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    Hey guys. I've been playing around in the modding community for years now and seen a lot come a long way. For a while now, I've been modeling out my own Coruscant expansion. It's not near completion but I have done a significant amount of work. Out of 33 planned modules, I have 27 that are considered completed (not taking ambient models into consideration). Textures aren't acquired yet nor lightmaps applied but just thought I would go ahead and show off what I have done far.
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    Hey all, I know I haven't been exactly active in the modding community in years, but I was recently approached about my previous work on my HK-47 Melee/Saber Mod. It came to my attention that since the disappearance of LucasForums, my tutorial on how I did it is no longer accessible. However, I managed to dig up an old copy. Given how long it's been this information may be old news, but I figured I would repost it here in case it is of use to anybody else. This is the original instructions I made to create the HK-47 mod, it was a rather crude and experimental procedure for me at the time, so it can definitely be refined and improved. Feel free to reply with any updates or experiences. Without further ado, here is the original tutorial:
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    Hello everyone, I want to share with you my KotOR dialog overhaul project. It is a revised dialog.tlk file for SW:KotOR v1.03, in the same spirit of Kainzorus Prime's "PC Response Moderation" Currently I am in the process of editing the dialog.tlk with all my (~6850) changes, so it's very much still a work in progress. I initially installed Kainzorus Prime's "PC Response Moderation" (link) and that got me inspired to do a full spelling correction and dialog review, on all (almost 50.000) lines of text in the dialog.tlk. I tried to stay true to the original lines, but some are different on purpose. But they always convey the same tone or flavor. Some dialog was so screamish or childishly simple. I don't have a degree in English literature but some dialog appears to be written by a child. Note that (barring punctuation) I only edited PC response or alien dialog, because of the human lines being voiced over. There are a *lot* of spelling errors in this game. You'd think they'd run this through a spellings-checker. It took 7 months but it's done and done (scratch that: I'm still correcting and changing lines actually!). I did this purely from my head and the dialog.tlk so if I missed a point or certain context don't hesitate to tell me. Suggestions are also welcome. Please provide some screenshots of the lines so I get the proper context. (extra note: Now using DLGEdit to get proper context) For all spelling I used https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary as a guideline. At the moment approximately 5900 lines have been touched in some way. Here is a complete list of *all* changes (Work in progress!) I kept some of Kainzorus Prime's !/. changes, and furthermore I: -corrected typos, misspellings and grammatically incorrect sentences. -corrected wrong, misplaced and missing punctuation. -corrected words to use Star Wars spelling. -removed leading, trailing and double spaces, and trailing enters. -added omitted words. -added a hyphen or a space to some words and removed it in others. -made many, many changes for consistency's sake (check complete transcript!) -rephrased some words and many sentences, or fleshed them out; especially in NPC diologue -rephrased most [Force Persuade] lines into more like the Jedi mind trick. -replaced some of the semicolons (;) to a comma (,) or a period (.) A semicolon should not be used in a continuous sentence. Some lines even contradict the previous one by using semicolon in one line and a comma in the next. -replaced many, many cases of a hyphen/dashes (-) with a period (.) or semicolon (;) or colon (:), whatever was appropriate. There are common rules for using hyphens, I felt they were not applied there. (See https://writingcenter.unc.edu/tips-and-tools/semi-colons-colons-and-dashes) -replaced round brackets () for square brackets [] for some descriptive lines, or added them in some cases. BioWare was really inconsistent with those, -replaced () for ** in case of descriptive sounds (burp, snort, ahem) and some interjections. I tried to make it consistent so I thought ** the best option. Excluded are actual sounds (like hmm, hmpf, raaaggh) (Onomatopoeia), which is sometimes written in Italic, but we don't have that. -replaced ALLCAPS for *asterisk* in case of emphasized (be it angry, stressed, or sarcastic) but not shouted words. It is not considered good practice to use CAPS for emphasizing words. Besides it is frowned upon, and we wouldn't want frowning. Frowning makes your face age faster. Also: -British spelling ("travelling, licence") and US spelling ("colors, rumors") are used inconsistently, I decided to leave it alone in most cases. Check the changelog, you might be pleasantly surprised about some of the changes. (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zIAkaJs0Gv3Y7ug_W8itAhLOyYYqojnY) I hope someone else apart from myself will find this useful/fun/interesting. Happy gaming! --Gimmick5000
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    @JCarter426 and @Salk Actually, based on the description of the robe, it once belonged to Cay Qel-Droma. The robe being described as the red cloak he kept around his his neck and over his Jedi robes. To my understanding, the item worn is simply that red cloak, rather than a full set of robes. So in terms of lore, simply turning the cloak red is all that's really necessary, unless you can re-shape it to better resemble the one depicted below. So there isn't a whole lot to work with, unless you take the coloration and apply it to the rendition of the cloak depicted in the second image I've attached. Alternatively, you could always apply a red cloak to the Star Forge robes. I always envisioned Revan wearing it over those robe anyhow, but that's more of a hassle than simply making a red cloak.
