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  3. Hay! I never use KOTOR Tool so I thought I start with a lightsaber Crystal. I'm trying to mod Lightsaber crystal in KOTOR Tool,you know like 'attack' etc.. I've modified the Opila crystal and called it 'Opilia2' The crystal appear in the inventory but not in the workbench so i can't use it to upgrade a Lightsaber.What is the correct way to do it?
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  5. Splicing is a way to expand the dialogue that's in the game. However it's limited to the skill of the splicer and what's available in the game. (We all know how awful some of my splices turned out.) It seems to me that DeepFake AI samples of dialogue may provide a decent workaround to those issues. Here's a Twitter account with a few examples of what I'm talking about. Perhaps this fella (or someone else working on this technology) should be influenced to work on making sound sets for the major KotOR and TSL characters. I think Kreia is likely the best sound set to make as there are many lines that weren't voiced (i.e. some of the Trayus lines that only remain voiced by Atris' character) or they didn't have the versions for both genders. I'm sure there are quite a few other missing lines by other characters that I'm not thinking of right now as well. What are your thoughts? Edit: Here are some videos in case you have no access to Twitter for some reason.
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  7. and btw that's a new mesh for the hilt too, or not?
  8. Unfortunately for me, my Wifi at my house has broken which means my PC cannot connect to the internet.


    This may be bad for some of you because I havr an update for the K1 Gameplay Improvement ready to ship out (In the mean time, I will just be fixing whatever bugs I find in it so expect a long list of added/fixed features)


    My Steam has also logged me out meaning I can't access Kotor 2 at all (Kotor 1 is fine as I can use the exe for that) meaning that any Kotor 2 mods I was making will be put on hold.

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    2. Domino5555


      What changes are you going to make to K1GI?

    3. HK-47


      You can't pay in offline mode?

    4. N-DReW25


      @Sith HolocronI hope to have it fixed during this week, key word "hope".


      @HK-47No, Steam has forcibly logged me out and it can't connect to the Steam servers to log me back in. Hence, without the Steam menu to launch K2 I cannot continue my TSL mods for the time being.


      @Domino5555Without spoiling it, off the top of my head, expect bug fixes and new NPC variants for Kerriban and Dantooine, modified cutscenes on Dantooine, bug fixes on Taris, restored content on Dantooine, new robes, modifications to armors (stats and textures etc), possibly the last Leviathan module.


      For future updates, I am working on a heavily requested feature from K1R in the Upper City areas of Taris with a creative K1GI twist to it.

  9. I appreciate the kind words, thanks for checking the mod out and hopefully you like it! If it seems too overpowered feel free to remove or change the stats I added to the lightsaber.
  10. With this version of MDLedit you can straight ticking the bumpmap flag for the relevant texture via the program [which the official released version fails to do so], without having to convert the model to ASCII first. As for MDLOps I think it could have work as it should - though in practice I rarely use it. Normal map wise - pretty much like DarthParametric explained earlier; though you may want to add the scaling for the normal map by having something like this - isbumpmap 1 bumpmapscaling 1.0 You can have more details of it by visiting CarthOnasty's thread.
  11. oh boy. how did ANYONE foresee this before?? 2 colored doble-bladed one? fantastic concept. must-have concept I'd dare to say instant download, see how this turns out. Overpowered a little u say? hate that (LoL) will have to work that out then thanks a whole lot on advance
  12. So it would be possible with Kotor 2 too then? interesting!! Do you know of any mods that do that for TSL? Again, thank you for your great work on this mod.
  13. The meshes in a given model need the tangentspace flag, but the textures also need the appropriate TXI data. The diffuse needs: bumpmaptexture abcdef (replace with NM filename) and the normal map needs: isbumpmap 1 Normal maps can only be a RGBA/DXT5 TPC.
  14. Can someone please explain to me what I'm doing wrong? I read up on threads, dealing with implementing normal maps to diffuse textures. Seemed straight-forward enough, but apparently I'm the stupidest person alive. I can get the Normal to work fine, but only where the model already supports it. Like Hutts, for KOTOR1, for instance. Near as I can tell, I am screwing up model conversion. As for altering files with MDLOps, or MDLEdit, i kept trying to enable the tangentspace 1 line, any way, I read about. No luck. Please?
  15. I'm in the process of doing a new K1CP beta test and have documented some additional subtitle issues along the way. I'm not sure whether or not you already have these, but I figured I'd post them just in case. Taris Upper City South Apartments: Janitor's opening line. VO is "I just cleaned those floors" but subtitle is "I just cleaned these floors". Janitor's line about how to get to the Cantina. VO says "It'll take you out to the upper streets" but the subtitle is "It'll take you out to the Upper City streets". Janitor's line on DLG exit. VO says "The building doesn't clean itself, you know" but the subtitle is "This building doesn't clean itself, you know". Taris Lower City Cantina: Spelling mistake in Canderous' line "...I haven't heard about anyone breaking into the military base yet". Subtitle has it spelled "miliarty". Taris Lower City Apartments B: When confronting Selven, her line "No, I'm the one with the blaster pointed at you" ends with "What are you doing here?" but the subtitles say "Now - what are you doing here?". Additionally, when taking bounties in the Taris Lower City Cantina, if you ask Zax for more info about the individual bounties, he tells you he has has already put all the information about each of them in your datapad. But that is clearly not the case. Instead you just get a brief one or two line summary. There's nothing about the whole back story of Selven, for example. I'm not sure if you want to consider fleshing those out with extracts from Zax's lines. Edit: Some additions. Global: Canderous' personal quest line "The exhilaration, the euphoria" when talking about the Basilisk. Says "self-guided projectiles" but the subtitles say "self-guided projectile". Canderous' personal quest line "His strategies and tactics defeated the best of us. Even Mandalore himself was taken aback by the ferocity of his attacks, the tenacity of his defences and the subtleties of his plans." but the subtitles are "Revan's strategies and tactics defeated the best of us. Even Mandalore himself was taken aback by the ferocity, the tenacity and the subtlety of Revan's plans." StrRef 2301. This one is clearly intentional because of a VO snafu. They only recorded the line for a male Revan, so they fudged the subtitles to make it unisex. Taris Davik's Estate: At the end of the initial tour, Canderous says "...we can get the rest of your group off this planet" but the subtitles say "...we can get the rest of your group and get off this planet" If you lie to the Tarisian noble, he says "I'll buzz you" but subtitles say "I'll buzz for you" Tatooine Cantina: Bastila's line in the Helena conversation "I know. Thank you. I'm glad we talked, too" the subtitles say "I know, Mother. Thank you. I'm glad we talked, too"
  16. I was thinking of doing that too, but probably not until I'm sure I'll have a regular update schedule. So there's still time for you to beat me to it and claim you were the trendsetter.
  17. That's not really possible because there are a limited number of body slots for the player. Unlike K2, which has separate models for the Jedi robes and Jedi Master robes, K1 only has one slot for robes. If you wanted to have two different robe models available for a character, you would have to replace one of the other model slots or use some sort of disguise item shenanigans.
  18. jc2

