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    Bao-Dur is Buff

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    Playable Sand Person

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    Nubian Queen Talia

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    G0-T0 Overhaul

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    Juhani Romance Enhancement

    I've yet to try this in action and see just how it works, but I got so excited when I saw this file, I had to get it. I hope it works, and I'll let you know if it doesn't, but there shoudn't be any issues, I think.
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    Newbiemodder's Korriban Expansion

    Having an issue. I think this mod is causing a regular old Jedi Robe to have the Kotor 1 jedi robe mesh, while retaining the vanilla a_robe_08 texture. I don't know enough about modding to be able to manually locate the mesh file and fix this issue. And the only reason I have for believing that it is this particular mod that's causing it, is that this supposedly has Jolee Bindo, and I'm assuming you used his K1 appearance.