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  1. Same here, I also admire your work here! Really goes to show that you don't need to make the next big total conversion 4K HD texture mod in order for your mod to be good. Here's what I think of your options: As you are giving the Sith Uniforms a distinctive "rank" per uniform, I'm certain you're going to modify the utc files for every Sith 'Albino' NPC to change the NPC uniform via the "Clothing Variant" items, and it appears you'll be changing many of their names to match their corresponding rank such as "Sith Major" (as I've noticed in one of your screenshots). So if you are going to modify the utc files, why not change the appearance of said NPC to a Sith Officer variant with a generic head instead of the albino hat heads. I'd say you should keep the albino hat head as a grey hat and keep the grey albino hat head for whatever rank the grey Sith Uniform is, for any Sith Officer who has a different colour of uniform, simply use a generic head without a hat. I would advise this option! It is possible, but would require a TSLPatcher for compatibility and a mod of this scale would be tricky to make a workable TSLPatcher which a new modder could make. As Salk said, don't even bother with this option.
  2. I really do hope that @Tyvokka and anyone else involved in the process do consider hiring out more staff to fill in the gaps, I too have been seeing a plethora of odd behaviour on these forums since Sith Holocrons departure. I once had another individual, who shall not be named, PM me on almost a daily basis asking me to help with his mod installation whilst at the same time creating a help thread with a copy n paste of what he wrote for me in my PM, since we aren't in the same time zone that meant he'd send me a PM and create a help thread at 3 AM and between 8 to 14 hours when I am awake and can read his PM it turns out his problem has already been solved in the help thread... and he'd do this on almost a daily basis. Then there are those few people who revive years old threads from over half a decade ago whether it be dead request or WIP threads and say things which don't advance the original thread, like asking a question to the original poster (who hasn't been online since 2016) or say the obvious like "I made a similar request. I worked on the character, the weapon, and the armor, but it did not get much attention for help." That last bit was by our culprit here, Neville. I would to stress this out, bumping really old threads is utterly pointless. The old thread in which Neville bumped was called "Recruit Mayla" by "HelloWeasel", this thread was started in March 2016 with last activity in May 2016 whilst the original poster, HelloWeasel, has not been online since October 2017. Tldr, that WIP is dead and forgotten, digging out it's dead corpse only to state the obvious isn't helping anyone. Are you suggesting you didn't use Private Messages back in 2015? If you are, I would treat that as factual. But this year, I am fairly certain you have, Sith Holocron might rage quite... but he doesn't rage for no reason. You are referring to @Sithspecter's helmet mod found here on Deadlystream. https://deadlystream.com/files/file/711-republic-helmet/ Maybe you've worded this wrong and I'm just taking this literally, but I must point this out. The Republic Helmet mod was created in 2008 and proof of this can be found here: https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic/file/republic-helmet The FileFront admin review quotes: And the FileFront admin who wrote this has the signature "JC", could've been @JCarter426. So that leaves me with two possibilities: Either you A) Where present on LucasForums back in 2008, had "communication" with SithSpecter to create a helmet" as you claim, or B,) You asked SithSpecter in 2015 for permission to use his helmet mod in your own. I don't doubt Sithspecter gave you permission to use the helmet, in the past, he even gave me @N-DReW25 and @masternetra permission to use the helmet. But unlike you, me and masternetra have released our mods with the helmet included. I recall a similar situation like this with a user named Salk, he'd obtained permission from modder's back in 2010 back on LucasForum and was only able to promise a release of his mod in 2017 and 2020. Obviously, the staff here needed hardcore proof that he DID in fact ask for permission to use the mods as it would be easy to lie about permission. From what he showed, I personally felt that the archived LucasForum email copies of the permission PMs he had was proof enough though this didn't cut it with Deadlystream Staff so as such Salk needed to obtain those permissions again. The problem with Salk is that A) LucasForum at the time was gone for good, no way could he retrieve the PMs as proof B,) Half of the modders from 2010 are also gone for good with no means of contacting and C) Salk had a finished mod he couldn't publish because of