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    I am doing a thematic class mod for Kotor 1. And my question is that does deal with the Player Character is that should I focus on single highly flexible class for the Player character, Focus build class(like they are in the vanilla) or make each of the Jedi Classes highly flexible. One of the aspect of this mod, that I am converting Jedi Sentinel to the Jedi Shadow. Jedi Shadow Class: Force Jump Tree will be unlock fully. Force Immunity tree will unlock fully as well Force Focus Tree will unlock fully. Uncanny Dodge will automatic. Sneak Attack feats 1 to 10 will unlock to use. All Weapons Specializations will be unlocked and able to be used. As of right now, I am leaning towards making all Jedi Classes highly Flexible and selectable for the Player. Bastila Shan is supposed to be a mentor to Player Character; so having them the same class makes sense to me, for you only teach what you know. True, the knowledge base for Player Character is Jedi Council and choosing your class make sense as well. There are other New Non Force Using classes that will reflects their roles and themes. Zaablar: Mad Claw(Tankier Scout) Carth: Republic Pilot(Scout with good BAB and Improved Starting Defense and Saving throws) Canderous: Mandalorian Commando(tankier Soldier) Mission: Pathfinder(Scoundrel) T3-M4: Astro-mech Hk-47: Assassin Droid(i have plans to add Sneak Attack and stealth function to his hides if possible)
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    The bugs have been fixed! If you have installed VERSION 1.0.0! Refer to the optional "EE FIX FOR V 1.0.0" folder and follow instructions. If instructions unclear, leave a comment and I can clarify, this update does NOT modify files found in @Leilukin's patch! If further bugs or any other complications are found which are suspected to be caused by my patch, report the mod and I shall fix it at earliest convience!
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    To the person uploading other people's mods: STOP IT!
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    Making sense of decompiled scripts is just awful...if you are doing it wrong. Thanks DarthParametric.
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    Thank you for reporting! Try it now, it should now work!
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    One of the reasons I want to focus on buffing the Jedi Sentinel into the Jedi Shadow and make it more well rounded class and make it attractive to the player to choose. And having optional sneak attack 1 to 10 for the players. Also Game Mechanic wise I want a subtle connection between Revan and Bastila while respecting player choice. For Revan and Bastila as a Duo, thematic reasoning for the Jedi Shadow is that Jedi Shadow are information gatherers about Sith and other threats to the Galaxy and silent and subtle observers. Bastila Shan's Role: Subtle Observer role Revan: Information Gather role I will post my reasoning for Thematic classes and having new feats( using base items and hides) that reflect their training
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    I'm encountering a problem with the installation:• Error: Destination file "856NIH.mod" does not exist at the specified location! Skipping section... • Error: Destination file "006EBO.mod" does not exist at the specified location! Skipping section..
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    I want to keep the two versions identical as much as possible, so I won't be adding anything that already exists in TSL. Heartstopper Combo's probably the closest you're gonna get.
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    Just got my second vaccine. DarthParametric, you can take your mask off. I'm not contagious anymore!!!
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    That is a known issue - same goes for pre-2.8 version of the add-on. Apparently, it has something to do with keyframe interpolation. Exported animations and imported armatures work OK though, so it's not exactly high on my todo list. I'm not aware of any hard limitations of KotorBlender, with regards to creating new characters. It may not have as many utilities as NWmax, it lacks tutorials, but you can certainly model, texture and rig new characters using KB.
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    View File Mandalorian Jagi Making its DeadlyStream debut while my other mod ideas are still cooking, but here's a simple change to spice up your KotOR immersion. This mod does two things, three at most. 1. Changes Jagi's appearance to a reskinned PMHB03--I tried to give a scarred/burned texture to the head to imply that Jagi did not survive Altheri unscathed. 1.5. Puts Jagi in Mandalorian Battle Armor--he wasn't at Malachor, which means he wasn't there when Revan committed cultural genocide. 2. Changes the appearance and soundset of Jagi's two thugs from Rodians to Mandalorian Warriors--he said he sent the call out to the surviving clans, so why shouldn't he bring them along? Submitter PirateofRohan Submitted 04/08/2021 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
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    I confirm bugs that Alex Star mentioned. My theory, this happened because you, @N-DReW25, placed scripts with common names in Override instead of module injection. FindRefs found DIFFERENT versions of several files in various RIMs. For Telos Academy bug: you overwrote a_load262.ncs script from 261TEL module by placing the version of this script intended for 650DAN in Override, I guess? As for "Harbinger arrives" scene, I guess it is either a_sion_cs.ncs or sion_cut.dlg.
