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  1. Oh thanks! I remember Fair Strides mentionning it. Altough he told me he was writing a completly new version of KSE (with a new UI). Also this repo only feature build scripts and KPF updates as far as I saw.
  2. Dear Deadlystream comunity, I've been reviewing my personnal repositories on github recently and thought you would appreciate me putting in public my KotOR Savegame Editor repository: This version has been "forked" from the latest release of @Fair Strides (Deadlystream link). I quote "forked" as the source code had not properly been released on a dedicated git repository, so the original perl code was extracted directly from the archive. I remember having a couple of discussions with Fair Strides, but I never really had time to do a public release. This version adds a couple of very useful features that weren't present in the origianl KSE code: - Adding screenshot display when selecting a savegame // muuuch easier to find the save you're looking for! - Ability to change the player position: X, Y, Z // YES it is possible! Altough you need to put coordinates that are valid (see blue areas with Kotor Toolset maps) - Ability to read and modify the doors on the maps - Ability to read and modify the inventory of the placeables - Ability to read and modify the inventory of the stores - Adding Creatures section under Area - Adding full support for ASPYR kotor versions (linux/macos) - Adding compatibily with compressed ASPYR save files (Nintendo Switch version) // those file are actually just simply compressed - A couple of bug fixes and optimizations while reading/writing your savegame files Hope you will enjoy this fresh version of the good old KSE 😄 EDIT: For everybody to get access to this version, one of the staff member could create a dedicated dowload page for it 😊 Cheers, Nadrino
  3. nadrino

    the switch port

    By directly looking into the Switch game files, it does not seem to have any trace of TSLRCM. Maybe they did include some fixes from the pack, but no module files are present (./Modules/*.mod) so I don't see how they would have fully included the restored content.
  4. In order to make mods that need to edit NCS scripts, it is necessary to decompile the ones present within the .mod files of TSLRCM. For a better accuracy and making sure our mods are not introducing new bugs, it would be very useful to have access to the .nss files that made the scripts presents in TSLRM module packages. Is there a github page where TSLRCM source code is accessible?
  5. I'm trying to identify which script triggers the XP wipe out when we finish the prologue. It seems like TSLRCM is extending the wiped out XP when we choose to skip the prologue (the original version would keep the XP). So I'm wondering which ".ncs" script is responsible for this. Additionnally my intention would also be to copy T3-M4 invetory to the storage room of the Peragus mining station as the holocron logs suggest. This might be a bit more complicated than just moving inventory as it is done when we arrive on Telos the first time, since this map (106PER) is trigger after loading the administrative level (101PER).
  6. By chance do you know which format is supported for the switch version?
  7. I've looked at but I'm running on macOS, and would have to make this fake wave header myself. Do you know which MP3 format is supported: you said mono already, but is there any requirement in bitrate/sampling frequency?
  8. Thanks a lot @DarthParametric! I indeed forgot the subfolder structure in streamwaves. Apparently it also works with raw .wav files. Is there some versions of the game that are only compatible with mp3 (with fake wav header)? Cheers!
  9. Hi guys, As the title says, I'm trying to replace some alien voice with real speech audio files. Anyone has an experience in this subject? I realise I can edit the default alien sound override within the DLG files, but I can't replace with another sound file. The dialog triggers but no sound is playing while the character is speaking. Cheers!
  10. Yeah. I tried to decompile the XBE file, but still no "Punch it, Chewie!". However, I could figure out the free cam is there :
  11. I just looked in the XBox files to try to catch the string "Punch it, Chewie!". This is what is display in the feedback menu when you typed correcly the button combination. Strange thing : no trace of this string in the file "dialog.tlk", where everything is supposed to be stored... Maybe the freecam is harcoded in the executable.
  12. Go in the message menu and type : X, Left, A, X. Then you can quit the GUI and press R3 to enable the freecam.