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Playable Lizardlike Characters

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This mod will add 2 male & 2 female playable characters. The characters are lizardlike in appearance, and I was inspired by the green skinned PC included in the Holowan Plug-in2 (I think that skin was done by Colja).


The race of these PCs is listed as Lizard in the appearance.2da file. I tried to model them after a Star Wars universe race, but I couldn't find one that suited my personal tastes. According to Wookieepedia, there are 5 different mutated sub-species of Nikto. Unfortunately there are already Green Nikto in Kotor (Swoop Gang members), and I wouldn't be able to duplicate their look. Another reptilian species is the Koorivar. They have a large cranial horn that looks great for a senator with fancy robes, but didn't work for a soldier in Kotor (possible clipping issues with headgear). A close possibility was the Falleen, but they have hair, large spinal ridges, and tiny scales. I wanted bald with large scales, and I didn't think that I could model the ridges. In the end I just went with what I thought looked good.


My PCs are patterned after green geckos and desert tan horned lizards, and I have modified PMHC01, PMHA03, PFHB05 & PFHC05. The head models have all been changed to have rounded ears close to the head, with some additional ridges and spikes to the eyebrows and skull. The scales pattern is a re-used Krayt dragon skin, and the hardest part was to make all the scales blend and match at the seams in the model, especially around the ears. They also have underwear skins for all three classes, complete with wet looking scales.

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