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    Version 1.0.0


    The archive contains 2 textures: the texture of the woman's form and the shape of the man. The resolution of the textures is 2048X2048. This resolution allows you to carefully draw each piece of equipment. Attention was paid to everything: rivets, buckles, shadows, cloth, chevrons. Enjoy.
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    With this modification you can role-play and make as if your favorite Revan's face would grow hair during his adventure. To use the head models just put the files that you want in your override folder from Kotor 1. Both sides have been tested by me without any bugs, but I don't know if there may be any conflict in the long run. You can also use any custom skin from the default heads with this mod, there is no problem because it uses the PMC04 skin for the hair. If there is any bug please contact me on lucasforums. Credits to all the people who have done tutorials on modifying Kotor, thanks to them this conversion was possible.
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    Remember when people used to download a hundred mods that aren't theirs and compile them into one big mod pack and claim it was all their own work? Well in 2019, people compile a list of up to 49 mods and upload it to the internet as a "Free to Use Master list" claiming you can use other peoples mods in your own mod as if they where a modders resource. And of course, this was found on the Nexus. https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/1266?tab=files Here is a list of the modders included in this list, keep in mind that there is a 90% chance more than one of your mods were listed:
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    Aaaaand that's a wrap on CAPTURING FOOTAGE for The Soldier's Destiny!
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    HK-47, especially "canon" HK (By which I mean the assassin that can make a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope), is underwhelming. Has been for a decade and a half. He's hilarious, and I love him as a companion, but he's never as deadly with a rifle as he could be. Even with his unique "Assassination Protocols" Feat in KOTOR II, he severely disappoints. You can give him twin pistols, and that helps, but then he just feels like every other ranged dual-wielder. SO. I propose that the Assassin droid (Or rather, the "Combat Droid" Character class) gets some tweaks to his class mechanics. Now, I want to preface this by saying that I know I can do all of these things with KSE. I have done this before - That's how I tested the class modifications to make sure it worked. But I want to make this organic, so that HK feels like he's supposed to be a proper assassin droid and not just a cool looking Soldier class. The Principle behind these changes is Disable-Destroy-Repeat, and revolves around giving HK the "Sneak attack" feats and the ability to stealth. His droid gadgets become more useful thanks to being able to make use of his own stuns, and the stun from master sniper shot combined with the larger crit range on rifles compared to pistols makes him feel like a proper marksma... droid. Marksdroid. There'd need to be two versions, one for KOTOR and another for KOTOR II. KOTOR -A new feat called "Integrated Cloaking" or some such - Basically a clone of Juhani's "Force Camouflage" - that lets Assassin/Combat Droids enter stealth. (Or, just give him Force camo and call it a day?) -Also make Stealth a Class Skill for Combat Droid -Combat Droid borrows Sneak Attack from the Scoundrel Class, gaining Levels naturally on level up. KOTOR II -Droid Cloaking already Exists as one of GOTO's unique feats. Give him that. -Stealth Class Skill -Precise shot, Targeting and Sneak attack awarded on Level up. So what do y'all think? Possible?
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    I get unnecessarily peeved with thread bumps.
