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  1. Aaaaand that's a wrap on CAPTURING FOOTAGE for The Soldier's Destiny!

  2. Hi everyone! Keeping with tradition, here is another better late than never blog post. These past couple of months have been crazy for me, very hectic. From uni to moving house, I haven't had a lot of time to work on the film. But, in the past two weeks or so things have began to quieten down for about a month so I've been able to make strong headway on the film, successfully casting another voice actor and nearing a full picture-lock. Taris and Tatooine are completely done (minus colour grading on Taris, and sound mix & grading on Tatooine) and Dantooine is coming along nicely. I'm super proud of this film, you've never seen KOTOR 1 quite like it. Anyway, I figured it was about time I posted another trailer. So, here it is: I had a lot of fun making this one based off of one of the many fantastic trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy. Please note: all the comedic moments in the film have been heightened through the edit of the trailer. The film is by no means a comedy like Guardians, I just felt inspired by the trailer and the film does have a fairly light-hearted feel, so I thought I'd roll with it to see if I could top my Logan-inspired trailer for TPK. That's about it for now, one final trailer will be coming soon(ish!) along with the release date of the film. I will be premiering the full film LIVE on YouTube so it'd be great to hang out with some of you guys there in the livestream. I'll try to post back sooner than I did last time! ~ DV
  3.  Cyberpunk and this launching early 2020? Oh my!

    1. jc2


      Very much pre-alpha I'm surprised that actually showed gameplay, instead of a some mega polished demo *cough* anthem *cough*

    2. DarthVarkor


      I got some Dishonored vibes from it. Either way it isn't a half bad demo for pre-alpha.

  4. I'll try my best. It depends on when everything comes together, really. But failing that, I'll put out a blog post on here and over on YT detailing the livestream times about two weeks ahead of the film's release.
  5. Not to worry - the next trailer will contain both the release date and the livestream times (with BST to other time zone conversions). That trailer will be out a week or so before the film’s release.

    1. Mephiles550


      I like it, feels really hollywood.

    2. djh269


      Perfect from start to finish!

    3. Mr Ardvark

      Mr Ardvark

      Can't wait for the X rated Bastila scenes 😎

  7. PC is all packed away for the move tomorrow, I’ll be back in a few days!

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    2. Mellowtron11


      Good luck with your move! As someone who had to move a year and a half ago, it was a pain to get everything moved.

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Let us know when your move is complete please. (If anyone is curious about my move, check my 100th blog for updates.)

    4. DarthVarkor


      Technically all moved over. Now just a matter of unpacking everything... so tiring. PC (essentials first!) is set up and waiting for internet to go live tomorrow. Will be able to catch up on messages and be more active from then!

  8. Well, that's it for Game of Thrones then. What a disappointing final season.

    1. Mellowtron11


      Honestly, they could have used a few more episodes in this season. This season felt pretty rushed, as if the producers and crew were trying to finish everything as fast as they could. 

      As Liam Cunningham (actor who plays Davos) said in an interview a few years ago, the series ending would be bittersweet. He was right. I'll leave it at that.

    2. DarthVarkor


      I've got no issue with it being bittersweet. GoT has never been exactly cheery. But yeah, wayyyy too rushed. They could have done another season on top of this at least.

    3. Mellowtron11


      Agreed. Thrones has always been about subverting the standard fantasy stereotypes. And the series has certainly succeeded on that premise.

      Still, at least a few more episodes would have been nice in order to build things up.

  9. DarthVarkor

    Korriban Expansion: Modernizing an Older Mod (WIP)

    I would offer to help out with the lip-syncing stuff myself, however, I am about to move house so I will be very busy for the next few weeks. But in regards to the lip-syncing itself, it shouldn't require external help from those who already have the software anymore. As @Mamita pointed out, the version of the software that Jenko has provided works perfectly fine on Windows 7 I believe, it just refuses to work on Win10. The solution to this, which I use myself, is to run Win7 via a virtual machine on your PC, then simply transfer the .phn files back to your main OS after the makephn.tcl has finished it's thing.
  10. DarthVarkor

    Strange baby on a screen

    Woah, BioWare you creepy guys.
  11. DarthVarkor

    Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

    Here we go... I'm cautiously optimistic after TLJ, but after seeing this teaser and hearing some of what we can expect at the Celebration panel, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit excited. Not sure on the title, though.
  12. DarthVarkor

    Star Wars jedi: Fallen Order

    I agree, but the fact EA seem to be allowing Respawn to do whatever they like with it (no 'live service' features) gives me a little bit of cautious optimism.
  13. *insert preemptive negative comment here.* Perhaps this is what the Game of Thrones guys are working on?
  14. DarthVarkor

    KOTOR Project Confirmed by Kathleen Kennedy

    Has that actually been confirmed? I thought it was all rumor, and this was KK actually confirming something Old Republic related is coming in either a film or TV series format. But yeah, I'm happy for them to take a stab at Old Republic film/TV stuff, but I'd rather them not touch the games (unless Chris Avellone and Drew Karpshyn are writing it.)
  15. Finally got the chance to play Prey (2017) and my god, I think I'm in love with it.

