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How did the Peragian miners die? Probably the lack of oxygen. Peragus is facing many structural issues, from the gaps in the floors, walls, and ceilings, and other model errors, many of which expose the facility to the vacuum of space. It may be too late for the miners, but it's not too late for you! Let's get to work on patching things up.

This mod builds upon the work started by DarthParametric with "Peragus Administration Level Room Model Fixes 1.0.0". I have recreated and improved upon the fixes of that mod from scratch, as well as included fixes to a very large number of other model issues. If you currently have the other mod installed, you should remove "[TSL]_Peragus_Administration_Level_Room_Model_Fixes" from your override upon installing this mod in order to avoid any mod conflicts.

Download the 7z file and extract to your override folder, found in the same directory as your main game executable. For Steam installations, this would be "Steam\steamapps\common\Knights of the Old Republic II". 7z files can be extracted with Archive Utility on macOS, or with free programs such as PeaZip on Windows and Linux. If you are updating from a previous version of the mod, just delete the old "Peragus_Model_Fixes" folder from your override. The version number is included in the folder name.

Remove the folder "Ultimate_Peragus_Model_Fixes_v1.3" from your override.

Included Files:



Users should expect full compatibility with any other mods, so long as they do not modify/replace the above files. 

This mod works very well alongside "Peragus Large Monitor Adjustment 1.0" by Sith Holocron, and will correct the same asteroid image and text displacement issue from the asteroid exterior. It will similarly work well alongside other Peragus mods which affect textures or placeable models and lighting, such as VarsityPuppet's "Peragus Tweak 1.4", "A Darker Peragus REDUX 1.0" by Malkior, and "...A Darker Peragus 2.0" by Canderis. It is also compatible with backdrop improvement mods such as Kexikus' "TSL Backdrop Improvements 1.4", Vasilii Zaytsev's "Improved Peragus Asteroid Fields 1.2", and Replacement Peragus II Artwork by Trench 1.0 uploaded by Sith Holocron. This mod is not compatible with DarthParametric's "Peragus Administration Level Room Model Fixes 1.0.0", but fixes the same issues (and many more). 

Big thanks to Fred Tetra for making file extraction easy with KotORTool and Symmetric, Purifier, Ndix UR, and seedhartha for making importing to Blender simple using KotORBlender. I would also like to thank DarthParametric for making "Peragus Administration Level Room Model Fixes 1.0.0". Thanks to DarthRaindrops for pointing out the UV mapping issue for the column texture.

This modification is not supported by Obsidian Entertainment, Lucasarts, Disney or any licensers/sponsors thereof. Use of this modification is at your own risk and neither the aforementioned companies nor the author may be held responsible for any damages caused to your computer via this modification's usage.

What's New in Version 1.3.0   See changelog



- Added the dormitory map to modules fixed up, closing up holes in walls, fixing up texture mapping, improving wonky lighting/walkmeshes

- Restored original lighting to catwalk map, adding animations instead to recreate the lighting on Harbinger bridge for those with Harbinger's Arrival Enhancement for TSLRCM installed (not required)

- Additional texture and light mapping fixes throughout dormitory level

- Geometry fix to an overhead pipe in the fuel depot which did not reach the wall



- Added the appropriate module from the administration level proper behind Atton on the asteroid exterior map

- Closed two gaps exposing Atton to the vacuum of space on the asteroid exterior map

- Fixed an additional UV mapping issue on the administration level

- Closed a column gap on the administration level

- Fixed disappearing submodules issue on the administration level

- Restored Harbinger bridge lighting for users with Harbinger's Arrival Enhancement for TSLRCM installed

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