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  1. 🙂 I started fleshing out YAN2, the village, and picked a few free models I'm going to put inside: P.S.: I probably won't be very active in the next few days, I have to study for an important exam.
  2. Much better, isn't it? I also implemented better collisions for walls and added diagonal collisions.
  3. 🤣 Yeah, I did them myself and quite ashamed, I'm not good at modelling 🙂 Indeed it's possible: just import a model in kotormax, export it to mdl and copy its node code to my tool to use it as tile/prefab.
  4. Progress with module YAN1, basic layout is complete. Those rocks, though, really have to be improved 🤯
  5. 😀 And now it also creates the walkmesh with materials! I think that's it for now, time to use this tool to make K3!
  6. Too soon to tell. Not TSLRCM for sure. Today I implemented a way to import more complex models into my map tool. This means it could be actually possible to make a decent-looking module by only using Tiled and this tool. There's still one problem with rotating models, though: I found Bioware's quaternion implementation rather... "original", I still haven't been able to crack it. I can completely bypass this problem if I find a way to export changed pivot points from kotormax. In the meantime, I implemented a way to tell the tool how to rotate specific models for specific rotations. UPDATE: OMG I DID IT! Imagine being finally able to make new modules on the fly! Can you believe it!? And this is just a rough module with a couple of very low quality models!
  7. I think it should be "PLC_SithFlag" :)
  8. Thanks for your support @JediArchivist! So today I started the second pass. After a few fixes to the project, I went back to program my tool to make modules with Tiled. It still makes very blocky modules, but I found it to be very useful to prototype, since all you have to do is draw a map in Tiled and then run the tool to convert it to .mdl/.mdx. I'm using it to improve a module I only roughly touched before.
  9. Reorganized previous modules and started prototyping the 3rd planet. UPDATE: All the prototypes are complete! Ok, don't get too excited: you can play from start to finish, but right now it's mostly a huge text dump without actual gameplay. Still, it's one huge step towards completition! Tomorrow I'll start a second pass, completing actual gameplay.
  10. Progress with planet Keflos:
  11. Added a couple of new cutscenes set on the Emperor's ship. As you can see I'm reusing the Ravenger, because making a new ship is beyond my current abilities. I'll reuse more modules whenever necessary, if only temporary. I'm disappointed that no one has decided to join me yet. I don't understand why you don't have faith in this project after all the work I've done so far.
  12. New cutscene in Coruscant:
  13. I updated the first post with (containing Zlaya's prototype) and (containing the files I used). While I'm about to start prototyping the 2nd planet, I'd like you to check the current build and mod it as you like to improve it, especially writing k2-esque dialogues. The best mods will be integrated into the game
  14. Zlaya's prototype is complete, which means about 1/5th of the entire game is already playable. I'm going to add a few fixes than I'll move forward to the next planet. In the meantime I'd like you to help me by polishing Zlaya, especially with dialogues, cutscenes and bug fixes: I'll tell you more in my next update. P.S.: Mira is actually a temporary Yatalia 🙃
  15. About 50% of the 1st planet is now playable (very rough, though xd).