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    I'm currently learning C++ to finally learn how to use TSLPatcher to pack mods. (Without just using the buttons ) Any advice that helped you get to know TSLPatcher like how to use, tokens, GFF data?
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    True. To be honest, there's very little left to compete, it's just been so long for me that I've forgotten how to do it (I think all that's left is some scripts to position HK48 at the right area during cutscenes). I once took some sage advice that I should never ask for voice work until the mod was 100% complete, and here I am several years later, when once I arrogantly thought it was ready at 98%. So, yeah, I def regret not taking that advice. HK-48 means a lot to me personally, so I do promise that I will finish it when I can. I just need to relearn KOTOR modding in the meantime.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Changes the heads of named Sith Students to not be clones of every one-off NPC in KotOR. Adrenas and Kel Algwinn now have unique Asian heads based on various PC heads. Tamlen gets a unique Asian head as well as a name. Just in case you want to chat before you explore the tombs. Thalia May has a unique head based off PFHB02, and her fellow rebels are now armed with different weapons from each other. Dak Vesser now has a unique head so that Juhani can truly recognize her former classmate. Tariga has a unique head based off PMHC02 and his old commoner head. Galon gets the Black commoner head he had previously, but I've added a beard and changed his eye color to green-yellow. Also he's tired. Also included is a compatibility patch for my Taris NPC Overhaul to ensure that the slaves on Korriban don't have "Outcast" tattooed on their faces.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hello! This is my first very first, and very basic, mod. Nothing in here that anyone else couldn't do with Kotor Tool, but I thought I would share it all the same. I am releasing this as a modder's resource because I am actually planning on including it in a larger mod I have planned later on. As such, to access this you will need to use the cheat "~giveitem dualstun_mas". Installation: Drop the files into your override folder and use the giveitem cheat to acquire them in game. Background: I always liked the idea of stun batons in KOTOR 1. They seem custom fit for scoundrels and should line up really nice opportunities for sneak attack. However, in the course of KOTOR's development it seems like the original combat devs could not get a handle on how to implement them. Opportunities for sneak attack are great, but you rarely fight alone with a non-jedi in KOTOR... With two turns of stun, if you land a stun effect the enemy is massacred. Lower the rate the stun can occur, you almost never see it happen. Dual wield stun batons and suddenly a jedi character can land 5 hits in a turn and the stun effect still hits too often. Only allow one stun baton at a time? With the other tweaks, it no longer makes sense to equip it on anyone. This all feels like a solvable problem that just wasn't worth the developer's time...the perfect opportunity for modders. This mod attempts to rectify the problem of stun batons by tweaking their stats and allowing for the much cooler implementation of dual wielding (I am thinking about you Nightwing). To do this, I reskinned a shortsword and added a bevy of stats and effects. These tweaks should make these stun batons useful for most of the game by allowing your scoundrel character to rely on their sneak attack to deal most of the damage. Since sneak attacks scale with you as you level, these should always be useful. Description: These stun batons are meant to be dual-wielded. They deal very little damage on their own and only have a 25% chance of even attempting to stun. They deal electrical damage, deal extra against droids to compensate for stun immunity, and have a small chance to deal some extra critical damage. Fully upgraded, these stun batons will pale in comparison to even mid-game weapons on their own. The DC is set to 18 so that there is a chance, however small, that even boss level enemies could fail their saves and provide an opening. These Diatium-Charged Escrima are meant to set up sneak attack. As such, I have restricted these to scoundrels by requiring the Scoundrel's luck feat. As this is a modder's resource, it is your choice how you'd want to implement them. In an unmodded game, these batons will primarily get use from Mission. Potentially some early use from the PC, but they will quickly be outpaced by lightsabers. A fully specced out Misson could dominate with these weapons, but she would need several different feats and/or use stealth to make full use. Future updates/Requests: Reskinning! The current texture/model is from the Bothan Stun Stick. I would love to recolor these black, but I have no knowledge/tools needed to change textures. Stretching out the model. Right now these are the stock model for stun batons, to fit as escrima they should be longer. Same as above, I have none of the tools or experience to make that happen right now. Permissions: Anyone can feel free to use this for anything you'd like! It is meant to be a very self contained way of implementing dual Stun Batons, so it should work with anything else. Credits/Thanks: Fred Tetra for their amazing KOTOR Tool @Thor110 for their general help and modding tutorials!