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  1. DarthParametric

    Free SWTOR Character Profile Flair (until the end of the year)

    You can also currently get an Old Republic flair: from the Anniversary vendor on the fleet, found in the Strongholds section. The vendor also has a number of stronghold decorations and, most importantly for new players, a holostatue which will allow you to purchase new skills out in the field without needing to visit a trainer. All of it is free until January 15, I believe.
  2. DarthParametric

    [K1-Archive] Random-Access Memory

    A model is the entire...container, for want of a better term. A mesh is the polygonal geometry within the model. Typically a model is comprised of multiple meshes, although in some cases, such as VFX, there may be no meshes at all.
  3. DarthParametric

    [K1-Archive] Random-Access Memory

    Custom models. You don't need to touch the meshes, just the texture assignments.
  4. DarthParametric

    [Query] Using DeNCS

    Yeah that's fine. You can still save the NSS. DrMcCoy (lead Xoreos dev) explains here why certain scripts fail to decompile.
  5. DarthParametric

    [Query] Using DeNCS

    I would guess you tried decompiling it with TSL's nwscript.nss. Make sure you are using the version with K1's nwscript.nss, as I suggested by having two separate versions. If that still doesn't work, then you probably have JCarter's disease. He can't decompile certain scripts which other people can for some reason.
  6. DarthParametric

    [Query] Using DeNCS

    It's a Java executable, so all you do is double click it to run it (assuming you have the Java Runtime Environment installed). After that you simply browse and load the NCS file you want to decompile. When you close the file, it will ask if you want to save it as an NSS. You need a copy of nwscript.nss in the same folder, but I would advise making two copies of the program in two separate folders. Set one up with K1's nwscript.nss and the other with TSL's nwscript.nss.
  7. I use a generic batch file and input the offset required: @echo off set /p byteno="Please enter the number of bytes to trim from the header: " for %%F in (*.wav) do dd if=%%~nF.wav of=%%~nF.mp3 bs=1 skip=%byteno% pause
  8. I would assume obfuscation is the only practical reason.
  9. They have a double/triple fake MP3 header of 470 bytes.
  10. DarthParametric

    Lines Not Showing In Dialogue Editor

    By version I meant unpatched CD version? Steam/GOG? For ease of viewing, you may want to convert the TLK into an XML with Xoreos Tools. You can use this batch file with it: @echo off set /p gametype="Please enter either kotor or kotor2 to specify game version: " set /p tlkname="Please enter the filename of the TLK (without extension): " tlk2xml --%gametype% %tlkname%.tlk %tlkname%.xml pause Paste that into a text file and rename it TLK_to_XML.bat then put it in the Xoreos Tools folder alongside a copy of dialog.tlk (you may want to rename it k1dialog.tlk in case you also want to convert TSL's later). You'll need to use TSLPatcher's TalkEd if you want to release a mod with TLK changes.
  11. DarthParametric

    TSL Patcher - can't choose game folder

    If you pressed the Install Mod button first and it is the main window moving then presumably it is not generating the browse dialogue window at all. What OS are you on? Your only other practical option would be to set the auto-detect flags in tslpatchdata\changes.ini and have it select the game's install location automatically. Change LookupGameFolder=0 to LookupGameFolder=1 and set LookupGameNumber= to either 1 for K1 or 2 for TSL. If you are using the Steam or GOG versions, you will first need to add registry entires to point to your install location, as TSLPatcher only knows about the original CD version. Use the info in this post: https://deadlystream.com/topic/4568-kotor-tool-wont-work/?do=findComment&comment=47386
  12. DarthParametric

    What am I doing wrong with MDLops?

    You don't use the replacer function. And the head fix is only for head models, not body models. If you want to use MDLOps, simply set the Target Game to K1, hit the Select File button, change the drop-down to ASCII Model Files and load your ASCII, then hit Read and Write Model. That's it. If you want to use MDLEdit, set the game to K1, File -> Load, select your ASCII, wait for it to load into memory, then File -> Save -> Binary.
  13. DarthParametric

    What am I doing wrong with MDLops?

    Old MDLOps did some hackery to get models to compile. MDLEdit generally doesn't like anything compiled by it. Use MDLOps v1.0 to decompile it. It should retain backwards compatibility.
  14. DarthParametric

    What am I doing wrong with MDLops?

    MDLOps requires you to manually enable the head fix flag in its "Write Binary" settings. PFBIM decompiles fine with MDLEdit for me. You must be using an old version.
  15. DarthParametric

    What am I doing wrong with MDLops?

    S_Female02 is the supermodel for most male models. S_Female03 is the supermodel for females.