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  1. The install worked alright, no hitches. I'm currently testing a playthrough with a number of mods installed. Still on Peragus, only issue so far is that after almost every combat, the chatacter gets perma-stuck in place. It's similar to one of the PC bugs I've noticed, where every now and the after fighting or toggling stealth, the character gets stuck. This is easily fixable on PC, as it's a minor issue and you just have to finagle a little in-game and you can move again, but on mobile the movement and controls are much more limited and restrictive, so whatever it is that un-sticks you cannot be done (haven't tested this with stealth yet), so after every combat I have to quicksave and reload. It's gamebreaking, but only in an annoying sense. I'm hoping that switching lead party members fixes this issue, but either way it's an issue. That said, the same issue persists on PC without mods, so this may just be something in need of a general bug fix on mobile. I'll let you know if I find any issues with PartySwap installed as-is. There may not be a need to modify anything for a mobile build, but that's up to the game and to those more well-versed in coding and mod-making, which includes basically any experience actually coding or making mods.
  2. Not sure what's going on, followed install instructions correctly, phone and game are working correctly, the dlc folder (including mod_english) is in the /Home/Android/data/com.aspyr.swkotor2/files/ directory. The mod will not load, can only load up the vanilla game. Edit: NVM, accidentally put the file in /Home/Android/data/com.aspyr.swkotor/files/ instead
  3. It does. There seems to be a workaround. You aim the TSLPatcher at the mods_language file under dlc in the TSLRCM for mobile before putting it into the mobile device's files and it will recognize it as a valid destination and install as normal.
  4. Are there any plans to port PartySwap to mobile?
  5. Based on a lot of experiences, this seems to be a lot of Steam in a nutshell. They have some good stuff, but they mostly suck, and when it sucks, it does it with a screaming vengeance.
  6. How many total mods you have installed? Cuz that could also play a role in it. I may have installed a combined total of 142 files, be they mods, bug fixes, or patches.
  7. Not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but in my experience (and based on what several others have reported), the Steam version has many issues like this with graphical mods. In fact, mods that modify lightsaber models and textures do not work, and using the Holowan Duplisaber Beta will crash your game in some modules. Not only that, but the Steam version is generally unstable and plagued with performance bugs anyway, but using large mod-builds, even at it's most stable, causes constant loading and crashing errors, often seemingly out of nowhere. It also becomes more unstable the longer you play it. My most recent build, while fully functional up until an issue rose up with the Dustil Restoration and M4-78 that made Dustil never appear and then removed the dialog option with T3 that unlocks M4-78, the game would crash so often and with so little reason or warning that I started saving after almost every encounter and interaction, as well as restarting the game at least every hour. Even with only RCM installed, Steam has a funny habit of going for anywhere between 2-4 hours of gameplay before it skips over all voice lines in a dialog, and sometimes crashes. The Steam version is absolutely inferior, and I would recommend sticking with GoG, or even going to a Disk version (if you have one, can find one, or even use one). I recently purchased the GoG version, and I'm going to be switching over to it now after this latest experience. It simply is not worth the aneurysms it's bound to strat causing me if I continue to try and mess with it. The Steam version is responsible for having made it impossible for me to finish the game or even reach the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave scene for years, and this is my all-time favorite game. In the words of Darth Sion: I am glad to leave this place... at last.
  8. I haven't ever used warping, outside of the old warpbands from gamefront/filefront back when I still had the disk version of the game. Over 11 years ago, actually. I was a but a wee boy back then. But yeah, outside of other mods, I do not know how warping works or how to do it. Actually, bringing up ye old days of my early teenage years brings to mind an old mod that may still be compatible with current stuff. Another big Force power expansion mod, separate from High Level Force Powers. It had powers like Sith Alchemy, Spear of Midnight Black, and Deadly Glance. It disappeared when filefront went down years ago. Do you (or anyone else) know what mod I'm talking about or where to find it? It was one of my favorites.