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Recruit HK-47 Early v1.0 ====================================== By brents742 ============ Version Notes ============= v1.0 - 4/9/2021 - Initial release Description =========== -This mod allows for recruiting HK-47 into your party as quick as possible in a way that lines up with the story arc. -By scrapping the damaged HK-50 unit inside the Telos Military Base, the player can pick up two additional HK parts (HK Droid Processor and HK Chassis). These, in combination with the parts received by the Peragus and Polar Mesa HK-50 encounters, will allow HK-47 to be rebuilt the moment the player returns to the Ebon Hawk after leaving the Telos Polar Academy. -Nothing has changed beyond what you are able to do with the damaged HK-50 droid in the Telos Military Base. If you want him to follow you and explode near the HK-50 Factory door as normal, you can still do that. -This mod simply adds a dialog option for scrapping the damaged HK-50 unit instead of programming it to follow you. Background ========== -I wanted to create a mod that allows you access to HK-47 early but in a way that makes sense. I toyed with giving the player every HK part on Peragus but ran into the question of where is HK-47 on Citadel Station? Was he taken with the Ebon Hawk? He wouldn't have allowed the Handmaiden to just walk in and steal the ship. If he is abducted, why is he nowhere in the Polar Academy? -These are all questions I may solve in a different, admittedly much harder to create, mod later on down the road. -For the meantime, this mod exists to give him to you as early as the story allows. -This, like all my mods, takes things that I usually cheat into the game and makes them part of the game. One could easily open up the cheat console and give all the hkparts the moment they leave Peragus if they wanted. But my vision with every mod I make is to render the cheat console as obsolete as possible. Requirements ============ TSLRCM 1.8.5 or above Installation ============ STEAM TSLRCM VERSION USERS: When installing with TSLPatcher, you MUST select your Steam workshop TSLRCM directory. Not the main KOTOR 2 directory. When asked by TSLPatcher to browse for a folder, go to your main Steam folder, then steamapps. Then workshop. Then content. Then 208580 (This is KOTOR 2's game code) then find the TSLRCM file. For TSLRCM + M4-78 it will be called 1402798020. For regular TSLRCM it will be called 485537937. Choose which of these folders you have for TSLPatcher to install to and let it work. If you are using other than English TSLRCM your folder code will be a little different. !!!IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS AND ARE USING THE STEAM VERSION OF 1.8.5 THE MOD WILL NOT WORK!!! NON STEAM TSLRCM VERSION USERS: Run TSLPatcher.exe and follow the prompts. The patcher will make backups of any existing files you may have that are the same as files this mod uses. Keep track of this backup folder - which will be located wherever you have the TSLPatcher.exe running from. Uninstalling ============ Copy and paste the original backed up files of 232tel.mod and 232TEL_dlg.erf that the TSLPacther made during installation into the Modules folder within your KOTOR II directory. Getting Started =============== This mod works best from a save before entering the Telos Military Base. You can use a save from within the Telos Military Base you may need to head back to the surface and reenter the Military Base to force the game to load the module again. Simply speak to the Damaged HK-50 droid and select the option that reads '[Repair] Scavenge the droid for HK series parts.' Important - Timing ================== You only get one shot to scrap the Damaged HK-50 droid. If you program it to follow you instead of scrapping it, you'll need to load up a different save and try again. Compatibility ============= IMPORTANT - This mod relies upon the hk50.dlg file located in the 232tel.mod and 232TEL_dlg.erf files. Any mod that changes the hk50.dlg file located within the previously mentioned files will not be compatible with this mod. A mod that modifies 232tel.mod and 232TEL_dlg.erf should be compatible so long as the hk50.dlg located within these files is not touched. If you run across a mod that this mod seems to conflict with, please let me know and I will work to update this mod to address it. What