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    We are several months down the track from the last update where I said we were close to releasing v1.8, but we are super close for realsies this time. @Snigaroo is getting fidgety waiting for it, so we'll soon be doing what will essentially be the final beta test before public release. To that end, I thought I would post an updated changelog of everything that has been added since v1.7. CHANGELOG v1.8 - TBA 2019 Additions Added a fix to the skin weights of the male player head PMHC01 Added a fix for the commoner Asian male head comm_a_m to restore eye animation Added a fix for clipping collars on female Class 7 (PFBF) and Class 9 (PFBH) armours Added a fix for the credits incorrectly scaling during the Dark Side ending Added a number of model fixes for the Endar Spire to address various geometry issues Added a fix for a stray blaster appearing in the middle of a hallway in the Sith Base on Taris Added a fix for missing lightmaps in the entrance of the Taris Upper City cantina Added a fix for the positioning of the Council on Dantooine to prevent floating Added a fix for the hanging ivy on the walls of the Dantooine enclave landing pad Added a fix for an inaccessible container in The One's compound Added higher poly replacements for the placeable human "sitters" (cantina Pazaak players/drinkers) Added a fix for some female non-dancer Twi'leks wearing armour instead of plain clothes Added a fix for some female non-dancer Twi'leks in default stripper garb instead of plain clothes Added a fix for Helena wearing Jedi robes instead of regular clothes Added a fix for Carth prematurely complaining about being out of the loop Added a workaround/partial fix for the post-Leviathan escape stealth bug Added a fix for Dak respawning in the Korriban cantina Replaced broken injection-based Manaan DLGs in previous release with JC's pre-patched ones (TSLPatcher can't delete nodes) Added a fix for Jedi being visible in the back of a Malak cutscene on Deck 1 of the Star Forge Added a fix for a droid with the wrong soundset in the Taris Upper Sewers Added several fixes to the Dantooine training montage Added a fix for the player freezing during the pre-swoop race scene when racing for the Hidden Beks Added a fix for Carth not facing Kandon when interjecting during the pre-swoop race dialogue Added a fix for one of Canderous' goons in the Undercity having the wrong soundset Added a fix for Sand People disguises not working after the player used the rapid transit system or loaded from a save while disguised Added a fix for certain NPC soundsets with wrong or missing sounds Added new soundset for Trandoshans, ported from TSL Added a fix for the exit in the Sith Base on Taris having the wrong label Added a fix for Bastila not showing the fourth vision (K1R's fix) Added a fix for the Twi'lek Czerka Liaison Officers on Kashyyyk not resuming their patrols after dialogue Adjusted the post-Leviathan scene so the player is forced to talk to HK and therefore doesn't miss his content there Added missing landing gear and ramp to the Ebon Hawk in the Leviathan hangar Added more triggers for the second Xor encounter because he would refuse to show unless the player used the rapid transit system Incorporated some of JC's Minor Fixes Added a fix for two female Jedi background NPCs in the Dantooine enclave that would stop walking after being talked to Fixed some bugs in the Dead Settler quest Changed Casus Sandral's appearance from a generic corpse to something more suitable Added a fix for an NPC in the Leviathan bridge cutscenes that had some deformation issues Added improved commoner clothes textures (variants 01 and 07) ported from TSL Added a fix for Calo's Rodian prey in the Taris Undercity Apartments not properly drawing their weapons Added a fix for one of the Sith female NPCs on the Leviathan bridge having a drawn blaster during a cutscene Added an interjection for Carth in the pre-swoop race scene for the Beks to match his one in the Vulkar version Added a creature-based replacement for the corpse in the Dantooine Murder Mystery quest for improved visual quality Added/edited scripts in the Dantooine Murder Mystery quest to have Handon appear injured and for NPCs to exit when appropriate, plus removed some extraneous fades to black Added melee proficiency and/or weapons for some Duros on Dantooine that were lacking them Added a fix for the blade of Bacca's sword not being properly removed from the player's inventory when giving it to Freyyr in the Lower Shadowlands Switched the appearance for guards in the Sith Academy on Korriban to Sith Soldiers rather than Sith Officers Increased the walking speed of the diving suit on Manaan and the space suit on the Leviathan Added JC's Dense Aliens Added a fix for War Droid racetex variants having their blaster texture overridden by the body texture by swapping out integrated blaster mesh for external reference Added a fix for a non-functional trigger script for the Sharina conversation on Tatooine Changed Jagi to wear armour instead of clothes, swapped out his Rodian goons for Mando warriors, and address some dialogue facing issues Fixed the fade in at the start of the game so the player wouldn't be visible before they were meant to be Made Dia equip her melee weapon before attacking Made the slave girl in Davik's estate that's supposed to run away run away Fixed the raidii of the gas vents in Davik's estate Forcibly set the camera angle for a line of dialogue by the janitor in the Taris Upper City South Apartments to fix a line being spoken off-screen Forcibly set the camera angle for a line of dialogue by the Bastila in the Zelka Forn conversation (Taris Upper City South) to fix a line being spoken off-screen Fixed some companion facing issues during Canderous' recruitment conversation in the Taris Upper City Cantina Fixed and incorrect soundset for the Sandpeople Storyteller Changed the clothes variation the three drunks in Taris Upper City North wear and tweaked the DLG to reduce facing issues Changed the appearance of one of the Taris Upper City Cantina patrons that had an identical twin standing just a few meters away Made an attempt to get Carth to stop looking longingly at the PC for 30 seconds and face Mission while talking to her in the Undercity Tweaked some geometry in the Manaan cantina level model to patch some gaps Adjusted Canderous' dialogue in the Lower City cantina to prevent him from repeating lines if you talk to him again after keeping him waiting Repositioned two invisible placeables for security terminals in the Taris Sith Base to a more suitable height Fixed placeable heights on the Ebon Hawk to reduce floor clipping & floating Fixed the height of the workbench on Dantooine Raised the height of the invisible placeable for the Garage Head's desk in the Vulkar base Fixed the position of the strongbox in the Taris Lower City apartments Changed Bolook's skin color from orange to green on account of VO saying so After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, finally got Zhar to face the player post-montage, and stop throwing a tantrum afterwards (thanks to JC) Switched the order of the Taris to Dantooine sequence so the landing movie is played before the conversation, and the EH skybox is Dantooine instead of space Fixed the upper teeth mesh clipping through the cheeks on the male Twi'lek head Brought Ahlan Matale back down to earth during his rant in the Council chambers Adjusted Vandar's dialogue to