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  1. That is good to hear. While HQ Quality Equipment for Bandon aren't on the list right now I assure you that Darth Bandon and his buddies will get a very good HQ NPC Overhaul. You said he didn't spawn in the module, right? Can you tell me what module this was? Because I did a test playthrough on Manaan and he did spawn in.
  2. Strange, can you check your override and check if the file "end_trask01.dlg" exists or any other files with "trask" in it. Also, what mods are you using? It might be a mod conflict. That is good to know 👍
  3. Would anyone be willing to beta test a small content mod for Kotor 2? Reply to this status if you are!


    It's fairly straight forward and as long as you have a savegame (preferably a male save, Ican provide a female save but it'll help if u have a male one) it shouldn't cause too much strain on the average player.

  4. That isn't from SpaceAlex's K1 Enhancement Pack, at least, not in the way you're thinking, that head is a vanilla head which was unused, its texture is named "N_comm_a_M.tga". The specific model I used was the player head "PMHA01" as the cut texture was intended to be used with that model. The new head for the Tatooine Protocol Officer is also an unused commoner head based on a player head.
  5. That's the simpler way of saying what I tried to say. I remember I did this with two texture mods for the Battle Droid texture and it turned the droid pitch white I believe, this could've been a txi VS tpc error instead of a tga VS tpc error. Or maybe I am remembering wrong. Does the Community Patch has the .Mod file injection? The way K1GI should be installed is the same way K1R and TSLRCM are always installed: First. Similar to these two mods K1GI modifies a lot of files within each module and considering I'm always adding new appearances and content in each patch adding a traditional TSLPatcher would be pretty infeasible for me to do (In the future I will definitely consider an installer similar to RCM and M4-78) If there is an injection, I am sure @StellarExile could try out K1CP alongside K1GI and see what sort of incompatibilities may exist. I'd be happy to develop a patch.
  6. I'm going to estimate the answer is unfortunately "No". Namely the clothing features seem to be my biggest concern here, my mod has 15 clothing options for commoners which are all tga. K1CP seems to add clothing options from K2 (which I've already done with a tga format) using the tpc format, the difference between tga and tpc is that with a tga in order to have shiny effects and animations and stuff like that you need a txi file to go alongside it but with a tpc all of the shiny effects and animations are packaged inside the tpc along with the texture. As my clothing doesn't need a tpc for any particular reason it uses tga, by having two exact same files in the override as a tga and a tpc it would break the texture in-game. With the .mod files inside the package, it might not go too well with the .mod files within my mod. As my mod is still a Demo and is far from done, I am more than happy to add individual fixes from K1CP into my own which can be seen as essential.
  7. This is a stunt module, in theory the NPCs don't technically have to 'die' because you only see the scene once, they only need to appear dead for the duration of the scene once they supposedly 'die'. But because the NPC who has the dialogue attached to them doesn't die I guess the NPCs who do need to die can die either way. The way they die is a lot more exactly like what happens with the Kreia scene, the screen turns black and the NPCs just drop dead suggesting Kreia did something to them. I checked the source script for that scene and this appears to be the script which does the trick: I tried searching for some vanilla scripts where an NPC 'dies' during a cutscene, I checked the Squik scene on Nar Shaddaa and Coran Falt's death scripts but they led me no where so I ended up coming up with this down below: (It compiles just fine but in-game it appears to have no effect, I did mash this up from a script which the 'effect' was a stealth effect so maybe that's the reason this flopped)
  8. This will be a single thread asking two separate questions. The first question, can anyone be able to identify the scripts which gives the player Force Enlightenment or Force Crush depending if they completed the Enclave either Light Side or Dark Side? The second question, I am working on a cut-scene which involves multiple "generic goon" NPCs being "killed" by another NPC in the cutscene, in my attempt to find the script I am 98% sure that "EffectDeath" is the key here. The best example of what I am referring to is that one scene where Darth Traya "kills" a bunch of Sith Assassins off screen as seen here. Would anyone be able to assist?
  9. Thank you! This is but a taste of the Dark Side 😈 At lot was different from the final version, I'll give one example: There's a lot of 'one liners' which suggests something totally radical. In vanilla the Handmaiden/s all run into the Enclave and Kreia says "It is done - he is no more." and "Take me to Atris. She will have the strength to do what the Council cannot." Whereas there is a line which suggests that Visas would run into the Enclave instead and Kreia says "It is done - he is no more." and "Take me to your lord. He will have the strength to do what the Council cannot. " This kinda suggests that Kreia would've gone directly to Darth Nihilus instead of Atris after the Enclave, maybe Kreia got eaten by Nihilus and Atris became Darth Traya like in the cut content or maybe Kreia was allowed to go with the party to the Dxun tomb becauses she has unheard lines for the tomb and because she goes to the tomb she never revives Tobin so she herself needs to go to Nihilus and tell him herself about the Telos Academy. Because we only have that one line, we'll never know. I wouldn't say additional content, there is a few bits and bobs for Onderon but their just single lines not really adding much to the overall plot. I can assure you though you'll get a chance to hear these lines in future Mini Mod updates. Here are some quotes from the game: Bostuco: "That means they control the checkpoints now. If we can get to the Turret Tower up ahead we can deactivate the first barrier." Bao Dur if he's there: "The force shields won't present a problem. I can get us through them." Bostuco: "You can? That will save us precious minutes." This suggests that Bostuco wants to get to the turret tower NOT to fire the turret but to use the terminal to deactivate the force field. Obviously with Bao Dur in the party you can just bypass it. Bostuco: "Have they changed the access codes in the Turret Tower? We need to get through the force shields." Royalist: "I don't think they've had time, sir. They've been firing the turret non-stop. Vaklu is close to having air superiority now." This suggests that by blowing up Vaklu's fighter it gives the royalists an air advantage, this doesn't mean much gameplay wise because the survival of both the queen and Vaklu are what's important, not air superiority. This is why Bostuco wants to get to the palace as fast as possible to stop Vaklu from killing the queen. Bostuco: "The second forceshield is up ahead. It looks like its been damaged by orbital bombardment." Bostuco: "You might be able to bash your way through it with your lightsaber." I haven't played Kotor 2 in a while but I swear the first force field can be bashed with a Lightsaber or even a plasma torch. I hope that answers your question, the turret game is meant to be totally optional and is probably intended to give experience only as it has no real affect on the outcome of a battle.
  10. All the vanilla 'Master' robes are robes with capes, truthfully they 'might' be a rarity as of right now so in coming patches that will change. I can guarantee in this mod Jolee comes with caped Jedi robes for free.
  11. Here is a piece of cut content which wasn't restored in TSLRCM plus some minor cosmetics: The spoiler contains a preview video, screenshots and relevant information on the content and installation. I would like to thank @134340Goat for bringing the restored scene content to my attention and @JCarter426for contributing some of the LIP files for said scene. Coming very soon!
  12. Me: *Loads Kotor Tool*