Specifically does this mod do? =================================== -hk50.dlg was modified within 232tel.mod and 232TEL_dlg.erf to give the player the option to scrap the damaged HK50 unit in the Telos Military Base. This new dialog option gives the player two HK parts. Specifically, hkpart01 and hkpart02 which are HK Droid Processor and HK Chassis -Created the following Booleans: KES_HK1 boolean - flags when the damaged HK-50 droid has been scrapped, preventing any further actions with the droid. Permissions and Disclaimers =========================== I, brents742, reserve the right as author of this mod for sole permission to upload some or all of this mod anywhere for any reason. If you would like to include any part of this mod in anything, then please contact me for permission. The user of the mod is responsible for any damage to their game that may result from using this mod. Users are encouraged to make relevant backups and do their research on existing mods they have installed to double check compatibility. All efforts have been made to ensure this mod is as unobtrusive as possible but ultimate responsibility lies with the end user to check for possible conflicts before installing. Special Thanks ============== Fred Tetra - KOTOR Tool TK102 - DLG Editor Stoffe and Fair Strides - TSLPatcher Prydeless for their pink lightsaber mod that inspired me to begin modding to begin with. The entirety of the DeadlyStream modding forums for their inexhaustible resources and information that allows anyone with a computer and an idea to sit down and learn how to make their first mod. Lucasarts, Bioware, and Obsidian for making a game I'm still funneling dozens of hours into nearly two decades after its initial release. Contact ======= PM me on Nexus or DeadlyStream or alternatively post on the mod itself and I will get back to you.
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    Version 1.0.0


    ======================================================== KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC SOURCE FILE ======================================================== New_Lightsaber_Blade_Model_K1_v1 ================================= Author: Crazy34 Contact: PM me on Deadlystream For: K1 Date: 03/02/2021 ================================= DESCRIPTION: The vanilla lightsaber blades in Kotor and TSL look bad in my opinion. So, I tried to improve them by adding a dynamic ambient light to the blade (environmental lightning), which works quite well. Since this is hard-coded in the model I also optimized the blade plane models to have a different UV layout inspired by Sithspecter's work. I also simplified their geometry and fixed the different brightness bug (different brightness of the blade when viewed from the front compared to the back). Additionally, I included 3D models for the core of the blade and the inner glow of the blade, which can now be used to create black core sabers as seen in SWTOR. The glow - as well as the models - are fully animated to work as the vanilla blades. The hilts are updated together with the blades including hilts from Kaidon Jorn's SLM 2.0 mod. Summary: - All saber hilts are updated with hilts from Kaidon Jorn SLM 2.0 mod (I love it!) All credits for the hilt models, textures and icons go fully to him! - Ambient light for lightsabers - 3D models for blade core and inner glow - Symmetric lightsaber blade planes with a modified version of Sithspecter's crossguard saber UV layout. (Compatible with his unstable textures also included with all credits going to Sithspecter.) - Black core sabers are possible - Homogeneous brightness of the blade (no more “brighter blades when viewed from the front” happening any more) - All sabers are fully upgradeable (added black core and unstable crystals as well as crossguard versions of them) How to use the new lightsabers: Get the black core, unstable and crossguard sabers or crystals by cheating them by using the giveitem command or use KSE to include them in your inventory. The item codes are organized as follows: Lightsaber and crystal follow the standard naming scheme: Black core: 51-60 Unstable: 21-30 Crossguard: 101-110 Crossguard, black core: 111-120 Crossguard, unstable: 91-100 For example: giveitem u_l_colo_51 (Blue, Black core crystal) giveitem u_l_colo_92 (Red, unstable crossguard crystal) giveitem g_w_lghtsbr118 (Viridian, crossguard unstable lightsaber) giveitem g_w_dblsbr025 (Purple, unstable double blade lightsaber) giveitem g_w_shortsbr53 (Green, black core short lightsaber) For the TSL colors such as Viridian, Silver, and Bronze; you can get the crystals with the following giveitem codes. giveitem u_l_colo_07 (Silver) giveitem u_l_colo_09 (Viridian) giveitem u_l_colo_10 (Bronze) !!!! Important: If you put a crossguard crystal in either a short lightsaber or double blade lightsaber the crystal will be transformed into its normal non crossguard version! I HOPE that