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  2. I'm having difficulty with my KotOR install hanging after character creation and the subsequent loadscreen. In the hopes that maybe that's the only broken transition, I would like to request a save made immediately at the start of the game in the player's quarters.
  3. For reference, I'm playing on Windows 7. That normally shouldn't be an issue, because of the version of KotOR I'm using, but who knows. Tried installing my copy of KotOR (which is the Best of PC version) from scratch once again, to see if I could get it working. This time it installed intact enough on its own to actually start up and get me to the main menu and character creation (the previous install attempt proved to be corrupted and I had to replace the original swkotor.exe with the editable executable version to get that far). However, I'm running into the same problem I was with the previous install attempt: after completing character generation and going through the first loading screen, the game hangs on a black screen instead of actually loading the intro movie. When I try to nudge it past that point, it just flat-out crashes and exits out of the game. What is it that's broken and causing this? Is it something in swkotor.exe itself, or one of the other game files? I'm pretty sure it can't be the actual .bik movies themselves, because I tried playing them all separately.
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  5. Thank you, have a great new year.
  6. @Salk, Good day. Thank you for your comment! Applied to the first part of your question. I partially agree with you. The fact is that the nature of the service of individual NPCs at the base is categorically incomprehensible. If we take, for example, a technician from the next room, then he is wearing a uniform, therefore he is a military man. Plus, civil servants also have uniforms that they rarely wear (at least in my homeland - Russia, in the case of the judicial system (all employees, except for judges, who wear robes during a trial), but in other countries, maybe be a different situation). I proceeded from the fact that in Manaan an employee wears a uniform, although it does exactly the same function. It turns out that there is a mess on the Sith base on Taris! It seems to me quite absurd that they put in a hallway based on a person (twilek), which is negatively disposed towards them. It turns out that they have a shortage of service personnel, which is indirectly confirmed by the words of the guard at the elevator, about the difficulties in clearing the slums of the lower city from bandits. I will make, as time will be, a separate version and publish it in the next update, because you are somewhat right. I'll add a club to her arsenal. Now for the second part of your question. By the way, since the twilek is civilian, then her clothes should be ordinary, like the citizens of the planet. Everything is simple here. When we arrive at the embassy of the republic, Revan finds himself in a hopeless situation: we need to help the Republicans get the droid tablet at the Sith base, which we can do in three ways, to choose from (Convince the spy to tell the base password so that the Sith diplomat will let us there - you need persuasion skill and the correct order of interrogation; pick up the code from the base ( it is very easy to do this); to penetrate into the far left hangar, guarded by the Sith, the code from which the ambassador of the republic will give us. This is the third option. Moreover, he is very loyal on the part of the developers. After all, we can get into the base and destroy all the Sith, before we take the quest from the Selkat about the disappearance of young Selkat. Indeed, without this task, the doors to the part of the base where the Sith trainings take place will not open for us (a selkat will appear that will enter there). Applied to the third part of your question. Perhaps there were difficulties with translation. This is not about replacing Saul Karath in the literal sense, but about the fact that after his death, which will be inevitable in the plot, his place is taken by a new admiral, presented on the cut-scene (fourth video clip).
  7. (Sees Lvl 86 Bastilla Picture) What mods are you using to make that happen?!?
  8. Does not actually work as a patch for a corrupted Best of PC install. It seems to at first, but...
  9. I have alignment issues with the UI for the character creation as soon as I start; along with misaligned load screens, misaligned mouse cursor, misaligned category tabs in the menu (map, inventory, stats, feedback, etc.). I've followed every step laid out in the install guide and have used all the recommended patches and UI mods to go with this. I've also done all the suggested fixes I could find for each issue (dpi scaling, Windows compatibility, etc), and I know the uniws batch-patch worked because everything loaded beautifully when I loaded a save file. What is the problem, and is there anyway to remedy it? I know there's going to be mouse issues already from the logs on the mods, so I don't expect much can be done with that, but it'd be a great shame not to experience the work put into this gold-oldie by people all over to breathe it some new life. My monitor resolution is 1920x1080, I've put all the correct 16:9 files in my Override folder....done it all! Example:
  10. Is the NPC the owner of the DLG/script? That can sometimes cause problems, since a script will immediately terminate as soon as its owner is destroyed. You can still destroy the owner as the final function in an exit node script, but this will usually happen in plain sight of the player unless you jump them somewhere else first. You can also command them to walk somewhere, like the module exit, first before destroying themselves. In general though, it's pretty straightforward: DestroyObject(oNPC, 0.0, TRUE, 0.0); The variables here are the creature to destroy, the delay in seconds before destroying them, not fading them out (so FALSE if you do want them to fade), and the delay in seconds before they start fading (which only matters if the previous term was set to FALSE). If the creature is the script owner then you can swap the object reference to OBJECT_SELF. But in that case I would delay calling the function until everything else in the script has finished executing, like so: DelayCommand(2.5, DestroyObject(oNPC, 0.0, TRUE, 0.0)); This will delay calling the function by 2.5 seconds, the value of which you can adjust as needed. If you want a creature to destroy itself after walking somewhere first, you can add the command to its action stack. This is commonly seen when an NPC "exits" an area. Often this can be part of the creature's UserDefine script, the case for which can be called at the end of the conversation. For example: ActionMoveToObject(GetObjectByTag("k_exit", 0), FALSE); ActionDoCommand(DestroyObject(OBJECT_SELF)); SetCommandable(FALSE); To issue those commands from a script owned by a different creature/object, you'd need to use AssignCommand to assign them to the NPC of interest. If you want more specific details, you need to provide more info about the circumstances of your scene and how it is currently set up.
