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  1. Well...TSLRCM 1.8.2 is out...M4-78 EP is seems that, as the title says "An Ending Mod", this is the last piece required to complete the Kotor II puzzle
  2. Thank you for this awesome present to all of us
  3. zbyl2 and all the developers who worked on the TSLRCM+M4 mods, thank you for all your hard work.
  4. The time for reinstalling Kotor 2 has finally come Thank you,zbyl2, for this beautiful present.
  5. Take your time, considering that you're doing this totally for free and what was created until now was amazing, you guys deserve all what you need in order to ensure the quality of your work.
  6. I'm happy that the new version is ready,but i'll wait for the Malachor IV+Genoharadan+M4-78EP mods before installing it. No offence of course,i already played with the 1.7 version and it was great, but i prefer to wait in order to enjoy the complete The Sith Lords experience.
  7. Inexia


    Check on: It's basically an emulator of what was originally a sandobox mmorpg created and managed by Sony. This project started in 2004 and now it looks like they are very close to the end (it's totally free, except that you should buy the original game. Amazon online usually sells it for a few pounds/bucks).
  8. Inexia


    SWGEmu project is going on pretty good i must say, so i was thinking if anyone would be interested in forming a small community of players, in order to play on their server
  9. Hello everyone, i'm from Italy and i love old school rpg . It's amazing that a community of people who still love a true rpg such Kotor 2 exists ("Kotor 2", "NWN 2: Motb" and "Fallout: New Vegas", the true Fallout 2 sequel, were the last true rpgs in my opinion...) and i'd be glad to join you.
  10. Great work guys, considering that you have a life too it's amazing the fact you're going at this rate Keep it up!