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M4-78 Enhancement Project 1.5

1. Description:
This mod adds the planet of M4-78 to the game, where you can find Master Vash alive. The planet is only available after finishing Korriban. You will find a clue on how to get to M4-78 in Korriban's Sith Academy.

* Brand new planet consisting of seven new, unique locations!
* Over two hours of additional game play!
* Explore the mysterious Droid's Planet in a dialog-heavy adventure, with over 1000 lines of voiced dialogs!
* Your actions on M4-78 have impact on other planets, making it feel like a legitimate part of the game!
* Restored previously unavailable unique droid items for your party members!

Please note that for now, M4-78 Enhancement Project is ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH THE ENGLISH VERSION OF THE SITH LORDS!

2. Installation:
1. First, you will need to get the most up-to-date version of TSL Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM 1.8.5). It's available for download here: http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/578-tsl-restored-content-mod/
Please note that M4-78EP will NOT work AT ALL without TSLRCM.
2. Follow TSLRCM's installation instructions.
3. Once TSLRCM is successfully installed, run M4-78EP.exe (or on Steam run the Workshop installation). Installer will ask you where you want to install the mod - it should figure out where TSLRCM is installed by itself, so you probably won't need to change that. If, for some reason, the installer shows an incorrect folder, make sure you change it to directory where KotOR 2 is installed (where swkotor2.exe is located, NOT any of subfolders), same as TSLRCM.
 4. While we try our best to make this mod as bug-free as possible, with the many options of KOTOR2 and our small testing team it can happen that bugs, including critical ones, pass through. We will fix them, so check our site for any potential updates and patches.
 5. Install any compatible mods you desire now.

3.1 1.5 Major Changes:
* New ending
* New intro (less spliced party members lines)
* Reduced amount of walking
* Fast travel in droid quest - no more running trough the planet multiple times
* You can now do Environmental Zone first and gain Kaak's help, allowing you to skip a large part of the Industrial Zone
* Better filters on VOs so your ears won't bleed (at least not as much)
* Other stuff

3.2 1.3 Update fix list:
! Replaced Voice-Overs (CS-36, Industrial Rogue Droid and more)
! New Voice-Overs
! Gonk droids, courtesy of newbiemodder!!!

General Fixes and changes:
* You will no longer receive a droid army on Telos if M4-78 has been ordered to make Environmental Droids instead.
* All side quests now have "Bonus Mission" behind their name to differentiate them from required missions.
* Complete pass over journal-text and conversation options to make doubly sure it's impossible to get lost.

Central Zone:
* You will no longer magically know about CS-28 if you recover his lost part before talking to him, journal entry will be vague in that occurrence. Also fixed some issues where you could show CS-28 the part without owning it and talking about finding it before asking him what he's looking for.
* Changed footstep sound of repair droids.

Industrial Zone:
* IS-07 renamed to Loading Droid as he has no role in the mod at all.
* Fixed camera issue using the test console.
* Fixed camera issue when talking to Designer droid for the "Recent History" side quest.
* Fixed infinite spawn of combat droids in the droid segment if re-entering the Zone.
* Slightly improved frame rate (if you still have issues turning off shadows is recommended).
* Fixed repaired cleaner droid cut scene running twice.
* IS-43 now moves back to his position after the cleaner droids gets fixed.
* Added a new journal quest for the mission to get into the cleaning droid trash containers.
* Improved consistency between droid segment and exile segment.

Environmental Zone:
* Boss Droid now drops various random droid items (2-6) as additional reward.
* Added clairvoyance effect to the reveal of the Boss.
* Corrected screen that was clipping through a wall.
* Moved back some turrets so it's unlikely they will target you through the wall.
* Renamed ES-44 to Environmental Droid and gave it a unique line.
* Removed trigger that made it difficult to talk to the escort droid that brings you across the minefields.
* Fixed issue where minefield escort cut scene didn't trigger upon certain dialogue choices.

M4-78 Core:
* You can now target the force field control terminal with a controller.

Rapid Transport System:
* Industrial Escort now shows in-module jump without having used the door yet (of course you can't use it until the door is opened).
* You can now use the escort droid to go to IS-24 after unlocking access.
* Industrial droids can no longer escort you to themselves.
* The escort droids in the Central Zone and Industrial Zone now have a map note.

