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  1. Did a crude copy/paste job from the .2da and that seems to work. Ignore all the random string of numbers after the animation's number & name. That's just a load of other information that is listed in the .2da that I'm too lazy to go through and delete line by line . Hope this helps. K2 Anims.txt
  2. Like DP said, K2 is a lot more flexible when it comes to animations. The 2da contains them all, although, not all of them are labelled very helpfully. For example, I believe "animloop01" is for the sitting in a chair looping anim, although I believe it may be used for other uncommon animations on particular models (such as BioWare swapping out the dance animation for other unlisted anims like Calo Nord raising his grenade in K1). animations.2da
  3. Haven't chimed in on this thread before (I think), but this is looking fantastic, Sithspecter. I think Option 2 works best for the loading screen. Sure, the first looks more like the vanilla loading screens, but some of them in the game aren't exactly incredible photos by today's standards. The soft glow from the sun on top of the buildings in 2 goes a long way imo.
  4. Hey everyone, Would someone be able to port Atris over to K1? Specifically, I'm looking for her head so I can equip different robes on her, similar to what this mod offers in TSL. Thanks!
  5. Just tested myself and the mod works perfectly fine on my end. All I did was extract the wav files to my StreamVoice folder and it worked. Did you do anything differently?
  6. EDIT: I unfortunately had to take the stream down last night after it premiered to fix an issue that went under the radar. If it had been a very minor thing I would have left it, but I wasn't happy leaving it up with that in still in there. It has now been fixed and the film is now back online. The link below has been updated. Thanks for sticking with me! Hey everyone! My next film, STAR WARS: KOTOR - THE SOLDIER'S DESTINY is now available to watch on YouTube! After nearly nine months of hard work, I am proud to finally show this film off. This is a beginning of a whole new trilogy and era for my KOTOR Machinima Saga, and I hope you all enjoy it. This was quite the challenge compared to my TSL Quadrilogy, and I'm so excited to take the story lines and characters deeper in the next two parts. I want to thank a few people for their help on this project (and over the years): @Sith Holocron - for his ever continuous honest and constructive feedback and suggestions which help make these films the best they can be. (And for lending his voice to the project, too!) @TheDukeOfDerps - for coming onto the project very near the end, yet still delivering to me his lines in an incredibly timely fashion! @madtitan12 - For lending his time and talents to the project to play Harnich. @Mellowtron11 - for continuing to be the man of one thousand voices, bring in Darth Bandon in Episode 2 @UnusualCharacters - For his ridiculously good impression of HK-47 and bringing many laughs to the dialogue. Finally, I'd like to thank @DarthParametric for his assistance in some of my modding queries. And to everyone else who has supported me over the years. It means a lot! I hope you all enjoy the film. ~ DV
  7. Had to take TSD down due to an previously unknown issue. All is fixed now & being re-uploaded!

    1. DarthVarkor


      And it's live! 


    2. ColbyJames43


      I liked your movie mate really good. 

      Though for a future idea however if you have future plans for Mission Vao try not to kill her off in your universe she is a young twi'lek aged 14 and it would heart break us fans alike or be too dramatic for a young teen to die in the final but hopefully your able to come up with a salution to fix Mission's fate in the near future perhaps like she really escaped with Carth Onasi. or like where Zaalbar dies by Revan's hands. 

      Although technically I do say this movie is impressive I think you might actually become the best Knights of the Old Republic movie machinima creator in our KOTOR community maybe after KOTOR I or prequel is done perhaps in future you can create a story of your own somewhere taking place after KOTOR II or something like the rebuilding of the Jedi Order or something cuz I think they're is hope for you. 😁

      It's always good to invent and develop characters alike I know we're going to see our final crew memeber for Ebon Hawk possibly Jolee Bindo, however though I know you created Adrian Garratt in KOTOR II that it would have been perfect to have another created but like always yes even though it was way too difficult for a party of nine team mates, or like always you want to keep T3-M4. and HK-47 and Canderous Ordo alive as best you can. where as Carth Onasi as since he dies in the sequel of KOTOR II in the final. as you do have fates for (supposed Mission Vao), Zaalbar, Jolee Bindo, and Juhani etc yes we know that has to be as all stories must that is unfortuantly true even though we can't change it it would been nice for another character but like always you can't change everything I understand that too. 

      But like I said hopefully you can try keep our young teenaged twi'lek Mission alive since she's way too young to be killed off that would devistate us KOTOR fans but like always keep up the good work Darth Varkor and I hope to see the next one. no matter who dies I will always be your biggest fan but if you ever need extra voice actors I can always be avaliable where as only on Gmail if I was needed to play a future single character that is. 🙂

  8. The Soldier's Destiny premieres tonight in just under four hours - if any of you are interested, I'd love to see you there for the premiere! 


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    2. N-DReW25


      @DarthVarkorSo when is it being officially released? In a week?

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      It was streaming earlier but apparently there was some sort of problem.  AFAIK he's reuploading it now, @N-DReW25

    4. DarthVarkor


      SH is right. The plan was for it to be available last night after it premiered but something needed fixing asap. Should all be fine now, just need to re-upload it.


    TSD TPM style.jpg

    1. ColbyJames43


      I'll be looking forward to watching the film soon. 

