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  1. Yeah all DLGEditor's references appear to be hard coded, not pulled from 2DAs dynamically. Resets when? After saving via DLGEditor? Are you editing it in KGFF afterwards to change it back?
  2. You might want to provide more specific details/examples. I'm not following what you are saying.
  3. A little tweaking of the end bit and you could have the Skroob Salute!
  4. I have never messed around with dynamic lights, so I can't really offer any insights. The closest equivalent I can think of would be something like the War Droid, which uses a light during its death animation (but is otherwise off). It has the values: radius 5.0 multiplier 2.0 color 0.0 0.0 0.0 lightpriority 1 ndynamictype 1 ambientonly 0 affectdynamic 0 shadow 0 flare 0 fadinglight 0 flareradius 0.0 texturenames 0 flaresizes 0 flarepositions 0 flarecolorshifts 0
  5. Aurora (and Eclipse, as I recall) both had limits on the maximum number of dynamic lights a given map/level would support. If you are getting differences within a single level, it could either be due to the limit only applying to some specific radius of the camera, or a room-based limit. There's a reason Bioware didn't stick lights in their glow batons.
  6. Btw, to dispel another misconception, KOTOR doesn't use blur for its saber trails either. The reason you need the blade planes is because they are what creates the trails - i.e. the trails are a geometry effect. Here's a wireframe to demonstrate: This is why sabers have their own unique model type. I would guess this is some sort of vertex buffer trick or the like.
  7. Nothing of direct importance to modders. I gather it has something to do with data structures in the model format, but @bead-v would be the one to elaborate on its mysteries. You can't. It's an engine issue, due to the way it handles the render order of objects. It was likely a deliberate choice as the lesser of evils vs other render problems.
  8. TOR doesn't use blur for saber trails. It's all VFX textures.
  9. Looking at that, the UVs are uneven, but they are roughly in the right place for the texture. Looks to me like your eye texture is rotated 90 degrees. K1_PFHB04_Eyes_UV_Fix.7z PFHC04 on the other hand is something I can't really fix. If someone else wants to take a crack at fixing the smoothing, be my guest: pfhc04-kotormax.mdl.ascii Otherwise, you'll have to live with the vanilla model for now. Come back in 6 months after bead-v has done his MDLEdit update THAT HE HAS NOW TOTALLY PUBLICLY COMMITTED TO DO WITH NO CHANCE TO BACK OUT OF IT. *cough*
  10. Yeah, but it's still crap. Just a different kind of crap. Make me a 2020 replacement for Taina's Replacer so I can just sidestep dealing with smoothing/normals altogether and simply inject my UV/vert position changes into the vanilla model.
  11. The PFHB03 one is an easy fix. For some reason the head link flag wasn't enabled. K1_PFHB03_UV_Fix_v1.1.7z The problems with PFHC04 are shading errors. Since the original vertex normals get destroyed when decompiled into an ASCII, you have to do a lot of screwing around trying to recreate them. Damn your eyes @bead-v. I'll have to play around with that tomorrow when I get a chance.
  12. It's a UV problem. If you want to change it you'll have to adjust them so they are properly symmetrical. As to PFHC04, I was only looking at the teeth meshes earlier, but I see now that the tongue mesh does protrude through the lower teeth mesh. That would need a mesh adjustment to pull it back a bit. Edit: Here, try these out.
  13. The teeth use mirrored UVs. The are fine in the vanilla model, so the problem is your texture presumably. As to the eyes, eh, looks fine to me.
  14. The first step is stop using sabers on Peragus you goddamn cheater.
  15. Looking at some of the anims, there is maybe a bit more lip repositioning in the SS/Single Saber animations compared to the 2HS/Two Handed Saber anims. You could delete all the relevant keys on those SS anims, or maybe copy the positions/rotations from the equivalent 2HS anims. That would kind of be a pain to do manually though. Maybe you can hassle @JCarter426 about writing a program to automate it.
  16. Looks like she has some duck lips going on in the single wield pose though. Are you using a supermodel mod? Not that I'd expect one to affect those particular anims in TSL anyway. Still, if you are it couldn't hurt to try removing them and see what happens.
  17. Doesn't seem like there is anything particularly out of order with the skin weights for the lips/mouth/chin. Have you tried swapping to a different head to see if the issue occurs with them? If it does, then presumably the problem lies in some mod, since I don't recall seeing this issue reported before.
  18. What's the problem? I can't see anything wrong with the mesh or UVs in the vanilla model.
  19. It shouldn't be. The model formats are slightly different between the games. A TSL model will crash K1. Perhaps it could be in K1 format, but I thought that also caused a crash (although you'd expect that they'd have the engine load both). Maybe newly compiled K1 models just work properly now in TSL? Not sure, never tried it. That's a question for @bead-v.
  20. Masks, blasters, vibroswords, etc. have never needed supermodels, even in the ye olde MDLOps days. Lightsabers used to require hijacking an existing binary saber model using the Replacer function, since MDLOps at that point couldn't write the proper saber model format. It had nothing to do with supermodels. But since the format is now mostly figured out and both MDLEdit and new MDLOps can read/write it properly, yes, all you need is just the ASCII files. Just be aware that the vanilla sabers (and some old saber mods) have an incorrect scale flag for the blade planes of the cyan saber (or in mods, sometimes other colours), which causes the "blade stuck on" bug. You'll need to manually edit the ASCII and switch the scale value to 0, just like in all the other saber models.
  21. None. Lightsabers only have a couple of inherent animations (blade extend/retract, throw) which are on each saber model. Masks and other weapons have no anims. All other combat animations are handled by the character models. Each model will tell you if it uses a supermodel. If the supermodel field in the OdysseyBase says NULL then it doesn't use one.
  22. This scenario wasn't about WIP threads, it was about request threads. It is entirely possible that someone could come along a couple of years down the track to suddenly fulfil a request out of the blue as new people looking to mod join (or if I get bored), especially with the abilities of tools increasing in recent years, opening doors that were previously closed.
  23. "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that." - George Carlin
  24. There doesn't appear to be any equivalent in the PC EXE.