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  3. DeathScepter

    Way of Jedi Shadow

    Well with my story idea of right now to keep it simple, I would have Kaevee as a 17-18 year old with her friend Isabella(she is a new character) Sith Holocron, I will be use Wookieepedia as Much as Kotor 2 Mostly as Inspiration for my ideas. on the game play side, I will be doing some changes for the characters if possible. For example, Changing Bastila's class from a Jedi Sentinel to Jedi Consular. Jedi Consular for Bastila and Jolee will have an option to learn for Force Jump and Force Immunity. Jedi Guardians like Juhani if you spare her, will have an option to learn Force Focus and Force Immunity. Keep in mind that I am using more famous Jedi like Yoda, Qui Gon and Anakin as Inspiration for Changes. Soldiers will have more feats per level and a skill boost. Scouts will be more balance and Scoundrel will be Skilled focused compared to Scout and Soldiers. If you go on Wookieepedia, Jedi Shadow is your Sith hunter Jedi Sentinel Specialization. I am using inspiration from that as the main Class for Revan. Despite him having anmesia of his time as a Sith and Jedi, his fighting abilities, overall intelligence and force abilities will be taken in to consideration and his ability to fight Force Users aka Kotor 2 Lore will be intact when I finish it up. Some of the Dialogue ideas I have, On Korriban, Revan will have dialogue options about the Sith Lord Tombs if the player goes to Korriban last.
  4. Sith Holocron

    SWTOR Voice Clips for TOR Head Ports

    I will consider doing requests! However, I'm going to ask for help. I'll personally only work on voice pack at a time. (That's fair, right?) 1) Consult the Word document that covers both the male and female lines in KotOR1. 2) Go check some YouTube let's plays and time stamp from those video for good options for a line replacement. Also include the quote from the document that you suggest should be replaced with your time-stamped quote. Having done this for a while, I have a good idea which categories will be the toughest to find so I recommend concentrating on these: lines for arming mines, disarming mines, and being poisoned. Remember, we're covering the PC so the line has to sound like he's doing whatever activity being discussed, and not tasking someone else to do the task. Update (16JAN19): I've started work on this but crowdsourcing good lines (as mentioned above) will help produce a better quality end product. So help if you can.
  5. Sith Holocron

    Way of Jedi Shadow

    As per Wookieepedia Seeing as there are 5 years between the events of KotOR1 and TSL -and Kaevee is 17 in TSL - are you planning to use the child character model for Kaevee? Are you playing to request or hire two different voice actress to account for that age difference? Just wondering.
  6. Kainzorus Prime

    SWTOR Voice Clips for TOR Head Ports

    Would you take requests for other voice packs? I wouldn't mind seeing the male Jedi Knight voice. I mean, it IS David Hayter. And who wouldn't want Snake in KotOR?
  7. DeathScepter

