Longsaber Crystal Pack 1.0

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This pack allows the player place a special color crystal in a (normal) lightsaber to make it into the longer, more menacing looking Malak's model. All colors are included in the pack as well as HotG and MotF crystals. Each crystal comes with their own custom icon to easily distinguish them from the standard ones!


For 'this' pack there are no 'additional' bonuses, HotG and MotF however retain their default extra stats behavior. These crystals can be used along with the standard upgrade crystals, as well as any normal length saber. DO NOT place these in a short saber (or a double-saber for those curious) you will LOSE the saber if you press the assemble button!



With cheats enabled, type "~" (without quotes) and enter:


For The Crystals:


giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl60 - (Blue)

giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl61 - (Green)

giveitem g1_w_sbrcrstl62 - (HotG)

giveitem g1_w_sbrcrstl63 - (MotF)

giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl64 - (Violet)

giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl65 - (Red)

giveitem g_w_sbrcrstl66 - (Yellow)


For the Lightsaber with Crystal:


giveitem g_w_mksbrblu60 - (Blue)

giveitem g_w_mksbrgre61 - (Green)

giveitem g1_w_mksbrhog62 - (HotG)

giveitem g1_w_mksbrmof63 - (MotF)

giveitem g_w_mksbrvio64 - (Violet)

giveitem g_w_mksbrred65 - (Red)

giveitem g_w_mksbryel66 - (Yellow)


** For the Anti-Console,

Just drop the placeable file "tar_troop_pack.utp" in your Override. The crystals (2ea color, 1ea HotG MotF) will be found in the backpack of the Sith trooper just outside the Hideout on Taris.

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