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  1. Hi, I've encountered another [possible] bug with K1. I went to Korriban first. In the Drunk Side, I noticed mika dorin has an option to offer you a drink. If you take it, you fall unconscious for awhile. You also get debuffed. The problem is the debuff doesn't go away, and it's a big one, currently sitting at 6 dex and 8 int and both stats were originally at ten. I've also discovered if you take another drink, it will continue to debuff those stats. I've tried saving, reloading, quitting the game, nothing is getting rid of it. EDIT - it lasts until you change planets and disembark. That's pretty crappy imo. I looked all over the web for an answer to this and it appears it wasn't an option in the original game [i never saw it]. Maybe that should've stayed cut content, eh?
  2. Thank you, but I was able to solve it by changing the ini to accommodate windowed mode as per Snigaroo's link. Since then I've had no problems, though the mouse is now too sensitive, so i'll have to play around with it a bit.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I switched to win7 compatibility, as well as toggling all the checkboxes that Kexikus suggested. The game no longer collapses to window, which is great. However, it continues to black out between videos. It also blacks out if I switch from the game to desktop, unless I click escape to bring up the menu beforehand. Again, that's not really a big deal, but it's a pain. It still blacks out with starfighter, but if I hit pause quick enough it isn't usually fatal. The videos are the annoying bit though, I just finished off Malak and the video clip between dodonna and Vandar was blacked out for a significant period of time. I've found that if I keep switching between desktop and game it'll eventually clear up, but it seems very hit and miss [and i can't bring up the menu for those bits either] I have two questions: 1) Would the longer fix outlined by Snigaroo solve this problem, or just make it widescreen? Would it be better to just shut down the video sequences altogether? 2) I have kotor2 as well. Is it likely this problem will reoccur on that game with TSL enabled?
  4. I have the K1 mod active, the latest version. I've noticed that whenever the game shifts to show a video - like the Leviathan pass for example - it will go black, and sometimes boot me to desktop. The game will still be on, and i can click back to it, but often it will continue showing a black screen. This is merely annoying, and i can get used to it, but the real problem is when I get randomly attacked by starfighters between planets, this problem makes it much harder to survive encounters. Can anything be done? Should I switch the resolution to compensate, or is there an error happening with the mod? The only other mod I'm using is the one that offers alternate crew avatars, and I really doubt it could be causing this. As a sidenote: can anything be done to increase mouse sensitivity beyond using the settings slider? My mouse is much too slow at targeting those sith ships, but it's fine for everything else, and even at max sensitivity it doesn't really make a difference.