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  1. Interesting, thanks for the details! I doubt you're soliciting suggestions, but for reference I want to put these here: Yuthura Ban may or may not have been a Dark Side alternative to Juhani at some point, and a quest on Sleheyron was in the cards. Read here: Would be a lot of work to implement this, but maybe in the future if anyone wants to try for an add-on to this mod it would be cool.
  2. Hi Sithspecter, I'm curious how much of your Sleheyron aligns with the actual cut plans and vision for the planet from Bioware, or if this is a totally new construction that started with the two cut modules as a base but with a totally new questline.
  3. Hey everyone, Does a patch exist making the Recruitable Kay mod compatible with the latest edition of the K1R mod? I'm hoping to use both in my next playthrough, and the Kay download page simply says that the two mods are untested. If there is no patch, is there a recommended loading order to avoid problems? Also, how does Kay affect BOS:SR, since they use the same Tatooine module? Thanks!
  4. Good day, My friend recently asked me for help with installing a few mods for their new playthrough of KOTOR II. Specifically, we were trying to install PartySwap 1.3.3, but the computer being used is a Mac (OS Big Sur). When I played KOTOR on my Mac a few computers ago, I knew how to just copy/paste the files from a mod download into the correct folders, but right now I'm rusty and I don't want to mess up anything on their computer. Can anyone walk me through which folders need to be dumped where when not using TSLpatcher? Thank you!
  5. There's an NPC in Javyar's Cantina named Ja'Gatcha. Ja'Gatcha is one of the only two Paaerduags in all of KOTOR (and indeed, in all of Legends continuity.) Strangely enough, however, Ja'Gatcha doesn't do anything but answer some very basic questions about himself, Taris, and his homeworld Sorjus, effectively serving no purpose. Has anyone ever examined this NPC and found if they were supposed to be part of something bigger? They're tucked away in a corner and have always felt odd to me since my first playthrough.
  6. That's too bad. Truthfully, I didn't expect much to be left over, but there's always a chance. Maybe if Sleheyron ever does get fully restored, then someone can look into it.
  7. I read it in this thread: http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/3653-wip-recruit-dark-side-juhani/page-1?do=findComment&comment=43977
  8. Hey everybody. I'm relatively new to Deadly Stream, although not to KOTOR/TSL and modding the games in general, so I hope that this is in the correct forum. I recently heard somewhere that Yuthura Ban has cut dialogue that would imply that she could be recruited if Juhani was dead. Presumably, this would mean that she is still a dark jedi, although I can't say for certain. I wanted to know if anyone could fact-check this and determine A) if Yuthura was once intended to be a party member, and how much could be salvaged and restored. Are there voice overs? Lines from her as a companion or just in the process of recruiting her? A side-quest? Also, for future reference, how would I go about checking that myself? Thanks!