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  1. Unfortunately among the links provided, the original skyboxes for BOS:SR aren't included as well as many other BOS exclusive textures. Thanks for the link though!
  2. A (hopefully) simple request: Could someone make an AI upscale of the textures used in the Brotherhood of Shadow mod? With this, hopefully if alphas are present t, they'll be resized and included as well. Thanks for your consideration.
  3. @LORD SPARTAN: Will you be redoing the icons for the datapads to accompany the new models?
  4. As the First Grand Statue of Mandalore statue decoration was only available to those that acquired Cantina Crates - and with a very low drop rate - I suggest adding this decoration to a vendor on the fleet. This could be the Galactic Seasons vendor or one of the vendors that occupy the top section of the fleets. As it seems unlikely that Cantina events will return, why not give the newer folks a chance to get this decoration? What I'm hoping for is folks to possibly boost the signal - either by replying to the thread on the SWTOR forums or posting it elsewhere. (Yes, I already have a thread on the SWTOR Reddit.) And if you were wondering what the decoration looks like, here are a few shots: Feel free to think of this as a belated birthday gift or an early Christmas gift! LOL
  5. @LORD SPARTAN Here's a free quality Aurebesh font.
  6. @PapaZinos: I was just wondering if this mod provides a fix with a situation that DarthParametric and I have noticed. On that big display on the Administration Level that Atton stands in front of, there appears to be an issue. When I made my recent request for a better round "blip" texture on that display, it was noticed there may be a problem with the floating planes that this texture is mapped to. Parts of the circle "blip" are getting cut off due to the issue as can be seen here. (Note red boxes.) Does your mod fix this issue? If it doesn't, could you possibly add an update to this mod to account for it? DP also noted "As a separate thing, you could alter the sequence order for [each of the blip's] individual planes by offsetting the V position (i.e. moving it up or down vertically so the animation starts on a different row. Not sure if that's desirable or not, but it looked a little off to me with them all being in sync" Thanks for your attention.
  7. It's on that large Peragus monitor on the Administratiion Level -the one you made a fix for to center the scrolling text.
  8. It certainly seems that way but my efforts have not gone well. LOL
  9. I was hoping someone might be willing to make a cleaner, higher resolution of the PER_Blip.tga texture. Though it's a mish-mash if taken directly from KotORTool, it can be seen in the standard animation format as seen in Thor110's K2 upscales as can be seen below. As you can see, the ripple effect seems to have lost the circular effect from the upscale and conversion from its original format. With the many artists on here, I thought someone may be able to a better job remaking it from scratch.
  10. Is there any chance that you'll eventually be doing skins for KotOR2?

    1. Dark Hope

      Dark Hope

      I want to do this, but I have a lot of work with the front part and not enough time.

  11. Are these samples using the actual size texture you'd be uploading?
  12. The author still doesn't follow this thread. You're better off sending them a PM.
  13. It requires research into a larger pack. Grab these files: C_Khounda01, C_Khounda02, C_Khounda03, C_Khounda04, C_Khoundb01, C_Khoundb02, C_Khoundb03, C_Khoundb04 from one of these packs or one of these packs.
  14. Could you also list every other mod you are using as well? That's so those that may help you can rule out other complications.
  15. Why wasn't this uploaded to the download section, @detran
  16. New question. Though I am guessing I already know the answer to this as Thor110 is on the team but I figured I should ask. Will RoR be featuring upscaled textures?
  17. Would the data pad as seen in the Jedi Enclave be using a different texture that isn't glitched? I am impressed at the work by all involved so far! I've been working around screens for years and I am glad there's one that I won't have to tackle.
  18. Have you checked out the upscales available here and elsewhere?
  19. Might I suggest after checking them, that you re-upload them here and elsewhere?