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  1. You can use this batch script to find and delete duplicate textures - https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/1384 Or just download this mod again and check what the filenames are.
  2. Exactly what I said. The only fully working fix is in K1CP, and even then I'm still not 100% sure it is finally resolved.
  3. You probably have both a TGA and a TPC for that texture, and the former is being overridden by the latter.
  4. Scripts are version-agnostic. They work on all versions of the game. But this mod does not fix the Xor issue, so it's kind of a moot point.
  5. Any vanilla problems should be reported on the K1CP Github issues tracker so they can be fixed there. That specific case already appears to be noted in this issue.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I'll look into it next time I do an update.
  7. It's not detecting your appearance correctly. Like I said, I think your install (and your save) is messed up. Next time I would recommend caution in what random crap you install.
  8. Add the item to your inventory, either via console or KSE. But I suspect your game install is probably borked by the sounds of things. If you are on the Star Forge, I'd just finish the game and then do a proper install on your next playthrough.
  9. The UTIs for that appearance should be DP_RevRobe_FC1S for DS and DP_SFRobe_FC1S for LS.
  10. Installing it a second time is not recommended. Given its age, it doesn't have provision to deal with pre-existing appearance rows added in the previous install (that I can recall). Open up your save in KSE and check what value it lists under Appearance. For example:
  11. I wouldn't know, never used any of his stuff. But that is the most logical explanation.
  12. For males, the mod uses the vanilla UTI. The item code is g_a_mstrrobe06 for the DS robes and g_a_mstrrobe07 for the LS robes. Female characters required a hack, so use custom UTIs depending on the head variant (which is why the mod doesn't work with custom head mods).
  13. No, the default Star Forge robes (PMBJ/PFBJ) have no hood (or cape or belts). If you have a hood then you are using a conflicting mod.
  14. You run the installer, then follow the instructions. This only replaces the Star Forge robes, not the full body Revan appearance if that is what you are using. If you are playing a female character with a custom head, then it won't work for you at all.
  15. For those that use KOTORBlender, I forked seedhartha's repo to make a few tweaks in case anyone is interested. Fixes the texture search path for Windows users, adds a new separate search path for lightmap textures, and adds a menu to the UI with some show/hide functionality similar to KMax:

    KB_Menu.jpg.d1fbda2fb2169ff540de96201d4b77b8.jpg     KB_TexPaths.jpg.401a2d3982cac53790b6e3f2a731dad2.jpg

    I'm open to other ideas if anyone has suggestions for further KMax-like additions. Although I'm no programmer, so I'm not going to be able to do anything too fancy.

    Edit: I created a pull request to merge these additions, so you can now just download it directly from DS on the KBlender page in the Tools section.

  16. Not strictly true. There are two VFX mask models that are used during the revelation scene in K1.
  17. Then why would even be looking for a Workshop folder to install into? Just install it into the game folder as usual.
  18. Did you actually install TSLRCM from the Workshop? If so, it will be in the same Steam library where the game is installed, but I'm guessing you don't have any additional libraries and are just using the default Steam installation. That would presumably make the location of Workshop TSLRCM on Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\208580\485537937\ assuming you are using the English version. If you are using the combined TSLRCM and M4-78 (again, in English), then you would instead use: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\208580\1402798020\ For non-English versions of the mod you'll need to get their specific mod ID from their Workshop page. And if you are using Mac or Linux you'll have to Google where to find Steam's install location.
  19. The link in this post still works fine.
  20. The pauses are a little awkward, but I think most people will probably give it a pass due to the overall quality. If it was janky robo-speech on top of that then it might be a different matter.
  21. I don't think you can give a universal yay or nay. It ultimately comes down to individual user tolerance for that sort of thing. The pause due to the splice is definitely noticeable, but if the average slob can tolerate Kaevee they probably won't have too much to complain about with your work. And it's not like the original VO (both in KOTOR and many other games) isn't already full of jarring elements, like the Bastila examples I mentioned earlier. I'm pretty sure the number one complaint is going to be the name pronunciation.
  22. For mods my interest would mostly be in clones of existing VAs, as you are doing with Mission. For example, there are a number of Bastila's lines in K1 that I would like to correct for K1CP that are impossible to create without an AI (like the "phenome" line). I also had an idea for a Mission mod of my own, tempting her down the dark path throughout the Griff questline to provide an alternative option to killing her during the Lehon showdown. Seems I've missed the boat on this avenue though, at least without paying for the privilege.
  23. Bravo. I can say with all honesty that this is the first AI generated VO for a game mod that I have heard that doesn't sound like complete and utter garbage (even that Geralt mod that had a custom model created by an AI site was pretty ropey). What website/service are you using to generate it? I'm also curious as to the level of alteration you can apply, since you said the second voice was derived from Vette's lines, yet she is also voiced by Cat Taber and is using her regular voice (albeit a decade on from K1).