  16. DarthVarkor

    Star Wars jedi: Fallen Order

    That's....not what I was saying, at all. No one knows how Fallen Order will turn out, all I said is so far all we have heard are positive things (no microtransactions, story-focus, Chris Avellone on in the writing team). It's too early to judge fairly how the game will turn out, we haven't even seen gameplay yet.
  17. DarthVarkor

    Star Wars jedi: Fallen Order

    Single player, story focus and no microtransactions confirmed and Chris Avellone on-board the writing team? It's still early days, but these are all good signs for this game. Cautiously optimistic.
  18. DarthVarkor

    Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

    Yes, JJ confirmed his involvement in Ep9 after the teaser reveal.
  19. Hey everyone! As per usual, I've failed to keep this blog regularly updated. Life has been crazy hectic these past few months, work is ramping up on my Master's course and my shift has been taken away slightly from this project - but it's still going alive and well! Firstly, I meant to make a blog on this last month, but, THE OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER FOR THE SOLDIER'S DESTINY is now live! Had a lot of fun making this one. I drew a lot of inspiration from the fantastic second teaser for The Force Awakens all the way back in April 2015, and I really wanted to homage it here. In fact, there's a couple of nice nods/homages to TFA in the film... Secondly, I'm pleased to say that I am PICTURE-LOCKED on Taris, minus a couple of SFX, the first hour of the film is technically good to go. I'm sure I'll find a hundred things to cut/move after I sit down and watch it all together for the first time. I've also made some good progress on Dantooine, and had a surprising amount of time to do a lot of the basic assembly on Tatooine. There's some really nice sequences throughout this film I don't think you'll see coming. Some are definitely a "first" for KOTOR Machinimas, brand new stuff. I wanted this film to be the freshest take on KOTOR yet, and I'm still sticking to that goal. This month is going to be very hectic for me with deadlines, so progress had been at a near-halt since late March, and will probably stay that way until the end of the month, but I should have a lot more time to devote to the film in May, with looking at a possible late-June/early July release window, but, there's no rush. I'm adopting the CDProjektRed philosophy of: "It's coming when it's ready." Finally, if you're curious about hearing some of the score for the upcoming film, I've just released a brand new video highlighting some of the themes. This is some of my favourite selections yet, especially for Bastila's NEW theme, Dantooine & the Star Maps. That's it for now, look for another blog entry come early May! ~ DV
  20. Incredible voice acting!
  21. Oh, hello there!

    1. DarthVarkor


      "I've waited so long to see it again", me too!

    2. jc2


      General Kenobi!

  22. Seeing a lot of people on here having custom images as their 'banner' on their profile (above the user pic and name), yet I can't seem to find an option to do it on mine in "Edit Profile"...help, anyone?

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    2. DarthVarkor


      So it's just a staff thing then. Hmm, shame.

    3. Effix


      I don't know, really. I can't explore the admin options. I kind of forgot the topic, but feel free to bump that thread to bring it up again.

    4. Kexikus


      I have one but I only got it after asking staff as I was unable to do it myself. However I doubt that they want to be bothered by everyone asking for it^^

      But maybe if there's enough demand, the option can be enabled for all users.

  23. DarthVarkor

    Expanded Galaxy v0.4.0 Update

    This looks like a fantastic mod, however, whenever I try to use it, I get severe issues with the game. For instance, a lot of the modules won't load properly and the "override" folder often overwrites other things in my override (texture mods, etc.). I've just seen the description of this update: So, do we need to make a separate modules folder, and then when we want to use the K1 modules in TSL, rename the old modules folder (containing TSL's modules) to something like "OLDModules" so the game doesn't recognize them? If that's the case, won't that affect whatever save I'm using (say, if I'm on Peragus and want to warp to Manaan) upon loading up the game, as the modules folder containing Peragus won't be recognized? Or am I reading this completely wrong? Thanks!
  24. VO here. Thank you! Glad you're enjoying using them
  25. The animation Calo Nord does in the hangar on Taris when he threatens to blow the group up, anyone know what the animation number/name is? I looked at the script he performs for that line according to the dlg file, apparently it's "ActionPlayAnimation(113, 1.0, 0.0);". But in game, firing animation no.113 is a two handed attack animation.