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    well, for the time being: TOCs by Darth333, Canderis, T7nowhere and tk102 from Holowan Labs/Lucasforums (via waybackmachine): General Tools & Tutorials: Modelling, Skinning/Texturing: Modding Tools (T3-M4's Astromech Droid Center) There's also a TOC in T3-M4's Astromech Droid Center listing all tools: https://web.archive.org/web/20150906172255/http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=152392 Most links will be dead anyway, but it gives a nice overview/ a place to start hunting them down. .2da Tutorials Scripting Tutorials That's at least better than navigating Lucasforums' archive by hand (esp. on mobile).
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    Close as I could get before it triggered. I'll post from Kash in a few, that'll be the darkest area.
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    Greetings, fellow Jedi! Have a nice weekend y'all. I'd love for a mod/resource which makes the big-screen inside the Manaan SB Training Room [Model Name: M27aa_20a] to have its Object306\LSI_lite08 showing the screen individually. Originally they went like this - I'm thinking that they could show something like this after the change - I could need only the the mesh split individually to make it possible to achieve the example above, and I'd love to work on the texture after that. Many thanks for considering this, and may the Force be with you. Update: with @DarthParametric's assistance on Discord > r/kotor I finally be able to edit the model. As reiterated from DP - what you'd want to do is only to adjust the UVs, without splitting the mesh. As the UVs are currently set to tile the image 9 times, 3 rows of 3. To edit with ASCII - It only has 4 texture co-ords, one for each corner tverts 4 -1.005 2.005 -1.00499 -1.005 2.005 -1.005 2.00499 2.005 Change that to tverts 4 0.0 1.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 0.0 1.0 1.0 In GMax the way you would do it is to add an Unwrap UVW modifier above the Editable Mesh, click the Edit button, the in Vertex mode enable snapping, make sure you have the UVW Move tool selected, then snap each corner to the outline of the 0-1 space (the thick outlined black box in the middle). Then Collapse To on the Unwrap UVW modifier to bake the changes. Result: Attached the BETA: [K1]_m27aa_TR_BigScreen_[BETA].7z
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    It's done. Malachor is now complete. I went with the color closer to vanilla as you all suggested and also desaturated the dark clouds a little bit. In addition to that I tweaked the terrain color a little and also improved the terrain itself so that you can no longer see where it begins. Here's what the result looks like: But since this is an animated skybox, pictures can't really do it justice and so here's a video for you all: And as always, there's also a render of just the skybox. Well, two actually. And I have them in two versions. One is the raw Terragen render and one was edited in a similarly to the skybox textures to get darker clouds at the top. Next up is the Unknown World, but that's mostly fixing the skybox model for all modules and rerendering the skybox itself with some tiny tweaks. I'll keep you updated.
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    Hey everyone! Back in late summer I made this thread as I needed help porting Toshi's Luke Jedi Robes model from Jedi Academy. Well, I kind of dropped the project for a while because of school but I really want to get this done soon, preferably before Christmas. The mod is actually near completion, but I wanted to make this seriously and so I took it a step further. Here's the progress so far : The original model has been scaled and reshaped where needed be, I used the hands from the PMBAM model as that method would make it easier for the skinning process. Speaking of which, skinning is done, or at least to at satisfactory level: there seems to be a fine line between looking good and OHMYGODWHYWOULDITBENDLIKETHAT. So there's still a bit of stretching going on in certain animations, but overall I think I wouldn't be able to make it much better. I also created an alternative robe item using textures from another mod (but I do think it needs some tweaks) Naturally, I used the only unoccupied spot for the item (PMBJM) and created two quick items with descriptions. Those are, however, kind of uninspired so if you have any ideas, feel free to throw them in. Here's the cool part. I wanted this mod to feel complete and that couldn't be possible if there was no female version for this. So I went ahead and completely remodeled the robes to fit the base female body model from TSL in Blender. It was finicky, tedious and frustrating, because I suck. But I came through, as you can see: I haven't finished the skinning process for the female model yet. So that's it for now. I still don't quite know how to put these items into the world though, so I might need a bit of help on that matter further down the line. This is my very first attempt at modding and there has been a steeeep learning curve to get here. I should add that I have complete permissions from the original authors of those files, I can provide screenshots if requested. Oh and as the title suggests, I have a few other ideas for models once this will be done, but I prefer to focus on the task at hand for now.
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    View File [K1] Lightsaber Icons 2K19 This mod replaces all lightsaber vanilla icons [Heart of the Guardian and Mantle of the Force included as optional] with the new version. # Background # When I switch around the lightsabers I had noticed that the blue lightsaber icons wasn't blue enough. It was more purple than blue for my eyes, so I decided to make it blue, similar to the blade's color. The blue color of the icons were inspired by JCarter426's "JC's Lightsaber Visual Effects". In the end not only the color that was changed, but the style of the glowy part too. Their resolution also doubled from 64x64 to 128x128 with extra crispness. The rest of the icons get the same treatment for consistency. # About this Mod # Inside this mod are 18 new lightsaber icons in TPC format - which consists of: 5 lightsaber icons 1 Darth Malak's lightsaber icon [this one had different style than the rest] 5 short-lightsaber icons 5 double-lightsaber icons Heart of the Guardian's and Mantle of the Force's [in vanilla colour scheme] icon # Final Remarks # Now that HotG and MotF has been included the next update should be changing all lightsaber's texture to something that is more hi-poly - we'll see. 🀞 There's always room for improvements - critiques, comments, suggestions, questions and feedbacks for the next update are much appreciated - PM, write them on my feed or leave any on the mod's page as you please. And thank you! for downloading, and playing this mod. Hope you enjoy the mod as much as I do! Installation: make sure to removes any instances of TGA/DDS format of relevant files from the 'Override' folder. All clear, proceed by copy-pasting all files [not the folder] to the 'Override', and overwrite when prompted. HotG and MotF icons are separated in different folder. Similar instruction applies. Uninstallation: remove the said files from the 'Override'. Compatibility: will not compatible with any mods that [potentially] replaces the lightsaber icons. Redistribution: you can redistribute this mod or re-release it to any website; just don't claim it as your own. Though less likely I will provide support/updates on any other site than DeadlyStream. You don't have to ask for permission, but I do appreciate all the generous intention. Also, if you are planning to re-use the assets to a mod/project you will be releasing, make sure to give credits to BioWare & LucasArts. At last, credit to me is always a warm welcome, welcome. Credits: LucasArts and BioWare for developing one of the best RPGs I've ever played! DarthParametric for past-present knowledge which allows me to create customs and for all the outstanding creation that I am a fan of JCarter426 for the inspiring "JC's Lightsaber Visual Effects" and all his awesome work that I look up to Fred Tetra for the amazing KotOR Tool ndix UR for tga2tpc All the Tool Makers wasn't mentioned - can't make it without y'all! All the inspiring streamers on DeadlyStream All the inspiring modders either active or inactive DeadlyStream for being a home; a place to hangout - to discuss and hosting my work DeadlyStream staffs for tirelessly improving and maintaining the site Snigaroo for hosting #mod_development on Discord > r/kotor - thanks! The place is so much fun! :jarjar: -eb Submitter ebmar Submitted 12/10/2018 Category Skins K1R Compatible Yes  
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    For KOTOR I, each head model can only use one texture variant, so you'd need to create a duplicate of Mission's head model. If you extract and load her head model in MDLedit, right click the header to change the model name (i.e. to Mission_PC) and edit the textures to something else as well (i.e. missionbb01_PC and missionh01_PC). If you then save the model files under the new name, rename the textures you want to use for the player head, and edit the heads.2da entry, it should function properly. You'll also probably want to edit the texa column for the new Mission entry in appearance.2da to whatever you renamed p_missionbb01.tga so that the default clothing has the different skin color as well. Hope this helps.
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    The mapnote is just a couple of flags on a given waypoint. HasMapNote set to 1, MapNoteEnabled set to 1, and MapNote set to a TLK StrRef. As JC alluded to, editing the GIT is the route to switching off notes for vanilla areas. I would not suggest deleting the waypoints outright in case they serve a double purpose for something else. You couldn't switch them off dynamically without destroying the waypoint presumably. Spawning a new waypoint should add a mapnote, assuming the UTW has the relevant flags.
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    What does this fix exactly? "it becomes very glitchy" is vague as there are different ways it can have something strange happen to it.
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    View File JC's Jedi Tailor for K1 Summary This mod adds a Trandoshan named Garassk who will tailor robes for the player and Jedi party members. He can change the color your robes to any of four options: brown, black, red, and blue. The items retain their stats, with only the appearance of the robes changed. The tailor also runs a clothing store with infinite amounts of some generic outfits, plus a select set of armor, gloves, belts, and headgear in smaller amounts. Some of the armor he sells is new; files for the items already existed, but they were inaccessible in the regular game. I've also given Garassk an extensive dialogue tree, so you can ask him the usual questions about the planet, and he will react to certain quest states. To start, Garassk may be found in the hangar of the Jedi enclave on Dantooine. Later in the game, he moves to Anchorhead on Tatooine, down the street from the Czerka office. You will need to start a new game or load a save from before you first arrive on Dantooine for the mod to take effect. Installation Run Jedi_Tailor_K1.exe. Click "Install Mod" and select your game directory (default name SWKOTOR). Uninstallation Remove the installed files or replace from backups if necessary. Compatibility This mod patches the modules danm13 and tat_m17aa and may not be compatible with other mods that affect those areas. This mod includes an icon fix from my Mandalorian Armor mod. If you use both mods, or some other mod that fixes that icon, then you can ignore the warning about that file being skipped. This mod is compatible with my Robe Adjustment mod, allowing you to change the color of the Apprentice Robes, but you must update the Robe Adjustment mod to version 1.1 or later. This mod is compatible with my Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes mod and includes an optional compatibility patch for the 100% Brown color option. It adjusts the tailor's dialogue to make all references to robe color consistent with the brown shades in that mod (brown, black, buff, and grey). The tailor will only recognize the original game robe items plus the variants the mod adds in the four standard colors. This mod may be compatible with other mods that add new robe items, but the tailor will only be able to swap around the old kinds. The tailor will only perform for the player and standard Jedi party members (Bastila, Jolee, and Juhani). Permissions I hereby grant nobody except myself permission to upload some or all of this mod anywhere for any reason. For any reason. If you would like to include any part of this mod in anything, then please contact me for permission. Credits KOTOR Tool – Fred Tetra TSL Patcher – stoffe, with updates by Fair Strides CSLU Toolkit – Center for Spoken Language Understanding, license courtesy Jenko Jenks DeNCS – JdNoa & Dashus DLGEditor – tk102 ERFEdit – stoffe, with updates by Fair Strides K-GFF – tk102 LipSynchEditor – JdNoa Submitter JCarter426 Submitted 05/26/2019 Category Mods K1R Compatible No  
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    Tried as well. DP's meme is correct as of now.
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    Both holograms are using appearance rows pointing to my custom models, so there shouldn't be a crash related to third party mod replacing the vanilla models they normally use. Are DP_HoloRevan.mdl/mdx and DP_Canderous.mdl/mdx in your Override?
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    Yeppers. Though I've been thinking about making something custom based off of random Rakatan glyphs in the games.
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    Sounds like you're referring to "Unseen, Unheard" - which was written by Chris Avellone. Here it is.
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    Glad you’re doing alright Logan! Like many others have said, all that matters is your health. No matter what happens I can’t wait to hear about these story elements, always liked hearing ideas of an ideal third game
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    I agree to some extent however, Drew Karpyshyn was comissioned by EA to bridge the gap between K1 & TSL to an already prewritten SWTOR galaxy. (The book came out a couple months prior to two plus years of work on an MMO) I'm fairly certain most of his major plot points, especially the ending was written before he was given the book to write. Just from how rapid and short the book was, the most creative freedom he may have had was probably the dealing of Canderous and the helmet of Mandalore, but even that was already hardcoded due to TSL lore. Really, he shoudln't be held too* responsible for that mess, despite how lackluster it felt. In essence, he was paid to string a predetermined plot with some dialogue and little more. Still, Chris Avellone would be the best guy to write k3.
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    if they break ToC, than maybe. Mods operate within a grey area at the best of times. Its just in Apeirons case, it crossed that grey area it was trying to proclaim it was apart off. Plus Apeiron drew far too much attention to itself.
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    These damn kids with their textin' vocabulary. It's KotOR! Update: It strikes me that there's some potential fun to be had by replying to any YouTube comment that states Apeiron was a mod by replying that it isn't with a definition. Anyone want to take a crack a writing a small blurb that folks can copy and paste from here to "in order to facilitate communications"?
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    That might be the nicest way to put it. Regardless of what one thinks of their work and whether it's a "mod" that had any chance of release, it's clear to me they wouldn't have put that much effort into it if they didn't care about it. I can certainly sympathize with the idea of not being allowed to work on something you care about. A few years ago I lost the motivation to ever embark on that sort of undertaking, when I heard about a fan project like this getting shut down - I think it was what they're calling Galaxy in Turmoil now - and I can only hope that nobody here will ever have to use the "but it's a mod" defense.
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    Except he's not the one doing any of that work. Apparently there's some other guy working on the AI and all that boring coding stuff. You know - nothing important.
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    TSL patcher is better but the Workshop has distinct advantages 1) it makes people aware that there are mods 2) It makes simple things easy to activate, especially for beginners. I use the HUD rescale mod from the workshop since I never need to remember to activate it
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    Frequently Asked Questions What is the KotOR Toolset? The KotOR Toolset is the culmination of 8 months of work (started March 1st, 2015 and released the Public Beta December 25, 2015, with breaks in between) that started out as 15 minutes of planning. I hope that this toolset will one day replace KotOR Tool as the modding standard. What are the system requirements? That you have at least 500MB of RAM (I've seen it use up to 340MB myself) and at least one KotOR game installed on your computer. Beyond that, it's a pretty simple package: no 3D rendering, no texture-editing, and any necessary libraries are shipped with the tool. What makes it different from KotOR Tool? To be quite blunt about it, it's for newbs. Unlike KotOR Tool, the Toolset is centered around level-editing using a top-down display of the game's collision maps as the surface of the levels. The Toolset also has editors for almost every one of the games' formats (no models, textures, texture info, or path files), some of which were neglected or never done with KotOR Tool. Something else that's different is that the Toolset tries to teach you by explaining what most of the editable things in a file are, and giving examples of how it's used in-game. What inspired you to make this? Inspiration? I'd call it a prolonged bout of insanity! I was four days into a month-long break from modding and was going crazy, so over the span of 15 minutes, I thought of how I could render the collision maps and then use a bounding box to find the overall boundaries of the collision maps to get a good viewer for the levels. After that, everything just snowballed. With thanks from Malkior, I also was able to obtain a PDF manual on how to use the Neverwinter Nights 2 toolset, and drew inspiration from its layout and structure. What if my question isn't on here? Then I would ask that you PM me your question and I will do my best to add it here promptly.