Thanks to geordyjones:
* Made tweaks to the Industrial Zone door cut scenes to make it much clearer why you're looking for cleaner droid access.
* No longer displays party selection at start of the planet (having to convert to droids anyway).
* During T3's side quest fixed all mentions of "construction droid" to "repair droid" as they're properly called.
* Renamed Fight Witness to "Fight Witness" to make it more apparent it's not a generic central zone droid.
* Modified duration on many lines around the planet.
* Fixed unintentional conversation breaks with IS-58.
* Fixed missing line on IS-63.

3.2 1.2 Update fix list:
* Fixed issue with Industrial Zone maintenance droid that allowed infinite experience.
* Fixed main quest breaking glitch involving T3's solo quest.
* Fixed being able to supply fuel by both Vogga and M4-78, rather than making the intended choice.
* Fixed journal being updated when you didn't find a part inside the cleaning droids rather than if you found a part.
* Removed many of the boxes near droid testing, allowed access to the loot of the remaining ones, updated loot tables of several 'containers' in that module to match TSLRCM's fixed loot script.

3.3 1.1B Update fix list:
* Fixed issue where "Data Transfer" could not be completed if acquired after meeting Kaah, but before visiting M4-78EP, or if you triggered the 'hidden' ending.
* After starting the 'Thrash' goal with IS-43 you can ask him again what you’re supposed to do now, in case one might forget.
* Corrected wrong class-check in Black Market Droid conversation that could break the conversation.
* Improved Telos Droid Assistance cut scene.
* Added VO that was missing from the installer.

3.4 Patch fix list:
! Fixed "stuttering droid" bug.
! Additional content!
! Added 2 Easter Eggs. Go find them ;)
! Modified end game sequences.
! Telos Attack and the Rebuild Academy are now properly updated like they should, as they were accidentally left out of the original installation.
! Various spelling and grammatical fixes throughout the mod.
! Updated several quest entries for added clarity.
! Changed learning "Niman" to "Juyo" for Sentinels, Assassins and Jedi Watchmen.

* New side quests "Elimination Required", "Global Infiltration" or "A Droid Too Many" will run together with the droid's solo quest to remove the radiation, and should provide some distraction from the walking. Finishing one of these quests will give the droid you control a small permanent boosts to their functionality.
* Several droids throughout the colony have more to say. And some brand new ones appeared!
* Killing Vash will no longer incorrectly increment 000_Jedi_Killed, which could lead to various issues.
* Fixed Vash appearing on M4-78 too soon when talking to T3 about the Jedi Masters.
* Fixed Vash appearing injured if it stated M4-78 and not dead when talking to T3.
* Changed hyperspace to look a little more like vanilla hopefully.
* The M4-78 landing and leaving movies now appear in the movies screen once seen in game.
* M4-78's music can now be listened at from the 'music' tab after game completion.
* Changed learning "Niman" to "Juyo" for Sentinels, Assassins and Watchmasters, since Vash teaches Niman, and this could lead to game breaking issues if Vash wasn't the last Jedi Master the PC met using these classes.
* Grenn will acknowledge possessing M4-78 fuel during the Telos under Attack sequence.

* Fixed Lost Jedi not updating sometimes. (T3 hint)
* Fixed conversation break and no quest update with Disciple. (No Atton)
* Fixed Disciple vo/st mismatch.

M4-78 Landing Pad:
* Fixed exile appearing shortly before the interlude cut-scene.

M4-78 Central Zone:
* Changed mechanics of the M4-78 door opening, preventing the door to open but an invisible wall still blocking you entrance in certain cases. We also fixed the door still being visibly floating above the building when open.
* Modified broken droid dialogue to make it slightly more obvious where to get the droid legs.
* If you kill Vash you will now also get a proper introduction to M4-78.
* The force field can no longer be bashed by a lightsaber (if so, why was Vash still there?)
* Fixed "hidden ending."
* Modified core-quest update script. It would return 'have 1' if you had 5 or more. Now it will always return you have enough (4) if that's the case.
* Fixed the maintenance droid not giving you 2 cores if you used a certain conversation options and then aborted the conversation.

M4-78 Environmental Zone:
* Fixed HK not being re-added after HK-50 fight (missing file).
* Reduced hit points of boss droid
* Kaah's meeting will now give you a lightsaber (part) whether he remains alive or dies.

M4-78 Industrial Zone:
* Fixed missing quest update from retrieving memory core from living astromech droids.
* Fixed all astromech droids once broken being able to give the part, not just the one who should have got it.
* Fixed IS-56 sometimes not talking about I0-01, blocking progress.
* Some Droid Designers were sent back to work, and will now use the computer animation instead of standing around doing nothing.
* Fixed medical vendor showing all stims twice in his inventory.
* You can now finish "Data Transfer" if you acquire the quest after completing the planet's storyline.

