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  1. Aww..ya know this does look pretty good, but I can't leave it like this. It's got to be black. Remapped and reskinned.... AND I remembered to rotate it 90 degrees so the shroud is on the right side. Yay me.
  2. Oh well cool. I'll look through that when I get a chance. I'm about to have to remap and skin Sion's model. Apparently I left a lot of bits unmapped but so far I can't make heads of tails of where they go.
  3. Another trip down memory lane, shall we? So back when I was learning how to model a hilt, I used RandomSabers.com as a basis for (mostly) all my designs... 4900 something polys....yeaaah, I over did it a tad. Kreia"s..... Enclave Guardian's... Currently Honorable Duelist... Kavar's Escort....without the inverted emitter shroud thingy. This ended up being the blue default. Just without the outer shell thing. So then I just integrated the vertical slat thingies at the bottom, and omitted the ring. One more... Currently Visas Marr's Visionary saber.... So I am currently reskinning everything with some new textures I found on the interwebz. Actually almost done. It went fast. But I have a LOT more I want to do. But hopefully I can get this out before the end of the year. So many improvements. G'night.
  4. Well. I could cram one more in....should Kaevee have a custom hilt? Also, why wasn't I doing this before?? I mean I know I'm lazy but.... "Directional industrial steel" at 62-66% with a baremetal .txi Kinda kewl yeah?
  5. (sigh) SWTOR. I bid you ...adieu. 😐

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    2. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Yeaaahh but i have no idea how to do any of that. Have you ever lifted saber hilts from there?

    3. DarthParametric


      Indeed. I first posted pics of extracted sabers (and other models) on LF back in the beta period in 2011.

      I can give you all the saber meshes and textures if you don't want to deal with the hassle of extracting them yourself. I've mused at times about porting them myself, but frankly I don't really like most of them.

      Edit: Although poking through the files just now, I discovered a "modular" folder (which I don't recall seeing before) which has separate emitters/control boxes/grips/pommels. Seems like you could use them to piece together some interesting creations. It seems like that must be how they are making their more recent sabers. Lots of recognisable movie hilt components, albeit with the serial numbers filed off.

    4. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Yes. Yes to meshes. Of course all the newer CM sabers would be what we wanted, so anything you could send my way would be great, don’t know if I’d even be able to use them, I really just want to have a look. 

  6. So I found a folder with some old never seen before hilt models I abandoned years ago.... Wondering if I should skin and rig them. Or just leave them to the ravages of time lol...but maybe rig and convert em as stand alone hilts...maybe.
  7. Yes i got it. Thanks again. Lets see what this'll do. Edit: Ok I do have .NETframework 1.1 installed for KotOR Tool. But what would I need? It's...uuum...not working.
  8. Ok thanks I'll toy around with it tomorrow, it's very late. Almost 6:30.
  9. Worst nightmare I've had since I started playing this game and modding it. Nothing is finished, and what is "finished", is bugged as all get out. It's just a horrible crammed together mess.
  10. Yeah! That bottom frame is what I'm talking about I think. So I could just do this with Gmax then? Take a screen of a wire mesh and apply a ink/cartoon effect on it?
  11. Hey all So at the moment I am wondering if someone out there could basically render like a wire frame thingy of one of my saber hilts for a splash screen?
  12. Oh no...did I just really see this? "Cathalan" is up on Steam Workshop...

    Wondering if I should say anything. (oh well too late)

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Is it April 1st already?

      Update: It's up there. No doubt about it.

    2. Thor110


      Didn't it contain copyrighted music though? Tut tut Steam.

    3. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Well, I said something. Just a general steer clear. I sincerely hope no one has to go through any of that.