    Modding Checkup (Sept 2019)

    Possibly. I have considered it. Most of my blogs are just my quirky side narrating recent events to get a few chuckles from myself or others. Yet at the same time, they serve as announcements/advertisement of content. Huh. I'm not sure where my motivation from blogging is coming from, but that's certainly a byproduct of modding, and where does that come from? So if my goal of blogging was to gain attention for my mods, then advertising on /r kotor would be a proper course of action. I haven't thought about this in some time, would be an interesting topic to broach...
  19. If you want attention of r/kotor, promote your mods on r/kotor with a thread. Many will likely be glad you did.
  20. At last ... I finally was able to successfully solo my last Exarch in SWTOR.  (That's the Voss one BTW.)  I'll have to update my blog about that at some point!

    Update: Blog updated with a picture and a video. 

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      A corrected video should be finished uploading to the blog in about 20 minutes.

    3. Ashton Scorpius

      Ashton Scorpius

      I'm in the middle of my first Star Fortress playthrough and saw the achievement for that. I was wondering if it was possible. Gg

    4. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      @Ashton Scorpius, know which server you're on. I may be able to help you if we're on the same one.

  21. After see these holocrons in game it's impossible do not remember the original ones without a benevolent but sarcastic smile. Nice work
  22. This is discouraging because it deters people from making new mods. Who wants to see their stuff highjacked like this?
  23. It has a little glitch that shows one (or two) small black square inside the Atris' mouth. It seems a black tooth (that make me think more in the new witch aspect of Atris. Anyway, amazing and really nice, I love it!!!! (I see that in the screenshot of this page can be seen as well)
  24. --------------------------------------- Installed BEFORE leave the Jedi Enclave. Order of installation --------------------------------------- 121 - Quarterstaff Replacement Pack By @DeadMan Statement: Yes, I know, a little late in the game, I had forgotten this MOD completely, sorry. I hope be in time to see the new quarterstaffs. --------------------------------------- NOTE: Leaving the Jedi Enclave starts a new automatic sequence that ends with the PC directly in the hangar of the Telos Secret Academy, that's the reason to install the next MODs before leave the enclave. 122 - Dark Robes for Atris 1.0 By @Darth_Delator It has a little glitch that shows one (or two) small black square inside the Atris' mouth. It seems a black tooth (that make me think more in the new witch aspect of Atris ). Anyway, amazing and really nice, I love it!!!! 123 - New Texture of Holocrons in the Telos Secret Academy 1.2 By @Sith Holocron Another great work. Very nice!!
  25. Dantooine - Jedi Council ------------------------------------------------ Installed BEFORE enter to the Jedi Enclave from Enclave Courtyard. Order of installation. ------------------------------------------------ 119 - Extended Enclave (TSLRCM add-on) 2.5 (plus 'M4-78 Compatibility Patch' included with the installer) By @danil-ch I liked a lot 120 - Darth Sapiens Presents HD Darth Nihilus 1.00 By @Darth_Sapiens Woa!!!! Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTE: This MOD must be installed before enter the Jedi Enclave because once the dialogs start it's a long sequence that includes the Ninilus scenes.
  26. Sadly enough, sometimes there is no reasoning with Steam or Steamies...
  27. That would also lean towards many of the games too, but I digress.
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