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  1. Since debug messages are disabled in the shipping build, there's no real practical way to tell 100% if your script is working as intended. But like I said, KOTOR is not really geared to do exactly what you want anyway, AI-wise. If you want something specific, you may have to brute-force it via scripting, with ApplyEffectToObject.
  2. KOTOR is not the place to be looking for complex AI. If you check out GN_RunJediSupportAIRoutine in k_inc_generic.nss you will see what the Jedi Support AI does. There is no specific AI routine that will do exactly what you want. If you want a buff bot, you'll have to strip out all offensive powers from your UTC. Even then, don't be surprised if the very first thing the AI does is charge into melee combat and smack things with its glowstick.
  3. That's because the original names in the source are not preserved in the compiled script. You'll see the same thing with variable declarations. DeNCS just comes up with some labels vaguely suited to the purpose.
  4. There are three potential cases for a decompile error: The file cannot be decompiled, period (not true in this case). Obtaining bytecode is the only option. The file will only decompile with the game-appropriate nwscript.nss in the DeNCS folder. You have the @JCarter426 disease and can't decompile a script that everyone else can due to some weird system shenanigans. k_trg_calonord2.nss For reading/editing NSS, I would recommend Notepad++ with the Odyssey++ user defined language.
  5. That's because the cutscene uses a workaround to avoid using proper stunt animations. It spawns placeable sitters on the bikes, not creatures. Only the global scripts have included source. All module-specific scripts are binary-only and need to be decompiled. Use DeNCS for that.
  6. TSLRCM does hard overwrites. Install it first. K2CP (and pretty much any TSL mod made since it came out) requires TSLRCM as a basis.
  7. Since we are airing grievances, another thing is that the activation area for the notification icon seems tiny. Maybe it's not an issue on a phone where you put your finger over the whole thing, but with a mouse it seems like you have to be pixel perfect dead center to get it to register a click.
  8. Yeah as well as that, there really needs to be some sort of "collapse header" option. It's pretty and all, but it is obnoxiously huge and takes up far too much real estate. Something like this is what I am suggesting: Even then, there's still so much dead space below it. I get that everything is made for phones these days, but not everybody reads the site on a 5" screen.
  9. Don't install an old version of Java (ever, on anything). Grab the latest. DeNCS works fine with it on Win10.
  10. I'll take that as a no then. The engine only deals with binary (compiled) scripts, NCS. What I posted was source, plain text (NSS). The game won't do anything with that. You have to compile it first. You can do it via KOTOR Tool, or directly use NWNSSCOMP via commandline. There are also a few other frontends around, like the KOTOR Script Tool (check the Tools section in Downloads).
  11. You compiled the script I take it? Put the NCS and UTP in the Override (or module)?
  12. Your script resref has too many characters. The maximum filename character count is 16.
  13. It won't work in a module you've already been in. The original version of the object will be stored in your save file.
  14. No. And if it's the object's OnHeartbeat then it stays OBJECT_SELF.