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  1. The saber on/off sounds are defined by the item type. So by default, all sabers use the same sound. The only way to have unique sounds for a given saber is to create an all new item type in baseitems.2da.
  2. I'd suggest using the human TALK_FORCEFUL, which is tlkforce in S_Male02, as a guide.
  3. If it's the same issue as ebmar posted when sabers are are not properly occluding other objects then that's just an inherent render order issue the engine has that affects both games. Likely a deliberate move on Bioware's part, as JC pointed out.
  4. Not sure, depends on what files it edits and how it edits them.
  5. This thread was about an issue in K1, so it has nothing to do with Aspyr's adjustments to TSL. If you are talking specifically about the hilt issue, no, that was never fixed (and is only fixable by Aspyr, so it is never going to be fixed).
  6. That's the entire point. As Bastila herself tells you right afterward. She wasn't interested in your answers, she was interested in how you answered. The other responses are needed because of this.
  7. You'd have to talk to @Salk about that. I got the impression that there were some DLGs that called it.
  8. Yes. The lightmap is 003EBOp_lm0 and the specific mesh is Object191 in 003EBOp. Rather than editing the lightmap itself, it's usually better to adjust the lightmap UVs of the specific mesh with issues. Edit: Something like this would probably work: I don't believe bead-v made any adjustments to this particular model in the TSL Ebon Hawk fixes mod, so it should be compatible with that at least. We'll probably add this to K2CP when we get around to updating that in 2023. But in the meantime try this: [TSL]_003ebop_LM_Adjustment.7z
  9. Sure, you can append new ones and edit any relevant entries to point to them instead. Might be more work. And depending on what, specifically, you are editing, it might actually be less compatible than the hard TLK overwrite.
  10. Read the readme, young Padawan. TSLPatcher can't edit existing TLK StrRefs, only append new ones. While there may be alternatives in the future, currently your only practical option is to modify the TLK directly and do a hard overwrite.
  11. No, only for pre-existing saves. If you are still not seeing any changes with a new game then it wasn't installed properly or something is overriding it. Since you have the Steam version, I would double check you do not have any stray Workshop folders under \steamapps\workshop\content\208580\.
  12. Wait, did you install it mid-playthrough? That won't work. Not for anywhere you have already been anyway.
  13. Are you using any Workshop mods at all? If so one of them being an appearance.2da mod would be why.
  14. The game reads the player supermodels in a chain like this Body -> S_Female03 -> S_Female02 -> S_Female01 -> S_Male02 -> S_Male01. Any time it needs an animation it checks the base model, if what it needs isn't there then it checks the supermodel, it then checks that model's supermodel, etc. It stops as soon as it hits the anim it is looking for, so any anim lower in the chain will override an anim with the same name higher in the chain. Female body models set S_Female03 as their supermodel, and male body models set S_Female02. Thus, all unique female anims are on S_Female03 which male bodies never see. All the other anims are shared but are scaled via an animation scale factor specified in each model. This is especially important in K1 since not only are there height differences between the sexes, but each sex also has three different heights as well. But that side of things is handled dynamically by the engine, outside of any anims specifically on a given model (i.e. S_FemaleXX supermodels use a female rig, S_MaleXX supermodels use a male rig). I don't use Blender, but as I understand it it needs to break each animation into a separate file or scene, or something like that. Which would make working on supermodels fairly impractical to say the least, given the number of anims on them. But someone familiar with Blender and KOTORBlender in particular would need to chime in there. I would think the only way to get a workable KOTOR model out of it would be to export the specific modified animation you wanted and then directly edit an ASCII copy of the relevant vanilla supermodel in a text editor, replacing the original anim block with your modified one, then compile. If you are still having troubles even getting models into Blender then again I can't help specifically with that other than to suggest that you make sure you have the latest version of KOTORBlender. Edit: Regarding the specific attacks you mentioned, there are actually a number of anims for each. For example, in K1 Flurry has a perform anim, a damage anim, and a parry anim. Each weapon type - single, dual wield, double - has its own set of anims. Then in TSL this is tripled, each attack having three anim variants for each of perform/damage/parry, and it adds in the same for unarmed for good measure. TSL handily provides descriptions for most of its anims in animation.2da (for example, the Flurry Damage 1 anim for single swords/sabers is f2d2a). K1 doesn't provide any such description, so you'll have to do some detective work to figure it out.
  15. If you want to do anything with KOTOR, Blender is not really a productive route. The primary vector is Max via the KOTORMax I/O script. That said, your problem is almost certainly the fact that you used KTool to do the conversion. The version of MDLOps bundled with that is super ancient and should never be used, by anybody. You want to extract the model archives and then do the conversion to ASCII with MDLEdit (latest beta release here). KOTORBlender should work ASCIIs generated from that. As to the character models, they are skeletal meshes, but they use meshes as bones (which double as shadowcasters). You can actually convert the rig to regular bones when exporting via FBX (at least from Max when flagging them as bones), like so: If you were planning on using Blender to Maya back to Blender you are probably going to experience a lot of grief, especially when it comes to character models and animation. Regarding the animations themselves, most humanoid animations (including player characters) are split across the five human supermodels - s_female01/02/03/s_male01/02. These are all linked together in a dependency chain. The duplicates exist because s_female03, the lowest in the chain, has exclusively female anims, which override the male equivalents higher up.
  16. A cursory glance would suggest that mod only edits lightmaps, not the room models, so there should be no problems.
  17. No, it's a separate animation that can be specified during a conversation.
  18. How about the exporting of error reports that I posted about back in January? That might be useful for providing you with more details.
  19. I think 2K19 Ultimate Edition sounds better.
  20. I think AFP was inspired by Leilukin's mod. It simply swaps their equipped robe for clothes (and puts their robes in the inventory). The script edit for Jolee joining is unrelated. That one is to hide the fake Jolee visibly fading out as the real one joins the party.
  21. There's no animation on the model, so that won't make any difference. Post your ASCII.
  22. She looks great. You should play like that. At a guess, I would suggest you have destroyed the skin weights on some or all of the meshes. That last pic is definitely an instance of what should be skinned meshes no longer deforming due to animation.
  23. Hah, that avatar looks familiar.

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      Nice avatar VP!

  24. Might need an appearance.2da edit to set a default envmap. What player head are you using?