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/*I say it is TSLRCM compatible, but it does edit the spells.2da, so if 1.8 does so, you might have to do some work.*/

FreeDancing, Step Right Upby Fair Strides

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This started outas a bad idea, but long story short, after spending five hours hassling mira'sdialogue, trying to make Mira and the PC(who was female) dance together. Itdidn't want to work at all, and I couldn't change the camera angles becauseTK102's dlgeditor couldn't edit the angles(to my knowledge, at least) and Iread that Kotor Tool will ruin TSL dialogue files. The item I am adding to thegame is a stimulant called 'Dancer'. It had to be a stimulant, since I couldn'tmake it a shield and I wasn't sure how to make use of the 'Activate item'property on an armband.



Anyways, sorry for thelong intro. This mod lets you dance anytime you want, so long as you arefemale.(Can someone test this with a male, because I'm unsure if they have thedancer animations). You have the option of which dance animation you want to use,though I see no difference between the two. The animation will go on forever aslong as you don't move, talk, or do any action whatsoever.





Just run the.exe to install the mod, and pick which animation you want to use. Touninstall, just copy and paste everything in the tslpatchdata folder into youroverride, and hit 'yes to all', then hit the delete key on your keyboard.





None. I managedto get it so that the item can work on two or more people at a time.





My patience for makingme go on, and my self-restraint for not letting me punch through my computerscreen after five hours of dilogue editing that proved useless.





You have thegiven right to modify these files any way you wish, for personal or public use,but if for public use please contct me to let me know ahead of time and to seewhat's been changed. Disreagard this requirement after 4/30/2060.

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  • 7/28/2012~~Only release.

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