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  1. You shouldn't ever use Workshop mods really (and the Aspyr version is garbage anyway), but if you must then only install TSLRCM. But once you do that, all mods must be installed in that mod's Workshop folder, not the game install folder. That's why it broke last time. Aspyr's Workshop implementation creates a cascading hierarchy based on Workshop mod install order, so if a recent mod has a heads.2da then any other heads.2da in an earlier mod folder or the base game folder will be ignored.
  2. It's not a texture issue. The head missing is either a model issue or a modified/missing heads.2da. Are you using the Steam version of the game and Workshop mods?
  3. You have to use a cracked exe. It won't work with a protected exe, such as from Steam or one of the CD/DVD versions. Grab this one - https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1320-kotor-editable-executable/
  4. Assuming your DLG and UTP are in the MOD or Override folder and the ResRef matches, then that would suggest some issue with the DLG itself. Did you edit/create it with KOTOR Tool? Because that doesn't work for TSL (should still work for K1 though). You might need to attach the DLG so it can be looked at.
  5. You broke your install by the sounds of it. Probably a hard overwrite of heads.2da by another mod.
  6. That's entirely a function of the LS cutscene script. And no, this mod doesn't change it. Plus I don't believe I added the medal hook to the models anyway.
  7. I couldn't really say. I don't use Blender since it was made by aliens and is completely inscrutable.
  8. No. But interestingly I don't see any mechanism for killing him off in the vanilla files. The global set in Christya's Upper Cantina exit DLG is not referenced at all in the Davik Estate module, nor can I find any reference for destroying the noble/spawning him dead.
  9. K1CP doesn't touch Rukil's DLG, or any of his scripts, so it shouldn't be that. You only have two other options. Either some other mod is directly editing those, or has broken the MOD.
  10. Ah, I see the problem. The starting conditional in question is k_ptar_rukil10+. Not sure which one it is, but you are using a mod that is editing tar_m04aa.mod with an old version of TSLPatcher that has a bug that causes it to delete any files with characters like + in the filename when it repacks the MOD. This issue will affect multiple modules throughout the game, as Bioware used that convention a lot. One example from experience with my own mods is the Upper City Cantina. K1CP uses a fixed version of TSLPatcher that resolves this bug, but Fair Strides never publicly released it as far as I am aware, and it's only a few years old anyway. The only way to resolve it is to start again from a completely fresh install and replace every single mod's copy of TSLPatcher.exe with the one from K1CP (renamed INSTALL.exe) before installing any of them. You'll want to go through your mod list and see which of them (aside from K1CP) edits tar_m04aa.mod and inform the author/s of the issue and the solution.
  11. Open your save in KSE and go to Globals -> Numerics. Check what the value of Tar_Rukil is. And presumably you still have all 3 journals in your inventory?
  12. I had a quick look and didn't seen anything noteworthy. The mooks use the generic global scripts, and Jagi just has an OnDeath event that pops the journal update. The UTCs don't show anything obvious either. If you haven't tried AssignCommand for Jagi like you would have done for the mooks then I would try that. Otherwise nothing else immediately springs to mind.
  13. Maybe something in their UTC or OnSpawn.
  14. If it's Jagi then I assume this is during the Dune Sea showdown? I've never used the function myself, so I have no particular insights to it. At a guess, I'd assume it only functions after combat has been initiated. If you want a fancy cutscene, you're probably better off just doing what I said above and faking it.
  15. Is the guy with the shield the DLG owner?
  16. The conjanim column will likely be referring to the VFX hook (handconjure in this case), not the animation. If you want them to activate a shield, it's probably easier to just fire the anim (ANIMATION_FIREFORGET_ACTIVATE) and then apply the shield VFX. Edit: Ah, there's an include function for it - GN_ActivateForceField(). Organic Shields are 99 to 107 Droid shields are 110 to 115 Scans through all of the shield talents to see if the target has a shield to use. If the shield is used then the person will never use another one. Party members will never use this function.
  17. Typically this is the correct approach, however there are some exceptions, notably when another does hard MOD overwrites. K1CP's installation instructions explicitly state this: The most common culprit is NPC Overhaul, but obviously there are others.
  18. K1CP doesn't replace MODs. No mod should. The entire point of using a MOD is to inject changes for maximum compatibility. I have no idea what SotOR is. Have you identified any actual hard conflicts? For example, both mods replacing a particular script.
  19. It has nothing to do with this mod. The likely cause is some mod altered the Alien_Mandalorian_03 row of appearance.2da, some mod altered the N_Mandalorian03 texture, or some mod changed his UTC (or some combination thereof).
  20. Interesting. I can't claim to have gone through all the K1 scripts (not least because some still can't be decompiled), but in the course of working on K1CP have browsed one or two and I have never come across this one. I did a quick search through the global scripts and found a use of it in TSL's k_inc_force. Is it a TSL-only thing?
  21. It's an enduser issue, not the mod. It's a problem with your GPU not handling normal maps. You presumably have an integrated GPU or some other low end part. This is literally spelled out in the mod description above.
  22. Seeing as how K1CP doesn't even touch sta_m45ad, the final module, your problem is almost certainly user error.
  23. The world is a big place. It's only early evening in my neck of the woods.