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  2. XD I love that. It never really occurred to me, but, yeah. That doesn't make any sense.
  3. You will need to go into swkotor2.ini in the main game folder and under 'Graphics Options', change "DisableVertexBufferObjects=1" to read "Disable Vertex Buffer Options=1". Just put spaces between the words and it will be fixed.
  4. I had something similar to that, actually. A full on encounter with Darth Sion during the Academy massacre scene in a similar manner to K2, but due to time constraints I simply kept Sion as the torturer with some lines as I knew the torturer leaves with the prisoners if the Academy goes hostile (Thus removing the need for more work for me). In a future update, I might consider adding something similar to this! 👍
  5. Hey! Thanks for the info, even if I don't need it anymore, lol. However. I am encountering a very similar issue in the "Restored Enclave" module. You know, the one that kicks off the endgame? When I step past the second threshold, the cutscene with Kreia coming in and sitting down triggers, but then nothing happens when I move closer to the Masters, and inspecting them reveals that they're stuck in that same weird stasis the creatures and NPCs on Dxun were. I can click on them to talk, but nothing happens. They just turn to face me. Any help would be appreciated.
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  7. That would work, albeit only for TSL. Doubling the multiplier doesn’t give exactly double the VP due to the way the formula works but it’s certainly close enough for horseshoes. I don’t know how many enemies are exempt from level-scaling but ideally you’d boost their VP manually to match, or they’d come across as unusually weedy.
  8. Hello guys! I have a question, Can I edit SWKOTOR models files through 3DSMax 2022? Or for this version there are no extensions to edit KOTOR game data.
  9. I can't tell if you are either a troll or a extremist, i'm bisexual myself and i don't find mods that makes male gay characters's romance options avaible to female characters offensive at all, personally i didn't joined the LGBTQ+ community because there's way too many people that look like they want to purposefully ruin our image and nothing is done against them either. If you're that over-sensitive over pixels on a screen instead of you know, protecting and helping ACTUALLY LGBTQ people in real life, i don't know what i can tell you. Gay and Homosexual mean the exactly same thing and they aren't derogatory terms either, the other just being a complex scientific term and the other a word that came from the french language, gay is way more used since using homosexual to refer to a gay person during a real life conversation is like referring to another human as a homo sapiens. Being upset about mods that turns gay characters into straight but being apathethic towards mods that turn straight characters into gay is just straight up hypocritical, since it also alters or erases the identity of the character like it does to juhani and doesn't make sense to the canon. Juhani is not the first confirmed gay/lesbian character in the star wars universe since a female revan could also flirt with bastila.
  10. What about modifying autobalance.2da? From what I understand, most enemies are Set_3. So changing vpmult from 0.65 to a higher value, e.g. 1.3 to double enemy VP, might work.
  11. holy shit, I'm getting old, I could have sworn I had posted this in other forum. Sorry for the double post, is there any way I can delete this post?
  12. No need to make a job of it, djh has the right answer. The author simply forgot to include some base-game scripts.
  13. I'm getting deja vu over here. Like I said the last time you posted this, the difficulty settings don't affect HP. The only thing you can do with difficultyopt.2da is change how much damage enemies do.
  14. As far as I know, modify difficultyopt.2 causes the enemy's hit points and damage to be multiplied by the entered value. It is possible to separate this somehow and increase the hit points of enemies without increasing the damage they deal. I would like the fights to last longer, not necessarily for enemies to do double or triple damage to me
  15. Care to try this [and see if you can provide an in-game screenshot]? -- C_Seabeast01.tpc Anyway, it's not a fancy retexture -- was an 2K-upscale and few retouch to add more depth to some details, but that's it. Would go for 1K resolution but I think 2K's quite necessary for this one knowing its chunky size. Here's an SBS comparison versus the vanilla -- -- and let me know if you see [and what you think] about the specularity/reflection 'cause I utilize Manaan-underwater envmap to it. Can't tell on anything myself 'cause I haven't test it yet, hahah.
  16. @djh269 I may try to edit the .git files for tat_m17af where Helena is, and tat_m20aa where Griff is, since those each appear in the same module as either an NPC or placeable associated with the Tatooine Job Office mod. I could copy the data and coordinates for each NPC and put it into the .git file using K-GFF and see if that works, and just make the dialog/coversation conditional rather than their spawning itself.
  17. As in you need to get half the evidence and make the judgement? That explains why I never hear it since I always get all the evidence before I accuse both of them.
  18. I'm pretty sure I remember Stoffe modifying her own nss files when she used her high level Force powers mod and they weren't compiled, thanks for the info!!
  19. Includes are source-only. They don't need to be compiled (and the compiler is hard coded to skip them). Their content is pulled into the compiled script as needed.
  20. Thanks for all the excellent advice, I will try and be more concise with my scripting and learn to commonly used functions from the various include files! Why doesn't the k_inc_end.nss compile? So annoying haha!
  21. Putting commonly/repeatedly used functions into includes makes for less work. Rather than add it directly to the script you are working on, you can just call it via a linked include. You can see the difference in size this can make for even a very simple script when you compare what DeNCS spits out vs the cleaned up version I posted above. Albeit the Bioware compiler adds a bunch of unnecessary guff not actually used in the script. This is why I said above that eventually you'll start to recognise commonly functions. Take a look at sub3 for example. As soon as you spot those cascading GiveXPToCreature calls, you know that's UT_SetPlotBooleanFlag from k_inc_utility, one of the most commonly used functions you'll encounter. So as you comb through those functions and ID them, you can start to change the function names, remove the superfluous function blocks, and rely on linking the relevant include/s.
  22. Oh okay, thanks for the clarification! If I used this if statement and I was also a Consular and a Soldier, would it still spawn items? If I was technically both? else if(nClass == CLASS_TYPE_SOLDIER) { CreateItemOnObject(SOLDIER_WEAPON,oLocker); I'm concerned with compatibility with Jedi from the start mod
  23. It does. That's what the giant list of variables and functions is. Calling stuff externally via includes is just for the source to make it easier to parse. When the script is compiled, all those functions are pulled into the NCS.
  24. Are you sure you aren't mistaken? No source exists for either k_pend_area01.ncs or k_pend_area02.ncs; did you reverse compile them? If so, that would explain why you don't see includes. There could be a number of reasons why a script exists but is unused. For example, rushing to meet the deadline and forgetting to delete the unused script...
  25. Played through the Brotherhood of Shadow mod and since so many reviews have been written on the actual page, I figured I'd post it here:

