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  1. Five years since the release of my first film: Return of the Exile. Please enjoy this nightmarish grin from Zekk.

    RotE 5 Years.jpg

  2. ICYMI: Echoes of the Past - out now! 


    1. Mellowtron11


      It was great to sit in on the premiere and chat with all the actors/actresses!

    2. DarthVarkor


      And thank YOU for coming!

  3. Latest blog post, relating to release details for Echoes of the Past is up! 


    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Less than a hour to go!

  4. Hey everyone, As per usual, I've failed to keep this blog updated. Truth be told, I don't have much enthusiasm for it as it doesn't seem to garner much traction and I much prefer to post regular updates over on the "Community" section of my YouTube channel. At any rate, Echoes of the Past is done, and will be premiering live on YouTube this Saturday (20th June) at 10pm BST/5pm EST/2pm PT/4pm CT/3pm MT. You can watch the livestream here if you are interested, I hope to see some of you there! I also now have a Discord server for my films, @Sith Holocronand @Mellowtron11 are already members of it so please feel free to join. This may be my last blog post (at least for a while) as I much prefer posting announcements in the server and interacting with people over there. Really excited to see this film go out, I've worked really hard on it and I think (hope?) you'll like it, too. Hope everyone is taking care in the current climate! ~ DV
  5. I seem to be having some trouble getting this to work. I know @DarthValeria has had no issues using it, so it may just be a problem on my end. All files are in the correct location, game is running in windowed mode and I am launching it through the steam_console.bat but no console appears for me in-game. I've tried this with the original invisible cheat menu both enabled and disabled and temporarily pausing my anti-virus to see if that's affecting it but neither work.
  6. Oh GIMME 


    1. DarthParametric


      Seems to be significantly more dancing than last time.

  7. Oh dear, Naughty Dog, oh dear...

    1. DarthParametric


      "We want to let everybody experience it together....by waiting until someone leaks a debug build on the internet".

    2. DarthVarkor


      I could never get into The Last of Us 1, despite loving the Uncharted games, but I can't deny how interesting all the drama around Naughty Dog is.

  8. I would say so personally, yeah. The blade reflects light really well in the darker environments like the Harbinger without being a literal flashlight, and the glow is still visible enough in the well lit areas. I think you've pretty much got the settings sorted.
  9. I pretty much agree with Stormie97, the saber itself should be the brightest obviously, as it's the source of the light emitting, and the glow on the environments could also possibly be a bit brighter to reflect it, guess it's just a matter of playing around with the two to find the right combo. But your second screenshot of the blue saber looks really good. Afraid I can't be much more help, module lighting stuff is outside my knowledge, but this is looking great, keep at it!
  10. This looks great, it's something I long wondered if was possible. (Finally, I can re-create Vader's hallway scene with the lightsaber light up inside KOTOR!), I'd say personally maybe make the red blade a little brighter in dark areas. If you look at the screenshot from Rogue One, the glow of the blade really does light him and walls up quite a bit. But, that is also from a 2016 film with professional colour grading, versus a 2004 game that you're somewhat limited with what you can do with the in-game lighting. Either way, keep up the great work!
  11. Well, despite numerous glitches, tedious load times and texture pop-in issues, Kingdom Come: Deliverance was absolutely fantastic. I still have to play the Sir Hans & Woman's Lot DLC add-ons, but I loved the base game. Definitely recommend!

    1. Stormie97


      The Woman's Lot DLC is the only one I'd really recommend to play, Band of Bastards is okay too.

    2. DarthVarkor


      As far as I'm aware, I have to finish the Sir Hans DLC before I can technically "finish" the game (it says in my journal to do so before riding off with him), but I did get all the DLC in a bundle, so I might as well play them all through.

  12. Anyone here played Kingdom: Come Deliverance? Would you recommend it?

    I played it briefly a while back on Xbox Game Pass but never really got into it, and seeing as I can just play it on PC through Game Pass instead (and hopefully have a better frame rate than the crappy Xbox version) I'm considering giving it another shot.

    (Then again, Bannerlord has just come out. Decisions, decisions...)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Stormie97


      I got 246 hours clocked in (even created a sword for the game a few weeks ago) so here are my two cents:

      In a nutshell, I love it. An interesting thing is that you learn to play the game at the same rate as your character.

      The playable character, Henry, is just the young son of the village's blacksmith and hasn't done much of his young adulthood apart from drinking and getting into trouble. So you, the player, and Henry, will have to learn to fight (among other things). You, to get accustomed to the initially challenging combat system, and Henry, fighting at all. Same applied to basically all other skills. It's hard at first, but after a bit of practicing, you'll get gud.

      The story is pretty good and there are enough side quests to keep you entertained for hours and hours. The game is pretty stable now and most bugs have been corrected. Be aware though that the game still has a bit of a jankiness to it. The animations aren't all always top notch and dialogues barely have any animations or even facial expressions, which is a shame, especially nowadays. But you get used to it quickly.

      So yeah, I'd say give it a try. I've been playing Bannerlord a lot since Monday and I can tell you that for now it's just a barely graphically enhanced version of Warband. Most actual new features are missing from the early access, so if you're not in a hurry to play it, I'd advise you to wait a bit more (or grab it now to get the 20% off and wait for a few updates).

    3. DarthVarkor



      It's an interesting game. How much you get out of it really depends on your personal preferences. Give it a try, but be aware that the start is a slow boil. It's probably an hour or more before you see the actual title roll and the game proper begins.

      Oh yeah, I think I put about 3 hours into it last time. I remember the slow start, but I think I got to the part where you join a town guard or something? Definitely seems like an interesting game though. I really like the idea of the slow progression as your character learns how to fight, too. (Think I spent most of those three hours getting my ass handed to me repeatedly.)


      I've been playing Bannerlord a lot since Monday and I can tell you that for now it's just a barely graphically enhanced version of Warband. Most actual new features are missing from the early access, so if you're not in a hurry to play it, I'd advise you to wait a bit more (or grab it now to get the 20% off and wait for a few updates).

      Yeah, after looking into it a bit that's what I've heard, too. Apparently it's not very well optimized at the moment either? I've read about people with high end rigs getting about 30FPS max during the heat of combat. Think I might wait until about Summer-time when some patches come in (and I assume the Steam Summer Sale will at least match the current discount offer.)

      Sounds like I'll be giving KCD a try then once this I get this film done, thanks for your input guys! 

    4. Malkior


      I would personally recommend it if you are interested even a little in actual history and want to try to live the closest approximation of "Fighting in the Middle Ages". The Developers take great pains to ensure that every detail is accurate according to official record right down to the characters themselves. 

      The graphics as many have probably are mentioned are among the best in recent years, and at times can look remarkably close to real life. 

      The only gripe or at the very least hesitation I would have in recommending it is the combat. If you like the flow of first-person swordfighting from something like Skyrim, you should feel right at home but it certainly takes some getting used to. The AI is also capable of adapting, so the only "Cheese" moves you can do are Perfect Block and Ripposte (Master Strike), but if you do them too much combat just gets repetitive.

      Also (From what I can tell) It has some pretty decent Graphical pre-requisites, so you need a good rig to play it if you hope to have a good framerate.