M4-78 Core:
* Fixed Kaah not properly appearing when leaving the mainframe in some cases.
* Kaah will no longer drop a lightsaber upon being killed.
* "M4-78: Recent History" will now close with a failure quest description if you enter the M4-78 core while it being rendered unable to be completed.
* Reduced hit points of Vash

M4-78 radiation flooded sections:
* IS-43 will now look the same during and after the radiation flood.

4. Uninstall
Run uninstall program created in your game's main directory.

5. FAQ / Known Issues
Q. How do I know if the game successfully installed?
A. There are two ways to note. Check when installing that you didn't have any errors.  Also when loading the game, did the legal screen get replaced with a full page legal screen that said "M4-78 Enhancement Project"

Q. Conversation breaks with error in the Korriban Academy.
A. M4-78EP is only for the English version of The Sith Lords. Other versions will not be able to start and complete the planet properly, sorry.

Q. M4-78 does not appear on the galaxy map.
A. Finish Korriban, and follow your quest instructions. Alternatively, another mod may conflict, please check our forums if this is the case.

Q. Slow performance in the Industrial Zone.
A. If you experience this, try turning down graphics for the duration of this map. Especially turning off (soft) shadows has noted a great increase in performance. Also make sure the Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 fix is in your swkotor2.ini under [Graphics Options]!

Q. I can't finish "Recent history: M4-78"!
A. This quest requires you to very specifically interrogate droids and events around the world. It's intended to be only completable for the very thorough. Try to finish it if you can!
With the patch it will automatically fail if you don't, so it won't remain in your quest log for the entire game may you fail to do so.

Q. I am missing droids.
A. Make sure you have no incompatible mods running along M4-78EP.

Q. I can't find all 4 power cores for the puzzle
A. There are more than 4 cores to be found, so there are several options where you missed one or several. Check with every droid, and make sure to loot everything to find the ones you missed!

Q. My question is not answered here!
A. Feel free to ask us at our official forum;

6. Credits:
» Project Leaders
- Zbyl2 - Project Leader, scripting, storyline/dialog writing & editing, voice over auditions, texture editing and more
- Stoney - Former project leader, scripting, storyline/dialog writing & editing, texture editing, modeling and more
- Hassat Hunter - dialog correction, scripting, bug fixing, patch lead

» Storyline
- Sharen Thrawn - former lead writer
- Lord of Hunger - storyline ideas
- JCarter426 - storyline writing/ideas for the Industrial Zone
- Sith Holocron - input on storyline and planet's past

» Modeling / Texturing
- Stoney                Many new or edited placeable objects
- Quanon                Archon models
- Khrizby                New animations and fixed models
- Redrob41                Droid re-skins
- 90SK                    A LOT OF droid re-skins
- Sith Holocron                Animated screen textures

» Beta Testing
- Stoney
- Hassat Hunter
- Qui-Gon Glenn
- Atton Rand
- Nsinger998
- Zhaboka
- drunklol
- arekushu
- twdarkeh
- dashrendar
- Sith Holocron

Voice Acting
Kaah Ohtok                        Zhaboka
CS-36 (Central Zone Official Information Unit)        Danule
M4-78's Main AI                        Sith Holocron
ES-05 (Environmental Archon)                Louise du Cray
IS-24 (Industrial Zone Archon)                90SK
IS-02 (Maintenance Unit}                Nolan Tashijan
IS-56/Researcher Droid/KL-92                Edwyn Tiong
LS-44 (Greeter Droid)                    Ripulesyou
IS-84 (Droid Designer Lead)                Runawayjam
Random Design Droids                    Drew Mochak
War Droids/Central Zone's Maintenance Unit/
Force Field Operator/Escort Droids            Caleb Woodard
Force Field Operator                    Trayusstudent
Sith Soldier                        Mrcharlton
CS-45 (Central Zone Original Information Unit)        James Beagon
Accused Environmental Droid in Central Zone        Jerry C
CS-28 (Central Zone Maintenance Droid Assistant)    Dylan
Medical Units                        ABagOfVicodin
Additional Construction Droid/
Landing Arm Supervisor                    Sonbiru "Dr. Son"
IS-43 (Supervisor of Cleaner Droids)            Daniel Conner
Fight Witness                        Adam Brennecke
I1-02 (Re-programmed Maintenance Unit)        Connaugh
The Inquisitive Droid at the end of Industrial Zone    Thomo93
Cleaning Droid Warning System                ReddHorrocks
Main Manufacturing Unit                    Kevin Smets
Additional Industrial Zone Droids                ThisIsSnaik
Additional Environmental Units                 Tuomas "Iterator" Kuosmanen
Droid with Missing Legs                    Dr. John Faller
Black Market Droid                    CommissarBRO

