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  1. I realise that the issue for why my portraits are not showing is due jpg to tga converter I used.The portrait I had for my PC was originally .jpg but then I used a online converter to convert it to TGA.However,I went to test a few portraits (.tga orignally) from kotortools and used the same software I used(photoshop 2020) and apparently showed up in Kotor so I suspect its the TGA converter that may be the issue here. If you any recommendations of any converter that converts from jpg to tga and shows up in kotor portrait that would greatly be appreciated EDIT: I used photoshop for the original .jpg file which led me to believe it was the converter.
  2. Thank you I'll try it out. Hi,thanks for the reply to my topic.I hope you don't mind the crappy DS transition and the portrait for my PC,apologies.po_mekelh1.tga N_MekelH02.tga
  3. Hi guys,I'm a young modder so I'm new to this.Could someone please help me with my character head,when he is lowest DS,his face is just white and I tested it for other levels of DS and LS.Apparently,the head texture(.tga) files I HAD EDITED was the reason for his face turning white.However,for the original head texture I had extracted from kotortools was perfectly fine when I replaced the head texture with the white DS texture.Could someone please tell me why this is happening and if there is another art tool that I can use to add the DS transition(I used photoshop 2020).I suspect photoshop is involved in this issue For the portrait,it was just blank(white) despite me having converted a .jpg image to a .tga image and choosing it as my portrait.Could anyone help me with this aswell.Thanks