    *Kotor Tool's script compiling feature suddenly works*




    *But now I can't edit any uti files*




    1. Mellowtron11


      KOTOR tool in a nutshell....

  13. All my efforts to decompile vanilla scripts and even scripts from other people's mods for TSL have all been in-vein. They'd decompile using DeNCS but when I opened them in Kotor Tool text editor and tried to compile it for TSL, even when I didn't even touch the decompiled code, it would always have some form of error preventing me from doing such. The point of me decompiling the scripts was for me to attempt to view the code, see how it works and use it in my own mods but that's seemingly not an option at this time so I've decided to create this thread asking what I would need to do in order to create these scripts for TSL. 1) Dialogue Cutscenes This I imagine should be fairly basic, what I want to create is a cutscene where NPCs walk from where they are standing to a given set of coordinates. From what I can make out from the scripts I've decompiled, their seems to be two ways for this to work, its either a script which makes an NPC walk to the coordinates or a script which makes the NPC walk to a waypoint which would be placed at my coordinates in the git file. 2) Terminal dialogue to normal dialogue If you remember on Telos during your house arrest when you'd access a wall terminal, click the option "accept call" and it'd start a normal conversation separate from the wall terminal. From what I can see from the script which does this all I'd need to do is to put either the tag of the NPC speaking or the name of the dialogue into the correct places in the script to work. 3) Opening doors with a script Through dialogue, I want to create the effect that an NPC is using a security animation to unlock a locked door. Before the convo starts, the door shall be locked and cannot be opened except through this cutscene and shall remain open after the cutscenes end. The script I'd want is one which would turn a door from locked to unlocked and open during said conversation. If anyone would be able to share their scripts for any of these and/or dip their 2 cents into this topic it would be greatly appreciated
  14. Thank you both, through this thread I was reminded by how Fallen Guardian actually edited Darth333's K1 Utilities to properly find the "quaternions" that the Kotor orientations use. In the end, I believe I have found something which can help me with my issue and I can now work on getting those static cameras.
  15. Hello, I am attempting to create "animated cutscenes" (By animated I do mean custom static cameras and moving NPCs) though I am having a problem doing such. I am currently using the mod "Handy Force Powers" which pretty much adds in the functions of the Whereami armband mod as a Force Power, so to set the coordinates first I am placing the NPCs and the coordinates into the git to ensure that they work first. While I can get the coordinates correct to actually place my NPCs I cannot seem to get the correct orientations so that they face the direction I want them to. A very similar problem occurs with Static Cameras, while I can put them where I want them I cannot get them to point in the right direct. Would anyone know of any better coordinate mods or tips on how I can get accurate coordinates in TSL?
  16. This will be very useful in module building in the future. While I can guess this won't let me place placeables or NPCs inside the module by simply dragging and dropping them where I want but would it be possible to use this tool to reskin the rooms/modules to be unique (Reskinning a new module with the Ahto City room/module to use the textures of the rusty Taris sewer whilst leaving Ahto and Taris alone)
  17. Thank you, thought it might be slightly buggy with the ability to upgrade the HW feats from what I remember.
  18. At last, at LONG last! K1GI has been updated. For me its currently May 5th but for those in the United States its still May the 4th so consider this my "May the 4th" gift to you.

