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  1. Interestingly both MDLEdit and MDLOps crash when trying to load or compile the exported ASCIIs. Someone proficient with Blender will have to do it in KBlender. Perhaps @WildKarrde could take a crack at it.
  2. I like Matton's pseudo-young Carl Weathers look, but I'm not too keen on the Matales being turned into Chiss.
  3. Now do it in Aurebesh. By the way, I wouldn't say that level of detail doesn't have a place, as long as you are willing to go the extra mile to facilitate it. In other words, create a cutscene where you actually get a chance to show it off. I am doing a vaguely similar sort of thing with comm messages (which hopefully I'll get around to finishing next year some time).
  4. You could source new head models from TOR, although the textures are a bit too cartoony to use as-is. At least the earlier stuff anyway. They have been trending towards a more realistic style in more recent updates, at least for unique NPCs (not that I have actively played for a while).
  5. I took the copies of the earlier versions you uploaded, downres'd then to 1920 wide, letterboxed to 1080 high, and upped the framerate to 60fps. My older 29.97fps videos that I had upscaled myself several years ago were running super choppy with the game running at 60fps on a 120hz monitor. It's working well so far, 19-odd hours into my current playthrough. So I'd suggest offering a 60fps version might be useful to people. Although I discovered that the game would crash when mixing videos of different framerates, so it's an all or nothing thing. Is that still the same version as the one you uploaded before? I noticed the crawl pops in suddenly in the version I have rather than scrolling in from the bottom of the frame. I'm curious how you did that btw. Did you just grab the few frames of empty space after the original crawl faded out and duplicate them to give you a clean background to create the new crawl on? That's appreciated. I can add new subs to the letterboxing in my local version. Edit: Ah, I see you included letterboxed versions. Nice.
  6. The starting conditional sets whether the branch is available or not. But k_con_fperslow is actually easier, since it checks for the PC having either FORCE_POWER_AFFECT_MIND or FORCE_POWER_DOMINATE, whereas k_con_fpershigh requires FORCE_POWER_DOMINATE. In other words, the two scripts should really have been labelled "easy" rather than "low" and "hard" rather than "high". Unlike with skill-based Persuade, there's no DC check with Force persuade. You can either do it or you can't. The outcome is entirely dependent on the DLG itself. In this case, it's one of those "illusion of choice" type situations. There's no branch for success because you were always being railroaded into a fight. The only option to do what you want would be to replace that branch with all new custom VO that leads to a new exit node.
  7. Figured I should upload a K1CP-compatible version of the Taris script, since that alters the escape sequence slightly to show the Hawk landing on Dantooine before you get the cockpit conversation with Bastila and Carth. It's just the original script with the landing video added to the movie queue. void main() { StartNewModule("ebo_m12aa", "K_TARIS_DESTROYED", "11b", "05_2a"); } k_ren_taris03.ncs
  8. Use the last beta version from this post.
  9. This should be pretty straightforward. You just scale down the adult models. I did a similar thing for Dragon Age Origins once: Not much to it for KOTOR, since you'd basically only be scaling the one model. They'd probably require custom sabers, since they'd need to be slimmed down so their hands don't clip through.
  10. I assume this is displayed on a monitor panel or something?
  11. Seems pretty simple. It's just a series of circles that gradually scale up and then fade out.
  12. Well for starters that version is outdated. You can grab 1.0.2 from the Github page. But you're probably better off using MDLEdit. It's a bit more user-friendly. The most recent version can be found in this post.
  13. It's not in the game files at least. The linked track is ripped from 03.bik.
  14. Just before entering the Grove for the first time.