  13. Alright guys I think I've settled on these. Gonna do different icons for different saber loot. Schematic and companion sabers have these Looted or reward sabers have these, and I'm gonna redo them so there's more black showing.... then Master sabers... and the Revan, Malak and Sion will have and Nihilus has his own. Anyway, gonna mess with these so i can go to town on 'em 'cuz I would very much like to finish this this year lol.
  14. You can nix it as far as I'm concerned. It's unnecessary. Just start it where Kreia comes walking into the cockpit to talk to Handmaiden/Visas or whomever.
  15. Oh yeah I've always done that. Alright well I do still have to rest the whole thing but I'm trying to get all my icons and retextures finished before i uninstall/reinstall everything. Thanks. Oh hey DP? Can you please take that damn mask off?? 😁
  16. So let me get this straight. If I was going to use the TSLPatcher to compare 2 of the same dialog files and make modifiers for the differences, I would want to use.... a) TSLRCM's version of the dialog file so that my version doesn't add anything that wasn't already there....OR b) a completely vanilla version of the dialog file once I've made all my changes to another unedited vanilla dialog file?? (not TSLRCM's) I'm a little confused because it seems like it's adding things in the patcher operation that TSLRCM already added. (??) Edit: yeah i think its the second option. Doesn’t make much sense the other way…I could be wrong
  17. Yeah when i messed with that all I did was change the model number in the uti. hehe. Ok so I "fixed" it. I used 2 scripts that already existed, k_650enter.ncs to destroy the defaults and massflourish.ncs to give them mine. But I think I need to tweak 650jedi.dlg to use a different camera, so that it's more impactful, lol.
  18. Oh man. Nope, didn't work. It's now deleting the default sabers in their hands but not equipping them with my custom ones. I'm gonna try it from Kreia's dialog with a new script. See how that goes.
  19. Once again I am in need of assistance. This one is weird because it worked the first time 2/3 of the way. Zez Kai-Ell did not equip his and showed up empty handed. So I tweaked a thing or two but now it dosen't work at all. (K_650enter.nss) void main() { if (GetLoadFromSaveGame()) { return; } object oEntering = GetEnteringObject(); object oFROM_605DAN = GetObjectByTag("FROM_605DAN", 0); if ((((GetFirstPC() == oEntering) && (!GetLocalBoolean(oFROM_605DAN, 42))) && (GetGlobalNumber("500OND_DarkSide_Iziz") == 0))) { SetLocalBoolean(oFROM_605DAN, 42, 1); SetGlobalNumber("853NIH_CUTSCENE", 1); StartNewModule("853NIH", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""); } else { object oWP_council_kavar; object oZez = GetObjectByTag("Zezkaiell", 0); object oVrook = GetObjectByTag("Vrook", 0); object oKavar = GetObjectByTag("Kavar", 0); if (((GetGlobalNumber("000_ZezKaiEll_Dead") == 0) && (!GetIsObjectValid(GetObjectByTag("Zezkaiell", 0))))) { oWP_council_kavar = GetWaypointByTag("WP_council_zez"); CreateObject(1, "npc_zezkaiell", GetLocation(oWP_council_kavar), 0); DestroyObject(GetItemInSlot(4, oZez), 0.0, 0, 0.0); DelayCommand(0.5, ActionEquipItem(CreateItemOnObject("seek_dblsbr_194", oZez, 1, 1), 4, 1)); } if (((GetGlobalNumber("000_Vrook_Dead") == 0) && (!GetIsObjectValid(GetObjectByTag("Vrook", 0))))) { oWP_council_kavar = GetWaypointByTag("WP_council_vrook"); CreateObject(1, "npc_vrook", GetLocation(oWP_council_kavar), 0); DestroyObject(GetItemInSlot(4, oVrook), 0.0, 0, 0.0); DelayCommand(0.5, ActionEquipItem(CreateItemOnObject("vigi_lghtsbr_190", oVrook, 1, 1), 4, 1)); } if (((GetGlobalNumber("000_Kavar_Dead") == 0) && (!GetIsObjectValid(GetObjectByTag("kavar", 0))))) { oWP_council_kavar = GetWaypointByTag("WP_council_kavar"); CreateObject(1, "npc_kavar", GetLocation(oWP_council_kavar), 0); DestroyObject(GetItemInSlot(4, oKavar), 0.0, 0, 0.0); DestroyObject(GetItemInSlot(5, oKavar), 0.0, 0, 0.0); DelayCommand(0.3, ActionEquipItem(CreateItemOnObject("kava_lghtsbr_191", oKavar, 1, 1), 4, 1)); DelayCommand(0.5, ActionEquipItem(CreateItemOnObject("kava_lghtsbr_192", oKavar, 1, 1), 5, 1)); } } } Would the Delaying of the command mess it up? Do I need to create the item on them before equipping??
  20. Kaidon Jorn

    KSR 2022

    Yes the file tat_17_10czerk_01.dlg probably screwed something else up. I will look into it.
  21. Alrighty. Got a buttload done yesterday and day before...but here are these while I'm at it. Just imagine Nihilus' saber laid across that because I forgot to make a .jpg in 256x256. These are the new icons but they will be scaled down to 128x128. Still need a good idea for Sion's. Also, Handmaiden builds a new model which is now called 'Arbiter' and Visas Marr's saber is now called 'Visionary'.
  22. Yeah i figured that out right after you posted. I fixed it. It works now. I had AssignCommand(oDarthSion, SetLightsaberPowered(yada, yada,yada) where it should have been DelayCommand
  23. Arrrgh I had it set to TRUE FALSE FLASE and it didn't work either. Alright thanks let me try again.
  24. Ok what am I missing? Trying to make Sion's saber turn off when it's replaced. It seems I've forgotten how SetLightsaberPowered works. From a_sion.ncs in 702KOR. First thing in the dialog. case 3: { object object19 = GetObjectByTag("SithAssassin", 0); object object21 = GetObjectByTag("SithAssassin", 1); object oDarthSion = GetObjectByTag("DarthSion", 0); effect effect3 = EffectVisualEffect(8000, 0); ApplyEffectToObject(1, effect3, object19, 20.0); ApplyEffectToObject(1, effect3, object21, 20.0); DestroyObject(GetItemInSlot(4, oDarthSion), 0.0, 0, 0.0); AssignCommand(oDarthSion, ActionEquipItem(CreateItemOnObject("pain_lghtsbr_195", oDarthSion, 1, 1), 4, 1)); SetLightsaberPowered(oDarthSion, 0, 0, 0); AssignCommand(oDarthSion, ActionPlayAnimation(35, 1.0, (-1.0))); DelayCommand(6.0, SetDialogPlaceableCamera(8));