prevent him from repeating himself if you talk to him again before investigating the ruins Added a trigger for the scene with Vandar after the player completes the trials to prevent positional wonkiness Fixed player facing during the Taris duel introductions Fixed a possible freeze during dialogue with Ajuur in the Taris Upper City cantina Fixed some animations being out of sync with VO during the introduction of opponents in the Taris duels Fixed some monitor placeables not being properly attached to walls in the Taris Upper City Cantina Rejigged party positioning during the Black Vulkar pre-swoop race conversation, making the scene a bit nicer Changed Elise's initial flirting animation to pleading to better suit the mood Changed the appearance of the guard droids in Davik's estate to Rodians, as they could be gassed, sounded like Rodians, and were generally not droids Made some skin weight adjustments to the fat rolls under the Hutt's chin to reduce clipping issues Forced Gadon Thek's conversation to directly follow on from Zaerdra's triggered "Hold it right there" outburst to eliminate poor positioning and facing issues Made a replacement for the unused fat commoner male model by editing the regular commoner male body to bypass UV issues Shunted one of the Gamorreans in the Taris sewers out of the corner he was skulking in Unequipped the surviving Hrakert scientists' weapons and made them only equip them in the event of combat Improved Bek reaction time following security alert in the base Made Redros equip his weapon for the swoop race brawl Added new dialogue trees for Vandar so the player could continue speaking to him about the usual topics after completing the trials Gave the repairable Vulkar bar droid a blaster rifle Made various changes to the initial Davik conversation to resolve the usual facing and positional crimes Fixed some bad lightmaping on the dais in Davik's throne room Fixed some bad lightmaping on the walls of the Vulkar base's lower level Forced some mooks in the Vulkar base to equip their stored weapons to prevent unarmed attacks Changed some Twi'lek male appearances in Javyar's cantina to diversify things a bit. Added a new orange Twi'lek male appearance using the unused Twi'lek male body orange handed texture variant Added a new blue Twi'lek male head, ported from TSL Raised the height of the selection icon for the torture cage release in Davik's estate Added/edited some scripts to prevent certain guests and guards in Davik's estate attacking with their fists Diversified the outfits of civilians in Davik's estate Cleaned up some texture blurring and distortion around the mouth of the Krayt Dragon cave on Tatooine Fixed a gap in the surrounds of the forcefield in the Upper Shadowlands and pushed the grass back from the ramp to prevent clipping Shuffled the boxes behind HK in the Anchorhead droid shop further apart to stop the swaying cable from clipping into them Clamped down on the Viper Kinrath in the Lower Shadowlands dropping unnecessary corpse items Removed some green patches in the lightmaps of the Manaan hotel's entrance hallway that didn't match the scene's lighting Tweaked the Griff conversation in the Sandpeople enclave to fix some facing issues Doubled the duration the Kashyyyk Star Map stayed open Gave the comm_a_f/comm_a_f2/N_TatComW_F heads a makeover to fix the worst of their shading/clipping/texture issues Added preemptive fix for a Mando bringing a knife to a gunfight Pushed the Leviathan's skybox further back and added new Sith fighter animations to stop them clipping through the skybox Fixed a gap in the floor and some bad UVs in the entrance of Manaan West Central Added missing K_EXIT / SW_EXIT waypoints to Tatooine docking bay to allow messengers to properly exit the area Plugged a couple of gaps in adjoining walkmeshes in the Leviathan Prison Block that were allowing targeting/shooting of enemies through walls Moved a swoop fan minor NPC on Manaan that was blocking a triggered conversation with a Sith on module entry Merged the cutscene of the shark attack victim into a single animation and added additional keyframes to move shark and victim off-screen at the end Added a generic OnSpawn to have an NPC equip a ranged weapon (or melee weapon if no ranged) from their inventory Made a few Sith technicians on the Leviathan equip their weapons on spawning to prevent the attacking with fists issue Made a raft of changes to the Sith prisoner interrogation in the Manaan Republic Embassy, fixing facing, skipping lines, camera angle issues, etc. Curtailed the patrol route of the Selkath security droid in the entrance of the Manaan Republic Embassy to stop it freaking out companions during conversation with Roland Turned off the force cage the Sith prisoner in the Manaan Republic Embassy was in once he is no longer present Moved a crate in the back of the Hidden Bek base that was clipping into a wall Moved the swoop records computer panel in Manaan Ahto East to stop it clipping into a wall Set the DLG for a bounty hunter in Javyar's cantina to human instead of computer Added a party jump and static camera to fix the issue with the Hrakert Station merc going out of frame when playing the Horror animation Replaced almost all the soundsets for Hrakert Station UTCs, mostly Selkath using droid soundsets Set Bandon's Dark Jedi offsiders to neutral to prevent them getting twitchy before their boss is ready to fight Switched previous hard overwrite of Hrakert Station GIT to patcher setup Added a conditional script for one player response during the Sandral-Matale Feud so it's only available if the player spoke to Ahlan Matale about a reward Made a transformer in the Sith base on Taris non-interactable Removed an infinite DS point exploit from the Sasha encounter Removed an infinite DS point exploit from Roland Wann post-Hrakert Rift Added a check to remove the Czerka miners in the Dune Sea once they have been talked to and the Sandpeople enclave is done Tweaked Elora's dialogue to remove some lines if the player already heard about Sunry's situation from Davin Fixed some bad lightmap UVs on the floor of the training room in the Manaan Sith Base Tweaked the script that adds Jolee to the party in the Upper Shadowlands to hide the switch between NPC and Party versions Made some alterations to make Trask stay in the same spot when he joins the party instead of jumping behind the player Replaced an incorrect supermodel reference in one of Vandar's cutscene stunt models that was causing some animation issues Moved the patrol waypoints of one of the Czerka guards in the Tatooine docking bay to prevent him walking through the middle of messenger conversations Nudged the camera position sideways in the jawless Malak cutscene to keep the reveal from being spoiled early in widescreen resolutions Changed the Rakatan Temple turret soundsets from Bith to none Fixed a typo that prevented various NPCs from commenting on the Kashyyyk situation Edited the stunt model for the admiral in the jawless Malak cutscene to reduce clipping issues with his left arm and eyeballs Corrected the final wager value of pazaak player Kudos (the guy in Fazza's hunting lodge on Tatooine) from 50 to 500 credits Fixed a positional offset in the stunt model for a seated officer on Dodonna's ship causing them to float in mid-air Added additional script from the v1.1 update of Markus Ramikin's Bastila Romance Scriptfix mod Wrangled party when entering the Elder's compound on Lehon Prevented some characters in the