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  1. It looks really nice! Keep up the good work. Any chance you're going to make female heads sometime? Greetings from Hungary
  2. while i did all quests, didnt have to turn all of them in for the reward. Was using k1r.
  3. Honestly, this was expected. Since Han says something like he doesnt believe in the force, it probably means there is no showing of Force in the movie, which is kinda essential for SW.
  4. There was a similar (i guess?) bug in another thread with another robe Perhaps it could help? (I have no idea about modding sadly, but I do hope you'll make it work eventually!)
  5. Is this cool mod going to have official release sometime? (also for K2) The test version is well, test version. Guess I'd need textures for it?
  6. valas991

    Rebels Finale

    I wonder when the World between worlds episode is taking place, as you can clearly hear things from the future. Does that mean it's predetermined? Does that mean the Force is controlling the events just like Kreia said it does? Although when the temple is closed, the Son says something like "the future can always be changed". I found it weird considering what we heard there did happen later on.
  7. First few seasons of GoT were awesome, as they had source material. Then, they ran ouf ot books, so yea, it had declined. Like I said in this very thread before, if they are to 'port' an existing SW material, it might very well work out, otherwise, Im not that interested either.
  8. I feel like if they want to come up with some original stuff, it might not be that good. If they want to 'port' a now non-canon stuff to motion picture, meaning they have a source to work from, they could do really cool stuff. That being said, I'd also prefer series.
  9. The only reason I'm interested in this movie is r/Prequelmemes. Like, SW for me was mostly about morality, and ofc space wizards. Since Han tells Luke in ANW he doesnt believe in force and stuff, we probably won't see any of that in Solo.
  10. Yep, I sure would like to roam around with bandon's robe for example. Good mod btw!
  11. There is that armor he's wearing here on the pictures. Did he ever release it, or is it one of the "long gone" mods?
  12. Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I dont have any screenshot or anything, i've last played it half a year ago or so. Also, come to think of it, it might have been the handmaiden referring to exile as him, not kreia. Cant remember properly Thanks for the ending answer
  13. Check the comments, there's a dropbox link there. It should work.
  14. Love this, played it once, was really neat. (tho, i probably screwed somehing with the installation, cause at the enclave, kreia suddenly started using he, and not she to my female exile, but whatever) It came to my attention that there is an addon for TSLRCM, Is this compatible with that as well, or only main RCM? (cause then, i'll stick to this, over that)
  15. valas991

    Revan Head

    oh wow Awesome! Is this released somewhere? If not, is it going to be?