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  3. This is understandable. I guess I was approaching it from the point of view that recruiting **someone** from M4-78 would make it feel like it was worth all the trouble. The arc with having to find Lonna Vash is easily the most circuitous out of all the Jedi if this mod is installed and then we can anti-climactic ending for both her and her apprentice after everything b/c they easily get killed.
  4. I currently own Kotor II/TSL on Steam but I have read numerous reports that the Steam version of TSLRCM from the Workshop does not work properly and could lead to compatibility issues for other mods. With that being said, is it possible to install TSLRCM on the Steam version of the game WITHOUT using the workshop? When I downloaded it from the main link on this site, the installer automatically installed the workshop version without giving me a proper choice. Furthermore when I install it via the link on Deadlystream and then I open the game, it just comes up as the vanilla version and doesnt acknowledge the mods installed. How do I fix this?
  5. Does anyone know how I can fix certain textures that are supposed to shine but instead become transparent in KOTOR 1?

    1. Malkior


      If it's a character texture like the Mandalorian armor, try opening Appearance.2da and changing the **** to "CM_Baremetal" in the "envmap" section.

      You could also try making a TXI file with "envmaptexture CM_Baremetal" typed into it with Notepad. (Same name as the TGA file with .txi instead)

    2. Cytaris


      I will do this, thanks!

  6. Yesterday
  7. Work in progress sneak peek, TSL Twi'lek Pack 2021:


    20 chars, matching underwear, matching and unique dancer's outfits for the females, based on Bastila's robes.

  8. It would absolutely be possible. The question is would anyone ever actually see the production of such a project as worth their while - and making Kaah somehow not feel like a pointless tack-on. I might have to go back on what I said about Dustil considering that voice reproduction models are clearly being made for other characters in KotOR (I don't know how I missed that). No matter what, it would have to be handled differently than how PartySwap is handled. PartySwap as-is could only work mechanics-wise for Disciple/Handmaiden or Mira/Hanharr, because those are the only open slots on the party table.
  9. Uuum, are my mods going to be approved? Never used to take this long.

    1. DarthParametric


      Most of the moderators/admins are AWOL. You'll probably get swifter action jumping on the Discord channel and complaining, but in the meantime try pinging @Snigaroo.

    2. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn


      Yeah I realize this site isn't as hopping as it used to be. I will try that. Thanks.

  10. EAF97

    Handsister Fix

    I got a weird glitch where when I landed in the restoration zone in Telos, one of the mercenaries had apparently been retextured to look like a Handmaiden sister. Also I installed this in conjunction with one of Darth Parametric's mods where the handmaiden is given a ponytail hair style and her eyes showed up blank/white.
  11. Awesome. Do you have those hilts still? I'd take both the Kotor 1 and 2 versions if you do.
  12. I used the mod to replace malaks in game hilt. So yes, it works.
  13. Last week
  14. EAF97

    TSL Restored Content Mod

    When I download this mod to install it, the mod acts like I used the Steam Workshop and installs it as the workshop folder. When I open the game, it just comes up as the vanilla version and doesn't even acknowledge that I've modded it. How do I fix this?
    This was really well made. I had a lot of fun using this mod to turn NPCs into Rakghouls lmao. Though, could you perhaps make this mod for KOTOR 2 at some point?
  15. I hate that this uses compressed dds files. Face (and sky) textures should never be compressed.
  16. Amazing stuff! I quite like the look of Ahsoka, as well as the Luke robes.
  17. Sorry to necro this thread, but where did you find all of these mods? Some look familiar and others don't... are they all separate??
  18. Probably very possible, but the only things I've been able to mod in so far have been texture mods. So I'd need to learn how to use KotorTool.
  19. Honestly, it would be less effort to just recreate it. It's very 'dude's first mod' level, nothing you couldn't replicate with KotorTool and five minutes.
  20. Nice, now if we can have a version for the Taris workbench. I mean you do spend a while on Taris.
  21. (Spoilers)
    "10 Minutes of Useless Information about Knights of The Old Republic"


    1. DarthParametric


      10 minutes?! What's the one line TL:DR?

    2. Stormie97


      Juhani gay. Malak's real name is Squidward. T3M4 = T3M3+1. Kotor = $. Sleyheyron = Bye. Jedi Jabba cut. StarForge =/= Death Star. Mission used to be a dude. Big cronch to finish geme. HK47 funny voice actor. Malak has pretty grey eyes. Sion be chopping Jedi in K1. Dustin ❤️ Saleen. Selkath make Fish Jedi Order. Zal Shey = Force nerds. Taris hobos find paradise. Malak's a simp. Revan's mask is a female mandalorian's. Malak = Discount Vader. Evil Bastila = Bae. Trask VA uncredited =( Vrook = Biggest canonical POS.

      There. Should be a single line (on an ultrawide).

    3. DarthParametric


      Trask VA uncredited =(

      He's credited, just not as Trask. It was Cam Clarke, long time Bioware voice actor (also Leonardo on the original Ninja Turtles cartoon, amongst other things).

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