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    Version 1.0


    Installation Instructions First, select whether you plan to install the FULL BEARD or GOATEE. You can only install ONE of these mods. Once selected, copy the following folders into the override folder in your SWKOTOR directory. PMHC01.tga PMHC01d.tga PMHC01d1.tga PMHC01d2.tga PMHC01d3.tga] po_pmhc1.tga po_pmhc1d.tga po_pmhc1d1.tga po_pmhc1d2.tga po_pmhc1d3.tga Each head option features normal KotOR dark side transitions with Sith Eyes (yellow with red rings). If you prefer dark side transitions that feature Sith Eyes only and no change to the skin tone copy the files from Alternate Darkside in your selected head and overwrite these files in your override folder. To uninstall, remove the above files from your override folder. Description I almost always play with the first male caucasian head when I play Knights of the Old Republic however I prefer my gentleman a little scruffy. Years ago I created a similar reskin that became very popular and I decided it was time to rehash the same ol' same ol' with some more advanced texturing skills. This mod will add either a goatee or a full beard to this particular head. The two versions are mutually exclusive so you can only select one at the moment. This mod will also be incompatible with any other mod that replaces the files above.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Item Description Fix Pack For KotOR 1 -Description- This mod is an attempt to fix as many issues with item descriptions in the game as possible including mistakes such as typos, grammar problems, spacing, issues with paragraphs, and consistency problems. There has been no attempt to fix intentional things that might be considered a quirk of the game. This just fixes the above problems and tries to make things more consistent. -Summary- * All headgear items now show that they can’t be used by Wookies. * Grenades look consistent with each other. * Mines look consistent with each other. * Droid utility items look consistent with each other. * Fixes to obvious mistakes with spaces and return carriages. * Basic grammar and punctuation issues are fixed, but awkward wording is not. * Spelling mistakes are fixed, except for items where alternative meanings are acceptable. -Installation- TSLPatcher is used as the installer but universal compatibility is not guaranteed yet. This will be done in a later revision of this mod and for now it will not overwrite your other mods. To start installation just extract the DescFixesK1 folder and run DescriptionFixesK1.exe from inside that folder.. follow the instructions from there. -Copying- You have permission to alter this mod and redistribute your modified versions. I'm happy for you to repackage it, include it in your own mods, or upload it anywhere you like. I only ask to be mentioned as the original author of the mod. -Credits- · Made with Fred Tetra's Kotor Tool · Uses TSL Patcher for installing the mod · KSE Save Game Editor was very helpful in creating this mod · JCarter426 for clarifying a question about editing placed item properties
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    Greetings! If I go with the ASCII route, should I only copy the hair mesh and paste it to the other model to transplant the hair? Many thanks for considering this.
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    Ah, the second one adds a mullet. No, there is no alternative solution, since the model skin weights need editing. You'll need to contact the author of the second mod and advise them to fix it themselves, or choose between fixed deformation or changed hairdo. You could fix it yourself if you know what you are doing, but it would require either editing the model in Max/GMax, or possibly doing some swapping of nodes in an ASCII model.
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    The model has some bad deformation. It's nothing to do with mods, it's a base game issue. This will be fixed in the next version of the K1 Community Patch, but for now you can download a fixed model from this post.
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    Everything here looks awesome! But i think people should see that original smile, it's too funny
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    Saucy. Makes me want to port some of TOR's Lehon props and textures, as I think that is some of the best looking stuff they ever did.
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    And another skybox is done (well, actually two). As I said before it's the Unknown World: That screenshot is actually a little older though. I've since tweaked the colors a little to reduce that horrible sun glare. Apart from that the skybox is almost exactly the same as in V1. The only difference is the moon texture which I replaced with a texture from here so that it's no longer our moon you see in this alien sky. And as always, there's also two renders and unlike my other renders, I moved the camera quite a bit for these to get a more interesting foreground. But since those islands are usually only seen in the very far distance they're of course not that great looking. Better than no foreground though But as I said in the beginning, there's another skybox and that's the sunset version of the Unknown World used in the revelation and DS ending cutscenes. That one uses the same terrain of course but I remade the sky from scratch to get closer to its vanilla look. For comparison here's the very unnatural looking V1 of that skybox. The new one is just waaaay better: It's still a little cheated and not entirely realistic but it helps setting the tone of those two scenes. I even had a version with a sky that was much more red just like the vanilla sky but that was just too unrealistic for my taste. Anyway, here's the corresponding render: Those two were close to the last vanilla skyboxes for K1. The only one left now is Kashyyyk and some tweaks to Tatooine and Manaan. And afterwards there are of course still the mod skyboxes to do. TSL is also coming along very nicely with only two vanilla planets remaining, namely Nar Shaddaa and Dxun. I started working on some building models for Nar Shaddaa and I have to say that this is probably the least fun thing I've done for these skyboxes yet... 😅 But we'll see how it goes. I'll keep you updated.
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    I'll try my best. It depends on when everything comes together, really. But failing that, I'll put out a blog post on here and over on YT detailing the livestream times about two weeks ahead of the film's release.