those problems. In the end, it turned out that Salk forgot to ask one modder for permission and thus that modder retaliated by demanding the mod be removed, Salk thought the mod wasn't worth the hassle and abandoned his mod. Salk dug himself into a pit which was rapidly filling up with water, I don't think you've done that. You said you asked SithSpecter for permission in 2015? All you'd have to do is scroll down in your PMs to 2015, find the SithSpecter PM in which he granted you permission and screenshot it as proof that you have permission to use SithSpecter's mod in your mod. If you don't have proof (Maybe you deleted it etc), since you aren't in the stages in which you are ready to release a mod all you'd need to do is ask SithSpecter for permission again. When we concept a mod, we always view our own work as brilliant. But when you show a "proof of concept" and ask for help in making your "concept" come to life in the form of a mod, some people may not be able to give you a comment, this could be due to a variety of reasons such as: Poor writing: Such as asking a question on the title and leaving the post blank, stupidly poor english skills without justification (English being a secondary language is a valid justification) Lack of Common Sense: Making the same mistake over and over, ignoring valuable feedback, showing a lack of online social skills Poor concept: No one would want to help make a Kotor 3 mod if the only thing someone can bring to the table is "concept art" drawn in a notebook Rudeness: Being a a*shole to people, writing IN ALL CAPS WITH THE INTENT OF YELLING AT OTHERS. I'm sure you haven't done these things, and I assure you, the reasons stated above aren't the only reasons why people might ignore your pleas. But when you present an idea for a mod, and you haven't done anything else, you'd be lucky if anyone comments on your post to begin with. Modder's like @DarthParametric will have users swarming any WIP thread he makes because we as a community know his work, and we know his mods are beautifully made. As someone who is new to modding, we as a community do not know your talents and as such many probably won't be interested in Recruit Sarna until it is released. This happened to me as well, in 2016 I wanted to make a modding team to make a big, fun mod called the "K1 Gameplay Improvement". I got enough help so that my modding journey could take off, and that journey was stormy, at times I wanted to quite as it was too stressful and at the time I didn't know my ropes around the whole "modding" thing. I obviously had help, I asked questions just like you did and got some form of help as you are... but from what I can tell, the people who are helping you appear to be getting stressed and frustrated as you do not seem to want to take the lead with your own mod, you appear to want everyone else to do most of the work you should be doing. This is your mod, your concept, and is ultimately your responsibility to do. You claim you have coding experience today, back in 2016 when I first started making mods, I made mods because I was bored, I had no prior experience. It took over 4 years for me to finally complete my big mod and I did 95% of the work all on my own, I had to learn the ropes of modding on my own and if I couldn't find a solution... sometimes I just had to abandon a certain aspect of my mod and move on until I could find a solution. Heck, several years ago I wanted my very own section on the forums just like VarsityPuppet. It didn't happen, but that didn't stop me from having a good time and creating my mods! So once upon a time, I was like you, mostly ignored and not much faith in my mod concepts. It wasn't until my the community began to see my modding potential that players began to realize "this looks cool, I want to play N-DReW25's mods!" and obviously, people will only say that about your mod when you have something to physically deliver them. Personally, I HOPE you keep going on your mod and finish it. Along the way, you will learn how to make better mods and hopefully one day you'll present a mod which someone could enjoy. New modders should always view their own mod ideas as a business product, your mod must be 'attractive' in a sense for people to want to both help you make the mod and eventually play your mod. If you can't do both of those things, when you do release your mod not many people will play it unfortunately. Recruitment mods which are successful have a few things: A) A new party member with a new backstory and content B,) New appearances to freshen the experience C) good writing You picked an NPC which already exists, which is ok, there is another mod called "Recruitable Mekel" which fleshes out and expands the character Mekel is a good way, the thing is... Mekel technically has a unique head. You picked Sarna... an NPC with a generic head which is used all throughout the game, that isn't fresh... that isn't attractive to players who'd want