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  1. The .txi files are missing. Every time I try to use the mod, it just gives me a Republic Trooper uniform. Yeah, not to soldier default clothes; the Trooper uniform. Halp!
  2. There was a rather terrifying bug with Duplisaber that I had. Some stages and camera angles, I'd get models without textures that were a single solid color. I found a way around this, though it was a while ago, removing a single line of optional code in the swkotor2 file (the one for game options). However, as soon as I implemented it, the game would crash in certain modules without fail. Basically, this graphical bug was inescapable. Have you fixed it, or do you plan to soon? I'm not the only one this graphical bug would happen to, so far as I'm aware. It's been over a year since I last used it, though.
  3. Is this compatible with character reskins, like Darth Sapien's Nihlius and Sion?
  4. I've been talking it over with a good friend of mine. Not only is it possible to automate streamline the process for each major issue, it's the only possible way to make it happen. Besides the voiceactors, if you had a dedicated 4-man team dedicating all their time to this project, for even just one of the games, the entire process would take a little over 200 years. However, this means there has to at least be a couple ways to fix these issues, because the game developers would've faced them for all the other dialogs as well. My friend and I have another project we're working on, and we cannot take on anything else until that vision is finally realised. When that time comes, though, or if someone else can gather a team with the proper solutions and equipment, then-bug fixes and such not included- the project would take at least 6 months on a 10 hour per week schedule. Essentially, it's all possible, somebody just has to figure out how to do it right.
  5. It's never irked me or anything, but a new notion recently struck me: Imagine if the playable characters in both KOTOR games had voiceovers to accompany their dialog choices to add another layer of depth. If possible, it would certainly be an undertaking (understatement of the century). My question, though; is it possible to begin with?
  6. Will you be making a version of the Crossguard Sabers mod for TSL? I'm a big fan of the mod, and I feel that such an edition to TSL would greatly enhance the feel of the game, plus it feels fitting due to the direct connecting drawn to Malachor V in the new canon.
  7. Hello, everyone! Bit new to the community, would like to say hi. Now that's out of the way, I've discovered a game-breaking glitch, and would like to give everyone a heads-up. For those who use mods that add new models and textures to lightsabers in TSL, such as SLM and Duplisaber, some may have the issue where the models appear as simple, colorless chrome blobs without texture to them. Someone came up with an easy fix for this, and edited one of the lines the swkotor2.ini file: One changes the line "DisableVertexBufferObjects=1" to "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1". Do not do this. It fixes the bug, but will also cause the game to crash at certain areas in-game. The two that happened to me were the Korriban Shyrack Cave, where it crashed as soon as the level loaded, and at the Telos Restoration Zone, crashing sometime during the dialog with your party and Bao-Dur. There are likely several other locations where this may happen. It's taken me nearly two weeks of experimentation with setups and different mods to figure this out, and I've reinstalled my game seven times now. Probably a stupid thing to do, considering there are several people in the community here who have actual troubleshooting experience, but I digress. If there is another plausible and non-glitchy way of solving the missing lightsaber texture bug that these mods have, I would be elated to know. Thank you, MotleyNerd
  8. Woah, old thread. I still have this problem in 1.8.5. It's solvable by deleting the K_align file still, but I was wondering if there were any other possible fixes?
  9. I'm having the same problem. What the heck's going on?
  10. Would there happen to be a code that one could enter into the cheat console in order to acquire the item?
  11. Mod isn't working. The item isn't showing up. I made sure it was installed correctly, though I do have a helluva lot of mods installed.