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  1. By "Modding PC heads" do you mean re-skinning existing heads or making new player heads (by re-skinning old ones). Because re-skinning existing heads is the easiest thing to do, I'd highly recommend you start with this first before you try making new player heads.
  2. Any bugs with any mods I intend to implement will be corrected. Of course, I have no intention of using every single power in the Force Pack. (Plus, a planned "Force Re-balance" would have to be implemented first before integrating FP 2.0 features)
  3. Oh ok, considering KSE with a vanilla exile says "None" for the soundset it made me think it was actually set to nothing for a second. By any chance would turning the soundset files into mp3 files work for Steam Users (If it doesn't work that is)?
  4. Would it be possible to create a script which changes the players soundest from having nothing to the new soundest you've added and attach said script to the opening scene on Peragus? Or is that impossible and the only way to enjoy the soundset is via KSE? (Or am I missing something here?)
  5. I wouldn't say it's easier to complete side quests as much as it is much more beneficial to have high persuade when dealing with side quests. Why would you want 300 credits for a bounty when with persuade you get 400 credits, with all of the bounties available by getting 300 credits each bounty you get 1500 credits but by getting 400 with persuade for each bounty you get 2000 credits, multiply that with every other opportunity you can persuade for more credits you got yourself a heck tone of credits to later spend at Suvam Tam's Yavin Station. In K1, considering Stealth, Demolitions and Awareness are useless I'd recommend pumping it all into Persuade and Repair and sparingly give some points to Computer Use and Treat Injury. In theory, what with all the other hacks in K2 persuading for money credits isn't really that useful in the second game so one may get away with ignoring it but I'd still suggest you pump it all into your persuasion skill.
  6. You'll need to start a new game, unfortunately. But it is 100% worth it.
  7. Next time you use TSL use this mod instead https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic-ii/file/handy-force-powers-1 It adds a Where am I function as a force power and it adds a power that unlocks nearby doors.
  8. Sorry for the late reply. Brotherhood of Shadow - Solomons Revenge: I'd say it is very unlikely at the moment, I would have to look into this at a later date. The reason why I think this might not work is because I already use texture files from this mod in K1GI meaning you'll find K1GI Republic Jedi Robes and BOSSR Republic Jedi Robes, the same item but with different stats. Plus, some NPCs have been used as well such as the Republic Commando who appears once in BOSSR but appears multiple times across the vanilla galaxy in K1GI. K1 Community Patch: I wouldn't suspect this would break anything but it 'may' undo a few things in terms of NPCs etc and maybe dialogue. At some point past the Demo stage, I will try and implement as many "Patches" from here as possible. K1 Force Pack V1.0: I suspect that would work 100% fine, in fact, parts of this could be integrated in the future as the mod author states in his readme that he doesn't mind it being used as long as its credited. Party Leveler K1: If it uses a TSLPatcher I suspect it is possible that this mod will work flawlessly, if it doesn't work flawlessly I can create a Party Leveler K1GI version as an optional installation. I'm glad you've enjoyed the mod thus far. No, mainly because that mod is almost 10 GB in size. Plus, even with that mod installed you'll have vanilla textures in HD with modded textures in the standard resolution (Think about the new Jedi Robe items and alien skins for example)
  9. What I meant by "If you pick the right option" I was referring to the fact that it was an option. I kind of doubt is an option that tbh. But you could save prior to the Enclave, play the Ecnlave scene and check and if it doesn't happen reload your old save and just kill them outright.
  10. Would this mod do? https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/65
  11. If you pick the right option during the Enclave scene, it is possible to fight all three masters inside the Enclave.
  12. No, it is compatible. I'll fix that now. I have no idea why it says its incompatible. Look at this image down below, check the little check box and it'll appear with every single other unused feat in the game files.
  13. I do believe because the implant feats are cut they don't appear in KSE, I think there is a little check box you can pick which enables all the cut feats but you'll need to dig through all those feats to find them. This mod completely removes the stat requirement meaning you could have constitution 8 and be able to use implants.
  14. So I have made a brand new placeable within TSL which adds a new line to the placeable.2da file. In order to make this mod compatible with other mods which use the same 2da file what must I do? My biggest fear is that, just in case my utp file with my placeable used 2da row 2000 and another mod in the override used the row 2000 if the patcher converted my modded row to 2da row 2001 would I need to set the patcher to also patch the utp file to 2001. Would anyone know what I should do?
  15. At the moment, what I am seeing now looks somewhat decent. Perhaps the key issues are what I am not seeing, would love to see this played out in a Taris Cantina with the NPCs all performing this animation (But if you aren't going through with it you might as well not even bother).
  16. Qimtiq, but he's the Quarren swoop organiser on Onderon. As far as I'm aware, he's the fourth and last Quarren with a role in TSL.
  17. A Human would most likely require a custom VO, a devaronian is very doable, a Cyborg would require a custom reskin and a Falleen species would need to be modelled from scratch. Not to mention that some characters refer to the Quarren gangsters as "Squids", that would also need to be fixed.
  18. At the moment, this mod affects a single scene on Peragus and a single scene on Onderon with potentially more scenes/content to be restored in the future. Considering PS, EE, GL and M4-78 don't touch Peragus that'll be clean, EE, GL and M4-78 don't touch Onderon so that'll be clean and considering niether Disciple or Handmaiden have a role in the Bounty Hunter ambush I'm willing to bet that'll be compatible as well. In short, everything is safe to use with the Mod Collection.
  19. Apparently Rey healed it when she healed his stab wound. To be fair, it kinda makes sense (and by "makes sense" I mean "it makes sense in a trilogy where nothing makes sense".)
  20. It is most likely referring to Kreia's "main" dialogue, when you talk to Kreia directly when she is in your party (to get your prestige class for example) that is the "main" dialogue. So far, this mod only edits Kreia's 104 dialogue which is only present in module 104per.mod which means that PartySwap right now is compatible.
  21. For the first time I watched a Star Wars filmed in December instead of January, I was first in line and behind my seat in the middle where several little children who giggled from the opening commercials before the film to the ending credits of the movie. Other than the kiddies, I thought the film was "acceptable" considering they had the dumpster fire of a movie TLJ to work with. Things that disappointed me in this film isn't necessarily what people would expect me to complain about. At this current time, I can't really remember anything worth mentioning right now. I may add to this later.
  22. N-DReW25

    Save Mission

    I believe Kexikus is developing that mod, but you'll need to be patient with that as I believe that the Dark Side Juhani mod is a mod which completely changes her from start to finish.
  23. For the second mod, you outright wouldn't be able to see the BIK version of that scene as the mod makes it "unavailable" in-game and replaces it with the in-game cutscene.
  24. Minor spoilers for Jedi Fallen Order:



    I have seen so many references to Kotor within Jedi Fallen Order from the Shadowlands, Tach, Mykal etc but I swear I think I've just found the remains of G0-T0 in a trash heap.




    1. DarthParametric


      No, that's the OT torture droid that G0-T0 was a ripoff of.


    2. jc2


      So GOTO's descendant? Or latest edition? I mean GOTO was a Republic droid, and the empire evolved out of the Republic... 

  25. Amongst the little things I am playing with, this feature appears to be in a 'releasable' condition.