to play a recruitment mod and to modders who can help you that might just look lazy. It kind of feels as if you've just put in the names of every generic character into a spinning wheel and it picked Sarna for you. In my opinion, you'd have better luck picking Lashowe, at least she has a unique head and is somewhat of an interesting side character. /I\ I I THIS RIGHT HERE IS GOLDEN ADVICE! I have a hard time believing people on the Deadlystream forums "laughed" at you, if you could provide screenshots of such as evidence that'd be great. If this occurred outside of Deadlystream (or the Kotor Modding Reddit) on another platform then that is outside of our jurisdiction. I've been a modder for 5 years with two big successful mods under my belt with about 20 lesser mods alongside those and even I myself find it difficult to make scripts for this game. Modding requires patience, if you find it too hard you can either keep learning, and keep trying... or you can have a break and stop. Don't force yourself to make a mod if it's stressing you out or affecting you in real life. If you are stuck in the mud with modding, once you finally learn what you're doing and you can finally get out of the mod, it doesn't really become easier for a modder, you just realize there's more mud where that came from. That's the best way I can describe making mods. I've been considering this for a while, but I may just create a video tutorial on how I personally create textures and portrait images for K1 and K2. People aren't necessarily obliged to reply help I'm afraid, but I am certain a person like ebmar would have a good reason as to why he didn't reply. Maybe he himself is too busy with his own mods or real life problems to reply to ANY PM he gets, maybe you wrote your PM poorly and he was turned off from your mod idea. No you weren't, you where ignored. The nicest Sith Holocron has ever been to you is probably in your blog, Qui-Gon Glenn told you in a sarcastic, yet very friendly way, that he isn't making YOUR mod for you. Every other comment since then, you where ignored. Btw, you do voice in mods last, that's an unspoken rule. It is better to have a Recruitment mod with no VO then to get VO first and then cancel your mod (You would've wasted the VO actress' time if you did that so this is a safety rule). I was harsh when I told you that, my intent was to say you should treat your mod as if they 'will' fail. Mods are always abandoned for reasons we may not see today, whether that be finding modding too hard or literally having health issues stopping you from modding as was the case with @Logan23's ROR mod back in the day. Personally, I make my mods in secret... that way, if I have to stop modding, I won't let anybody down... if I died tomorrow, no one is going to be disappointed that I didn't release my super fun mods which I may or may not be developing. Of course, I don't actually *stop* my modding, I take my time to make my mods to ensure that the players receive the best mod they can receive to the best of my own ability. Keep modding, I hope to see your mod finished one day. Though you shouldn't be so sure you will ever finish any mod, the thought of failure should ideally be something which spurs you on to keep creating mod. But I can't/shouldn't force you to think like I do. Ok, when he did that he was pissed with you. Hence is why he did that. I don't know what "changed status update" means, but I assume you meant you delete your spam. What Sith Holocron is angry about is that you spammed the Status Updates in the first place, deleting the spam is like cleaning up the glass after you smashed a window. Legit, the first two was you, one was Basil Bonehead, and the last two was you again and I'm certain there was more status update spam after that which wasn't displayed on the home screen. Plus, the contents of your status updates aren't interesting for people to want to respond in any way. You might as well of said what you said in your status update in your thread and no one would've noticed as I feel you complaining about modding problems probably belongs inside your thread then a status update. Again, your poor literacy and lack of context isn't helping you here. /I\ I I MORE GOLDEN ADVICE! /I\ I I THANK YOU! This is giving me SO much nostalgia, back when I first started modding even *I* needed a step by step help guide to get me started! I would like to point out, even though some users like AmanoJyaku may not have uploaded mods of their own to Deadlystream.com, that doesn't mean their intelligence or ability to help is low or unreliable... if they are helping you, accept the goddam help! But I don't think Neville is ignoring your instructions on purpose or for discriminatory reasons here. So tell me, if you can basic things like modify merchants and placeables and presumably other things... why not stick to that first? Why must you jump into a really hard modding project like a recruitment mod?