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    Version 3.1


    This is the first part of an ongoing series. The purpose of this mod is to bring the much more up-to-date design choices from SWTOR to Kotor. All textures have been made from scratch; the big animated screen on the bridge comes with whooping 81 pics and 5k resolution for maximum quality. Update 2.0 brings brand new lighting to the ship, utilising warmer colors like in SWTOR, as well as new polished window frames & a new Planet retexture. Update 3.1 out now! It brings a lot of visual improvements over previous versions - new doors, animated consoles & more.... Video covering mod Showcase (Ver. 1.0) / Installation Process: Installation: 1.Drag Part1 into TSL\Override folder. 2.Install the Parts 2 - 5 via XnView into TSL\Override as shown in HowtoInstall.rar. Because there was a question in the comment : Part 3 contains 2 parts due to the upload size limit - simply extract part 3.1 Compatibility: This mod uses cubemaps, so there could be minor incompatibilites with mods that uses custom cubemaps too. ( but i actually dont know any mod that does that) Just to be on the safe side, i recommend to install my mod last. Beside that it should be compatible with everything that doesnt retexture the Endar Spire or the Stars/ Planet Taris outside. Credits: I want to thank Darth Sapiens for his wonderful Cubemap-Ressource pack, which enabled me to do a lot of things that would otherwise been not possible. Also a big thanks goes to Xuul for making one of his fantastic videos for this mod. Enjoy!
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    WHAT?! Awww man. Lol hush you! Ugh. The guy who stupidly went around derailing threads correcting everyone's grammar is getting his grammar corrected. That hurts. weel i myt as weel qo all teh wag iph thtz waht's doing 2 hopn.
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    I agree to some extent however, Drew Karpyshyn was comissioned by EA to bridge the gap between K1 & TSL to an already prewritten SWTOR galaxy. (The book came out a couple months prior to two plus years of work on an MMO) I'm fairly certain most of his major plot points, especially the ending was written before he was given the book to write. Just from how rapid and short the book was, the most creative freedom he may have had was probably the dealing of Canderous and the helmet of Mandalore, but even that was already hardcoded due to TSL lore. Really, he shoudln't be held too* responsible for that mess, despite how lackluster it felt. In essence, he was paid to string a predetermined plot with some dialogue and little more. Still, Chris Avellone would be the best guy to write k3.
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    well the lights are already done. The tedious part of work is to hex edit the walls for a smoother look & custom texturing. Btw, gave some custom design to spice up the Telos Cantina Floor: vanilla Custom - with reflecting middle section: for the Telos polar academy i got the idea to replace the lights with heaters as a further indication of the coldness of his place - similar to what you see in ME Andromeda / Mankind Divided - although on the downside have to make them in white though:
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    I'm still here. And after moving, handing in a thesis and working a lot I finally had some time to work on skyboxes again. Yeay I also just realised today that I can use a simple cylindricalk UVW map for lightmaps and don't have to use a multi-unwrap script followed by somehow projecting a cylindrical map and rendering that to a texture. With that roadblock out of the way I was able to get a lot of work done for Taris. The backdrop buildings are now lightmapped to blend with the skybox: For comparison. Here's the same without lightmaps: In that case one would of course change the color for the texture but you can also see the change in "lighting" in the lightmapped image from left to right. That would have been impossible with a single backdrop building texture and no lightmaps. Now I just need to figure out what those weird white rectangles floating around the upper city are and get rid of them. I might also tweak the lightmap some more, especially for the Upper City South. And I need to check if everything still looks good once I render the skybox with all clouds enabled. Apart from the lightmaps I also did something else today. I'll show it in a screenshot and for some reason I'm feeling like making a guessing game out of it. Please don't ask me why. I'll post some hints in spoiler tags below and if you don't feel like guessing, you can just open the answer-spoiler^^ Answer: That's it for now, so all that's left for this post is me wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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    @Lucy: I believe HH got that impression when you said to integrate this into TSLRCM...
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    Cool idea and premise. It was always cool as a dark sided Revan making Juhani kill Xor if you decided to not kill her at the Grove.
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    "Install the Parts 2 - 5 via XnView" makes no sense, and I do not understand what exactly you mean to do, as you haven't really posted a tutorial for how to use that, or why you can't just copy and paste the files into override without that program. So thus, I won't be wasting my time with this.
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    We all hope to see you back with us soon. Best of luck with real life commitments!
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    This article is pretty spot on, although the author apparently has not played a level 30 character in TSL where you cut through NPCs like butter in the Trayus Academy. https://kotaku.com/lightsabers-in-video-games-are-too-weak-1835533610