnessing the beams of both natural and a special man-made fusing crystal, Segan was able to produce a beam with powerful effects.

Chastised by his peers and often 'warned' by the Council of his non-standard ways, Segan set off on his own after the Exar Kun Wars.

Perhaps influenced by the Dark Side, or clouded by his own feelings of disgust & disdain, Segan's whereabouts became a mystery, along with his engineering marvels.

It was rumored Segan was last seen on Taris, though reports were never confirmed...


Crystal Cartridge:


Known for his ingenuity and non-standard Jedi "form", Segan Wyndh developed this special cartridge. Roughly an emitter within an emitter, this cartridge houses a special man-made 'fusing' crystal. When natural crystals are placed in it's adjoining chambers, their beams are channeled through this fusing chamber. The combined beams, when channeled through the saber's unique emitter array, has varied but often more powerful effects.

The construction of the focusing crystal and it's cartridge technology have been all but lost since Segan's untimely demise. Though rumors have spread similiar technologies have been utilized by the Sith Lord, Darth Revan himself...



Though cheats are very convenient, trust me when I say it would be worth your efforts to get them "naturally". When you visit Manaan, talk to the "Shady" Rodian in the East Central Area. Depending on what you've accomplished on Manaan, certain dialogue options will come available, and a 'favor' will be asked...


I will say it involves the Swoop Races, so if you're not too thrilled I strongly suggest visiting Darth333's site and downloading her Easy Swoop Racing mod. You can get it at:


Though I would suggest talking to him BEFORE going to the swoop races. It's not necessary, but the dialogue will make much more sense.


In any case, if you're just not interested, here's the cheat codes:


1- with cheats enabled, type "~" (without quotes) and enter:


For the Saber w/crystal:

giveitem sws_blue

giveitem sws_green

giveitem sws_heart

giveitem sws_mantle

giveitem sws_red

giveitem sws_violet

giveitem sws_yellow


For the Crystal:

giveitem sw_sbrcrstl30 (blue)

giveitem sw_sbrcrstl31 (green)

giveitem sw_sbrcrstl32 (HotG)

giveitem sw_sbrcrstl33 (MotF)

giveitem sw_sbrcrstl34 (red)

giveitem sw_sbrcrstl35 (violet)

giveitem sw_sbrcrstl36 (yellow)


2- Press "ENTER"





+2 Attack


Massive Criticals - 1d6

Blaster Bolt Deflection +2



** IMPORTANT, this mod utilizes an "upcrystals.2da" file. If you are using another mod that uses this file, DO NOT overwrite it with this one included! Some editing of your existing "upcrystals.2da" will be involved. HOWEVER, I've tried very hard to make mine compatible with popular saber mods. Below is a list of mods that my included "upcrystals.2da" will work with (safe to overwrite):


compatible saber mods:


-ChAiNz.2da's Longsaber Crystal Pack mod

-ChAiNz.2da's Revan's Items mod

-ChAiNz.2da's Revan's Longsaber mod


-T7's Lightsaber 6 Pack mod

-T7's Qui-Gon Lightsaber mod


-Seprithro's Weapon Pack mod


-RedHawke's Revan/Sith/Bastila Item Pack mod

-RedHawke's Revan The White/StarForge/Booster Pack1 mod


-RedHawke's & Maverick187's Lightsaber Pack mod


-Maverick187's Blade of Balance mod

-Maverick187's White Double-bladed Saber mod

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