    This update and any following updates shall primarily focus on 'filling in the gaps' of any modules I have missed thus far. Once that's done I will work on the Star Forge and hopefully finish the Demo stage and move onto Beta.


    This particular update which has just been released also fixes most of the bugs you guys have reported, too many bugs for my liking but they've all been fixed. However, as my free time is getting crushed harder than Jabba's Rancor it has been getting difficult to properly test and create content for K1GI so please play the latest patch with a keen eye for any bugs (this includes old bugs which might not be fixed or any new bugs which have been added in the new content).


    For those who'll play the mod I hope you guys have fun after the long wait.

  19. Oh my god, what have you done?! Now while this is an example of how not to install my mod, I still really want to see where this goes. Looking forward for more broken Kotor here. Edit: Just realised you intended to break your game here, thanks for considering my mod: you made a bloody good choice XD. Will you consider posting a list of mods (maybe mods used in each blog per blog to keep things small) so that I could use the list so that when I make a "Compatibility list of mods" in the future I could use that for reference?
  20. Whilst I like the premise of this mod, you have a severe problem with the download. Normally, you download a zipped up folder which contains the mod files. You've somehow didn't do that and made it so that I need to download each mod file individually (each model and texture one by one). Can this be fixed?
  21. You didn't include the " when you wrote N_SithAppren did you? If not, rest assured that I have fixed it regardless and will be coming soon so no need to "troubleshoot" the mod. When the update is out please use the earlier save This has been reported and will be looked upon soon. This hasn't been reported yet, I'll have a look at this as well. This is a bug that was here before, I fixed and somehow restored. This will 100% be looked at as I am certain I know what's causing it. Um... how? Are you suggesting that Davik's body is so close to Calo Nord's debree that you can't loot him? This is very new. Odd, I'll take a look at this? Was he the Human Pazaak Player, the Rodian or the Manager? This is also prevalent with Simple Weapons feats, for Canderous he's suposed to auto get Toughness via leveling up for free like how Implants used to work. At some point I will look deeper into what is causing those errors though their may be more than u can see so this won't be fixed overnight to my misfortune. Considering Canderous "Should" now have a unique clothe set for him maybe I could remove the armor, if his shield is a "Power shield" then yes I can swap that for a "melee" shield because melee shields are pretty balanced for that part of the game. Some items may be too expensive because you might be able to upgrade them, if not if you can specify any items I can take a look. The logic behind the blaster system is that only a Sniper Rifle can use "Snipe mode" or a Heavy Repeater use "Rapid Shot". You can get the prerequisites for blasters, rifles and heavy weapons but you cannot get focuses or specialists because you'll get them with a certain type of mask or implant (the same also goes for Sneak attack). Essentially, as long as you purchase the right items like you said can allow you to experiment with weapons with certain characters and allows you to change your mind on the fly (where as if you've built Canderous into a heavy repeating tank you can't just swap to a Vibrosword on the Star Forge and expect him to be a good fighter) I am going to redo the droid items at some point because A) I think they're pretty bland and I feel Kotor 2 droid items aesthetically looked better stat and description wise and B ) all droid utilities like flame throwers are infinite right now which I can agree is a bit too OP.
  22. If you can open up the "appearance.2da" using "Kotor Tool" (which can be downloaded from this site), scroll down to line "433" where it should say "Unique_Jorak" and at every instead of his line where it says "N_DarthBand" you need to replace it with "N_SithAppren" (Copy and pasting should do the trick). If you can't you can wait for the update which shouldn't necessarily be too long which will fix the bug plus more.
  23. Hello, Tulak Hord's tomb was one of the very few modules which were left untouched. In earlier builds of the mods I gave both Jorak and Uthar a Darth Bandon style armor set, I accidentally wrote a typo within Jorak's 2da line which results in the lack of model and because I didn't officially start the development of Tulak Hord's tomb I didn't notice it until ironically yesterday when it was privately reported. Within the next content update Jorak will not only be fixed but will have a reworked dialogue alongside some other Improvements to the overall tomb. Other modules which haven't done will of course be added in the next update before I begin development of the Star Forge.