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  1. If Effix sends it to you via PM and you use it exclusively for personal use then it shouldn't be a problem.
  2. It is sold by Mika Dorin after the Leviathan, it is one of the strongest Mandalorian Armors in the game.
  3. What are you talking about? You mean like disguise items like the Sith Armor on Taris? If so, no... my modded items do not give the player the appearance of my new Mandalorians. For example, the Mandalorian Heavy Trooper armor looks like this.
  4. A few things here: First: You shouldn't really post in the "Mod Releases" section, most threads you see here are auto generated when users upload mods to the site and this section is for announcing mod releases so a bug report thread like this shouldn't be here regardless. KOTORMODSync has its own thread you could've left this report in instead of making a new one. Second: As the mod author who made the Senni Vek Restoration mod, that mod was updated with new content and a name change. The correct name for the most update to date version of what was the Senni Vek Restoration mod is now "SVR1.2.7z", and since the aforementioned new content was specifically requested by the author of the Build List I doubt this is going to change.
  5. I would recommend recoloring the gloves so that they aren't the same color as the NPCs skin color. Other then that, I really am liking the clothing. Nice work!
  6. Is this NPC wearing gloves? Or are their hands exposed?
  7. Are these models from a mod or are these vanilla assets from the game itself? If it's from a mod, can you link said mod?
  8. I don't those are Jedi Robes, I think they're clothing reskins for the Commoner NPCs. She hasn't stopped developing her mods, she's releasing them publicly as you can see here. Why do you think she's posting screenshots here?
  9. It should be, this mod doesn't touch the original Republic Soldier model/texture.
  10. N-DReW25

    Czerka Redux

    Are you referring to this comment? My intent with that comment was sarcasm, something I don't like as a modder are bug reports were the problem is very much a bug but people still ask me about it as if I sat down and went "Ah, the NPC's head is rendered invisible in-game... alright, better upload a screenshot of the working head and publish the broken head for you players". I mean no hostility towards you, I actually didn't realize dofleini was reporting the exact same bug as you as he had failed to mention the Rodians so that's on me.
  11. NexusMods I can understand, but... GameBanana? GameBanana has less than 30 mods for both K1 & K2 and the most modern mods were from over 5 years ago and some of the oldest mods are over 15 years old. What could GameBanana possibly have to make it come close to being a viable Kotor mod hub? As for NesusMods, for me it's just another place where some good mods might be hosted... though sometimes there can be some really brain dead mods on there. As for you, I recommend you check both Deadlystream and NexusMods together. Think of it like going to the grocery store, sure... you might like one grocery store, but the grocery store across the street might have some deals you might also like. For example, there are some really neat AI Upscale mods on NexusMods not found on Deadlystream, and there are many mods on Deadlystream not found on NexusMods. For an easier mod downloading experience, refer to the Kotor Community Mod Builds.
  12. Install them in this order: K1 Community Patch. NPC Diversity Pack K1 Loot Overhaul JC's Czerka Busssiness Attire Duros Armed & Ready Czerka Redux Heart of Beskar Unique Sith Governor Dark Hope's War Droid reskin will NOT affect Czerka Redux... but that isn't a good thing either, the Czerka War Droid will use the Kotor style 512x512 resolution texture whilst the other war droids will use Dark Hope's ultra HD ultra realistic textures... it will look odd to have them side by side. As Dark Hope has not finished all of the generic commoner head and clothing reskins, some NPCs in the Diversity Pack will have ultra HD heads and clothing outfits whilst others won't... so imagine an NPC with a photo realistic outfit but with Kotor's default style head texture, or the opposite, an ultra realistic face with Kotor's default style clothing. None of these head/clothing reskins are incompatible with the above listed mods, but do note that until Dark Hope releases all of the head and clothing textures you'll have some weird mish mash NPCs. Also keep in mind that Czerka Redux has two new Czerka themed clothing outfits, so even if all of Dark Hope's clothing mods are released you'll still have two clothing variants that won't be covered by Dark Hope's mods. Dark Hope's Darth Bandon, Uthar Wynn, Astromech Droids HD and Protocol Droids HD won't be of any issue with the above listed mods. A Crashed Ship on a Nameless World by LDR compatibility is planned for an upcoming Heart of Beskar update, until then... incompatible. I can't see why DarthParametric's Revan's Hoodless/Maskless Flowing Robes would be incompatible with the above listed mods.
  13. N-DReW25