  11. It occurred to me that there might be an easy shortcut way to make part of one of my mod desires happen: Convert Altmer heads into replacement PC heads. But given the more flexible nature of TES models and their coming from a different company... I don't know whether that would be easy and straightforward to achieve, or a royal pain in the butt. I also don't know if publishing that would be acceptable.
  12. I know, I know, throwing a lot of requests out there today. But hey, I figure this one might be of interest to people for a change. Star Wars: Republic #53: Blast Radius featured an elven Jedi Master called Fay. She was rather beautiful looking (as one would expect) and wore Jedi robes with very stylish trim (see linked Wookieepedia article). And I think it would be cool to have elven PC heads based on her, and Jedi Robes that replicate hers. Does this interest anyone?
  13. One of my pitched mod ideas is something of mixed reception (as I expected) and a massive undertaking besides.. Another is in hindsight a dumb unnecessary idea. But maybe this will be considered worthwhile. One of the things about KOTOR that irks me is that some of the armors develop boobsockets when worn by female characters. I seem to recall Calo Nord's armor being a major offender on that score. Would like to see a mod/skin pack that changes them to be more realistic.
  14. Uh... why did you give the lowest-tier push power the highest cost?
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  16. I like that your double-bladed hilt only has one activation stud. It's consistent with how KOTOR double-bladed sabers actually work.
  17. I guess I might be the one who tests if these play nice with K1R
  18. Very nicely done mod. Personal preference would be sticking with Atris' regular robes, just for the "twisted holiness" vibe.
  19. I would guess that this has to be put in before you fly to Telos for the battle, if what I remember about remarks on Bao-Dur's disappearing after disembarking is correct.
  20. Hi, coming from the GOG Version i installed the K2 Steam Version today for the first time and i was shocked! Instead of having hi-res crisp 2k/4k textures everything looked a bit blurry like an upscaled low-res render, but thats not all! All shiny cubemap surfaces are gone! Like there are no CM being applied... Is there any workaround to fix that and enable Cubemap + hi-res again? (Graphics settings are on max already) I really hope this issue can be solved and i you guys can help me out on that.
  21. Mace Windu's lightsaber doesn't represent a dark-to-light transition. It represents the fact that pink (which was the original plan as a reference to the "Bad Motherf*****" wallet from Pulp Fiction) ended up looking too much like red (especially in the ambient lighting on Geonosis).
  22. Peragus looks great. Really makes it feel like a dirty, gritty mining station, while still keeping close to the original feel. Too many vanilla areas are endless seas of grey panels. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you can do with the Trayus Academy (assuming it's on the agenda). It's always been the blandest looking part of the game to me and I've never found any retextures that managed to make it look good.
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    TSL Armor Expansion Project-1107-5-5-11-1609207230.7z
  24. HI guys In spite many attempts I haven't been able to get a working Destroy Object Script in KotOR 1. It's just for make disappear a NPC in its place after a Dialog. Anyone can help? Thanks in advance
  25. Can anyone confirm as to whether this is pre-fixed in Best of PC?
  26. Hmm. It's understandable why he doesn't have the armor in vanilla - Revan stripped the Mandalorians of most of their good s*** after kicking their butts - but this is still kinda nice. That said, a generic Mandalorian helmet would probably suit better. The helmet in TSL is specifically supposed to incorporate the Mask of Mandalore. Is there a way to install this piecemeal?
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