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Just as svösh, I too have always like Juhani, Jedi-Tank, but no matter what she wore...it never looked quite 'right'. UNTIL I stumbled upon svösh's Juhani Sanctuary Threads mod.

Me having some weird fascination with 'shiny' armors, I asked permission to do a re-skin into something she may have worn when on a "hostile negotiations" mission.


There are MANY small details, but try not to strain too hard looking for them. The patterns are "hidden reflective", meaning in game depending on the angle and light available...different patterns can be seen! Nifty huh?



With cheats enabled, type "~" (without quotes) and enter:


giveitem jrobe - (svösh's, Juhani's Sanctuary Threads)

giveitem j_darkrobe - (re-skin ChAiNZ's, Juhani's Dark Robe)


** For the Anti-Console, (How it's intended)

When you speak to Juhani for the first time on the Ebon Hawk, she will give you the Sanctuary Threads (check your inventory after you're through talking)


For the Dark Robe, after you 'redeem' Juhani at the Grove speak to Belaya, the jedi inside the enclave. She will ask you to do 'something' (not a sidequest).


**- You must NOT kill Juhani at the Grove or you can't get the Dark Robe, nor would you really need them.




Juhani's Dark Robe


Upgradeable Item, Juhani's Dark Robe


These robes were given to Juhani as a gift upon acceptance of her Jedi training. Well aware of her insecurities, the enclave provided these custom robes to aid in her diplomatic missions. Unfortunately, Juhani's 'fall' prevented her from ever adorning these robes...until now.


Defense Bonus +5

Wisdom +2

Strength +2

Dexterity +2

Defense +3, requires upgrade

Dmg. Reduction +5, soak 10, requires upgrade

Skill Bonus- Stealth +3, requires upgrade

Improved Saves (Specific-All) +2, requires upgrade






[] svösh, for whom without his exquisite skins (and permission), this mod wouldn't have been possible. Thank you for allowing me to do this svösh. Your amazing skills and talents are matched only by your generous spirit and "go for it" attitude! I am grateful...


[] Darth333 for the Easy Warping Armband and the "give script" I dissected.

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