    Czerka Redux

    You're not overstepping it at all, I always appreciate bug reports... I just don't appreciate it when people write their report bugs as if I intended for the bug to exist. This is probably the worst case of a typo I've ever done with a mod, and now that I think about it I hopped on my computer one night with Czerka Redux 40% finished... that same night I had finished and released Czerka Redux, so it doesn't surprise me this happened (and it wasn't intended as mentioned above 😉) The bug has been fixed in the latest update, players of the Diversity Pack shall now be able to enjoy the NPC Diversity Pack with Czerka Redux!
  14. I hope he sang "My Way", fits perfectly in the context of his old Admin career
  15. Whilst my opinions have not changed in regards to the Czerka Protocol Officer's head being generic, I did go ahead and change Sharina Fizark's head so that she uses another generic head. With the new direction I'm taking the mod in, there's a high chance I'll be covering Sharina again in one of the future optional installs (Right now I've added Player Head Commoners).
  16. I can just imagine SH singing "Want Kaah gone" at a karaoke bar live.
  17. I thought you already did that head in your Doctors HD mod? And what are these weird lines on the arm?
  18. The RC-K1CP has not yet been optimized to work with the HoloPatcher as of this time, once I get around to optimizing the installer the TSLPatcher shall be replaced with the HoloPatcher.
  19. This mod is for Kotor 1. I don't have an Xbox so I wouldn't know how to mod it or make mods for it. As the Xbox version is very unstable when it comes to modding, I can only suggest buying a PC and modding Kotor there. The K1 Community Patch is a big mod, even if a modder were to get it working on Xbox I bet the game would lag down to to a snails pace.
  20. M4-78 was infamous for lag even on good PCs, are you sure you're willing to convert your Galaxy Tab A7 into a hand grenade? In all seriousness, the current M4-78EP 1.4 is in a broken state at the moment so I would advise you don't try M4-78 on mobile. You'll have to do this for Party Swap, but whether it works or not is up to you to discover. Install Party Swap, play the game and if it works, it works... if it doesn't, you know for next time that it doesn't. Not many modders play mobile games, we make mods on PC so why go through the extra hoops to mod a system which is inherently a downgrade from PC gaming? As long as it is installed properly via the TSL/HoloPatcher (not up to date with Party Swap) and is transferred to the mobile device via USB cable it should be fine.
  21. I don't think the sitting animation exists in K1, so that'd be pretty difficult to pull of in K1. But as the main pilot, he should definitely be kept in the cockpit. She could be moved to the computer room, nothing really happens there so it'd make great use of that area. Plus, if Bastila's alone in that room it would make much more sense for her to spill the beans about her feelings for the player since Carth isn't around to eavesdrop. However, Bastila has a "walking away" scene in the cockpit that happens just before she heads off to Kreia's room for some [REDACTED] with the former Dark Lord and she needs to be present in the cockpit to have the post-Taris scene with Carth. Any mod that moves Bastila into the computer room will need to account for these scenes. Why would Mission be meditating? It might be better to put Mission in T3's old spot so that she's near Zaalbar, close enough to imply they're together and far away enough so that it doesn't look like you're interrupting a conversation. I agree with this. I agree with this. Either that or in Mission's old room meditating. I agree with this. As DP has pointed out, that animation doesn't exist in K1 so it's probably best to leave him where he is.
  22. HP was made to replace the TSLPatcher, it has far more capabilities and fixes various bugs present in the TSLPatcher that forced modder's to use convoluted workarounds to implement certain features. But these new features that make installation faster for players and easier for modders requires certain permissions which chokes Windows Systems if the directory is in the C Drive. If you want to install Jedi from the Start without the HP errors, you have to try what the HP developers have explicitly recommended. If you change your game directory to the D Drive and you're still getting errors, that means Jedi from the Start is the problem and darthbdaman needs to release a fix patch update. If it ends up working after changing the directory, it was the HP's inherent flaw.
  23. HoloPatcher mods can't install properly if the swkotor directory is in the C drive. From the K1CP page: You'll need to look up how to change your game's directory from "c:\games\steam\steamapps\common\swkotor" to "D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\swkotor" for it to work properly.
  24. This method has worked! @Snigaroo The Senni Vek Restoration mod has now become the Senni Vek Mod and includes your fulfilled Senni Vek to Hulas request.