in the future some talented texture artist will create better looking blade textures using these new blade models. I plan to upload a Modders Resource explaining the blade system in detail. CREDITS: Kaidon Jorn: Lightsaber Hilts models and textures and icons are created by Kaidon Jorn and taken from his SLM 2.0 mod, which you can find here: https://deadlystream.com/files/file/551-schematic-lightsaber-mod-slm/ Thank you very much for the permission to use your models and hilts here. They are amazing and I enjoyed working with them. Sithspecter: The new layout for the lightsaber blades plane models are inspired by Sithspecter's animated Crossguard Lightsabers mod for KOTOR which can be found here: https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1314-crossguard-lightsabers/ Thank you very much for the permission to include your animated unstable blade texture and to modified them to include the new TSL colors. ___________________________________________________________ COMPATIBILITY: It should pretty much be compatible with any mod that doesn't use the same crystal and lightsaber model slots. However, please notify me in the release thread if any bugs do appear that are not listed below.) ___________________________________________________________ INSTALLATION: Use the TSLPatcher multiple times. You can choose which lightsabers you want. So, for example say you are only interested in the normal saber update and the related crossguard sabers: Then install the standard saber first and second run the TSLpatcher again and install the crossguard sabers. The crossguard sabers require to have their related non-crossguard sabers installed first. The TSLPatcher is set up to only install a certain part of the mod and requires multiple runs to install all sabers. It should install everything correctly. UNINSTALL: Navigate to the backup folder and place the contents into the Override folder. Remove all files from the tslpatchdata folder of this mod from your override folder. ___________________________________________________________ BUGS: The tip of the blade has a spike which comes from a deformation of the lightsaber planes. This is also present in the original model. I was not able to find a fix. (Sorry about that.) The lightsaber hilts will clip through the blades. (Unfortunately, DarthParametric has said that it is not possible to fix this.) ___________________________________________________________ PERMISSIONS: You may use this mod as you see fit. Display it in screenshots, make it compatible with your mod. However, do please give credit where it's due, and DO NOT release it with any of your mods without my permission. If you have any ideas for improvements, or if you want to you can mod them yourselves and include them in the mod. Saves me time and I'll give you credit for what I put in. ___________________________________________________________ THANKS: Fred Tetra: All the thanks for KotOR Tool. TK102: All the thanks for K-GFF. ndix UR: All the thanks for the kotorblender plugin, which I used to create the blade 3d models. bead-v: All the thanks for Mdledit and constantly updating it. Without it this mod would not be possible. Thanks also for the comments on the ascii code. Kaidon Jorn: All the thanks for giving me the permission for using the hilts textures and icons. With these included this is a real mod. Thank you so much. Sithspecter: All the thanks for giving me the permission to include his animated blade textures and to modify them. Also i want to thank you for inspiring me to start modding KOTOR in the first place. Jorak Uln: All the thanks for the constant feedback, suggestions and beta testing of the preliminary versions of the mod. JCarter426: I want to thank him for providing information regarding lights in KOTOR and the documentation. DarthParametric: I want to thank him for answering all my questions and being so helpful when creating and tuning of the models. Sith Holocron: For minor proofreading of the mod documents. For the initial feedback on the ambient light, I want to thank: DarthVarkor, Stormie97, ebmar. Also, I want to thank all the modders out there whose work I've consistently studied and learned from. ___________________________________________________________ LEGAL: THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. NEITHER THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES NOR THE AUTHOR ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Re-texture of Republican soldier woman, for Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Texture Resolution 1024X1024, 2048X2048. The archive contains 2 textures, 2 .txi. To Install REPUBLICAN SOLDIER WOMAN 1. Download: RepSold HD 2. Download: Armor will not work correctly without this mod. 3. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 4. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 5. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love.
