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  1. Having a slight body temperature increase as of now (night).

    No discernible bone pain, no loss of control, no hallucinations, the smells are all here for me to smell.

  2. Got my second dose of Sputnik V.

    The system is fully operational.

  3. Sputnik V is in my system.

    Still 150% operational.

  4. In the meantime, things are getting interesting.
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And may the Force be with you, even if it's not May 4th.  o\

  6. Exactly. What makes it worse, there seems to be a different font file used on different platforms (IOS, Android etc). All we need to know is how those are named, so we can swap the dialog font TGA. But the problem is, in TSL it's all hidden in the game's encrypted OBB archive. But it seems we already found some suspects.
  7. Whoa. Despite all my personal researchings about KOTOR II cut content in the past I got somewhat surprised by the fact that "vanilla" Master Vash is Vanessa Marshall and the one we actually had in M4-78 is Kath Soucie. You learn something new every day. On the subject. Which Vash voice actor is canon? -- Well, I'd say generally speaking the canon should be what we see in the vanilla game. AND probably what was famously appraised by you-know-who (guess you get my meaning here (: ) But this is the matter of what we get with TSLRCM, I think. The M4-78(EP), on the other hand, is a good question. Speaking of what could have happened to Vash in "better circumstances", I personally think that she could actually be a very good opportunity to drastically change the course of the final Jedi encounter on Dantooine, maybe even siding with the Exile somehow (if you did have a good encounter with her back on M4-78, for example). Not sure about the subsequent appearance of Kreia there though. But before actually making any real moves, what about the original designer who worked on M4-78 for Obsidian (Kevin D. Saunders)? Afaik he actually liked what was done about the droid planet in EP, so maybe there is still a certain point to ask him about Vash?
  8. You can see him online on Discord pretty often (at least that's how I contacted him all this time). He is off right now, but I told him about versions.
  9. You splice the splicer's talk about splicing so it can become the spliciest splice in the... universe?
  10. @Sith Holocron Just downloaded it myself, yeah it's 1.5.
  11. Not sure about that tbh. If HH actually put 1.5 in the package, then probably yes.
  12. We also made a tiny glorious appearance on Steam. ( :
  13. No fault of mine some Russians I hope.