Elder's compound on Lehon from attacking with their fists Adjusted party positioning and facing when activating the Rakatan computer in the Elder's compound on Lehon Fixed the party bumping into each other like drunk teens during the cutscene after giving the sacred tome to The One on Lehon Added missing sound Event to Malak's taunt animation for his saber flourish Gated off asking HK about restoring memories post-Leviathan after the first time Disabled screen blurring effect for Force/Knight/Master Speed Added new soundset for DS Juhani in the Grove, removing her Republic/Jedi-related barks Switched some Sith Elite Troopers in Manaan hangar bay to the proper appearances Moved some troopers in the Manaan Sith Base so they would see the party entering the room properly Made a host of edits to the stunt animations for the LS ending cutscene to improve it for widescreen resolutions Tweaked the initial scene when boarding the Star Forge to account for widescreen framing Forced the party to turn around before the droids burst in on Deck 1 of the Star Forge Changed listener tags in Thalia May's DLG in the Korriban Shyrack Caves to prevent her turning her back on the party Fixed global generic droid templates to use the proper soundsets for their type instead of the Bantha soundset Fixed an off-screen line by the Mysterious Man on Manaan and prevented him being visible after the conversation finished Remapped distorted UVs for a section of cliff edge in Korriban's Valley of the Dark Lords Swapped incorrect script reference in Korriban Academy duel scene causing endless combat music Gave Saul Karath an on-screen death on the bridge of the Leviathan and stopped Carth talking over his death cry Made changes to the exploding pillar scene in the Tomb of Ajunta Pall on Korriban to prevent AI and UI issues Jumped the party for Yuthura's conversation in the Dreshdae cantina and forced companions to face her on their interjections Edited Dustil's conversation in the Korriban Academy to jump the party and fix some facing issues with Carth and the player Added a new OnDeath script for Dustil to account for killing him at different stages of Carth's personal quest Set the DLG for the ancient computer in the Korriban Tomb of Tulak Hord to skippable and fixed the door opening animation playing too fast Made numerous edits to the DLG and scripts for the Jorak Uln scenes in the Korriban Tomb of Tulak Hord to improve aesthetics and fix minor issues Reduced the Tach sound effect by -10dB to make it more bearable Purged the two pre-training conversations with the Jedi Council on Dantooine of facing issues Fixed some non-visible subtitles by Canderous and Jolee due to a Delay value of 0 on those nodes in the relevant DLGs Edited the conversation with the overseer droid in the Dantooine Ruins to improve facing and camera angles Merged the two separate Star Map cutscenes in the Dantooine Ruins into a single scene Edited the post-Ruins conversation with the Dantooine Jedi Council to fix various issues Switched an invalid animation number in Chuundar's DLG Locked the door to the Tomb of Naga Sadow in the Korriban Valley of the Dark Lords Edited the OnUserDefine of the Tuk'ata Mother in the Korriban Valley of the Dark Lords to remove an incorrect placeable reference Fixed Elise’s walking pace when she exits so she runs away when upset and walks away otherwise Wrangled Tuk'ata mother and friends in the Korriban Valley of the Dark Lords to stop them running into each other like drunken teenagers Fixed facing and camera issues in the dialogue with the surviving scientists Kono and Sami Gave the Sith student Tariga gender reassignment therapy Prevented Lashowe from accidentally burning her own face off with her saber in the post-Tuk'ata mother conversation in the Korriban Valley of the Dark Lords Reinstated some incorrectly applied starting conditionals for Tyvark's DLG on Manaan Wrangled the party for the first conversation with Yuthura inside the Korriban Academy Resolved some issues trying to give a datapad to Adrenas in the Korriban Academy Added some listener tags to Uthar's DLG in the Korriban Academy to prevent facing issues during the Shaardan handing in a fake sword cutscene Checked for (and removed) Shaardan's corpse in the pre-final trial conversation with Uthar in the Korriban Academy Edited Uthar's conversation in the Korriban Academy to remove the salute, swap the party leaving for a fade-out, and change the running for the back door to a walk Moved the party out of the way during Uthar's introductory cutscene in the Korriban Academy and stopped him bowing to the students Jumped wandering NPCs in the Korriban Academy to the edge of the room whenever a conversation with Uthar commences Swapped the clothing variation on one of the two pilots in the Korriban Dreshdae cantina Changed the Twi'lek females in Dreshdae on Korriban from stripper to clothed appearances Wrangled the party for the confrontation with Lashowe in Dreshdae on Korriban Swapped Lashowe's dark uniform in Dreshdae on Korriban to the light one to match her other appearances Gave Yuthura and Uthar dark uniforms in the Korriban Sith Academy to match their other appearances By my count that's almost four times what I posted back in March. That's some healthy scope creep. As before, you can check out the readme on the Github repo for a full breakdown of the changes and attribution to their various authors. There's also the issue list, which has further detail on specific problems that have been addressed (and remaining outstanding ones). Oh, and it would be remiss of me not to give special thanks to @ebmar and @Salk for providing a number of bug reports and suggestions/contributions. Thanks also to various other forum and Discord members for providing reports as well over the last 6 months.
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    Hey everyone! I have exciting news! A Crashed Republic Cruiser On A Nameless World is now open for beta testing! If you're interested, please send me a PM! In addition, I'm also looking for 1-2 voice actors (psst @Zhaboka ) as well as someone who's strong in dialogue writing/editing to peruse my dialogues and help clean them up and make them sound better.
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    Getting back in the swing of things after being gone a week on vacation. The street module is all walkmeshed, blocks cameras, has aurora lights, and a minimap. All that's left is the path file, which are still proving a bit finnicky. Most of those are dynamic things that are difficult to see in a screenshot, so I'll try to do a video in the next few weeks to showcase some of the improvements. Also I will try to add in NPCs and such before then. Next I will be switching gears, working on the Arena Hall/entrance area and attempting to setup some gladiator fights.
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    @Sith Holocron @DarthParametric There is now compact header theme available (you can change the theme at the bottom of the page)
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    Can't you use both, like how some planets have different loading screens for different areas? Is the star map quest / location a spoiler btw? I won't ask again if it is lol
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    Late to the party here as usual, but WOW WOW WOW!!! It is looking so good. Cracking the lightmapping REALLY makes it feel like an original game asset. Amazing work. Love the variegated arenas, too.
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    Hi guys!!! I've decided start a new (which I think different of all I've seen) topic and I believe it can be interesting. In this, my next Playthrough with TSL, my intention is indicate the MODs I'm installing at each time of gameplay and, as far as possible, the results. It's basically for three main reasons. First, the combination of several MODs can help somebody to choose/confirm an election due some compatibility doubts or simply for a nice gameplay. Second, usually I install the MODs just before they're involved (although there is a large list of them that must be installed before start a Playthrough and others that the timeline/storyline is indifferent) and due the enormous quantity of MODs available, the Community can help me to choose my next MODs to install according with my storyline in the game, within a previous selection, compatibility issues, recomendations, warnings and opinions. All will be welcome. Third reason, because I like the idea. My choices are absolutly mine with no other consideration that enjoy and (a MUST) try to keep the compatibility along the game, so, please, let no one be offended if I use one MOD and not other. Anyway, several times my final choice change from one day to another. Of course this "in Real Time" (more or less) selection will not be a guarantee to finish succesfuly the game and/or see a MOD in all its grandeur due the complexity of a lot of MODs working together. It's a risk that I am prepared to run. And you? Anyway it can be funny. How can it be otherwise all the credits are for the authors of the MODs who deserve a very well recognized tribute. Well, finished my 'statement of intentions' I'll say that the Playthrough is based on TSLRCM 1.8.5 + M4-78EP ---------------------------------------------------------------- Let's start After a fresh installation of KotOR 2 - TSL and before start the Playthrough Order of Installation 01 - Patch 1.0b (I think that my recently recovered english version of TSL is the US version and the Patch 1.0a can't be applied. Anyway you can found all Patches and versions here at DS). 02 - HQ Movies Update Patch (all 6 parts) 1.0 By Sith Holocron (according to the description it must be installed before than TSLRCM) https://deadlystream.com/files/file/813-hq-movies-update-patch-all-6-parts/ Statement: I wanted install HQ Music Update Patch 1.0 By Sith Holocron but I realize too late I had to do it before install TSLRCM and obviously other MODs. I'm sorry. Next time. https://deadlystream.com/files/file/814-hq-music-update-patch/ 03 - TSL Restored Content Mod 1.8.5 By zbyl2 https://deadlystream.com/files/file/578-tsl-restored-content-mod/ 04 - M4-78 Enhancement Project 1.5 By zbyl2 https://deadlystream.com/files/file/277-m4-78-enhancement-project/ 05 - KOTOR 2 Community Patch 1.4 By A Future Pilot https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1280-kotor-2-community-patch/ -------------------------------------------------------------------- BTW!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't like NOTHING that now the Posts merge itselfs. In any case, give that option to the users would be nice enough. -------------------------------------------------------------------- (Ara ve quan el pengen) Well, this a combination of three MODs that reskin the interior of the Ebon Hawk and all of them are 'Drag and Drop' files. Some files coincide the name so you have to choose wich file you like. If someone is interested I can upload the list I made. 04a - hi-res Ebon Hawk By FF97 https://deadlystream.com/files/file/500-hi-res-ebon-hawk/?tab=comments 04b - The EbonHawk-HDTP R1 By desmasic https://deadlystream.com/files/file/442-the-ebonhawk-hdtp/?tab=comments#comment-6942 04c - Ebon Hawk Texture Enhancement 1.0 By Fallen Guardian https://deadlystream.com/files/file/282-ebon-hawk-texture-enhancement/ Statement: As I am still testing things and I'm still at the Prologue (no real Playthrough yet) with the damaged surrounds of the EH, I'll wait to install MODs in which I am very interested as 'KOTOR2 Animated Ebon Hawk Monitors (not including Galaxy Map) 1.1' by Sith Holocron and Xarwarz, or 'KOTOR2 More Subtle Animated Ebon Hawk Monitors (still not including Galaxy Map) 1.2' by Sith Holocron and Dark Hope (they are not complementary as I thought the first time). -------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE / Add-on about reskin of the Ebon Hawk. I've included some files of the MOD 'KOTOR2 Animated Ebon Hawk Monitors (not including Galaxy Map) 1.1' although I want to see the REAL effect with the Hawk repaired and, as all are Drag and Drop files MODs I still can change some things easyly. I don't want overload the thread with unnecessary screenshots so I'll wait until later to upload them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've made some adjustments at my combination of files. I've removed 'CM_Baremetal.tga', changed some files related with screens and added some '.txi' files that @ebmar uploaded some time ago (you can find them within the posts of https://deadlystream.com/files/file/442-the-ebonhawk-hdtp/?tab=comments#comment-6942). This is the result, the screenshots disminishes the effect, you'd HAVE to see it in game!!!!! ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 05 - Prologue sensor droids fix By danil-ch https://deadlystream.com/files/file/430-prologue-sensor-droids-fix/?tab=comments A funny MOD. I like a lot. 06 - Improved Peragus Asteroid Fields 1.2 By Vasilii Zaytsev https://deadlystream.com/files/file/321-improved-peragus-asteroid-fields/ 07 - [TSL] High Quality Starfields and Nebulas 1.3 By Kexikus https://deadlystream.com/files/file/492-tsl-high-quality-starfields-and-nebulas/?tab=comments Statement: I've found different files related with Peragus so I've installed both MODs 08 - Darth Sapien's Presents T3M4 HD 2k 1.00 By Darth_Sapiens https://deadlystream.com/files/file/514-darth-sapiens-presents-t3m4-hd-2k/?tab=comments Really a very nice, nice, nice work with T3-M4. Statement: I tried to combine it with 'Effixian's T3-M4 Blue & Red' By Effix but I couldn't. https://deadlystream.com/files/file/959-effixians-t3-m4-blue-red/?tab=comments 09 - TSL Improved Party Outfits 1.0.1 By Leilukin https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1012-tsl-improved-party-outfits/ Statement: The description says: "For the best experience with this mod, it's recommended to have a completely new TSL playthrough." So, here it is but for obvious reasons I can't see nothing yet. EDIT / Add on: A very useful and necessary improvement. 10 - Badass Bastila 1.0 By Medragor-des https://deadlystream.com/files/file/510-badass-bastila/?tab=comments What can I say? I fell in love with Bastila in the first KotOR and this a great work. 11 - Effixian's Alternative Female Underwear By Effix https://deadlystream.com/files/file/960-effixians-alternative-female-underwear/?tab=comments I had the alternative of 'Handmaiden-style Undies For Female PCs' By Shem https://deadlystream.com/files/file/730-handmaiden-style-undies-for-female-pcs/?tab=comments But I liked more the first. 12 - Custom Starting Feats 1.1 By rkr87 https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1419-custom-starting-feats/ A very good start of the game. 13 - Implant Feat Restoration 1.1 By N-DReW25 https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1047-implant-feat-restoration/?tab=comments Statement: The idea of to save precious Attributes Points destined to increase the Constitution only for wear powerful implants is just great. 14 - High-Level Force Powers 2.0 + Update By Stoffe https://deadlystream.com/files/file/832-high-level-force-powers/ Pending to see what can I do with my new Powers. -----------------------------------------------
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    They are WAV files that most audio programs should be able to open with no problem. I was considering making a video but to be honest, I have been waiting since July (when I got UC's audio) to post this. I wouldn't be surprised to see someone post a video on the download page to show off the stuff in the game. Until then, folks should be able to listen to the files in their favorite audio program and hopefully, they'll use them in the game.
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    This seems very interesting! I'll have to check it out, is there any way to hear the lines without installing them or did you compress them so only the game (Miles Studio software) can access them?
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    ------------------------------------------------ Let's go to Coruscant!!!!!!!!!!! ----------------------------------------------- Order of installation. Installed when I was still at Telos ---------------------------------------------- - 74a Coruscant Jedi Temple By @deathdisco https://deadlystream.com/files/file/585-coruscant-jedi-temple-by-deathdisco/ - 74b Coruscant - Jedi Temple Compatibility 1.1 By @Hassat Hunter https://deadlystream.com/files/file/394-coruscant-jedi-temple-compatibility/ - 74c Jedi Temple Expansion (3.0) By @HK-42 NOTE: I'm sorry but long time ago I had this file (as the others related with Coruscant Deathdisco's MOD) and I don't know where I got it from. I see that the author is not active in DS. 74d - TSL Galaxy Map Fix Pack 1.0 By @bead-v @Sith Holocron and @Kexikus https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1057-tsl-galaxy-map-fix-pack/ - 75 Realistic Skybox for deathdisco's Coruscant 1.0.0 By @90SK @Sith Holocron and @deathdisco https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1277-realistic-skybox-for-deathdiscos-coruscant/ Statement: It's the second time that I've played Coruscant and is so great as I remembered. It still needs to correct some minor graphic glitches and some improvements would be welcome but they do not diminish the experience nor the story. --------------------------------------------------------------- - 76 - Master Class Robes v3 By @DarthTyren (Installed before reach Level 15 and talk with Kreia for to get the Master Class) https://deadlystream.com/files/file/517-master-class-robes/?tab=comments - 77 Jedi Master Robes Improved By @90SK https://deadlystream.com/files/file/658-jedi-master-robes-improved/?tab=comments - 78 Achilles TSL Robe Mod (TSLRCM Edition) By @Achilles https://deadlystream.com/files/file/339-achilles-tsl-robe-mod-tslrcm-edition/?tab=comments ---------------------------------------------------------
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    @A Future Pilot Last year I sent some possible changes to be added, were you able to implement the below changes (a lot are entirely subjective of course ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Statistic Changes: HK's statistics: - I've changed HK's Strength from 16 to 10, as it's a useless attribute for him. I've then added what I've taken onto his Dexterity so it was originally 14 but now it is 20. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reward / Loot Changes: Upper Shadowlands Captain loot change: - He carries a Sith Tremor Sword but it doesn't drop, I have now changed this. Korriban Sith Torturer loot change: - He originally drops a green crystal, which made no sense, so I have changed this to red. Jedi Masters loot change: - The jedi corpse in the last module on Tatooine originally has a Jedi Master Robe and a Blaster Rifle, I've changed the Blaster Rifle to a Blue Lightsaber. Unknown World Footlocker credit swap: - In the Temple you get 5000 credits in one of the placeables, I believe this was a joke by the developers as it's not needed at that point. I've changed the credit drop to one of the Leviathan placeables instead. Manaan Republic Representative reward change: - In the vanilla reward script after you complete the main quest on Manaan you are provided with 500 credits, Cardio Power System and the line: g_w_sonicrfl003, which isn't an item template in the game. So I've changed it to the Arkanian Sonic Rifle's UTI (g_w_sonicrfl03). Yavin Merchant item change: - You can now buy the Advanced Agent Interface mask a lot earlier as it becomes obsolete later in the game. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    My only comment would be that several mods use the tslpatcher to modify the Modules, Streamwaves, Sounds, VoiceOvers folders as well as the override folder, such as BOS:SR, K1R, LME, etc... Those mods (u have shown installing with KMI) are just override folder mods that are fairly easy to install, either unzip +copy and paste into override or unzip + run tslpatcher. Unzipping might be helpful, but other than that I'm not sure what the usefulness of your KMI installer will be, especially if the user is less involved in the process, which in my experience has lead to many user errors. (I could explain this point further if needed. ) I don't mean to rain on your parade, and I am not familiar with modding those games, nor am I familiar with those tools, so maybe I don't have the full picture of what that installer can do. Just to clarify, besides unzipping and sending to the override folder, do you plan on implementing anything else?
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    I played TSL first. You bought 'em, play 'em any order you wish. But prepared for folks to spoil you on K1 once you tell people you've finished TSL.
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    I've noticed that after I had turned on V-Sync in-game that the mouse sensitivity went up high enough to be bearable for me. If you turn it off, it might slow way down for you.
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    Let's hope this is the right place to discuss. I just ran into a rare bug with Canderous' personal quest, where the final conversation wouldn't trigger (the "I'm not happy with the way my life has turned." one). It has to do with the mechanism which triggers these(where you need to level up to trigger the next), and it makes me think this is not a bug unique to this conversation, but based on the mechanism. The triggers for these convos often include the following condition (i.e. check some global against your level): (GetHitDice(GetFirstPC()) > GetGlobalNumber("T_LEVC")) Which fails if that global number is 20. It should probably be changed to something like: ((GetHitDice(GetFirstPC()) > GetGlobalNumber("T_LEVC")) || GetHitDice(GetFirstPC()) == 20) The fix is simple, but tracking down all instances might be tricky.
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    View File [K1] Saber Throw Knockdown Effect Description This mod adds a climactic Knock Down effect to a lightsaber throw (DC 5 + character level + WIS/CHA modifier against reflex save). Only Adv. Lightsaber Throw can knockdown its primary target; Normal lightsaber throw will NOT have this effect. (Which makes sense, “Advanced” implies more fancy effects) Installation Make sure override folder exists at game root directory Run TSLPatcher to install (Not recommended: if you really want to install manually, I’m sure you could figure out the procedure by looking at tslpatchdata/changes.ini file) Compatibility This mod shouldn’t cause any conflict. (It adds completely new function and modifies an existing line of spells.2da that no normal mod would touch.) Permissions Do not claim credit for this mod and do not use assets from this mod without my permission Special Thanks Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool Stoffe for TSLPatcher Legal THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE. Submitter uwadmin12 Submitted 08/02/2019 Category Mods K1R Compatible No  
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    For anyone who stumbles on this thread(it is pretty high in google search results): For me it was annoying having to recast everything, so I wanted to do the same thing. This won't be an exhaustive tutorial, just the high-level steps. First, obviously you need the NWScript compiler. The code for the powers is in "k_inc_force.nss". Use kotortool to get it. Syntax is C-like, so you can use any C syntax highlighting you want. This is just an include file. The actual script called is listed in "spells.2da", impactscript column. This is what you will be compiling. After making all changes to code you want, put the base script, and all includes it calls in a folder and compile. The result should be a .ncs and .ndb files. You only need the .ncs file. Put the .ncs file in your Override. These instructions are valid for for all games. Including Kotor 1/2 and even Neverwinter Nights (apart from any filename differences). Misc note: Some force powers just apply poisons. Those are configurable in "poison.2da", not the script itself. Misc note 2: If you want to preserve balance, you can adjust cost in "spells.2da" and damage appropriately.
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    Thank you for this, this has helped with some HD retextures causing models to go transparent.
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    48 - K2TSLR - The Sith Lords Remastered WIP Alpha 1-1 By @sELFiNDUCEDcOMA https://deadlystream.com/files/file/300-k2tslr-the-sith-lords-remastered/?tab=comments I've found transparencies in the walls but keeping in mind that I had removed the 'CM_Baremetal.tga' file (due the shining in the Ebon Hawk), I've restored it and now runs perfectly. I'll see if I can live with this file when I be inside the Hawk or it becomes a "flying" file traveling once and again from the Override folder to the Backup folder and viceversa. Anyway, in my Playthrough, by now I'm far to see again the Ebon Hawk. I have to say that this MOD is really, really, really, pretty nice. Excelent work. You have the alternative of 'TSL ORIGINS - Telos Overhaul 1.1.1' By @Jorak Uln https://deadlystream.com/files/file/759-tsl-origins-telos-overhaul/ and others (as backdrops MODs) as 'Telos Citadel Station Skybox 1.0 by @Quanon https://deadlystream.com/files/file/311-telos-citadel-station-skybox-by-quanon/?tab=comments or 'JC's Citadel Station Backdrop 1.0' By @JCarter426 https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1217-jcs-citadel-station-backdrop/?tab=comments
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    @Sithspecter, why not add screen 1 to the Sleheyron mod, and add screen 2 to your Loadscreens in Color mod? That way, everyone is happy.
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    Both planets are so serene. I could go out an meditate for days on either one. Well, when the Sith/Empire isn't tearing them up.
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    Sucks to be you then. The source is right there. If you are that paranoid (even after using something like VirusTotal), compile it yourself.
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    In the old days when mods used to be pumped out thick and fast my Override folder tended to become quite messy. These days I know exactly what mods are installed and in what order I installed them so I can track any incompatibilities. I have it all filed away in a little green book
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    A weird request for y'all... could someone post the texture in question converted to a PNG and then post it to this thread? I would love to see what this thing looks like.
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    Finally, a tutorial I can help with! At least with the start.... Download the KGFF Editor- it makes inventory editing much easier than kotor tool. First go to this in KOTOR tool and open the KOTOR 1 tree. Go to Rims-> Modules>end_m01aa.s-rim. Open the Blueprint-Character tab. You'll see a bunch of utc files. These are the character stat and inventory files. The two files you are looking for are the sithappren001 and 002 files. Save them to a folder on your computer. You don't need to edit anything yet. Open KGFF and open one of the files. Towards the middle of the middle of the page, there is a section called item lists> structs. This is your dropable item list for that character. Swap out one of the item codes for one of these items codes aka the template code. http://www.gamebanshee.com/cgi-bin/search/banshee_search.pl?_layout=kotor1_items&_cgifunction=search&kotor_items.game=kotor1&kotor_items.category=weapon&kotor_items.type=lightsaber Save the changes and drop the file into your override on a fresh start to test. Hope this helps!
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    I can recommend these... (This also works for TSL.)
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    Hi SH. Thanks for the answer. Mmm... I'm not sure it be the same. I think the yours is posterior, under the submitted date It's not a year old yet and my recall of that MOD is older than that. I remember screenshots of that circle of lights/screens in the floor, just at the point where the PC awakes in Peragus, close to the kolto tanks (I don't remember if the control pannels in the walls of the Med Bay were reskinned too). If your MOD do not reskin that circle of lights/screens in the floor is not the same, if it does ...I shut up as a Peragus dead miner. But don't worry... I already had the yours prepared and ready to install very, very soon...
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    Not likely. Equipping a lightsaber before you have been trained as a Jedi will break your game. Hardcoded issues IIRC.
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    So, you have disc version. Verify that the keys exist, and that their path is correct. If you need help finding that, let us know.
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    Lite - no. Tight - yes. The current storyline is as loose as generic oatmeal at Grandma's. Or her stool afterwards. It is a decent story as it stands, right now. The execution needs polish and to be "tight". It is a loose ship full of holes now, one of the most frustrating experiences of gameplay I've had in a while.
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    For me, Goto starts on a wrong foot with me due to his obnoxious attitude of "you're stuck with my company, and if you don't like it, I'll blow up this explosive inside me that I'm bluffing with". Ever since Kotor 1 I've been sick of people unpreventably getting access to my ship whenever they feel like it, on the writers' say-so. Like the idiot who infested it with gizka. If you do actually take him with you, he has a good deal of interesting interactions with the NPCs you meet. And Goto's backstory is kind of interesting, what with the Asimovian breakdown due to conflicting imperatives, I'll give him that. But in person he's basically a walking - well, floating - caricature of himself. He also remains annoying because he has no positive plan for helping the Republic, and if he says he does, he's full of shit. All he does is say "no": "No, Jedi, you can't go free, because you're disruptive, but I magically expect you to save the Galaxy anyway." "No, don't buy fuel for Telos from the Hutts, it'll hurt the Republic (and I offer no better plan to avoid the looming disaster, either)". And his Jedi bounty was so ill-specified that it led people to try to kill the Exile, mistakenly believing that a dead Jedi will also be paid for - even Slusk, who is an Exchange boss himself, believes this. All this makes me see Goto as basically a lot less competent than he should be, given his stated background. I still enjoy unlocking his story, but I never use him afterwards. And I unlock his story through negative influence, not positive, every time. (The only other character for whom it's true is HK-47, when I'm LS, but that's because it would be really hard for a Lightside character to get enough positive reactions out of him. Goto on the other hand I just prefer to treat like dirt.)
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    Here's a screenshot of the "king-of-the-hill" arena. The mound really dominates the center.
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    Assuming you stop yourself before you kill your dad for talking crap about your sister!
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    The cynicism sounds like Luke from TLJ talking here 😆 I'm enjoying the ride for the most part. To each their own!
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    I am not afraid to admit when I was wrong or being an idiot. I was wrong. I was an idiot... ... I thought they could do no worse than TLJ. So foolish of me. They sure showed me up with this teaser. This is going to be something else. Good thing all care got sucked out of me already. Do tell me how story #1, recton #1, retcon #2 is in any instance "coherent"? Me? I'll be waiting for the MauLer cut. Let's atleast be a little entertained watching our favorite franchise burn down in flames.
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    I’m conflicted about this because I dislike JavaScript but this is amazing work! Great job @Blue!
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    Glad to see this thread turned out to be a respectful discussion with no personal attacks whatsoever
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    Though I don't think it is the worst Star Wars movie ever -- if you do, you haven't seen The Star Wars Holiday Special or either of the Star Wars Ewok Adventure films. Though considering that Disney now holds the licence, you may yet see worse as they milk it for as much as they can. I am honestly baffled by people who claim that TLJ is actually a good film if not the best Star Wars film to date. They clearly do not understand what makes a good film, and I am speaking of structure. TLJ was a bloated hole-filled mess that failed to stick to what was set by way of vision, story, character and narrative style in TFA. It is meant to be a trilogy of films, not a collection of anthology. If you do not understand the importance of this, then why TLJ has so far gotten a user score of 4.9 on Metacritic and an audience score of 56% on Rotten Tomatoes, must be a complete mystery to you. And to be clear, neither one of those is a "good" score. My 6/10 is me saying it is watchable, but only if you paid next to nothing to see it. When a film gets such a difference between "professional" critic and average person scores, I take notice and usually go with the average person score. If I watch IX at all at the cinemas, it will be based upon how well the film has done after a week -- my mistake was not waiting longer. And I mean in the eyes of the average person not a critic who may have been paid or at least schmoozed at exclusive viewings to see the film in a better light. Regardless, I now have a big issue with Star Wars, and would struggle to see this new trilogy -- or any that Rian Johnson helms -- as being canon. And would approach any Star Wars film or TV series created by Disney much in the way I have treated Star Wars games made over the years. It is unlikely that all will be good or even great, but once in a while, there will be a standout worth playing (or watching). And I'll end up doing so like a year or two after everyone else has as the hype has no effect on me. And I hope this is the last I have to say about this rubbish film, as I can't believe I am still thinking about it 4 days after seeing it.
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    Someone should tell the First Order when they put their GIGANTIC ship with 12 anti-fighter guns. 12! TLJ literally spawns plotholes out of thin air, and facepalms are inevitable. 12 man. TWELVE. Who DESIGNED that thing? Rogue One did something new, loved it. TLJ didn't do "new" as much as it just crapped all over Star Wars as we know it, and *literally* added in Earth at one point. Expectations where CREATED by TFA, actual plotpoints we expected resolution. If toying with their own setup we expected resolution to is "playing with everyone's expectations" I just call it what it is; Writing a story and then just throwing it away. Did you think KOTOR2 would be better if it went, oh well, KOTOR1 was all about Revan, now we're 5 years later... Bastila stabbed him, the end. Well, here's our new story, 18 hours of Malachor V slogfest would you also go "This is great!" Cause that's how it feels like. So... it's a good thing the guy the prophecies tell of for THOUSANDS of years is outclassed in every way 2 generations later by a nobody literally tenfold. Without any training. And that's... good? Why did they even prophecise the Skywalkers if within 2 generations their power was peanuts. They should have made a prophecy about the power of Rey. I would be fine with a new powerful Jedi out of thin air if it took like 4000 years after the original trilogy. Not when the original Skywalkers weren't even dead and literally made of Force, literally Jesus, and this girl just stamps all on Jesus. I don't think Jesus got surpassed these 2017 years right? Now imagine 40-50 years, and you got Rey. But tell me... what is left for IX. Why should I care about the next movie. Cause... I don't. The First Order only exist out of immature teennage rageboys who are about as threatening as an Ewok. Heck Ewoks are more treatening. It would be like the Empire run by Gungans. Yeah, that's scary right? On the other hand the Rebellion consists out of... well; Finn and Rose who are literally pointless after VII (Here's a prediction; In IX Finn runs, gets stopped and turns a hero. Cause we haven't seen that arch twice yet). Rey is literally the boring super woman who there is no interest to watch since she wont fail anyway, she can't. Such tension *yawn*. Leia dies offscreen. And I feel Poe literally should have died off in VII already to not cheapen Finn's arch. And he was kind of a pointless tool in VIII too. Only character making any progression in the 18h slogfest race, but a character I never liked throughout either. So... Chewie. Watch IX only for Chewie. Eeeeh... no? The ending here really felt like an ending. First Order is a joke. They all resolved what ridicilous plotpoints this movie had, everyone interesting is dead. What literally should IX tell? Doesn't feel like there's another movie left there from the non-existent plot left. All got killed. All that's left is facing Kylo. And that sounds terribly dull since he's a horrible antagonist. Lackey, okay. Antagonist... No, nope. Nuhu. No way. There is literally ZERO incentive to watch IX from this movie. Even if it didn't crush your Star Wars soul.
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    Well, let's throw in my voice... the voice of utter disappointment. When coming out of Rogue One, which I loved, I was having high hopes for a "new" Star Wars story, rather than the rehash VII was. To my disappointment, VIII butchers it completely and utterly. I'm not going into it point per point like you guys, I'll just stick to the major disappointments. That's all that comes to mind to me right now. Really really disappointing, and I doubt I'll watch IX in the cinema. My interest in Star Wars movies is just... gone. And that's a shame since Rogue One was FREAKING AWESOME.
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    Believe it or not there are still people in this galaxy who want to find out if certain mods are compatible with the k1 or tslrcm restoration mods. I am simply here to inform those who are lurking and want to find out if it is compatible and where to download.
