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  1. Seems there was a disturbance in the Force:


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    2. Malkior


      Yeah, this really goes to show that releasing your game on literally every platform in existence has its own share of risks. I mirror Sith Holocron's sentiment; if the team wasn't under a crunch before, this backlash will ensure that they are going to be.

    3. DarthParametric


      They were crunching long before they officially announced they were crunching. Most studios operate in almost perpetual crunch. It's why they have such large turnovers.

    4. DarthParametric


      Interpreting comments from CDPR's post-delay teleconference (albeit via someone else's translation from Polish to English), it sounds like it's probably the Xbone and PS4 releases causing them grief (presumably the Xbone S particularly).

  2. @ADG12311990 if you'd be so kind as to beta test this - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Diversified_Jedi_Captives_on_the_Star_Forge_JC_Hybrid_Robes_Compatibility_Patch.7z
  3. I wouldn't recommend using transparency. Save yourself the grief and just use geometry. I was thinking something along these lines: That's just shy of 1,600 tris. Since it wouldn't need a fancy texture, the UVs wouldn't need to be complex and could be just stuffed into a free corner of the map.
  4. Mostly joking, but it's not exactly a high poly object. If you are going to replace the ball, might as well replace the arms and base while you are at it. I don't think it needs anything crazy, but some simple bevelled edges probably wouldn't go astray. For the ball itself, you could maybe do something like a "cage" type object. An open polyhedral shape.
  5. Ah, you were talking about the function not using all the stated parameters. I thought you were talking about calling a function without specifying all the parameters. I suppose that sort of sloppiness is not out of the question when dealing with mod-generated scripts.
  6. Is now a good time to suggest scrapping the original model and making a completely new one?
  7. Interesting. I had assumed that the compiler substituted in default values when compiling the NCS, but are you saying that it's the engine that does that at runtime? Which would also mean DeNCS adds missing defaults back in when decompiling then.
  8. You can change the Unescapeable flag in the module's ARE from 1 to 0. But that will only work before entering the area for the first time. Otherwise you can do it via script, probably best done with an armband that will work for whatever current module you're in.
  9. You can always just put some basic examples in the release thread and link to an external site like screenshotcomparison.com where people can do more in-depth comparisons. Or maybe even just whip up your own site if you are so inclined. Simple image sliders are pretty straightforward. I believe Github Pages (i.e. github.io) allows Javascript and CSS, so you could do it via a repo without needing a hosting solution.
  10. Pester @Tyvokka to implement one of those screenshot wipes where you can move a slider back and forth across the image.
  11. Presumably he renamed some LIP files intended for other lines, so the lip sync doesn't match. It's an easy fix now that the CSLU Toolkit has had its online licensing requirement removed. The only problem is that it doesn't run on Win 10, instead requiring Win 7 or XP.
  12. I don't think it is an engine issue, per se. What we use there is used throughout the game, namely spawning a creature with the k_def_spawndead OnSpawn script. The murder mystery quest is seemingly in some sort of Bermuda Triangle though, as there have been a number of odd quirks with it. I have encountered that particular issue myself before. I had thought it might be linked to skipping through Bolook's lines. I did make some changes to address that possibility, but it seems that was insufficient. I'll reactivate the issue for it on the repo and we'll look at it again at some point in the future. I would also add that this issue proved in the past to be difficult to reliably reproduce. As I recall I was only able to do so when playing on an XP machine, not on Win 10. If anyone can reliably reproduce the issue, please volunteer yourself for guinea pig duty.
  13. Go to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features and uninstall it. It's a stupid feature of the way they set up the TSLRCM installer that it stores a registry key the first time you install it and then defaults to that on subsequent installs. By default it probably installs it in Program Files, but you should be able to manually pick the location (after you've uninstalled it anyway).
  14. Ah you can disregard that. I thought the shape of the arms was slightly different, but it seems like that layout is already in the most relaxed state.
  15. It may not matter, depending on how you plan to texture it, but I'd suggest relaxing the following verts: