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A Mod for Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 2
Author: N-DReW25
1.3.0 Release Date: 15.06.2024

Please install The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod 1.8.6 FIRST, no exceptions.

It is highly advised to install the KOTOR 2 Community Patch before this mod, this is optional.

Finally, simply click on the HoloPatcher.exe of this mod, click install and sit back and watch the installer do its magic.

WARNING: It is highly recommended that you do not install the game on your system's C drive, especially in Program Files. Windows can have permissions issues when trying to install the mod to a C drive destination. If you are using the Steam version of the game and have installed Steam in its default Program Files location, we advise creating a new Steam Library on a different drive and moving the game there via the game's Properties pop-up in Steam.

My Bug Fix Collection is another bug fix mod, though unlike most bug fix mods for Kotor this mod is for Kotor 2 in particular. The amazing TSLRCM and K2CP mods are both excellent in their bug fixing efforts... but they haven't fixed all the bugs. TSLRCM development is essentially finished at this point and the K2CP dev team are focused on the K1CP mod.

This mod was released back in 2021 and hadn't been updated again since 2022, since then I learned how to merge UTC file changes instead of hard overwriting them in the .MOD files and the new HoloPatcher was released. I've since gone back to this old mod and given it the love it deserves with these new updates!




* Restored the unused Sonic Land Mine icon.
* Fixed the miscolored gloves of the Male Commoner Clothing 01 texture.
* Droid Warfare and Battle Upgrade items no longer give Prerequisite feat, thus preventing T3-M4 & G0-T0 from equipping Blaster Rifles.
* Restored the unused K1 textures for Heavy Battle Armor, Powered Battle Armor and Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh.
* Restored Calo Nord's Battle Armor texture for the M'uhk'gfa Armor. 
* Restored the Jal Shey Neophyte Armor texture.
* Many textures from K1 are lower quality in K2. Ported most of the K1 counterparts to correct this.

* The "Lite" Sith Assault Troopers who board the Ebon Hawk now use the normal, higher poly Sith Soldier appearance.
* One of Coorta's thugs will no longer use the Peragus Dock Officer's head as they are two different characters.
* Generic Peragus Miner's shall no longer use PC heads.

* On the Bridge, Admiral Cede wore a Soldier's uniform and was named "Republic General" instead of "Admiral Cede". This has been fixed.
* On the Bridge, the Republic Medical Officer is named "Republic Doctor". This has been fixed.
* In the Crew Quarters, the Republic Medical Officer wore a Soldier's uniform unlike her appearance on the Bridge. This has been fixed.
* The male Republic Soldier who appears in Sion's escape recording was supposed to be the aforementioned female Republic Medical Officer. This has been fixed.

* In the Citadel Hangar, the Twi'lek Czerka Officer who tries to bribe you in the docks is named "Exchange Leuitenant". This has been fixed.
* In the Exchange Office, Luxa has a female Twi'lek soundset. This was swapped for a female Commoner soundset as Luxa isn't a Twi'lek.
* In the Citadel Cantina, Corrun Falt has an Ithorian soundset which can be heard at the end of the TSLRCM "Corrun Falt" sidequest. This has been fixed.
* Restored an unused medpac icon for the medical supplies that Samhan.
* The Thugs who attack you in the Hangar are described in both the journal entries and the modified hold out blaster as being masked. They now used a Devaronian and PC heads to show their masks.
* Reskinned Ramana's head to match the color of her body's.
* When the player follows Corran Falt to his home he is totally unarmed. Since he has a concealed Blaster Pistol during TSLRCM's "Corrun Falt" sidequest, this fix will give Corran Falt his concealed Blaster Pistol for this path.
* The Telos Sentry Droid has a new, higher quality texture.
* Chodo Habat has a new, higher quality texture.

