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  1. Hi Maybe someone had a strange bug so, when i finished dark academy mission aka finding vash and also i got a m4-78 mod installed but lets focus about secret 711Kor thats the name of map when i found a hand within datapad i didint get any scene about Nebelish situation ,but when im going for the place wher dustil stands theres normal conversation with him, but he dont push me out from this area where he stood, and dialogue skips and he is killed and , on journal its said its about ending that he was killed in ebon hawk but be glitch he is killed on this map 711 kor i dont remember excatly that name area, but lets focus how to fix mod, and is thats fault of journal ?
  2. View File Darth Traya-new unique model with her animation (Kreia) feel the true power of the Sith there always need to be a Darth Traya Lady of Betreyal my mod add for her a unique robes which is fully animated except Kreia002 model Submitter axanik Submitted 04/13/2018 Category Skins TSLRCM Compatible  
  3. axanik

    Command & Conquer

    Sure i converted model for kotor II with their unique animations from original game like Saul Stance also in free time im testing my unique Malak armor but theres a problem with his cape skin becouse Its animated
  4. axanik

    Command & Conquer

    i use officer outfit as my exile clothing i got model upgraded with unique stances of Saul with unique haps-lash imperial officer ja academy model <3 like one from "[KotOR] NPC Overhaul Mod 1.01" created by Kainzorus Prime
  5. axanik

    Command & Conquer

    wow Saul kot a new model ? right and outfit is imported from JEDI ACADEMY <3 i would be grateful if you could link to model
  6. is that's possible to make that in blender i'm use blender often, but modeling with UV MAP is a new for me
  7. from russian site :
  8. May I get a link for that handmaiden hairstyle mod? <3 btw it's not my project what i wanted to make , i has to said it's easer to make add new hair for model but it's difficult to use that with 2 textures in one as your Handmaiden mod
  9. it's seem the my modified model work great, but i have a problem with additional texture hair aka import from new model as i see in your new Handmaiden mod in head textures they got a 2 faces aka original of Handmaiden and ''Atris Bun'' hair with her face i was trying to do that for my model but that's not worked ;( i assume you know how to fix that<3