  3. "add_sarna" is the script to recruit the recruitable NPC into your party, and "bye_sarna" is the script which deletes the generic NPC on Tatooine (which is the NPC that you talk to to recruit Sarna in the first place, correct?) So what you are saying is that the script "bye_sarna" prevents you from recruiting Sarna, thus meaning "bye_sarna" breaks "add_sarna" as "add_sarna" is the script which recruits her. But at the same time, you mention about when she does join the party. Has the "bye_sarna" problem been resolved or did you remove "bye_sarna" for the sake of testing the utc? If by "Armor" you mean an actual Armor item like Combat Suit, Military suit or Heavy Battle Armor, then Sarna will require either the "Light Armor Proficiency", "Medium Armor Proficiency" and/or "Heavy Armor Proficiency" feats. Without those three feats, any Armor equipped will be unequipped as she doesn't have the "Proficiency" to wear the item. And don't be an idiot when it comes to Armor items and proficiencies, if your item is a Heavy Armor Sarna will need Light, Medium and Heavy feats as that is the tier in which Armor feats go. Do NOT give her Heavy Armor proficiency and leave it at that. If Sarna wears Light Armor like a combat suit for example, just give her the Light Armor Feat. Did you make sure to have added her portrait to the Portraits.2da file? Did you make sure to have set the Portrait to the Sarna portrait in Sarna's utc file? If you couldn't set it Sarna's portrait in her utc file, did you open Sarna's utc file in K-GFF and manually set the "PortraitID" to the number value of your new Sarna Portrait you put into the Portraits.2da in order for Sarna's portrait to appear in-game? That is because she is using a generic commoner head. In K1, only the player characters and party members have the ability to wear masks whilst every other NPC's mask is invisible. To make Sarna wear a mask, you'll have to extract her head MDL and MDX files, open them with MDLEdit, convert the MDL into an ASCII file, open the ASCII file via note pad and implement the "Mask Hook Coding" found within the player/party heads into the appropriate places in the ASCII Once done you'll save your ASCII edit, open the ASCII in MDLEdit once again and convert the ASCII back into an MDL file, one that is done you can finally place Sarna's head model into the Override and her head will have visible Masks. If she was wearing an Armor without a proficiency feat that the Armor requires, the Armor is added to the player inventory and as such Sarna will be left in her underclothes as you've witnessed. You yourself made it so that Sarna's clothing is Republic Soldier uniform, didn't you intend for that to happen? If I may ask, why did you give Sarna the Sith lady a Republic uniform?? About the previous post you sent this thread, I can understand why the following images where shared with us as they are relevant to the post. But how exactly are these following images relevant to the Recruit Sarna mod?
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    Having you considered recruiting more staff to fill in the gaps of the inactive ones?
  5. So I assume that once you give the speech to the soldiers, you see this BIK cutscene movie and it teleports inside the Admin building? I am 98% sure the reason for this choice. It is said that, if Obsidian published the full game TSL in February 2005 this Battle of Khoonda cut content in which the player fights outside was still going to be cut. Why, you might ask? Well, this fight allegedly caused massive amounts of lag for the game on the original XBOX Console editions of the game. So technically, this feature was going to be cut regardless. My theory is that, while the Battle of Khoonda fight works like a charm on modern PCs, this may not entirely be the case for Mobile devices especially older models. Let's just assume you played Battle of Khoonda via TSLRCM on Mobile and it didn't lag, let's assume you have the latest model of Galaxy Samsung phone which is probably going to be powerful enough to run this game no problem... but do keep in mind, that is just your experience, whilst you may play the Battle of Khoonda on your Mobile device perfectly, another user on an old iOS device might lag horribly or crash. Mobile isn't exactly as unified as PC rendition's of this game, so developers of MTSLRCM have to deal with features of TSLRCM which work on PC, work on Android but crash on iOS. Once they fix the crash on iOS, they can ignore PC since PC uses TSLRCM and not MTSLRCM, but then another user reports the exact same crash on Android because of the bug fix done for iOS. That's the situation I am picturing for MTSLRCM for maintaining the mod, it's a bit rough at the moment as obviously the mobile port appeared out of the blue and as such so did MTSLRCM. The Battle of Khoonda in particular could probably never be optimized for Mobile anyway. The reason why it lags so much on the XBOX and Mobile is that XBOX was a weak console which physically couldn't run