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    I believe a female version of that model may be found here.
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    So... this request may not be possible, but I figured I'd ask anyway. I was wondering if it would be possible to have the vanilla Mandalorian armors, as found by the player in shops or as loot, match the model of the Mandalorian NPCs? Specifically: Mandalorian Armor and the Mandalorian Battle Armor as the blue armor. The Mandalorian Heavy Armor as the red armor. Cassus Fett's Armor as the yellow armor. And maybe something similar for TSL that's compatible with TSLRCM? I'm not gonna be too demanding, and I'm not certain it's feasible. I just figured I'd ask. Thanks for your time.
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    Ok. Officially - anyone can do whatever they want with my mods - any of them, from here on Deadlystream or anywhere else. That now officially includes SotOR as well. (SH, I think I originally told you to remove it because I intended to fix and change it, then reupload it, but never got around to it.) More importantly, I think though, is that anyone can do whatever they need to do with my mods. Which would have more to do with scripting since there might be a compatibility issue or even a simple mistake on my part. Now that I think back on it, I never really got the original saber quest in KotOR scripted correctly (not for a lack of trying), or maybe I did. I really don't remember now. So if someone had the will and the knowledge to fix that and reupload that'd be cool too. Also, would anyone be interested in the original source code for many of my mods? I got a big folder with your name on it. Alright, I'm off to play TOR,...toodles. -KJ
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    I've made some further adjustments to the collar. Here's a revised K1 version and a TSL version for testing: https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Female_Bandon_Robes_v1.3.7z https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/tsl/[TSL]_Female_Bandon_Robes_v1.0.7z
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    I should start charging. Get the Bandon right arm for the introductory price of just $2.95*! Then each month expand your collection with a new and different appendage! *Regular price $15.95 per issue.
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    I am taking a very good look to all the wonderfully documented entries. I noticed how you have improved the dialogue making changes to a few lines which unfortunately would no longer match the VOs (ex. "kidnapping" replacing "stealing" or "the entire fate of the galaxy" replaced by "the fate of the entire galaxy"). While I can appreciate how the text itself becomes better, I have myself chosen in such cases to let it go. At 2406 I would suggest a "!" after "worry"- At 2533 there is a typo (at least in the documentation): "to". At 4118 typo ("yo" -> "you") Entry 5346 appears twice. At 6831 the correction is missing. At 18397 "almost" is written twice. At 19195 you change "loathe" to "loathed" but I find the original text to be correct. At 19465 typo: payed -> paid 19543 has a double entry. At 21287 self-righteousness -> self-righteous At 21573 not going risk -> not going to risk At 21808 want leave -> want to leave I will return with more suggestions/questions as I proceed further. It will take quite some time. Oh and ironically, in your post above, you have misspelled "omitted" *chuckles* Thanks for your invaluable work! Cheers! PS It would have been much easier to be able to download the change-log. Perhaps you can consider allowing for it?
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    I approve. Is it just for base 1.03, or does it also include changes made by K1R?