  9. @Obi Wan Pere I read through the whole journey. Very impressive. I don't use all the same mods, but a large chunk of them are the same. That said, order of installation is different, as well as when I install (all from the start, which I'll admit takes several hours). Also the number of mods. I have a fairly high-end computer, so everything runs pretty smoothly, so number of mods (outside of compatibility issues in the past) is not an issue. And if you're wondering the number of mods... including bugfixes that overwrite out of date fixes in the Community Patch, there are 147 separate mods currently installed. Yes, I'm truly a madman. The biggest difference is that my computer has no disk drive, and I lost my old disk copies long ago. I use the Steam version, though I install everything manually instead of using the Workshop. It's taken me a long time to get to this point, and there could still be issues, but so far I've only hit a couple noticeable graphical bugs, all of which are either negligible or have been fixed. There's also a random clone of my character with a different head that appeared after training Bao-Dur that is just permanently in the workbench room, just standing... watching... waiting... which is harmless and hilarious. Steam version with manual installations has also inspired spastic saving, as there are random errors every now and then and the game just crashes. Nothing really gamebreaking, as they don't seem to have a pattern; they just happen on occasion. This could be the number of mods, it could be the fact that I'm not using the Workshop, or the Steam version could just be like that (even without mods, I've has some recurring issues with the Steam version). Again, saving often has saved me great heartache, and it's probably a habit I should carry over to other games as well. The only major issue that I've had has been this Coruscant bug. Might be that is simply doesn't work with Steam version on manual install anymore. I could probably check out to see if the GOG version has similar issues (it's been on sale lately, only $2.43, just got it a couple days ago), as well as Steam using Workshop. It may not be an issue with these versions. That said, having tested it on Steam manual install, this mod, even with all the compatibility stuff done, simply does not work. Either way, even if it is just this version and method that presents an issue, there hasn't been an official update to this mod for a very long time. It absolutely deserves one, even if it means another mod author has to pick it up.
  10. There seem to be patches to get this mod to work with the new updated RCM and M4-78. There are mods and patches that make it appear in the galaxy map. I have done each. I have used every combination of them. Yet every time I have tried to use this mod for the past two years, it lets me select it on the galaxy map, does the first two bik film cutscenes for the transition, then it cuts out and plops me back into the Ebon Hawk cockpit without loading up the map or changing location. No matter which planet I try travelling from, I remain on that planet. It is impossible to go to Coruscant. I typically do very large, heavy modpacks. It's taken me a while to figure out the balance of what to put in and in what order to install. Everything else works fine. It is just this mod. Even when I just put it in with a couple base mods (RCM & M4-78), it still does this. I loved this mod when it still worked. But now it just doesn't. I'm sure there are others who are experiencing this and simply cannot get it to work, same as me. This mod has not been directly updated in any way since 2016, and it seems to be completely incompatible with other mods currently used and updated consistently. Even with only RCM and M4-78, with the current versions, even using compatibility patches, this mod does not work. It needs to be updated so that it works with the current modded content, as in its current state it is unusable.
  11. Because of this mod, Scoundrel dual blaster wielders are much more viable. As one who prefers to play as Scoundrel, this is quite appreciated.
  12. The .txi files are missing. Every time I try to use the mod, it just gives me a Republic Trooper uniform. Yeah, not to soldier default clothes; the Trooper uniform. Halp!
  13. There was a rather terrifying bug with Duplisaber that I had. Some stages and camera angles, I'd get models without textures that were a single solid color. I found a way around this, though it was a while ago, removing a single line of optional code in the swkotor2 file (the one for game options). However, as soon as I implemented it, the game would crash in certain modules without fail. Basically, this graphical bug was inescapable. Have you fixed it, or do you plan to soon? I'm not the only one this graphical bug would happen to, so far as I'm aware. It's been over a year since I last used it, though.
  14. Is this compatible with character reskins, like Darth Sapien's Nihlius and Sion?
  15. I've been talking it over with a good friend of mine. Not only is it possible to automate streamline the process for each major issue, it's the only possible way to make it happen. Besides the voiceactors, if you had a dedicated 4-man team dedicating all their time to this project, for even just one of the games, the entire process would take a little over 200 years. However, this means there has to at least be a couple ways to fix these issues, because the game developers would've faced them for all the other dialogs as well. My friend and I have another project we're working on, and we cannot take on anything else until that vision is finally realised. When that time comes, though, or if someone else can gather a team with the proper solutions and equipment, then-bug fixes and such not included- the project would take at least 6 months on a 10 hour per week schedule. Essentially, it's all possible, somebody just has to figure out how to do it right.