the Battle at a smooth frame rate and Mobile devices made in the 2010s was never the intended platform for TSL to begin with. Picture this, the game has to render the Khoonda plains module, that is easy, keep in mind, the game will need to render Khoonda's water river and grass effects which even some PCs can barely render properly. About 10 Khoonda Militia NPCs spawn into the module, followed by 20 to 30 Merc's all around the player (these Mercs would be the first NPCs to render), each Merc projects a shadow onto the ground which means about 20 to 30 additional shadows are being rendered before the player, each Merc has scripts attached to them like "heartbeat" which tells them what to do, they are not only hostile to the player but also to the 10 Khoonda militia plus Zherron (These militia and Zherrun also have shadows and scripts attached), the NPC's AI needs to target an NPC to attack which means the Mercs need to decide to attack the Party or the militia NPCs, each Merc NPC is either wielding a Double Vibrosword or a Blaster Rifle which means the game now has to render Blaster bolts being fired between the militia and Mercs, Khoonda militia dual wield pistols meaning each militia fires double blaster bolts, certain Mercs with melee weapons rush the player or the militia forcing the militia to fire scripts to activate melee weapons, the game needs to register the damage being done to each militia and Merc, the game needs to register the Merc attacks done to the Party, the player's Party AI needs to determine which Merc to attack and what feats they shall use. Let's assume that Battle of Khoonda lags your game out and maybe crashes it, what I listed out is the reason why it lags and crashes. If your Mobile device didn't lag, that just means you have a good Mobile device. Having less features may not be fun but it's better for the mod developer's to cut the feature out entirely so that these modder's don't have to spend hours optimizing one specific feature to function across 50 different mobile devices. Would it be better to not experience the Battle of Khoonda or would you rather have a Battle of Khoonda with 2 Khoonda Militia, Zherron and 5 Mercs in a lame fight? That sounds dumb as hell, but the dev's would have to do that to ensure the mod works lag free across ALL Mobile devices. Remember, MTSLRCM dev's would be lucky to have a single Mobile device to Beta test MTSLRCM with, they probably need to test MTSLRCM with many different brands of Mobile device from Android, iOS and more etc in order to properly test it. As such, I reckon community feedback who reports the MTSLRCM bugs to the devs is probably the only way updates and bug fixes can be made considering the dev's probably develop and test this mod on PC anyway as I'm not even sure if they even own a Mobile device (I could be wrong on that). What do you think about this? I'm not sure about Mobile TSL, but I know that on Mobile K1 all custom audio files added to K1 via mod's do not work. If you watch Negative Zero's Brotherhood of Shadow playthrough's, the audio for that mod is silent as well. On PC, Kaevae the thief had no VO so TSLRCM hired an actor to create custom audio for her. Just like the Battle of Khoonda, the Thief DOES work perfectly on PC as intended, however, as you can see, it does not work that great on Mobile. If you are capable of installing this mod, this will remove Kaevee the thief and restore the vanilla questline where Jorran is the thief back into your TSLRCM game. I have not tested it on Mobile so do be cautious! I cannot justify why this is absent, maybe it simply does not work for some reason. But I'm afraid I cannot find a reason why this wouldn't work I'm afraid. Ok, that 100% sounds like a bug! I hope you found this to be useful, feel free to ask me questions.
  6. @Jj117 I messed up my comment and sent it early, give me a few minutes to correct my mistake! I have posted my comment now.
  7. May you clarify "what" content is missing from the MTSLRCM mod that TSLRCM has? I am not familiar with MTSLRCM I'm afraid.
  8. You did install MTSLRCM, right? The Mobile compatible version of TSLRCM? This link is called the "Mobile The Sith Lord's restored Content Mod", this version is exactly the same as this mod except MTSLRCM is designed to be run on Mobile devices. This mod, however, is designed for PC players.
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    GenoHaradan Legacy

    An update which has a "1.0.X" is a bug fix or anything categorized as a bugfix (Such as Russian translations). So the next bug fix update would be called "1.0.4" for example. A content update which changes anything with the plot from little to big would be a "1.X.0" update. So the next update which has actual content to look forward to is "1.2.0" and when that update comes out it will totally have a list of changes and will be referenced in the readme file. Unfortunately, no new updates are planned for the foreseeable future as my efforts are now focused on the Revenge of Revan mod.