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    11699: I disagree, this is Zaalbar talking to you and then shouting to Chuundar 17657: debatable but I agree 1716, 2417: These are weird lines. I'd like look the VO's for these up later today The rest I have processed, thanks for the finds Was in the latest release
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    The Ebon Hawk, by the end of the game, really can just be summoned back from the planetary core (recall the video where it moves from a simple crash landing to falling deeper into the planet,) and 'repaired' by the Exile herself. No further explanations are really needed - and this hunt for overt explanations reveals the plague that excessive literary naturalism has nested into our culture. Not everything needs to be over-explained on-script - if it was, we would not have so much fun speculating about the less clear details! (Plus Nihlus held a ship a heavily broken ship from Malachor V and a broken, slowly-being-drained crew together with the Force alone. The Exile can clearly do that and much more by the end-game) T3-M4 presumably can be involved as well, of course. Bao-Dur disappears during the Enclave Encounter sequence. "I know you can hear me [...] I need to do this - or, I will die inside. Just like I died at Malachor.) He first helps HK-47 with entering the HK Factory, then sets off for Malachor. (How he can do this is quite obvious: he is a 'Tech Specialist' and is used to building make-shift ships if need be. '[Not even I can fix that shuttle] - it's done for, scrap.' A limitation of his abilities that also imply how expansive they are barring the most extreme circumstances. Lastly, the Ithorians on Telos would be more than willing to help Bao-Dur with this.) As for companions not noticing his disappearance until it is too late - "[Atton:] Speaking of which, where is Bao-Dur? HK-47 as well', - that requires no 'explanation.' Characters in a story, just like in real life, do not have audience-level access to perfect information across all time and space. A better question to ask is: "Why should we think that Bao-Dur's disappearance without the crew initially noticing is implausible?" The Handmaidens obviously have their own way off Dantooine. Otherwise they could not have arrived. Kreia manipulates them by saying, "It is done, she is no more." She is basically under arrest by the Handmaidens, not to imply she is constrained whatsoever by this false arrest, and that's when we get the (blissfully extended and enhanced by TSLRCM) scene where we get many quotable lines between Kreia and Atris. Kreia sets up Atris as one of the last sequences in the Exile's long-term training - eventually to overcome her past, which must be finally done at at heart of Malachor. At the precise location of the Exile's mega-trauma. (Snig from the /r/kotor boards thinks that Kreia truly wanted to 'break' the Exile and create a reverberating Force Scream that would deafen the galaxy. That is very likely wrong, otherwise there probably would not be lines like 'The apprentice must kill the master," nor 'I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you.' Her threats to break the Exile if she does not pass this final test are hollow - for, as Sion says, 'she sought you ought because you were both wounded by the Force;' that is to say, the Exile failing at that final moment would spiritually break Kreia more than anything. Furthermore she hopes that the Exile will follow Revan into the Outer Regions - but this is not necessarily just to join him in the Ancient Sith threat. Recall: "Revan was power, it was like starting into the Heart of the Force. [...] You are... different. When I looked at you, it is like staring into Death of the Force.' Now note that she despises what Sion has become for, as Sion says, Sion is wholly dependent upon the Dark Side for his survival - Sion mocks the idea that Kreia finds strength in the Exile's unique ability in the lore to fully cut herself off from the force, but realizes he was wrong once you break his will. Snig and co. over-read Sion as an authoritative source about Kreia, when he does not really understand Kreia's true intentions. Kreia plausibly wanted not only help for Revan--and in all paths 'Revan will have her army [from Canderous],' the Exile ending up with an antagonistic relationship to Revan would be all that is required to achieve her dream of a galaxy and/or universe defeaned to the Force forever. That would have been a cool ending for KOTOR3 - though it would piss off the Revan fanboys if they didn't make it multi-choice. I would hope that they wouldn't make it multi-choice affair, because Revan has little chance of winning that fight for reasons similar to why Nihlus had no real chance of ever defeating the Exile.) Kreia is unsatisfied if you do not kill Atris - as the holocrons that echo her past self but can respond to present inquiries more than heavily imply by hissing if you allow Atris to live - but in either case, either Atris or Kreia will explain