Voice Splicing
- Sith Holocron
- HK-47

Special Thanks
Geordyjones - For his excellent TSLRCM and M4-78EP run, which was entertaining and very useful as base to see what potential issues were still in the game, as seeing one actually play and react immediately generally was more of an aid than sometimes vague after-playthrough impressions. Many of the fixes in M4-78EP 1.3 were done due to this run.

JCarter426 – voiceovers in previous versions and the new end credit movie
Revan411 – voiceovers in previous versions
Jaedar – voiceovers in previous versions
Ghostlyhamburger – voiceovers in previous versions
L0ki194 – voiceovers in previous versions
Yceman (aka Darthycey) – For our original end credit movie
Danule’s services can be contracted on Fiverr.com. (https://www.fiverr.com/danule/)
Reddhorrocks’ services can be contracted on Fiverr.com. (https://www.fiverr.com/reddhorrocks/)
Connaugh’s services can be contracted on Fiverr.com. (https://www.fiverr.com/connaugh)
JCarter426’s services can be contracted on Fiverr.com. (https://www.fiverr.com/jcarter426)

7. Distribution Notes
Thanks to Doctor (previous site owner of deadlystream.com, formerly known as DeadlyStream) and Tyvokka (current owner of deadlystream.com) for giving us space on the forums and all the people of the TSL community that helped with bug finding in the original release.
Thanks to tk102 for the dlg editor
Thanks to Jdnoa and Dashus for the tools they created for which none of this would be possible without them.
This mod may not be modified or distributed without the explicit permission of the authors.


What's New in Version 1.5   See changelog


* New ending
* New intro (less spliced party members lines)
* Reduced amount of walking
* Fast travel in droid quest - no more running trough the planet multiple times
* You can now do Environmental Zone first and gain Kaah's help, allowing you to skip a large part of the Industrial Zone
* Better filters on VOs so your ears won't bleed (at least not as much)

* Fixed FPS Drop in the Industrial Zone
* Other stuff


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   9 of 9 members found this review helpful 9 / 9 members

I'm sorry, but in its current state I cannot recommend the mod. It's a tragedy, because M4-78 adds very vital content to KotOR II. But the current version of the mod suffers from questionable design choices, and annoying bugs.

The initial "clear the radiation" quest has multiple instances of the character being abruptly teleported to elsewhere on the planet after exiting dialogue. There is no warning, no option to refuse, nor even a transition. It's a very jarring and disruptive mechanic that greatly detracts from the experience. Moreover, it's entirely unnecessary due to the planet already having escort droids for fast travel. It feels like a developer shortcut that got left in without testing how it would affect ordinary players.

Said quest also has issues if one chooses to play as T3-M4: all of his responses to dialogue are untranslated droidspeak onomatopoeia. While this is consistent with his adventure in the warehouse, it proves somewhat problematic here. In the warehouse, his choice of response (when you had a choice at all) was of little consequence. That is not the case on M4-78 - what you say actually matters here, and the untranslated droidspeak thus reduces players to blind fumbling. Either his responses should be translated in-game, or players should be provided an external cheat sheet.

Moving beyond that, two of the planetary sidequests are broken. The "Deadly Upgrade" quest will reinsert itself into the player's journal after completion the instant the player sets foot in the Research and Development area, with the journal entry acting as if the player killed the malfunctioning assault droid themself regardless of their actual choice (which, given the assault droid is an egregious damage sponge if the player fights it, was probably to fetch CS-28). The quest "Fixing Droids" on the other hand is missing a key item - the developers deleted the placeable where the item spawned, and did not set a replacement location for it. They have also yet to publish the item code, so currently you can't even work around that with Kotor Savegame Editor or the cheat console.

I have yet to get this far myself due to the other issues, but the final combat encounter reportedly also suffers from a bug where one of the enemies fails to enter aggressive mode.

So for the time being, I must unfortunately say to give this one a miss. If a patch or a v1.6 release is made that resolves these issues, that opinion will probably change. But right now, the rough edges are too sharp.

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Ajax A128

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Darth Hayze

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