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    They're for Coruscant, or at least they may be for Coruscant. I don't want to put anything on record yet, but I've been in contact with various individuals and we've discussed ideas for the planet and how to integrate it into the game. I didn't exactly plan it that way, but I was asked and then Har was already working on Coruscant areas anyway, so things just fell into place. But we're waiting on the completion of the area models to do anything more than planning, and that may still take some time. Well, they don't have to be completed exactly, but there is little practical work that can be done with the design before the areas are serviceable - enough to wander around in them, decide which areas the player will have to visit for the main quest, which will be optional side areas to explore, what to fill them with. There's only so much that can be done on paper. So, we've been waiting on the areas to be modeled, which understandably takes a very long time because it's a lot of work. Some adjustments will likely be required as well, even additional areas, as they've been primarily designed for Har's other project. But we've also been in communication throughout the process, so there is a lot of overlap too. Anyway, I don't want to get anybody's hopes up because even if the models were done today, any real progress would still be in the distant future. But it's not nothing that's being done either.
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    This is my take. ia_jedirobe_005.tga PMBIC05.tga
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    33 modules! What are you going to do with all of them?
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    Remember this thread, old timers? @HarIIImight have something to say soon.
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    Thanks, JCarter426! I am wondering how many hidden gems from DP are scattered all over this Forum... Cheers!
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    There's a lot of great mods out there that overhaul the appearances of alien races in the games from Hutts to the likes of Dewbacks & Skyracks. I was wondering if anyone had ever thought about giving the krayt dragon model in K1 a much needed fresh coat of paint? I noticed today that some of its textures are extremely low-res. Unfortunately I can't help with this at all, but it'd be great if one of the many talented modders on here fancied a stab at it.
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    I'm a bit late here but here goes: Name: Gatalena Legacy Name: Offee Class: Sith Warrior Level: 70 (14 at the time of this screenshot) Specialty: Sith Juggernaut Server: Darth Malgus Alignment: Dark Sided
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    That is a nice-clean recolor, Salk! As for the- I drop a screenshot of its default texture [PMBD06/class005 armor - variation 006] for comparison: Certainly your color combination is more unique; as expected from the item's nature- and none I'm seeing in-game using yours. But that's my personal preference, anyway.
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    Thanks for your input, Ragnarök. I have decided that I will want only one bonus (since the fact that this particular Armor won't restrict Force Powers is already a big bonus in itself) and I am leaning towards Force Resistance although I still need to figure out how it works. I like it because it is a more original Armor bonus than the common immunity or regeneration, which are very fine but a bit overused in the game. About the penalty, I am not sure a Dex malus would cut it. Mainly because Armors already limit the max Dex bonus of the wearer. This is a light armor, it is not supposed to hinder movements too much. Cheers!
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    And if you've seen this movie before, you might appreciate seeing an example of some of the difference between the original version and the Special Edition. Here's a short clip for that. I'll be working so I, unfortunately, won't be able to watch it with you guys but I hope you will be there to support the folks that made this movie.
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    Rising from the grave once more to dish out yet another mod that I probably won't be releasing for a while, and poorly implement... Decided to make some extra skins for the Revan/Star Forge models, cause why the hell not (actually, it was because of this thread: http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/5336-star-forge-robesdarth-revans-robes-alteration/). So far, they're just pretty standard recolors and what not. Still messing around with the ideas and textures. I'll mess around with Alpha channels later and show them off in game at a later date. Lemme know what you guys think, and of any other variants you guys can think of. EDIT, June 7th: Alright, after a long time of having to redo the template PSD files, I think I might have my final set of reskinned Revan/Star Forge Robes. Again, any feedback would be appreciated.
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    I agree. That Ithorian in Top Gun was totally hot.
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    Hello! I am in Manaan and while playing the Swoop Racing minigame, I am reminded of how useful it would be to have a chance of tweaking a little the record times (especially here in Manaan) to give more meaning to the "amateur", "semipro", "professional" racing class by making the time difference more prominent. I noticed how in the file k_inc_man there is this: int QUEEDLE_TIME = 3012; int CASSANDRA_TIME = 2702; int JAX_TIME = 2548; int CHAMP_TIME = 2348; Does anyone know whether or not this is what needs modifying? Is there something else I should be looking for? Thanks!
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    Malak's saber, per the canon reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Darth_Malak's_lightsaber Once again, in single, double, and short versions: Edit: And base texture awaiting in-game env map: