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This is my first mod for KotOR and it's relatively simple. I was always quite annoyed by certain areas of the game having a major "clone" effect with some of the NPC's. This mod aims to fix that issue in just a few of the areas. I made sure to pick areas and NPC's to edit that did not affect other parts of the game, as some NPC's in some modules share files, I made sure to edit ones that would not conflict.

The main areas this provides changes in are the Manaan cantina, swoop lounge, Korriban Sith Academy, and Valley of the Dark Lords. I also changed Fazza and Yortal (Ithorian merchant near the Sith embassy on Manaan). Fazza and Yortal were changed because, for some reason, most Ithorians you interact with in the game all have the exact same skin despite there being three different Ithorian skins. I changed some appearances in the Sith Academy to better reflect their roles. For example; the NPC's labeled "Sith Teacher" now have an older appearance (I also gave a few of them double bladed lightsabers to add to the variety). The Mandalorian in the Manaan cantina is wearing Mandalorian armor. The Echani mercenaries in that same area are now wearing Echani armor. The Sith academy guards that are at the doors are wearing red, while the ones patrolling are still wearing silver armor. Several Dreshdae NPC's were changed including the Czerka representative and the guard behind him (they were twins prior to this) as well as one of the Rodian's in the cantina.

All the changes I put forth were done to both add variety and make some sense within the context of the world (like giving the Echani mercs Echani armor). Where I was able to, I changed heads so there wouldn't be as many twins standing beside each other or in the same room and for some NPC's that had a bit more dialogue, I tried giving them less used/seen head appearances.



This mod uses TSLPatcher to inject the changes directly into the module files. If you are using Sith Uniform Reformation, then the only incompatible files will be those for the Sith guards on Korriban (therefore you can choose to keep the armored Sith guards or the ones from that mod). This mod is compatible with K1CP, though you MUST install the K1CP first. I highly recommend you have JC's Back in Black mod installed first as well. This is NOT meant to be used with any other major NPC diversity mods that change these specific NPC's, as it won't be compatible.

For the changes to take place, you MUST NOT have entered the areas where this modifies NPC's. Either start a new game or load a save prior to entering the specific areas of change.

(I am utilizing several @Dark Hope skins in my screenshots. I recommend checking her content out, as her retextures are top notch)

Big thanks to @Effix +@Leilukin + @N-DReW25 + @JCarter426for their help!


If anyone runs into any issues with this at all, please DM me here.

What's New in Version 1.1.0


Added TSLPatcher install for even more compatibility. Now the NPC changes are injected directly into the module files.

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