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  1. it happens, but it requires malachor not to be destroyed, you likely won't see it in LS playtrough
  2. No, one can get whatever they prefer. Steam is easier, but exe is better if you want to use other mods. Only times it doesn't ask for install directory, that I know of, is if you already had TSLRCM or M4 installed. As a hack, if you can't uninstall TSLRCM, you could just have it install on C and copy everything it installs to your kotor folder.
  3. It's a Russian translation, no content changes.
  4. You make an MP3, rename it, remove mp3 extension and type in WAV. That's what vanilla VOs do, more or less. But it's not required. Regular MP3s work just fine - the game crashing ones must have been encoded weirdly. FYI they've been updated in an installer I uploaded yesterday
  5. They work as MP3s, you don't need a fake WAV header. Dunno why some, listed in this thread, apparently crashed the game for people
  6. fyi those fixed VOs SH uploaded can't be used with steam version because aspyr broke something and wavs don't play
  7. They trashed TLJ pretty hard, not to mention how much shit they gave Rouge One. Their take is that both those movies, despite being bad, are still better than the prequels because at least they're competently made. And I totally agree with that.
  8. Hahaha it was terrible. So-bad-it's-funny though, so it's not all bad. Much worse than TLJ. I defended some stuff in TLJ, there's nothing really to defend in this one.
  9. what is that I keep hearing people say that ever since Episode 7 discussion but I have no idea where it came from. I don't remember hearing that name in either of the movies. Right?
  10. It's been 10 years (and a day) since TSLRCM's first public release.

    1. Sith Holocron
    2. Canderis


      And I'm just getting through it now! i've been slacking off.

  11. I bet he just copied files into a single folder without a second thought regarding compatibility and the whole pack won't even work properly.
  12. That That last shot was the best laugh I've had watching a movie in a long time.
  13. I don't know much about it, but Polish version of K1 had dialogF.tlk so they're definitely supported, but I don't know if you need to take any additional steps for the game to read it. TLK files have language ID in them, so it might be that it only checks for dialogF for certain languages.
  14. I agree for the most part and wish I knew about some of those bugs before releasing, but loled at "political idiocy" when I just didn't have installer for ds. There's nothing I could upload that's not already in the installer. Scripts can be decompiled easily, and source code I have doesn't have any meaningfull comments that could potentially help anyone. If someone wants to fix bugs, they've got all the files and tools they need. I won't be able to until June.
  15. The quest log text was bugged. I fixed that when reuploading to DS a few days after initial 1.5 release. It's just the text, though. Two assassins not turning hostile was reported earlier, and I'll fix it. It doesn't impact anything though other than looking weird. Sion is not supposed to show up, no bug there.
  16. If the compatibility change is related to 703kor, then 1.3 patch will work for M4 1.5
  17. Nah, just the stuff related to droid quest for nobody-likes-to-walk reasons. There's not a lot cut, but it is possible to skip a lot. Looking forward to seeing someone do the Environmental Zone first.
  18. Yes. They shouldn't appear as a droid either. thanks for mentioning, good catch if they do. I'll check it out.
  19. The funniest part of the letter is them saying they've worked on it for "tens of thousands of hours". If they couldn't produce any kind of gameplay in that time frame, then the game would take at least 100 years to complete If they had any actual skill they would use all their attention to kickstart a random sci-fi game right now. Call it "spiritual successor" for additional bucks. It's a safe bet they'd raise something at this point. I'd actually really like to watch that fail.
  20. Thanks for the report, I'll check these out. TBH Where did your FPS drop in the Industrial Zone? Was it in the biggest module (if so, which part) or one of the smaller ones? Having 1.3 previously installer shouldn't lead to issues as long as you didn't start M4-78 itself before installing 1.5. Glad you liked it! I assume it wasn't your first time, but you played the previous version and thought a new one was an improvement? I added some spoiler tags to your post in case someone wants to be surprised by the new ending, hope you don't mind. Yeah, I believe so. That quest existed to "break up all the walking", as HH always said. My goal was not to force player into walking more than once at all.
  21. What's new? * Changes to the ending * New intro (less spliced party members lines) * Reduced amount of walking * Fast travel in droid quest - no more running trough the planet multiple times * You can now do Environmental Zone first and gain Kaak's help, allowing you to skip a large part of the Industrial Zone * Better filters on VOs so your ears won't bleed (at least not as much) * Industrial Zone FPS drop fixed * Other stuff Available for download on deadlystream: Steam version probably coming soon.
  22. Yes, that's their plan. That's why they allowed Aspyr to add Steam Workshop support for mods.