    Way of Jedi Shadow

    Right now given with my old thread and in FairScripts Scripts thread, what I have decide on. My internal logic gives Revan a "Canon" Jedi Class in the context of Kotor 1 is to show a version of Revan that is information gather-er, capable force user and a capable fighter. Well Within the Star wars Legends, Jedi Shadows and Jedi Investigator are Jedi Sentinel derviated Specializations. Jedi Shadow are known for gathering information on Sith and other Dark Siders and their plans, And Jedi Investigators are known for taking Crime Lords and threats to the Jedi Order and the Republic. In Kotor 1, You as Revan's duty is to gather information on Sith and their source for their fleets by finding Star Maps. Right now, I am working on understanding Kotortool. I do want to learn how to port from Kotor 2 into Kotor 1. For example, Port Kaevee and developing her into an actual character. with a side quest idea, I have is that You recover an Ankarres Sapphire from a Dead Jedi during the Endar Spire Escape. With Ankarres Sapphire and with Kaevee's help, you use the force to heal a Fellow Jedi Padawan. Isabella and Kaevee will appreciate you healing Isabella, the Injured Jedi Padawan. Isabella is a very tall 5'11'' jedi padawan with long thick curly brown hair with pretty blue eyes. Kaevee will not look that different from her Kotor 2 look howbeit with a healthier fuller look and longer hair. Within Dantioone, there are several more side quests that you help other Jedi with their work. Story Line Mod with a Jedi Recruit Mod: Endar Spire Escape, I would like to port a Kotor 2 Sith Assassin with the Red Goggles and you and him fight after he murders another Jedi to death, when you defeat him, you get his Sith Assassin full helmet, Robes(it would be a light armor), Sith Stealth belt, Qixoni Crystal, Stygium Crystal, Red Lightsaber. Jedi that he fought has the Ankarres Sapphire and good jedi gear set. The Fallen Jedi Master has a datapad that takes about a Old ruined Jedi Enclave on Taris(think of the comic book series Kotor) and he sent his Jedi Padawan, Monique to find recover any useful Jedi gear and Crystals(many Kotor 2 crystals will appear here and new Robes) I do suspect that I have to learn how to use a GFF editior how to model Monique for this. or at least good Character Editior due to her extremely long hair and height. Due to I want to have Monique as a Jedi Companion, and my understanding that 9 companion(as kotor 1 crew as is) is the limit. Also It would be cool to connect my post recruit Mod into an New Exar Kun Yavin 4 Mod that Revan has to face Exar Kun. And Facing Kissasi and Massassi allies of Exar Kun and having Sith from Malak's Sith Empire is trying to cut a Deal with Exar Kun to help over come the Republic. There is a rough idea of a Rough Draft for that. In short that Exar Kun surivied the Wall of Light at his temple but couldn't leave because of it, so Sith are finding ways to break the Wall of Light and in return, Exar Kun has to kill Revan and bring his head to Malak and Exar Kun become a Leading Master of Sith Assassins and Second in Command of Sith Empire if he has success in killing Revan. Of course if that happens, Revan vs Exar Kun fight will be brutal due to both of them are extremely capable Sith/Jedi. Of Course Yavin 4 story is post Revelation scene. Also Leads in possible Krath Storyline. I will post more later. It is perfectly alright to ask questions about my idea. Keep in mind that my technical skills are not that advanced compare to the others here.
  8. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Modding KOTOR 2 on MacBook Pro

    I would think that if the game will run natively on Mac OS, you should run it natively in Mac OS for best results. However, you could use wine to install TSLpatcher mods if running an .exe is the issue there. I am not the one to ask about Mac OS unfortunately.
  9. darthbdaman

    JC's WIP (Now taking requests)

    I went looking through the tlk after seeing this and found some interesting other stuff. The Zeison Sha and Jal Shey Armors were originally described as heavy robes. I wonder if the original intention was for them to use the master robe model instead. The Jal Shey Advisor armor was originally the Jaly Shey Student Robe. Master Arca's robes are named in the middle of a bunch of entries about Dxun and Mandalore's Armor. What became Arca Jeth's robe was originally called the Sunrider Robe, which is distinct from Nomi's Robe, which was mentioned in the same spot. The Baran Do Novice robe oddly occupied both the {4} and {10} robe spot in the earliest entries (the description entry below {10} talks about advisors, so I assume that was a mistake). {10} was then replaced with (corrected to be) the Baran Do Advisor Robe, before much later being replaced with the Norris Robe. There's a reference to Jedi Armor and Dark Jedi Armor, with the description that Jedi would wear armor under robes, and that mobility would be sacrificed. This seems to be the early version of the Jedi Armors.
  10. bobbymugabe

    Bugs and minor inconveniences with TSLRCM 1.8.5

    1) When did the problem begin to occur? Nar shadaa, visquis lair (305nar), loading screen after the cutscene where viquis is seen standing in the arena 2) Did you install the latest version of the mod? title screen shows version 1.8.5 3) What version of the game do you have? (Steam, 4CD, KotOR Collection?) What region is the game designed for if it's the 4 CD version? GoG 4) Did you update your game as required by your game's region? not sure, GoG is set to auto-update and game was installed in the last month 5) Did you install this over the previous version(s), or did you perform a fresh installation as required by the TSLRCM's read-me file? fresh installation, never used TSLRMC before 😎 What other mods did you have installed? Please give an accurate list and provide links to each of these mods - even if they are found on this site. (We don't actually know them all!.) none 9) Can you be more specific about the error? At what point did it happen? crash to desktop at loading screen immediately after the cutscene where mira says "great, I have to get out of here before visquis executes me" and the player character has a vision of visquis standing in the arena. crash to desktop occurs at roughly 95% loading. digging into the file with KSE shows Bao Dur having 48 force points out of a possible 0 but changing this value does not prevent the loading crash. I am attaching my save file to this post 10) Have you tried re-downloading the mod? no, wll redownload after this post 11) Have you tried using a different save game? no, did not know when i would need to start save scumming, last save is from 12 hours earlier 12) Have you tried starting a new game? no as I have invested 24 hours into this game and completed the other planets 13) What Operating System do you use? (List Virtual Machines as well if you are using them.) windows 8.1 000007 - Game6.rar
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  12. TotalRuler1

