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  1. Interesting post over on the Varkorverse Discord . . . Computer? That picture.. . . ENHANCE! If anyone else wants to give this request a shot, now seems to be the time to starting making some announcements.
  2. Sure you can grab it. For background on this picture, It's one of the rooms in my Nar Shaddaa stronghold in SWTOR. Since I have been regularly farming on Ossus, I have accumulated all of the (currently available) crystals a long time ago. That's why all eleven shades of the crystals are here. I think of it as a meditation room. A bench is so much more civilized than having sit down on the floor. (It doesn't mess up your robes!)
  3. @tjsase: I was wondering why you don't have T3 in KOTOR? Shouldn't be simply a matter of having a differently named file, as KOTOR uses a different name for that texture? Please tag me if you reply.
  4. I certainly am not opposed to the idea of someone taking on a fresh new take on Coruscant. After all, I did make a thread proposing that very subject in 2015. (You posted in it as well on page 5, you may recall.) However, this thread is requesting videos to complete a legacy project. In this special circumstance, your goal and my goal conflict. I understand if this request doesn't interest you very much. Different strokes for different folks. That being the case, I'd invite you to discuss other new interpretations of Coruscant in that thread I just linked. And with the porting rules changed significantly since the creation of that thread, there's loads of things you can talk about now that people couldn't do before. Go forth and spread your ideas about a new Coruscant. Over there. In other news . . . In the original post, I mentioned (and linked to) 3 optional textures. I thought I'd focus on two of them. One of them (cor_flr5) was a texture remade from scratch of a Coruscant floor texture. And that original Coruscant floor texture was a recolored Dantooine texture. My texture was originally made for Dantooine so it was pretty easy to change it to greyscale for use here. The other is a texture that replaces a concrete wall texture. It doubles the size of the texture and adds more detail in it. However, I did match the colors to keep the original aesthetic. The left and right sides are seamless as well.
  5. Here's a question for those following the thread: At what resolution should be movies be at a minimum? Reply with your thoughts below.
  6. Check the credits then you may be able to guess. However @Nsinger998, if it gets more people to make videos, they may substitute @Kexikus' mod for the one on the list.
  7. What the heck, I never did anything with my sad attempt years ago, perhaps one of you will do better. I was hoping someone might make landing and take off videos for deathdisco's Jedi Temple mod. A simple bullet point list of suggestions: Use any music from KOTOR, TSL, or SWTOR that fits your videos. Use this skybox mod for the skybox. Have the Ebon Hawk fly past either (or both) of these windows . . . completely optional: also add these 3 additional textures to your Override folder as well If you're checking out this thread and you also don't have the ability to make movies, why not drop a like on this post to let people know you're interested in this request?
  8. Interesting concept. I do wonder about something though: When the movies have to eventually be remade to show up this new Star Map, how will you sync the different star map centers in the following movie when morphing through the different planets?
    1. JDub96


      Apparently, they're releasing the RCM as an official DLC for the Switch version.

    2. HK-47


      Sure enough. I just came across the announcement. Good.

    3. PoopaPapaPalpatine


      They'd honestly have to release the RCM mod, base game TSL is basically unplayable.

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  9. That's not the way it's supposed to look, right?
  10. Just a reminder for folks that wish to take pictures for this thread. if you press CTRL and U, you'll be able to drop the GUI. That works in the game proper and on the character selection screen as well.
  11. Current character's outfits in SWTOR updated.  Pictures updated where necessary.  Character's weapons have now been now added to profiles! 


    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Just realized that I had to read the pictures for my wife's characters because of Photobucket nonsense.  New pictures added and slight updates to descriptions. Link to post.

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Emerging from the shadows, a new bounty hunter appears!  (Check the initial post for link.)

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Added another picture of IA with weapon.

  12. @danil-ch Why is the video in the OP set to private?
  13. I think he may be referring to Vader's size. He towers over everyone because the actor was a tall bodybuilder.
  14. I was in the audience for this:

    1. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Love him. Unfortunately, the show's topics are usually infuriating.


    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      That video above was recorded after the main show my wife and I were in the audience for. The main show was on Subway.

  15. Are there plans for TSL textures down the line? If so, will you use higher resolution versions from KotOR 1 when applicable?
  16. Why not upload it here, now that it has been found?
  17. Was there anything else you tried? Just thought I'd ask for those troubleshooters that follow...
  18. Thanks for the reply even though I have no idea what this means as a non-PhotoShop user. If there are follow up questions for DarthParametric, please tag him in your response!
  19. I believe it's been a while since I've made a request. I'll make this brief as I think the title pretty much covers it. Might anyone be interested in making a tutorial for making bump maps - specifically with the novice in mind? Granted as most of you use PhotoShop, it'll be of significantly less use to me. However I'm sure it would make those making new texture mods with PhotoShop pop quite a bit.