Nar Shaddaa
* In the Pazaak Den, a Quarren patron has a K1 "Lite" NPC model. This has been fixed.
* The Twi'lek Majordomo looking for dancers had an inconsistent appearance between the Cantina and the Docks. This has been fixed.
* The Bith Scientist's severed arm holding clearly belongs to a human. This placeable has been reskinned to resemble a Bith's arm.
* Even though Atton didn't kill them, the Twin Suns drop loot in the Entertainment Promenade. This fix will remove the loot drops and the XP from this fight, you'll get the loot on the Visionary instead.
* Stripped the Twin Suns of their Energy Shields and Medpacs in the Entertainment Promenade and moved them to Visionary.
* The Twin Suns had almost no feats on the Visionary, making them push overs when the Exile faces. With the aforementioned loot changes, the Twin Suns should be more of a challenge on the Visionary.

* Due to a mistake in the appearance.2da, Dillan's Militia Armor was portrayed as Czerka Clothing. This has been fixed so her Milita Armor will appear as intended.
* Suulru claims he owns a Blaster Rifle, yet uses a Hold Out Blaster in the Battle of Khoonda. This fix gives Suulru his Blaster Rifle.

* Outside the Sith Tomb, a Boma had a female Twi'lek soundset. This has been fixed.
* Outside the Sith Tomb, a Turret lack a proficiency feat thus disabling it's weapons. This has been fixed.
* Inside the Sith Tomb, a Sith Officer had too much vitality. This has been fixed.

* During S-0D3's recording cutscene, S-0D3 is incorrectly named SOD3 if you checked the message feedback log. This has been fixed. 
* When interacting with two specific terminals in the Merchant Square, a Soldier NPC will tell you to back away from the terminal but when you talk to the same two Soldiers afterward they have generic Soldier VO whose voice does not match the terminal VO. This fix will remove the generic VO.
* When looting the Onderon Palace Museum, if a player keeps the game paused whilst clicking on the Museum Treasure it is possible to gain multiple items per click whilst paused (Potentially allowing the player to gain infinite Museum loot thus gaining infinite credits/components). This fix will ensure the player only gains 4 items from the museum as per the original design.
* Kiph's Twi'lek girlfriend (Not canon) seen next to Kiph in the Cantina is wearing a dancer's outfit despite being a Cantina patron and not a dancer. This fix will give her some proper clothing.
* Jonna Far, the Twi'lek Vaklu Supportingh Swoop rider, is also wearing a dancer's outfit despite not being a dancer. This fix will give her some proper clothing.
* Onderon NPCs shall no longer use player heads.

* Inside the hidden Sith Tomb, Darth Malak has a male Dark Jedi soundset even though the Darth Malak soundset exists. This fix gives him his own soundset.
* During the post-Sion duel, Kreia telepathically communicates with the player as she usually does, however, she is visibly inside the Academy when she is supposed to be inside the Ebon Hawk. This fix will make the camera show the exit of the Academy with a telepathic screen effect, this way it does not suggest Kreia is physically inside the Academy. 
* During the Dxun Vision in the tomb, the player will do a "Talk_Sad" react when listening to the Republic General, based on the VO for this General I have a gut feeling the player's "Talk_Sad" reaction was meant to be applied to the General. This has been fixed so that the General uses the "Talk_Sad" react animations.

* On the Ravager's deck, the Mandalorian's had male Dark Jedi soundsets. This has been fixed.
* On the Ravager's deck, the male and female Sith Officer's had Sith Soldier soundsets). These were both swapped for male and female Commoner soundsets as per consistency with the rest of the game.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Known Bugs:
This mod shouldn't have bugs but if there is Just PM me on Deadlystream.

Please report any incompatibilities!

Do NOT claim credit for this mod and do not use assets from this mod without my permission.

Bioware: For such an amazing game!
Obsidian: For such an amazing sequel!
Fred Tetra: For Kotor Tool!
th3w1zard1: For HoloPatcher!
Everyone who downloads the mod!


What's New in Version 1.3   See changelog


* Overhauled the entire changes.ini, most of the mod will now merge with pre-existing files instead of hard overwrite when necessary.

* Updated to the HoloPatcher.


* Many textures from K1 are lower quality in K2. Ported most of the K1 counterparts to correct this.


* Generic Peragus Miner's shall no longer use PC heads.

* The Telos Sentry Droid has a new, higher quality texture.
* Chodo Habat has a new, higher quality texture.


* Onderon NPCs shall no longer use player heads.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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