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** Co-Author: RedHawke **


Originally meant to be a custom made mod for JediKnight72482, he was gracious enough to allow me to release this publicly. This set includes custom Armor & a new model of Shortsaber. Stylized after Xia Terashai's history, these items are geared towards stealth and scoundrel type abilities. Due to time restraints (and me being lazy), the skin for the armor is naturally meant for the Asian skin-tone female PC's. Perhaps later I may release a booster pack including the other 2 flesh tones, but for now I have included Master Files for the Robe & Hilt skins (layered .psd & .tif formats). So...in lieu of waiting for something that may not happen, you can edit your own :)


This mod also includes RedHawke's Bastila Clothes for the PC mod. Without it, Xia's robes wouldn't have been possible. He was kind enough to allow me to include the entire mod just so it would be easier for everyone to install. So not only do you get my Xia items, you get his truly outstanding robes as well! I urge you to read his readme file (included) for proper descriptions, instructions and "how to's".


Xia Terashai Set



Upgradeable Items, Xia Terashai's Robes & Shortsaber(s)


Xia was an average swordsman, but had great patience. Her greatest skill, however, was her ability in steath. She could seemingly disappear and strike suddenly with deadly precision. Because of this, she stylized herself after the ancient ninja, even styling her two lightsabers after ninja-to. The Jedi Council claimed that it was too 'Sith-like', so Xia left the Order to follow her own path.

After she left the Order she found herself joining fellow ex-Jedi Keldan Arcturus on his anti-Sith privateer ship. She would help him on his missions to track down various threats to the Republic and the Jedi Order, although the Jedi Council wanted nothing to do with Keldan and his mercenaries.

It is unknown what happened to Xia. Even Keldan had no clue where she had disappeared to.



1- with cheats enabled, type "~" (without quotes) and enter:


giveitem xia_robes - Xia Terashai's Robes (Uses 39th Texture)

giveitem xia_saber - Xia Terashai's Shortsaber

giveitem xia_sbcrstl39 - Terashai's Shortsaber Crystal


giveitem g3_a_clothes01 - Armored Clothing I (Uses Default Texture)

giveitem g3_a_clothes02 - Armored Clothing II (Uses 2nd Texture)

giveitem g3_a_clothes03 - Armored Clothing III (Uses 3rd Texture)

giveitem g3_a_clothes04 - Armored Clothing IV (Uses 4th Texture, If Present)

giveitem g3_a_clothes05 - Armored Clothing V (Uses 5th Texture, If Present)


2- Press "ENTER"


** For the Anti-Console,


ChAiNz.2da's Items:


Xia's Items (Robes & 2 short sabers) can be found on Selven the Bounty Hunter's corpse (Taris female with attitude).


RedHawke's Items:


The 3 cloths variants as well as some New Upgradeable Armored Clothing also in the 3 Clothes Color variants can be found in the Taris Apartment Footlocker after you use the Workbench the First time. So you can use whichever texture on whichever Female PC you want. ;)


I also added in a Clothing and Armored Clothing using variant 4 and variant 5 in case you want to do add svösh's good/evil Bastila's Clothing to your PC, if you don't they should appear as the default Bastila clothes texture according to your class if you wear them as listed above. (instructions found in RedHawke's readme)






()- Xia Terashai Shortsaber:


-Attack +2

-Blaster Bolt Deflection +2

-On Hit - Stun, DC 10, 50% for 2 rounds

-Bonus Feat: Sneak Attack - I, II, III



()- Xia Terashai Robes:

-Skill Focus - Stealth

-Stealth +10

-Defense Bonus 5

-Immunity - Sneak Attack

-Bonus Feat - Scoundrel's Luck (base, improved, master)

-Awareness +5


-UPGRADE - Defense Bonus 5

-UPGRADE - Dmg. Reduction +3, Soak 15


This file also contains an updated upcrystals.2da, based off of Darkkender's updated upcrystals.2da that was based off.... oh nevermind Let's just say it's updated heheh


()- compatible saber mods:


- ChAiNz.2da's Longsaber Crystal Pack mod

- ChAiNz.2da's Revan's Items mod

- ChAiNz.2da's Revan's Longsaber mod

- ChAiNz.2da's Segan Wyndh's Sabers mod


- T7's Lightsaber 6 Pack mod

- T7's Qui-Gon Lightsaber mod


- Seprithro's Weapon Pack mod


- RedHawke's Revan/Sith/Bastila Item Pack mod

- RedHawke's Revan The White/StarForge/Booster Pack1 mod


- RedHawke's & Maverick187's Lightsaber Pack mod


- Maverick187's Blade of Balance mod

- Maverick187's White Double-bladed Saber mod

- Maverick187's Maverick's Curved Hilt mod


- +Darkkender's Tomb of Jesset Dal'Kest mod


- +illuzion69's Nemisis Lightsaber mod


- Tanesh's Mekel Recruit mod


- +sketch42's Exar Kun's DoubleBladed Prototype Lightsaber

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