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  1. New version is up , v1.5 , probably closer in size to what you were saying ,533.83 MB There are other ,older (possibly smaller) versions floating around out there ,always best to get it from here or maybe check Moddb ,new versions used to get posted there too ,not sure if that's still the case though . It gives you an extra planet to do some more fun things on ,just make sure to install "The Restored Content Mod" before installing this . -------------------------------- Thanks a lot to all those involved in making this new release ,a good time to re-visit the game, methinks.
  2. Thanks for the mod Kexikus . I'm just about to install the B.O.S mod so this is great.

    Invisible Headgear

    Very clever and useful mod ,does what it says . Thanks .

    Zaalbar's Items

    Perfect wookie mod Thnaks.

    Enhanced Merchants

    Big thanks to modder . Mods like this make the game so much better .
  6. Great mod. Always nice to see something that is fresh for the kotor games ,thanks.
  7. When u say "installer",do u mean tslpatcher ?
  8. Blimy,i've never reinstalled a game so many times Here we go again I could keep playing kotor 1 +2 for a very long time. Thanks for the very nice mod!
  9. just curious ,what happened to this mod? is it dead or did it sidetrack into another mod?