    Modding KOTOR 2 on MacBook Pro

    Without a windows emulator to run the TSLPatcher, not sure how this is accomplished on Mac. Can you point me to a clear tutorial on how to use wineskin to run the emulator version of this game on mac? I can't find clear step by step Mac instructions. Thank you!
  13. I can't get FRAPS to show or record in TSL (Steam) on Win10. Managed to fix the issue for K1 by running the game straight from its .exe using Win7 compatibility mode but no luck with TSL. Anyone know why?

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Have you consulted the FRAPS site?

    2. DarthVarkor


      Have sent their customer support an email but I'll be surprised if I here back from them to be honest. 

  14. Sith Holocron

    Recruitable Maxis

    Finally an excuse to use the spoiler tag. @ColbyJames43 , I'm not going to go into the minutiae of everything you just posted. Seeing as it's WAY off the topic of the actual mod that this thread covers, had you thought about PM'ming DarthRevan101 instead of posting it here for everyone to see?
  15. ebmar

    JC's WIP (Now taking requests)

    That is amazing! I do really like the pacing from Dorak's dialogue to the lightsaber's construct- especially with the camera placement. I hope this project can came out eventually, as it strung-up a much better scenario than what already is.
  16. Never look at video-games the same again after knowing what and how an envmaps/bumpmaps/normalmaps works, particularly with todays/modern release. Does script still works the same? 🤔

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    2. ebmar


      Thank you for the insight! Very much appreciated. :cheers:

      And about-


      If you are familiar with Unreal Engine...

      I'm not, modding KotOR is the first time I get into another part of video-games outside of actually playing them.

      Anyway, about engine- does graphics included as the engine or separated? As we know that KotOR engine was indeed Odyssey, can I think of Odyssey the same as I think of Frostbite or RAGE?

    3. DarthParametric


      Think of it like a car engine - it's not just a solid lump of metal, it's a complex piece of machinery comprised of many individual parts. A game engine is no different. It's comprised of different sub-systems that control various elements - a renderer, a physics engine, etc.. It's possible that the renderer can be updated or entirely replaced, while the rest of the engine remains fairly much the same. A good example is The Witcher, which used Bioware's Aurora engine (used for Neverwinter Nights, and the predecessor to Odyssey). Aurora (like Odyssey) uses an OpenGL renderer, but CDPR gutted that in their version and replaced it with a DirectX renderer. Something akin to boring out your block and fitting new pistons, perhaps.

      To your specific question, generally whoever is coding an engine will code a renderer as part of it. While there probably are third party (typically referred to as middleware) renderers for indies and the like, I don't recall any engine of note making use of one (although I think there are some open source examples floating around). That sort of thing is more generally the province of stuff like physics and sound. For example, Havok and PhysX in the case of the former, and WWise in the case of the latter. The renderer is such a fundamental component of the engine, it's not typically something you'd want to pick up off the shelf. You'd be better off just licensing a complete engine package like Unity/Unreal/CryEngine rather than do that.

    4. ebmar


      Many thanks for the details, DP! I get the picture now. :cheers:

  17. Greetings, Mods & Admins. Hope y'all doing fine! May I suggest for a pinned thread by Admins/Mods on 'Activity Streams' page? Regarding any events nor news that's happening recently or in the future, so streamers may be notified about them. Many thanks in considering this, and may the Force be with you.
  18. Hello! I would like for someone to confirm two (minor) bugs I have just encountered during my playthrough: the first one is about the Tw'ilek Czerka Liaison officer walking about by the Ebon Hawk. He doesn't resume walking after being talked to. The second is with Janos, the Czerka Ithorian that welcomes the party disembarking has an issue showing if you refuse to pay the docking fee. The party would then be forced to return to the Ebon Hawk and once back to Kashyyyk, Janos will be there to meet the party again. Only, once he delivers his initial message, he will start walking to the Czerka office, which it is what he should do only after getting the docking fees settled. What I have been doing to fix these two problems is actually quite funny. I removed the k_def_endconv script from Janos's .utc file and conversely, added the very same to the Tw'ilek Czerka Liaison officer, which was missing it instead. Cheers!
  19. Malkior