    2. jc2


      This is an absolutely necessary piece of art for me to observe today.

  10. Without doubt, my favourite here: I used it in one of my films.
  11. Hello there! Production has finally come to an end on The Soldier's Destiny. After an incredibly productive last two/three weeks I think I'm finally happy with it. The official release trailer is now up. Saturday, June 29th, mark your calendars! As you can see from the end card, I've added a few time zones to help with the premiere time on YouTube, sorry if I missed any out. The film will be premiering live on my youtube channel so I hope to see some of you guys there! I'll save all the thanking properly for later, but I just wanted to quickly give a shout out to @Sith Holocron for his ever continuous support during my endeavors, as well as @Mellowtron11 for his many, many voices! (I'm convinced he's multiple people.) See you guys next week! ~ DV
  12. The final trailer for The Soldier's Destiny is here: 


  13. Aaaaand that's a wrap on CAPTURING FOOTAGE for The Soldier's Destiny!

    1. jc2


      Very nice!

  14.  Cyberpunk and this launching early 2020? Oh my!

    1. jc2


      Very much pre-alpha I'm surprised that actually showed gameplay, instead of a some mega polished demo *cough* anthem *cough*

    2. DarthVarkor


      I got some Dishonored vibes from it. Either way it isn't a half bad demo for pre-alpha.

  15. I'll try my best. It depends on when everything comes together, really. But failing that, I'll put out a blog post on here and over on YT detailing the livestream times about two weeks ahead of the film's release.
  16. Not to worry - the next trailer will contain both the release date and the livestream times (with BST to other time zone conversions). That trailer will be out a week or so before the film’s release.
  17. Hi everyone! Keeping with tradition, here is another better late than never blog post. These past couple of months have been crazy for me, very hectic. From uni to moving house, I haven't had a lot of time to work on the film. But, in the past two weeks or so things have began to quieten down for about a month so I've been able to make strong headway on the film, successfully casting another voice actor and nearing a full picture-lock. Taris and Tatooine are completely done (minus colour grading on Taris, and sound mix & grading on Tatooine) and Dantooine is coming along nicely. I'm super proud of this film, you've never seen KOTOR 1 quite like it. Anyway, I figured it was about time I posted another trailer. So, here it is: I had a lot of fun making this one based off of one of the many fantastic trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy. Please note: all the comedic moments in the film have been heightened through the edit of the trailer. The film is by no means a comedy like Guardians, I just felt inspired by the trailer and the film does have a fairly light-hearted feel, so I thought I'd roll with it to see if I could top my Logan-inspired trailer for TPK. That's about it for now, one final trailer will be coming soon(ish!) along with the release date of the film. I will be premiering the full film LIVE on YouTube so it'd be great to hang out with some of you guys there in the livestream. I'll try to post back sooner than I did last time! ~ DV

    1. Mephiles550


      I like it, feels really hollywood.

    2. djh269


      Perfect from start to finish!

    3. Mr Ardvark

      Mr Ardvark

      Can't wait for the X rated Bastila scenes 😎

  19. PC is all packed away for the move tomorrow, I’ll be back in a few days!

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    2. Mellowtron11


      Good luck with your move! As someone who had to move a year and a half ago, it was a pain to get everything moved.

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Let us know when your move is complete please. (If anyone is curious about my move, check my 100th blog for updates.)

    4. DarthVarkor


      Technically all moved over. Now just a matter of unpacking everything... so tiring. PC (essentials first!) is set up and waiting for internet to go live tomorrow. Will be able to catch up on messages and be more active from then!

  20. Well, that's it for Game of Thrones then. What a disappointing final season.

    1. Mellowtron11


      Honestly, they could have used a few more episodes in this season. This season felt pretty rushed, as if the producers and crew were trying to finish everything as fast as they could. 

      As Liam Cunningham (actor who plays Davos) said in an interview a few years ago, the series ending would be bittersweet. He was right. I'll leave it at that.

    2. DarthVarkor


      I've got no issue with it being bittersweet. GoT has never been exactly cheery. But yeah, wayyyy too rushed. They could have done another season on top of this at least.

    3. Mellowtron11


      Agreed. Thrones has always been about subverting the standard fantasy stereotypes. And the series has certainly succeeded on that premise.

      Still, at least a few more episodes would have been nice in order to build things up.

  21. I would offer to help out with the lip-syncing stuff myself, however, I am about to move house so I will be very busy for the next few weeks. But in regards to the lip-syncing itself, it shouldn't require external help from those who already have the software anymore. As @Mamita pointed out, the version of the software that Jenko has provided works perfectly fine on Windows 7 I believe, it just refuses to work on Win10. The solution to this, which I use myself, is to run Win7 via a virtual machine on your PC, then simply transfer the .phn files back to your main OS after the makephn.tcl has finished it's thing.
  22. I agree, but the fact EA seem to be allowing Respawn to do whatever they like with it (no 'live service' features) gives me a little bit of cautious optimism.
  23. Has that actually been confirmed? I thought it was all rumor, and this was KK actually confirming something Old Republic related is coming in either a film or TV series format. But yeah, I'm happy for them to take a stab at Old Republic film/TV stuff, but I'd rather them not touch the games (unless Chris Avellone and Drew Karpshyn are writing it.)