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    Ithorian Cantina

    Any Patch? or is not compatible yet with TSLRCM (and why not, with M4-78 as well)?
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  4. Yeah looks like only hard-coded buffing does the trick. It's too bad they disabled the debugging feature.
  5. I am the wrong guy to ask about porting; totally ignorant of method.
  6. Thank you, I only just realized this was a thing before reading this. I am trying to change textures for the jumpsuits in the game (Carth's for himself. Calo Nord's pc clothes. Light battle armour for all characters.) Thank you @Qui-Gon Glen, but what about adding cloaks from K2?
  7. The name of the downloaded file says is version 1.0.2 while the name in the title and at the last changelog says version 1.0.1. The dates in the changelog and of the update are April 13 so I asume is some typo error. Which is the real version, 1.0.1 or 1.0.2? Frankly is a very minor headache but can be confusing with future updates. Edit: The Readme file says is v.1.0.1 but is a copy of the description in this page (except the the part 'What's New in Version 1.0.1')
  8. Texture editing. Simultaneously the easiest and hardest modding. Doing simple markings on a robe is child's play. Making something look good in-game is harder than I ever enjoyed doing, but we all are unique and it might be your skills are suited for this. The link SH gave you is the perfect place to start. You will need a photo editor, I use Paint.NET but there are many other options. Then you'll need to extract textures from the game using KotOR Tool or however the kids do it these days (I still do all of this old school, because old dog no new tricks), then edit with PDN, PhotoShop, or perhaps the link provides a new tool. That will cover the basic texture modding. Then the stuff I know nothing about, comes from shaders and things you set up using the corresponding .2da, to make things nice. That's the blood and guts. Do your homework, it is easy to make simple edits to items and see your work in-game quickly. Be prepared for weirdness.
  9. Wew lad, I do indeed play the game. And bang my head on the desk. And ask, why? Then scream a little, die inside just a little more, and wander around the industrial zone for the 400th time looking for a droid's lost main processing unit. This is the worst update to any mod I have ever seen. The only, I mean only, positive is VO upgrades. Not to fear, this is hardly all of my criticism, just a taste. Edit to add: I have about 3 pages of notes. Bugs are a quarter of that, mostly text errors. The rest is mostly 100 scribblings of WTF??? I have also recorded screens of the easy bugs, recorded video of the entire planet up until my endless search for MPU, and of course will write up a transcript and send a voice recording of said script. Almost done with gameplay. Edit 2: first game-breaking bug found. It is a dialog issue with IS-99 I believe. Specifically, you can talk to IS-99 about rebuilding I1-01 before you have rebuilt him. That closes off the dialog tree from the option once you have rebuilt I1-01. The dialog conditional needs repair if I had to guess. Have to revert to an earlier save You can "fix" the "Fixing Droids" quest with KSE. You cannot get to IS-24 by tinkering with a broken "Rebuild I1-01". Thus, the game is broken as I cannot get to Vash and finish the planet. Edit 4: fake news. Forgot I needed to "train" the military droids.
  10. The thread has been moved as quoted above. Start here, @Darth Insanity
  11. Ignore this, as I had originally posted about Brotherhood of Shadow. I just noticed the earlier comment so I retract this comment.
  12. Okay, so I see yall saying to go to the right section which one should I go to? And yall say what is my goal? Just patching textures nothing ro much I hope.
  13. Since debug messages are disabled in the shipping build, there's no real practical way to tell 100% if your script is working as intended. But like I said, KOTOR is not really geared to do exactly what you want anyway, AI-wise. If you want something specific, you may have to brute-force it via scripting, with ApplyEffectToObject.
  14. I've mentioned to everyone that I have either messaged or if they read that latest EP documentary thread that I only want them to use TSLRCM and M4-78 EP. My set up of the game will be different as I'm not personally reviewing the EP in the documentary. Using Snigaroo's build on the KotOR subreddit, what large scale and small scale mods do you think I should also include into the mix? Keep in mind that compatibility is one of my main concerns. I'm not looking for skin suggestions but fixes are welcome. Yes, you may suggest your own mods. Slightly off-topic: I originally was going to send this as a PM to a select few, but apparently making PMs is currently screwed up on mobile as you can't scroll down to press the send button - the way being blocked by non removable warnings about emojis and links that weren't even in the message. Back to the original topic, I look forward to your suggestions. Admins/Moderators: If this thread is in the wrong section, move it as you wish. Questions about the documentary can be posted here.
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  16. Please let us know here if you make it through the entire game successfully?
  17. The disrespect to Thor continues!

    Yes, I know they did it on the comics once, but that doesn't mean they have to apply it (and several other things I'm not happy about) to the movies!

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Not seeing the disrespect.  Maybe you should watch the movie first when it comes out years from now? 

    3. 1Leonard


      How dare they take on their series in new, unexpected ways?!

    4. LDR


      I'm glad they buried the hatchet.

  18. So perhaps I'm being silly but I am assuming that it unlocks the restrictions for all armor types light medium and heavy. Perhaps I'm installing it incorrectly but after I run the process it only accepts the install if I select the main kotor2 folder and not the kotor2 override folder. It is not downloading for me so what am I missing?
  19. Aside from the game being prone to crashing on the Orion (BoS part), so far so good. I've used the save from before heading into Naga Sadow's tomb and it seems like it works fine.
  20. Hello, i have a little trouble editing robe i got from here Basically I need this item to have attributes of fully upgraded heavy exoskeleton( +13 Def, +2 Max Dex, +3 Str +3 Con), but everytime I change parameters in Kotor Tool item icon becomes white and armor skin itself changes to generic medium armor if I change Base Item parameter from Jedi Robe to Defense Bonus 7. If i dont change Jedi Robe class but instead adding Defense bonus in properties, its stuck on 28 no matter how much Defense bonus i add in properties (must be 31). I had no problems editing Revan robe to have heavy exoskeleton parameters in the past.
  21. At 28395 suggested change: "I'm here to claim my reward for winning the last race." At 28416 and 28424 suggested change: "[Persuade] Didn't you hire me to intimidate Nico? How would you like if I switched sides and pushed *you* around instead?"
  22. And post it in the right section, amirite?
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  24. nwnstdloader sounds like one of those reasons nothing good happens after 2am... Safety first.
  25. The best way to start this process would be to have a goal for what you want to mod. If you have a very specific goal, people with experience will be able to guide you along your journey.
  26. Malkior


    Yeah. I want to roll this out as soon as I can, but I'm considering redoing the rest of the foliage as well. My immediate plans, however, are to remake the greenery on Telos...once I figure out what Obsidian had originally envisioned for it.
  27. Yeah if I give the jedi no offensive power he will never buff ... But like if I set my NPC script to Jedi Support in game, they do use buffing powers occassionally. I meant I just want to make sure that their script is set to NPC_AISTYLE_JEDI_SUPPORT and not default.
  28. I don't mind if anyone else decides to do their own versions. Wishing you the best of luck. Triggers are tricky to figure out, I ended up just reusing pre-existing ones and changing the names around but that was a few months ago so my memory is hazy.
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