    To start with, there were many things which I thought were great about this mod:

    1) The flashbacks to battles in the Mandalorian Wars that players could relive

    2) Dealing with the ancient Sith--Akirakon Sin was honestly an interesting villain, as was Darius Solomon

    3) Shadow & Kobayashi--I thought they were both good characters although I thought Kobayashi's Jedi background was too hastily fleshed out toward the end.

    4) New areas, I honestly enjoyed traveling the Korriban Wastes and the Czerka mining facility

    However, there were many ways in which this mod could be improved:

    1) alternate endings: I felt like in many ways playing as Revan, I was sidelined and basically had to watch at the end as Solomon ultimately wins in convincing Shadow to leave. It also felt out of place for her to just leave in the middle of the war and hook up with her lover to just become a smuggler again--I wanted a chance to be able to prove as Revan that I had either changed, or that I could still hold Shadow in awe as a follower. Given her slave background and initial reason for joining Revan, I felt like this ending was forced and honestly weak and that she and Kobayashi should've only temporarily left but showed up to help on the Star Forge, depending on my choices.

    2) Designs. Especially for Akirakon Sin since he's a Sith pureblood, he shouldn't have facial hair. There were also "force-cages" which the player gets put into by Solomon but just looked like plants from Telos (not sure if this was a glitch).

    3) Voiceovers: Shadow and the Sith ghost (Akirakon Sin) should've just spoken in basic and had actors. Same with Daemon Drexl (honestly I felt Daemon's character should've played a larger role and reappeared in Solomon's Revenge depending on the player's choices)


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    2. EAF97


      @Mephiles550 interesting thoughts. My main issue with the Rakata VOs in Kotor is that if you listen closely, they basically just sound like they're speaking a few lines of Huttese but in a different tone which is barely different from most other aliens. Also aside from the plants glitch, I did in fact get the "Rakata-on-spit" glitch with Solomon's gravemarker. It looked...odd😅

    3. Mephiles550


      The problem with 2/3 of alien dialogue in the first kotor is that they're all the same words but the aliens just have different accents, it's a universal problem.

      Again, my headcanon is that the Rakata, after the infinite empire, caused their language to be the universal prototype for several alien languages.

      Real talk, it was bioware being lazy and not wanting to make 5 different types of Klingon 

    4. EAF97


      @Mephiles550 I'm actually in the process of acquiring samples of the alien VOs from the SWTOR MMO and replacing a lot of the VOs especially for the Rakata and Selkath. As for the rest, I'm debating using a text-to-speech engine and creating custom VOs which can then be programmed into their dialogs with custom lip files to match.

  26. Hahaha, seems a better option than £24.95 on Amazon hahaha. Okay I finally get to implement this within the script: } if(GetHasSkill(SKILL_STEALTH,GetFirstPC())) { CreateItemOnObject(STEALTH_UNIT,oLocker); } Instead of: } if (GetHasSkill(2, GetFirstPC())) { CreateItemOnObject(stringGLOB_35, object1, 1); } But why doesn't the vanilla script for k_pend_area01.ncs actually use the include for k_inc_end.ncs? I can't find it referenced in k_pend_area02.ncs either. Weird.
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