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  1. Does anyone else have an issue with the camera angle when killing Lorgal in the cage with force powers after installing this mod? The camera seems to show the wall instead of the republic soldier if I force choke Lorgal in the cage. Uninstalling the module file in this mod seems to fix that camera angle though. Strange.
  2. Not so much a bug as is a weird inconsistency, but the Sith guards inside the Korriban Academy still have their voice lines as if they're speaking from a helmet. A bit odd. I assumed that the reason a different looking Sith came into the base that you end up killing was done by K1CP due to the fact that exact same Sith (face, uniform, and voice) that is out front of the Sith base is also the same one trying to prosecute Sunry. If you kill him in the base prior to him prosecuting Sunry... that'd make no sense.
  3. Yeah, "disabled" is what I meant. I wasn't sure if that animation existed for HK47 in K1 for whenen he gets disabled or stunned in combat in K1. Him standing there would be good enough I'd think, considering he's just a droid. I agree with the points you made. Carth should certainly be in the cockpit since he's the pilot. I only mentioned Bastila should be in another room because of what you pointed out, those personal conversations that are happening 3ft away from Carth. I only mentioned Mission be put in the meditate animation because it's simply better than her standing all alone in that room staring at the wall. Her and Zaalbar near each other would certainly fare better.
  4. This is something that's bothered me since K2 came out. In K2, the crew actually seem to be occupied. T3 is rolling around tinkering and repairing, Bao-Dur is repairing, Kreia and Visas are in deep meditation, disciple is tinkering in the medical room, Atton is messing with the cockpit controls, etc etc. Replaying through K1 and seeing everyone just standing there, blankly staring just kinda takes me out of it. I think having them doing something, even if standing still, would help with immersion. Here are a few examples/ideas: Carth sitting in his pilot seat similarly to Atton, or perhaps Carth could be standing by one of the computer panels doing the "typing" animation. Bastila in the cockpit or alone in the computer room next to it doing the kneeling/meditating pose/animation. Mission in her same room doing the meditating animation or perhaps doing the conversation animation with Zaalbar. Canderous tinkering with the swoop bike. T3 working in the engine room or tinkering in the center room on one of the computer panels. Juhani in her same room meditating. Jolee in the medical room tinkering with the panels like the disciple, or meditating. HK47 would probably just hangout where he normally is, or even be in 'low power mode' (is that animation/pose even in K1?) until he's spoken to. These are all just ideas, but I'm sure you get the point. I think having them in a static position would be better than them wandering around the Ebon Hawk like several were in K2. A seemingly simple concept of a mod request, but one that I do think would be pretty neat in terms of immersion.
  5. Still on the lookout for any texture artists willing to take this on!
  6. Hello there. I'm here with a request of an HD reskin of PMHA03 (KotOR 1), as this head model is the closest to resemblance in shape of my cousin. If possible, editing the portrait and of course the dark side transition as well. My cousin's birthday is coming up and I thought it'd be a cool surprise to have one of the PC heads reskinned in his likeness. Every year or so, we replay through KotOR around the same time. I've recently updated my game with the most recent iteration of the mod build and will be doing so for my cousin as well for our next playthrough. Scrolling through the current mods, I see that Dark Hope did a reskin. While it does -vaguely- resemble my cousin, it is still off. Perhaps editing this already modified reskin would be easier? I am happy to provide plenty of reference photos to any artist interested and able to do this for me. I've uploaded a zip file with the original pmha03 tga files, portraits, reference pictures, and Dark Hope's higher resolution reskin. In terms of the reference pictures, it'd be nice if it was possible to make the character look a bit younger, but not too much (you'll see my cousin's beard is salt/pepper colored now, his original hair color is dark brown). Thanks EDIT: Dark Hope was kind enough to fulfill this request for me. Thanks all!