    Trying to see if the theme will be fixed
  20. revised the main post to have it be a playlist of all the Mod Analysis and Mod Showcase videos
  21. Qui-Gon Glenn

    Modding KOTOR 2 on MacBook Pro

    The Workshop simply doesn't work correctly for our games; that is the issue. It makes a new folder for each mod, each with their own hidden override. The engine can't digest that... And it opens up all other sorts of issues. Subscribe to just TSLRCM. Install everything else old-fashioned. That's the way to best results. Without a windows emulator to run the TSLPatcher, not sure how this is accomplished on Mac.
  22. ColbyJames43

    Recruitable Maxis

    @DarthRevan101 Hi I have a question to ask you and it's important as me and @N-DReW25 was discussing or debating about ideas of future recruitment mods like stuff privately on Leviathan like captives, for example I'd been thinking the idea of Recruitable Corporal Benkins when I had suggested a part where a defecting Sith Trooper decides to break Benkins out the cell and free him and the defector retreats to a pod, but anyways as N-DReW25 told me I simply had to understand not all Sith Defect unlike how I wrote an article to Panes Porschk how he defected to Sith Splinter Cell, but anyway asking a question I'd like to ask N-DReW25 suggests I would have to go for Canderous Ordo's implant for Rercuitable Benkins or stuff, but something else I want to ask. Okay @DarthRevan101 when you made Recruitable Maxis right what does Maxis do while your members for startes are captured on Leviathan what does he do exactly and how and when is he in cell is it like Juhani or is it like I dunno Canderous or something I'd like to know the part where we have Carth say "Well, then we better hope Maxis busts us out of here before he arrives." Could I ask you @DarthRevan101 what does Maxis do in this part and what his role in it what does he do when your party is captured?
  23. Good luck! I found this article recently for an issue I was having with Battlefront 2 (2005). Namely, it wanted to install DX and Win 10 said nupe. I resolved it at the time by changing to XP3 compatibility mode.
  24. i understand that and am going to reinstall the mods with this in mind(and not using incompatible mods)
  25. Mellowtron11

    Hidden Ebon Hawk Smuggling Compartment

    When you talk to Ratrin Vhek on Nar Shaadaa, he mentions that there were 2 smuggling compartments. There's one in the starboard dormintory and one in the cargo hold. The cargo hold compartment is the one with the Jedi Robe, few credits, a weapon or two, and some pazaak cards. In the vanilla version of KOTOR2, the starboard side compartment that was accessible after talking to Vhek,. But I don't recall seeing the other compartment in the vanilla game. Was this restoration of the cargo hold compartment something that was meant to be restored from the game files, or was this something the TSLRCM crew added in for continuity's sake?
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  27. Thor110

    Modding KOTOR 2 on MacBook Pro

    I believe that is what subscribing to them is on Steam, though I am not sure I was reading about steam workshop mods the other day and it did say just to subscribe in order to access the mod, so I believe this is the case. Being that I haven't actually used the Steam Workshop for anything yet, I cannot say for sure. I would also imagine some steam workshop content would not be mac compatible, but I would expect it to be listed on the content.
  28. TotalRuler1

    Modding KOTOR 2 on MacBook Pro

    Separate question about installing content from Steam - Snigaroo warns against installing things from the Steam Workshop, but isn't that what "subscribing" to them is?
  29. Thor110

    Modding KOTOR 2 on MacBook Pro

    It could be possible to install a mod to an empty folder by deleting the game directory and leaving perhaps the .exe and registry entry in order to extract the necessary contents for any mods that use an installer, to allow for their use on Mac, but this is just a thought. I believe most TSLPatcher mod installations have the relevant files sat next to them, so for most mods this would be easy, but TSLRCM & M478EP are packed into .exe's so would require some form of work around, my thoughts were to install with just a registry entry on a windows machine and perhaps the swkotor2.exe to get the relevant files from the mods without having to individually figure out what is new and or has been edited, but it is also possible the .exe install may require access to files that might be modified, though I doubt it I know that the TSLPatcher is capable or combining mods that edit 2DA files or from what I have read anyway, from there somebody could upload the base files for Mac users.
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