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    This is a repost of an old tutorial I did on LucasForums. Original posts can be found HERE. The combat animations are in fact in the regular old animations.2da; combatanimations.2da is more like a seating arrangement. It lists all the attacks and then states which animation goes with it - hit, parry, dodge, and so on. It's entirely numbers so it can be a mess. animations.2da gives you more of a clue, but the naming scheme can seem a bit weird at first glance. The animation name is an alphanumeric code with four parts, alternating letters and numbers. The first part corresponds to the attack type - a generic attack, a feat, or a monster attack. There also seems to be some attempt to divide it into ranged and melee, but I can't discern it entirely. b - ranged c- melee f - feat g - generic m - monsterNext, it's divided into weapon type as well as whether the character wielding one or two. These are given abbreviations for K2 only. 0 - N/A - droid 1 - SB - stun baton 2 - SS - single saber 3 - 2HS - two-handed saber (double-bladed) 4 - DS - dual sabers 5 - SB - single blaster 6 - DB - dual blasters 7 - RF - rifle 8 - NT - natural attack (unarmed, I believe) 9 - HC - heavy carbine 10 - UC - unarmed, complex (K2 only) 11 - N/A - wrist launcher (K2 only)Next, what the character is doing. a - attack d - damage f - appears unused g - dodge n - deflection p - parry r - ready w - wieldAnd finally, another number. In most cases this is simply a variation number; some in K2 have an additional letter, for even more variation. So, for example, if you want a character wielding a blaster rifle to dodge, the animation would be g7g1. g: generic 7: rifle g: dodge 1: variation (in this case there's only one) In the original thread, Fallen Guardian asked about power blast. This is where it gets complicated. Some of these variables are limited by other variables. Parry, for instance, is only a melee occurrence. I believe this is the reason for the distinction between ranged and melee that I mentioned above. Let's look at the first part again. 1:b - ranged 1:c - melee, complex 1:f - melee, feats 1:m - melee, monster 1:g - both, genericAnd now let's look at the third part. 3:a - both, attack 3:d - both, damage 3:g - ranged, dodge 3:n - melee, deflection 3:p - melee, parry(Putting this in code because of the emoticon.) 1:b is used for [i]all[/i] blaster attack animations. 1:c covers complex melee animations such as parries and clashes. 1:f is reserved for melee feats - critical strike, flurry, and power attack, as well as Force Jump. 1:m is for engaging a monster in melee. 1:g is anything else. 3:a is used for any attack. 3:d is used for any damage. 3:g is used for dodging ranged attacks. 3:n is used for deflecting ranged attacks with a lightsaber. 3:p is used for parrying melee attacks.Because of these specifications, certain ones do not belong with certain other ones. If that's not confusing enough, the final number is not always a simple variation; what it is depends on both of the above letter slots. I'll go over the feats for you. MELEE (f***) 1 - critical strike 2 - flurry 3 - power 4 - jump RANGED (b***) 1 - attack 2 - attack 2 3 - sniper shot 4 - power blast So, finally, a power blast animation is b*a4. The asterisk is either 5, 6, 7, or 9, depending on whether you are dealing with a single blaster, dual blasters, a rifle, or a heavy carbine. To make things even more confusing, there are a couple other animations that use the same scheme, in a way. The knocked down animations, for instance, are g1x1, g1y1, and g1z1. And in K2, there are multiple ready animations for lightsabers, the final number corresponding to the saber form, but I don't know if they ever finished the animations for them. If you're still confused, the 2DA for K2 has a description column that might help. The format is virtually the same as K1's, but of course K2 has more animations so you shouldn't go by it entirely.
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    The KotOR Collection DVD version of KotOR II and the Steam version apparently do not write registry entries when installing, thus neither KotOR Tool nor the KotOR Savegame Editor can find the installation without you looking for it manually. The fix for both is simple: a registry file. Use the registry file I provide below, but change the path to where you actually have KotOR II installed and remove the .txt extension. Steam: "Path"="C:\\Program Files\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\Knights of the Old Republic II" (32-bit) "Path"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\Knights of the Old Republic II" (64-bit) KotOR Collection DVD: "Path"="C:\\Program Files\\LucasArts\\SWKotOR2" (32-bit) "Path"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\LucasArts\\SWKotOR2" (64-bit) Once the file is saved, double-click on it and let it merge into the registry. Then KotOR Tool and the KotOR Savegame Editor should both work correctly. Source: http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2820902&postcount=2 SWKotOR2.reg.txt
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    Yeah I don't deny it, I was just remarking that his not-so-subtle approach in someone else's backyard wasn't rallying a lot of support to his cause. Not that I, of all people, should be lecturing others about subtlety.
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    They were updates for mod's screenshots. Before this some mods were missing their screenshots, so Mods/Admins doing some BTS stuff to make them back; hence the notification. Though some are doing actual update to their content, and one might look at the changelog to see what's going on with them.
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    Misread your original post.
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    Texture editing. Simultaneously the easiest and hardest modding. Doing simple markings on a robe is child's play. Making something look good in-game is harder than I ever enjoyed doing, but we all are unique and it might be your skills are suited for this. The link SH gave you is the perfect place to start. You will need a photo editor, I use Paint.NET but there are many other options. Then you'll need to extract textures from the game using KotOR Tool or however the kids do it these days (I still do all of this old school, because old dog no new tricks), then edit with PDN, PhotoShop, or perhaps the link provides a new tool. That will cover the basic texture modding. Then the stuff I know nothing about, comes from shaders and things you set up using the corresponding .2da, to make things nice. That's the blood and guts. Do your homework, it is easy to make simple edits to items and see your work in-game quickly. Be prepared for weirdness.
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    So, I fixed my melee weapons problem: Turns out it was a conversion problem of sorts. When I wrote the code, I stuffed up the file header .mdl byte length entry correction. Essentially it didn't update at all, which I fixed, however, I had already exported a bunch of models. I decided to manually fix this for them. It just so happens that for the vibroswords, I got one of the entries wrong, it was 164999 instead of 16499. Funny thing is that this is actually important. I initially realised that I had stuffed up the correction of these entries when I realised certain models were not being rendered in-game. Oddly some were, however, I hadn't played long enough for these to cause a game crash. I found that out with the vibroswords later. So far it seems like it was only the vibroswords that were affected; all of them, as Toasty made a different style of model for each, and I opted to use the one style for all variants. So, they were all copies of the same model file with the bad entry. I think it won't be an issue for any of the rest, so, I should be able to release with updated models / textures for the sword melee weapons. However, on my numerous playtests of the Dxun Tomb to test for the above issue, I got very used to playing this part of the game so much so that I started to notice things I hadn't before. Like this issue with the fixed lightsaber models: So the problem is that particle effects -- those with blending mode additive -- are blending over the top (as it were) with the lightsabers particle effect -- the blades. I'll need to test some things, including seeing if this was an issue with the original saber models. But hopefully I can fix this or at least modify some of the particle effects (that use dark textures) so that this won't be an issue -- though, there will likely be a trade off. I also need to load and check each area of the game, as I found I had some left over temp textures used for finding out how certain textures were being used in areas: Can't release a mod with such a glaring oversight. Not sure what this means for time-frame...