  10. I'm pretty sure ChanceLightning simply adds Lightning sound effects to the module, that's how Dxun has thunder despite no visible thunder present in the sky. If I was to disable Lightning in, let's say, 901MAL.are then the result will be visible lightning with no sound effects to accompany the ambiance (Pretty sure the sounds aren't in-sync with the lightning effects). I just downloaded Blender, though I tried to extract Malachor's skybox model files and I cannot find a Malachor model file ending with "sb". I searched through all but one of the model files only to not find the skybox, the last one I didn't search was named "901malb.mdl" and I cannot check it because it won't open in MDLEdit. Instead I get an error message which says the following:
  11. I have extracted Jolee's dlgs and will be capable of creating a script of Jolee's lines from the mod, but this begs the question... Would we want to copy @newbiemodder's original script word for word or should this compatibility patch contain corrections to Newbiemodder's original work on Jolee's lines? If this is to become a mod, I could forsee it potentially becoming a mini version of this mod which was never finished: https://deadlystream.com/topic/6292-korriban-expansion-modernizing-an-older-mod-wip/
  12. ATTENTION ALL PLAYERS, THE MOD HAS BEEN FIXED: The issue that was breaking the mod was that the TSLPatcher installed critical files into the Override folder, these important files are used in the mod but other files on Peragus and Telos also shared the exact same name. I fixed this in 1.0.2 by adding to the installer so that the TSLPatcher would place these important files within the .mod files so the mod does not break Peragus or Telos. The problem with 1.0.2 however was that the TSLPatcher not only placed the files within the .mod files but they still placed the files within the Override at the same time. Version 1.0.3 fixes that so important files are NOT placed in the Override at ALL, however, whilst this mod is safe to play now, do be on the look out for bugs at every stage of the game and report any bugs you may find so that I may speedily fix it!
  13. Very interesting! I'm guessing that this will need an additional tool besides MDLEdit to access the static planes? My plan is to add the lightning effects to the Telos Surface modules 231TEL and 233TEL. Evidence suggests that at least 231TEL at one point had lightning effects in early game development with Telos lightning being shown in the old TSL E3 Demo footage, a few TSL dev screenshots and the 231TEL loading screen which shows a strip of lightning in the background. I assume Obsidian probably removed the Telos lightning related static planes from the model so it wouldn't be as easy as reactivating long lost planes. Also, what is the name for skybox models? For 231TEL and 233TEL it appears that the following models exist:
  14. Hello, as some of you may recall, Malachor V's outdoor modules have a visible Lightning strike effect that accompanies the Skybox. In-case you don't know what I am talking about, here is an image of the lightning which has been reskinned in Sith Holocron's Replacement Texture for Lightning on Malachor V 1.2 mod: So my question is, if I wanted to add this lightning effect to other modules how might I do it? From what I can tell, the lightning texture is part of the Malachor textures so I assume that it's done either by the module info files or via the Skybox/Module model mdl files.
  15. You can do just this, but it is not done via properties but rather you can create a new Baseitem 2da line with a modified max dexterity. So you would copy one of the vanilla armor lines thus "cloning" it and giving your clone a brand new max dexterity number.
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    I really like how you kept your old work as an optional download. Good job on the updated skin!
  17. If you are just using those three mods alongside TSLRCM 1.8.6, the answer is yes, but if you are piling a bunch of other mods on top then that is an answer only you can really answer.
  18. Hello, can you share with us an image as to what you are referring to? Some of us haven't played SWTOR. As for the hat, whilst this isn't from SWTOR, this is a mod which adds Calo's hat as an item based upon the K1 vanilla Calo Nord.
  19. Have you deleted the file "a_sion_cs.ncs" from your Override folder as per the fixes readme instructions? And if you have did you use a save prior to the Space Cat Walk section of Peragus?
  20. Might I suggest adding an "alternative" install option which includes TSL's fixed Gamorrean Battleaxe?
  21. Thank you for reporting! Try it now, it should now work!
  22. The bugs have been fixed! If you have installed VERSION 1.0.0! Refer to the optional "EE FIX FOR V 1.0.0" folder and follow instructions. If instructions unclear, leave a comment and I can clarify, this update does NOT modify files found in @Leilukin's patch! If further bugs or any other complications are found which are suspected to be caused by my patch, report the mod and I shall fix it at earliest convience!
  23. I've been meaning to say this for a while but now might just seem to be the best time to say it:
  24. @Kainzorus Prime Is there any progress/plans on making the NPC Overhaul installer compatible with K1R?