the necessity of the Exile going to Malachor. Kreia played up the implications of their Force Bond's fatality from the beginning, and feeds that last morsel by the end-game to further ensure the Exile will overcome her past at the heart of Malachor V - the carried Force Echo that is destroying the galaxy. Note that the Exile has formed various special bonds, even before having an entirely negative relationship to the Force post-Malachor yet without the weakness of uncontrollable hunger ala Nihlus and Atton's Dark Side fate. (On that note: "You are not Jedi, not truly, and that is why I love you," - i.e. such disappointments along the way like the aforementioned doesn't matter too much for Kreia in the end. She says the same thing if you go full Dark Side, but swaps the words 'Jedi' with 'Sith.') So, the Exile awakens in Dantooine and finds Atton wounded but waiting for her. ('The fool dances in your shadow,' etc.) Disciple, if you have him, as she promises to him, is granted of the knowledge he obtained at this moment but to which Kreia kept wiping from his mind in the various Ebon Hawk cutscenes. "All those lives: countless, innocent lives..." | [Disciple:] "Or the one..." - which is part of Kreia's manipulation events for most things to wrap up at Telos before going to the heart of the Force Scream damaging the galaxy and, as both the Jedi Masters and Kreia will tell you [depending on your path], the Exile is carrying Malachor V with her - always. "It is in you, it is what you are now." -Zez-Kai El. The Kreia version: "You are reponsible for all of this, and even now events spiral into destruction because you refuse to listen - to understand. I have taught you to hear the Force again, shown you the contrast, and yet still you do not understand. This is what you have wrought: countless slayers, murderers, assassins, borne of war that has, as always, taught the wrong lesson. You showed them life without the Force, and instead of showing them truth - power - all you showed them is how the galaxy may die." [The Extended Enclave modifies these lines a bit based on Kreia's influence as per developer notes, but I often do not use that aspect of the mod - for it is a more cohesive narrative without them. There's no real reason to suppose that the influence factor was cut because of time constraints - for the same reason that they cut out Kreia being influenced toward the Light/Dark Side by the Exile for story coherence rather than time constraint reasons. [Barring hilarious unintended instances where you can use Solo Mode to violate this a little bit - at least in the vanilla game. I haven't bothered to exploit like that in a while, so I forget if TSLRCM 'fixes' those instances.) It's worth noting that the Extended Enclave mod for TSLRCM can make things much more clear, yet can obscure some things since it follows [often misleading] developer notes more closely and, as a result, if you do not do/achieve various things in the game, the scene can be cut down and obscure anyways. All the KOTOR games are ridiculously easy if you are not new to D&D mechanics, so I just always put in +18 variables (with 30 Intelligence) for my Exile from the very beginning. That way I can get all the juicy dialogue skill bits which, from attribute to skill checks, which actually reveal much of the game's overall story. (E.g. if you have high Wisdom, the Exile already knows what Kreia's plans are with Nihlus, with Telos, with basically everything - with party members basically going "What?" and the Exile saying something "Nevermind, it's not not important right now." [Again, as a paraphrase - for which most of my quotes here are very close paraphrases from playing the game like a hundred+ times.] HK-50 drugged the Exile with a toxic dose that he/it knew the Exile would survive. The Exile was incapacitated prior to that via being attacked by the Sith War Ship, after Kreia sought out the Exile and the Ebon Hawk. (As she says herself, she traced Revan's footsteps for quite some time.) The first HK-50's lines are deceptive half-truths, ones that he humorously can barely contain from being transparent, not an absolutely authoritative narration of objective events. Kreia awakens the Exile before the Sith Assassins and, wittingly or unwittingly, before HK-50 could fully stall events for her capture (as initiated by G0-T0; which is delayed until Nar Shaadda.) While the HK-50 units are seeking full independence in the HK-Factory - and G0-T0 admits he has lost control of them - they still have to execute the order to find the Exile anyway. (G0-T0 places bets that the HK-50 units are no match for the Exile, or "a Jedi" as he idealizes quite heavily, so the 'dead or alive bounty' was G0-T0 still wanting 'alive'. Furthermore, the 'dead' clause allowed motivated actors, like Visquis, to fall into his plans and place the Exile in G0-T0's hands no matter what happened.) Atris leaked information about the Exile to core world databases to bring her out of hiding - because while she was not at Katarr, which is another thing she orchestrated but did not expect the extremity of its results, she does know that just prior to Nihlus' draining/killing everyone but Visas, (to Nihlus' great interest and surprise,) the Jedi Masters who gathered there meditated with and/or in the presence of the Miraluka to reveal their answer to the Sith threat. The only vision was the Exile. Which resonates the 'spare the Jedi Masters path' where-in Kreia says: "She has brought truth and you condemn it? The arrogance!" Recall Kreia's dodging of "Did you know Atris" and she says "Her path is one I walked along ago, but I feel I know of her, yes." Atris realizes that Kreia is Arren Kae in the aforementioned meeting at Telos. (Arren Kae is just indisputably Kreia -and also Brianna's mother. That is a fact. Not having direct confirmation does not refute the holistic body of evidence in favour of it - decisively making it a certainty.) As mentioned earlier, Disciple uncovered the full truth about Revan, about Kreia masquerading as the Darth Traya she was once ['There must always be a Darth Traya,'] about the shadow war of belief that 'waits in the dark - waiting for us to destroy each other [Ala Canderous]' - but Kreia wiped his mind until she fulfilled her promise to him and makes him remember during the Enclave Encounter sequence. T3-M4 locked the Navicomputer. This is revealed if you interrogate T3-M4 with the right attribute and skill checks. HK-47 has a scene where he deduces it but is stunned and presumably micro-memory wiped by T3-M4. HK-47's pieces being scattered across the galaxy requires no answer. He was dismantled, at some point, and his archaic yet still valuable and unique parts would be valuable for collectors and other proprietors. Of course merchants across the galaxy would be selling them! Now, of course, you find all the pieces via gameplay convenience - but it's hardly some great near-impossibility that demands an overt answer. In any case, it is heavily implied that HK-47 was dismantled by Revan, T3-M4, or both, for Revan believed she needed to walk her path alone. (The Canderous story about Revan--should he nearly die after the Nihlus encounter, which able to be missed if one sacrifices Visas--reveals some more useful information: since he went with Revan in the Outer Rim initially and was abandoned by Revan 'as he lay dying'; it may also imply that HK-47 did come with Revan, but as per T3-M4's instructions, was sabotaged 'with multiple blaster shots' in tandem with T3-M4 locking the Navicomputer to hide Revan's tracks. HK-47 does not recall everything even after 'full' repair, and the aforementioned Ebon Hawk scene with T3-M4 freshly undermining HK-47 backs that up.) Note, further, how many Telos as in teleology puns are made in the game. "All paths lead to Telos," etc. How many events centre around Telos - how much Kreia's manipulations centre around ending [most of] the Sith threat at Telos. (That last bit she directly says to the Exile just prior to dying in the Trayus Core.) Kreia was stripped of the force temporarily--"only when it was stripped away from me, did I see it for what it truly was,"--but not absolutely in the way the Exile was able to achieve. All those who have tried to turn away from the force have maintained at least subconscious ties - except the Exile. Recall the Sion quote I mentioned earlier, though there are more things to recall - but my energies are draining writing this post fully. The pInsert other media oint is that the game is not that much of a 'mess', even prior to TSLRCM, and all the TSLRCM clarifications were already undercovered by simply playing the game alone - no listening to the cut content audio files was even required. As one last point, while digging into the dev. commentary - and some interesting lines that TSLRCM have not restored due to a lack of dev direction for 'how it was supposed to go' - is very useful, one must realize that script rewriting happens constantly. Even beyond the constraints they were shackled within LucasArts' sillines. Reading too much into alternate dialogue sequences will only confuse things, whereas the holistic body of facts as presented in the game-itself makes it much clearer what were cut out directly and what were cut out for lagely LucasArts-based reasons. (G0-T0's Yacht almost got cut btut Avellone revealed that a member of the time desperately decided to make it within either a day or a week - I forget which - but kudos to that team member. Now the game truly would have been a mess without that.)
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    Story of my life right there. That's literally me. The day will come when everything clicks. For me, I had to stop worrying about making one of my mods perfect, and instead I just had to put it out there. Trust me. You'll know when.
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    Done. You'll have to rename the files to what you'll need yourself. This concludes the transaction. Sarna TGA.7z
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